Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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It's June! Time for an annual Giant Balloon June video. This time Gav challenges Dan to live in a balloon for a bit while a water proof lens is shoved inside. Balloon pops, 1000fps, job done.
To avoid being known as "the plum who drowned/suffocated inside a balloon", please don't try this at home unless you have a mate who can get you out.
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Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys










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The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys 5 个月 前
A lot of comments giving us mad love for being “back in the back yard” as opposed to the CNvid original shows with higher production value. I think we’ll always be back yard boys at heart. We prefer shooting on our own but it is useful having a crew sometimes. For example, Dan couldn’t wear a mic for most of this video and we had no one to hold a boom. But it would have been useful. Instead I had to boost audio from the camera mic or my mic which means the background noise is constantly going up when he speaks which I don’t really like doing. There is certainly a middle ground in terms of production value that we should try and achieve. What is it that you dislike the most about the big CNvid original shows? I’d be curious to know. They are pretty useful for us to do occasionally because it gives us the funds to get better equipment for our regular videos. Let me know your thoughts. - Gav EDIT - seems like people feel that the YTOs are more scripted even though none of the episodes have ever had a script. Maybe we need to do a better job and making it feel less scripted by being more comfortable?
Bob Tahoma
Bob Tahoma 3 天 前
Honestly, I don’t even watch the YTO. These are far, far better.
James Hubbard
James Hubbard 11 天 前
Personally, I think Planet Slow Mo was a far better format than the Super Slow Show as it still explored sciencey stuff while staying fun and showing interesting things
Deoji 个月 前
Get the crew to your backyard. The backyard is what makes it feel personal.
Baka Boi
Baka Boi 个月 前
The Slow Mo Guys next time do between 2 water balloons
Ryan Savoie
Ryan Savoie 个月 前
The Slow Mo Guys I like it when your in your backyard.
Marcelo Seguí Gill
When one person tries to operate an expensive camara
Austin B
Austin B 5 天 前
These niggas givin birth in their back yard 😂😂
toplaycool21 5 天 前
Well we saw the return of two things: Dan going in a balloon and, for the ladies, Dan's body on full display.
B_NZX 78
B_NZX 78 6 天 前
The camera quality is good
Depressed Hamster
You should balloon catapult the ballon or water balloon battle with it
cutiemiaw 10 天 前
hahhahaha u guys are interesting
RC Race&Tune
RC Race&Tune 10 天 前
why is Den always testing everything? Did you lose paper, scissors, stone once?)))))
Lewis Newell
Lewis Newell 11 天 前
He looks like a giant woopy cushion
Rose Jackson
Rose Jackson 11 天 前
Dan goin in the balloon is like reverse birth 💀
Some dude
Some dude 12 天 前
Who else think that when he was in the balloon It looked like as if he was a baby in his mums womb
ProGamer9856 12 天 前
Whenever gav couldn’t stop laughing I just kept 🤣 🤣🤣
Kenzie 12 天 前
I think the darker lens made it better tbh
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison 14 天 前
Dan looks like a fetus half this video
Joshua Jordan
Joshua Jordan 15 天 前
Sitting the camera on a Cerwin-Vega at 9:30
Justin Jehle
Justin Jehle 15 天 前
This is the funniest thing ever! 🤣😂🤣
Keely-Marie's Nailed It
That balloon filled looks like a giant breast implant 😂
Dubby DaPanda
Dubby DaPanda 16 天 前
When he breathes through the tube it sounds like a cybernetic elk
DaRoach5882 17 天 前
Is no one going to mention the mic clipped to Dans chest hair?
Chitranjan Baghi
Chitranjan Baghi 17 天 前
so is this how female's water break?
Jorge Sariles
Jorge Sariles 17 天 前
Imagine being their neighbors and stumbling onto what they're doing lol
Aliano Amoré
Aliano Amoré 17 天 前
My claustrophobia and fear of drowning are going through the roof right now
Devon Sumner
Devon Sumner 18 天 前
12:43 when you realize what the problem is haha
Austin Nutt
Austin Nutt 18 天 前
Gav was wondering what other iterations of giant balloon they could do and I just thought- what would happen if they drop on off the roof?
