Slipknot - Unsainted

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Slipknot perform Unsainted on Jimmy Kimmel Live
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Running for President cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-Fm8K4gDWdBg.html

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Slipknot - Unsainted





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评论 7 833
2380knight 26 分钟 前
Lololol 1:26
Batch Dojin
Batch Dojin 小时 前
Can’t look at slipknot the same without joey. This is shite
Ruben Garcia Jr
Ruben Garcia Jr 3 小时 前
no phones, people just enjoying the show. I didn't think I would ever see this again!!!
FLOODS 3 小时 前
dunno why i just wanna cry lmao ive came a long way watching these guys abd going to see em
Bents Plant
Bents Plant 4 小时 前
My nan beat me harder than a Jimmy Kimmel moshpit
กิรณา พัชรภิวัฒน์
สายหนักกลับมาอีกครั้ง. 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻พี่ตอม😎😎😎
Abel Feher
Abel Feher 9 小时 前
The bass is honestly so good
Wenceslaus Irvine
Wenceslaus Irvine 11 小时 前
is that chris fehn?
This bass is sic 🔥
Taj smelly
Taj smelly 13 小时 前
This song is now my new ringtone!!
Carson Givens
Carson Givens 17 小时 前
Hey a moshpit on national television! Also props to jimmy for having slipknot perform never thought that would happen AND there be no phones in the crowd. Doesn’t even feel like 2019
Taco Jones
Taco Jones 17 小时 前
Coreys new mask looks like Heath Ledgers joker.
black goats are cute
black goats are cute 19 小时 前
Mad respect for Kimmel for doing this. Damn, Jim looks sexier than usual.
JustJohn 21 小时 前
They live up to the heavy metal stereotypes
Nate RhyZ
Nate RhyZ 21 小时 前
Sound so fuckin good live it’s unreal
wearesupreme 天 前
Coreys mask designs over the last few albums are so damn fugly
Luca Biagetti
Israel Guerrrero
Iowa boys killing it🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Ravinick TheRav
@00:33 when I stub my toe
Adan Franco
Adan Franco 天 前
Só eu que reparei que o scream vocal dele tá melhor do que no álbum anterior?
QuickShepard 天 前
God why is this mixed so poorly
gustavrendon Show
El rock and roll no tiene edad 🖤🖤🖤
Suri Panda
Suri Panda 6 小时 前
heavy metal ...
La'Keisha Where Art Thou
this music is about as cool in 2019 as Rush was in 1998
James Lisfranc
James Lisfranc 2 天 前
I hate people who stand in the middle of a pit and air guitar to the music.. always people who've never touched a guitar in their poser lives
jbmusicman1 2 天 前
Musicians playing instruments. Singer actually singing. A well written song......all on tv??? I didn't like heavy metal until now, thanks Jimmy!
Iron City Rob
Iron City Rob 2 天 前
Their new album/tour is going be huge... It will be a reaction to the pop/hop crud that has permeated music for way too long.
Random Roleplays
Eh... crappy sound?
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 2 天 前
who are you tortilla man?
Nick Marcotte
Nick Marcotte 2 天 前
I love it!!! \m/
Sean M
Sean M 2 天 前
I want the "beat the keg with a baseball bat in a clown suit job.." SO dm me bro... ill bring my own bat...
aguinaldo 2 天 前
The Clown still crazy!
JJ Mara
JJ Mara 2 天 前
Thank you Kimmel 😩
Joshua Hardy Lee
Super genial
singson marco
singson marco 3 天 前
what!,this band is still alive
Jam Jamawama
Jam Jamawama 3 天 前
Good yes goooood bring the pits back in this dead crowd era
Matteoj 3 天 前
Where's Alan Keys when you need him?
Mike Cosslett
Mike Cosslett 3 天 前
How awesome is this song slipknot back to there best 😎
SheWolf94 3 天 前
Thank u jimmy 🙏
Jay Seha
Jay Seha 3 天 前
Thank god there is still bands pounding your ears with real instruments. Mad love to the metal and rock that still lives
Blake Carlson
Blake Carlson 3 天 前
I dig the masks, everyone of them.
Ranaes Mendoza
Ranaes Mendoza 3 天 前
Slip knot makes me feel a mixture of pitty and laughter
dimazavr1988 petrov
Чё блядь с ними стало
misscat 3 天 前
The moshpit is brutal.... I love it 🤘
Muppet Blaster
Muppet Blaster 3 天 前
Sid looks like that dude from star wars. (I forgot his name because I only watched star wars once)
Muppet Blaster
Muppet Blaster 2 天 前
Dr. K Vittro Yeah, that guy.
Dr. K Vittro
Dr. K Vittro 2 天 前
Captain Chong Palpatine
luis martinez
luis martinez 3 天 前
por tu amor eh sufrido tanto ahora que lo estás aquí
Cody Ormin
Cody Ormin 3 天 前
Sounds almost the same I love slipknot for that
Joseph Ortolani
Joseph Ortolani 3 天 前
I miss #3 chrises original mask.
Jungy Brungen
Jungy Brungen 3 天 前
This song gives me cancer
Júlio Marin
Júlio Marin 4 天 前
Corey gordasso
it's Daniel Wilson. OKAY!!!
Depressed guy : metal is dead Slipknot: no it's not we got our new song out Mumble rappers: uh oh that's not good
:333 4 天 前
Это Просто Охуенно
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards 4 天 前
Jimmy Kimmel blows, only here for Slipknot.
