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Sean Bean answers the internet's most searched questions about himself and his character from Game of Thrones, Ned Stark. What movies has Sean Bean NOT died in? What does Sean think of Game of Thrones? Why is Ned Stark so dang honorable? Sean answers all these questions and more!

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9:00 pm PT on HBO.
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Sean Bean Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



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Dillywood Gaming
Dillywood Gaming 55 分钟 前
he didnt die in troy!
Thiago Lanni
Thiago Lanni 小时 前
5:13 What? hahah...hahaah... I almost choked to death on my coffee.
Coşkun 小时 前
I wish you would talk about boromir more :( I'm satisfied about Ned but not about Boromir
Onandon 小时 前
You are not you are a stark
Skiltra Affect
Skiltra Affect 3 小时 前
He died in Elder scrolls the game even though its actually a series of games
atreyu bagin
atreyu bagin 3 小时 前
I'm surprised how much he dies in movies like did you know that in the Doom video game remake there's a credit to Sean Bean as a fallen character! Yeah Sean being exists in the Doom universe and apparently he died Also I'm sorry to spoil John Wick chapter 3.. but sean bean dies
bobjoneswof 7 小时 前
I thought the gangnum style joke really funny.
Aliah Ob
Aliah Ob 15 小时 前
Can you do an autocomplete interview with Iain Glenn next?
Manuela Aparicio
Manuela Aparicio 15 小时 前
I can listen to his voice all day. He should do audiobooks
Muhamet Qamili
Muhamet Qamili 20 小时 前
The first time i see this person laughing normality.
A Dimitri
A Dimitri 20 小时 前
He didn’t die in Ronin
Zep 4
Zep 4 20 小时 前
Burstify 21 小时 前
I got an AD of Sean narrating the videogame a plague tale innocence
John Werner
John Werner 天 前
What does Sean Bean say to the god of death? "Not again!"
Faye Wilson
Faye Wilson 天 前
What a nice bloke! He hasn't lost his accent either, like many actors do!
What a delightfully sincere interview! Love Sean Bean 😊😊
Pilot Twist
Pilot Twist 天 前
1:58 Maester of Grammar now?
Elveheart 天 前
Actually he shouted “Baelor“, because he saw Arya under the statue of Baelor and made that guy of the Night's Watch aware of her, so he could then save her ;)
Will Moffat
Will Moffat 天 前
*starts watching lord of the rings* *gets this recommended* Ok alright yup
R L 天 前
Great chap
TheChuckIII 天 前
julio rocatagliatta
"why ned Stark's sword is so big? -that's what she said...
me too
me too 天 前
A great actor and nice person. Proud of being his fan.
SaaD420 天 前
Emre Turkmen
Emre Turkmen 2 天 前
He died in First movie of LOTR Trilogy as Boromir and died in First season of GoT as Eddard Stark...What a coincidence:))
Larsson 2 天 前
SirMarkusParkus 2 天 前
What a nice guy 😁
Stranger 2 天 前
3:00 *Sean Bean: It's well planned out *D&D: hold up a minute let me just rush Season 8 real quick
Ver Bal
Ver Bal 2 天 前
He was easily corrupted by the ring as boromir but was a honorable and not easily corrupted character as ned stark..great acting by sean bean
Alexandra Mikka
Alexandra Mikka 2 天 前
Sean Bean is awesome!
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee 2 天 前
He doesn't die in The Martian. And Ronin.
Jeppa Jay
Jeppa Jay 2 天 前
Most humble man in the world
Yukina Tenshi
Yukina Tenshi 2 天 前
does he died in silent hill? Cant remember?! :D
Tuii 2 天 前
*And we shall never see his like again!*
Elizabeth Mojica
I loved him as King Regis in Kingsglaive
Kogure 2 天 前
But it is Seen Been or Shawn Bawn
William G
William G 2 天 前
“Its intelligent, it’s well thought out, it’s imaginative” Little did he know about season 8
HipsTer_Miraak 63
Sean beans character always dies his character dies in Civ 6 trailer
richard mabale
richard mabale 2 天 前
Would you please read me a bedtime story ??
Joanna Luiza
Joanna Luiza 2 天 前
He’s so cool 😊 The best of Starks 😋
Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur 3 天 前
So happy to see ned stark alive n happy in his next birth!
Jellybeat90 3 天 前
I tought he screamed bealor, because ayra was sitting on the statue of bealor..
Mattias Bengtsson
It's always nice to see actors refering to their character as "I" or "me".
Chloe Sills
Chloe Sills 3 天 前
You didn’t die in Black Beauty! Still one of my most beloved movies.