Coop Hansen
Coop Hansen 20 天 前
Have dan cut an arrow in half from the front so it would have a Ryan Reynolds bullet cut vibe you know
Dan Harari
Dan Harari 22 天 前
I'm not sure how to do this. But a way to release a balloon like bubble of air underwater in SLO mo would be really interesting. Especially after seeing the air pockets in the gun in SLO motion under water with those cascading blooms. Some sort of pressurized container, spray paint or tires. That you over pressurize under water. Or impact.
Lydia Leigh
Lydia Leigh 24 天 前
3:21 I hope that Google Earth catches their backyard shenanigans one day
Karen Bouchot
Karen Bouchot 24 天 前
Roabon 29 天 前
Maybe you could drop a giant balloon from a very high crane or something along those lines?
Pinky Guys Pinky Guys
Look like Glogglobgabgalab
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown 个月 前
Who are we gonna even be able to hire when Gav accidentally kills Dan? Rhetorical question!
Audri Phan
Audri Phan 个月 前
'You're rubbish!' -Dan June 2019
xxsmokerxx 647
xxsmokerxx 647 个月 前
Jezzbeary. 个月 前
“Ow you’re bloody killing me right now!” -ya good old English people 2019
Kuumba Creations
Kuumba Creations 个月 前
This is the funniest slow mo guys video I've seen in a while
PressA ToJump
PressA ToJump 个月 前
I love Dan’s slow realization “yeah but the holes underneath don’t... don’t matter”
Sciurus Vulgari
Sciurus Vulgari 个月 前
God Gav's water bill in June has to be outrageous
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 个月 前
alot of water came out
How to reverse birth
Hannah Macdonald
Hannah Macdonald 个月 前
I'd say he looks more like a dog toy squeaker
Basic Greg
Basic Greg 个月 前
Honestly just like all the vids, slow mo show or not. still legit, still equally attracts my attention.
Death by Fitness
Death by Fitness 个月 前
Someone in the afterlife asking how they died: 2:33, 2:59, 3:01
stupid idiot
stupid idiot 个月 前
Drop a giant water balloon with dan in it into a pool
EddienaC 个月 前
Everytime Dan gets all the way in the balloon... I feel lightheaded
Adrian metzler-holden
Oh this was so hysterical!! Pure gold guys. It looks like gav you’re a mad scientist growing a hybrid human Dan, and checking on him with a feeding tube!
John Ruckman
John Ruckman 个月 前
Where does one get a giant water balloon?
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor 个月 前
Artificial Womb
spoilt crumpet
spoilt crumpet 个月 前
I want to probe the balloon Gav 2019
Science58 个月 前
Did they. Call a snorkel scuba? Never forgiven
Optical Clarity
Optical Clarity 个月 前
That snorkel is very dangerous. You are re-inhaling your exhaled gases.
oRA n G
oRA n G 个月 前
Dropping a giant water balloon on a fire in slo-mo
Alexander Strellow
15:27 Actual slow-mo video start
Martin Plays
Martin Plays 个月 前
*A D I S H W A S H E R W A S T E P I P E* 'Gav laughter'
Drink Bleach
Drink Bleach 个月 前
This is what reverse birth looks like.
Sebastian Hiby
Sebastian Hiby 个月 前
It just seems wrong to do that
Sebastian Hiby
Sebastian Hiby 个月 前
He must´v felt like rebirth or sth xD
Sengial 个月 前
That breathing tube should've been thinner or shorter, cause dan wouldve been breathing in his own breath (Carbon Dioxide) alot
Kiranmario 个月 前
Squeaky Gavin
AVG 个月 前
I feels I saw how a baby is born by popping the ovary and having a camera inserted I truly feel bad about women giving birth
xweert711 个月 前
Just so you know, Gav and Dan, my little brothers had friends over, and they barged into my room at precisely 3:48, and I had to explain to a room full of kids what on Earth you guys were doing
blaze 4 daze
blaze 4 daze 个月 前
his is like when the baby dont want to come out of the womb then trys to crawl back in
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