Tired Tyler
Tired Tyler 4 天 前
We are so lucky to have gotten this in 2019...
IbeAwesome 4 天 前
Amazing performance, however i think coreys mask looks really strange xD
Isadore Willis
Isadore Willis 4 天 前
Shitty song. For real. Also Corey looks like old Corey... But if he drown and wasn’t found for a week. Hahaha
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 4 天 前
I’ve seen soooo many bands in my time, Slipknot still remains the best show I’ve ever seen!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 4 天 前
Ever since Joey got fired and the old bass player died 😭 this band doesn't have it's fire anymore
Pau Tangcalagan
Pau Tangcalagan 4 天 前
wow its good to see this guys kicking again and the crowd is just awesome.
Galuh Puspita
Galuh Puspita 4 天 前
24 tahun bertahan gile... jarang loh berasa kayak balik ke tahun 90an dan penontonnya mosh pitt
Angel ptos
Angel ptos 5 天 前
Que pinche miedo, yo solo vengo por el meme que anda en mexico jaja
Camile Drew
Camile Drew 5 天 前
Eu tou gostando de uma prostituta ■●
Geronimo 5 天 前
I' Love *COREY TAYLOR's Vocal Timbre _ Because : 'Clarity of Vocal Articulation is Accurate' .
mike 5 天 前
If you look carefully you see a group of males with unhealthy hatred and anger. It’s looking like a ratio of 100 to 1 male/female. Slipknot and the crowd/followers need to be quarantined and sit down with a shrink.
Cristian zamudio
Why does Cory remind me of the kid from Willy Wonka
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 5 天 前
4thousand people where headbanging so hard they hit the dislike
super bro
super bro 5 天 前
The new member needs a work on it it should be like son of the clown
Javier Jacinto
Javier Jacinto 5 天 前
Como que porque se empujan ? Es un ritual o acaso paso una rata y se espantaron ?
kaapo kuokkanen
kaapo kuokkanen 5 天 前
2:40 R2?
Fahrul A. Tamima
me : Metal is dead crowd : Hold my phone.. (then do moshpit)
Overtaled - Realm Royale
Shawn: Alright guys, new masks! Mick and Craig: Nah.
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson 5 天 前
Jim’s stage presence is coming back, I dig it lol
Tony Orpiano
Tony Orpiano 5 天 前
Lucas Sebastián
I thought I wouldn't see them getting older because of the masks but Corey's losing hair :/
Flu 6 天 前
why the scary mask first time watcher ??
Sad Cowboy
Sad Cowboy 4 天 前
Its part of their show
PlasmaStrider 7777
2:41 what the heck was that noise
PlasmaStrider 7777
Woah that actually sounded dope
Exposing The Truth
@Christian That's Sids turntable.
Christian 5 天 前
PlasmaStrider 7777 craig doing his magic 😏
Schenker Fox
Schenker Fox 6 天 前
Bu but the neck you can't see the neck
kalvig123 6 天 前
Jimmy Kimmel has some balls to have slipknot perform on his show, the man has good taste
Matt Fields
Matt Fields 6 天 前
I’m finally holding on to letting go
NocriZle 6 天 前
honestly it sounded way better live than the recording
Baz Irvine
Baz Irvine 6 天 前
Record at night next time.
King Thatcher
King Thatcher 6 天 前
Corey needs a joker face paint under that mask
I hit dingers
I hit dingers 6 天 前
Going to see these guys in August🤘🤘🤙
HyPe Carrion
HyPe Carrion 6 天 前
I just don't like Corey's new mask But the son is awesome
Wave 4 天 前
HyPe Carrion it’s awesome. Looks like he’s the joker. Heath Ledger kind of joker.
Pillama de rayas
Cuanto mugroso y que asco de genero
танат мармар
Вы идёты
танат мармар
Вы идёты
Wicaksono Gitawan
Bass sounds nice but looks terrible honestly
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 6 天 前
I feel like 2001 all over again LOL
Alexis Mol-Hdz
Alexis Mol-Hdz 6 天 前
Coreys mask has got to be the ugliest mask any slipknot member has ever had
Nek0maniac 6 天 前
Sure it is, but that's why I love it
Cory Van Treuren
Looks like heath ledger's joker I love it
Alexander 7 天 前
Why would anyone dislike this video, I mean COME ON
Alexander 6 天 前
Eric Hernández Really? I pay attention to the music , plus the mask isn’t that bad
Eric Hernández
Eric Hernández 6 天 前
Alexander For the mask of corey lol
B Richards
B Richards 7 天 前
Sometimes you just need to know when to throw in the towel, it's about that time boys..
Nuhus fake
Nuhus fake 7 天 前
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 7 天 前
haha the moshpit is awsome
Alejandro Caudillo
Alguien más lo vio con música de banda?v:
Itsya Booiii
Itsya Booiii 7 天 前
Was that Cory singing???
Dan Clarke
Dan Clarke 7 天 前
I love the fact that Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Craig Jones still haven't changed their masks, or barely have, over the years
Why do they still make the bass player stand in the back? Paul would be up front
San der
San der 7 天 前
Iets make metal popular again
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson 8 天 前
no phones lol
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