DESM8U 3 天 前
Wtf he aged one bit
mcolegt 3 天 前
Ned is still my favorite character all these years later
Danial Hakim
Danial Hakim 3 天 前
Sean bean is Ned Stark
Campbell Tate
Campbell Tate 3 天 前
How many other people have a 9/11 LOTR tattoo story?? Horribly bittersweet. Touching though to hear him talk about it. Also, I love that he mentioned Civilization, I was wondering if he'd talk about that
The Full Disclosure _
Ned Stark will always be the most loved character in GoT , hands down
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 3 天 前
i have liked sean bean and have sought out his films ever since i first saw him. he is an amazing person and an amazing actor
Bellron 3 天 前
He attac He protec but most importantly he never sees the end of the movie/series
MaidenCorp 3 天 前
Dude ! Troy ! You do not die in Troy ! You even said "Achille's heel"...
Sveta45851 3 天 前
Man Sean Bean is such a awesome dude with a lovely voice, he can tell me I'm a worthless excuse for a human being and I would feel honored.
Nork Mork
Nork Mork 3 天 前
seen been! i love that he knows and finds it funny. what a cheerful, calm interview. seems very humble and friendly
What a bean
Allie 3 天 前
Is Sean Bean related to Mr. bean?
Allie 3 天 前
Joost choock it
Wiku 3 天 前
At all he survived this video lol
Wish there was more lord of the rings questions
Julia L
Julia L 4 天 前
I’ve imagined him with an Irish accent this whole time I’m truly shooketh
00juls00 4 天 前
He didn’t die in National Treasure.
Brett 00
Brett 00 4 天 前
Never heard of this guy
Marissa Cruz
Marissa Cruz 4 天 前
I wish he would read for audible. His voice is amazing
JecPK 4 天 前
sean bean always looks constantly high
Daniel Faria
Daniel Faria 4 天 前
He mistook the character Yoren for Baelor. He said "Baelor" to Yoren because Arya was on the statue of Baelor.
DextroDNA 4 天 前
Sean Bean seems like such a nice and wholesome dude
TyphoonZebra 4 天 前
Why doesn't Sean Bean's name rhyme
Richard Shi
Richard Shi 4 天 前
I’ll listen to this video when I ca’t sleep. So soothing
HawkEye93 4 天 前
$10 says he does at the end...
El Famoso Michel LeGrand
His laugh is incredible
krish 4 天 前
He's 60? WTF!
Seth Murrant
Seth Murrant 4 天 前
he needs to do the ASOIAF audiobooks tbh
jadehill2001 4 天 前
Sean Bean is a Yorkshire treasure. I love him.
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 4 天 前
Yes, I remember Sean Bean as Martin Septim in TES.
Danielle Tanguay
He has such a wonderful smile! ❤️
Erick 4 天 前
He didn’t die in national treasure!
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
He was so likable and good in season 1 that nobody has gotten over his death.
Dio Falkner
Dio Falkner 4 天 前
"L I V I N G" LEGEND!!!!
Leonel Garcia
Leonel Garcia 4 天 前
Sean bean is 60!?
Lucas Russo
Lucas Russo 4 天 前
he got the baelor question wrong! He shouts baelor because arya is at the base of baelors statue. Hes getting old
Macy Mallory
Macy Mallory 4 天 前
ned actually yells 'baelor' because arya was at the statue of baelor. he yells it to yoren, so that yoren can grab arya so that she wouldn't watch him be executed
Aidan Papps
Aidan Papps 4 天 前
I could listen to this man talk all day
S S 4 天 前
I expected all the searches to be like: How did Sean Bean die in Lord of the Rings How did Sean Bean die in Game of Thrones How did Sean Bean die in The Hitcher ...
Marissa Krause
Marissa Krause 4 天 前
He didn’t die in National Treasure
zoe 4 天 前
Why Sean look so young, i mean he is 60 and he looks like 40
Jacob Lawson
Jacob Lawson 4 天 前
He’s Ned Stark in real life
SamahLama 4 天 前
Orange man bad?
egotistical egg
egotistical egg 5 天 前
Ben Bayley
Ben Bayley 5 天 前
Ben Bayley
Ben Bayley 4 天 前
Infecte 4 天 前
Pierce Smith
Pierce Smith 5 天 前
"You're a funny man."
Kavou 5 天 前
One of the few projects where Sean Bean managed to live throughout the whole thing.
wagnar 5 天 前
It's amazing how Sean Bean portrayed a character so honorable like Ned Stark when he was famous before for his portrayal of many villians or anti-heroes like Boromir in LOTR or Janus in Golden Eye.
Waste 5 天 前
This interviews are like buying a 200 wine bottle and using it to cook.
OD Rodriguez
OD Rodriguez 5 天 前
They really cast the best person to play ned stark. His role pay the way for the entire show.
D-VIII A-IX 5 天 前
One does not simply watch a Sean Bean wired video
Lj 17
Lj 17 5 天 前
I know he's "Ned Stark", but he'll always be 'Trevelyan' to me.
Erik Nilsson
Erik Nilsson 3 天 前
Lj 17 For England, James?
Xavier Barker
Xavier Barker 5 天 前
Sean Bean is the god of death get it because he dies a lot oh man i’m horrible at jokes now does
ismail abdelazim
maximillianMus 5 天 前
He needs to make up his mind, either seen been or shaun bhaun. He can't have both.
John Cena
John Cena 5 天 前
He look like triple H
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