Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

EA Star Wars
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Cal Kestis-one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order after the purge of Order 66-is now a Padawan on the run. Experience this all-new single-player Star Wars™ story from Respawn Entertainment and EA Star Wars on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, 15 November 2019.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set after Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith™. Develop your Force abilities, hone your lightsaber techniques, and explore the ancient mysteries of a long-lost civilization-all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors.
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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars 12 天 前
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Nick Noodle
Nick Noodle 6 天 前
This a release date
Titan Smash Games
For the love of everything holy I hope you all learned from the BF2 launch fiasco and know the only ok micro transactions is cosmetic items you know are what you are getting. Not P2W not loot boxes not battle passes and ESPECIALLY not P2P even after we already payed you for the game
Shamrock Shanks
Shamrock Shanks 9 天 前
Single player no money grabber schemes right?
Reed Carless
Reed Carless 9 天 前
Shit game
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 9 天 前
Are you going to ship an ENTIRE game this time? Or are we going to be $60 dollar beta testers and microtransaction guinea pigs AGAIN? Sorry EA... I can't trust you anymore.
MR zapiekanka
MR zapiekanka 2 小时 前
Ea stop destroing A star Wars!!!!
Ismug Ireson
Ismug Ireson 2 小时 前
Looks pretty good but I hate the main character already
Sw4gBeard 2 小时 前
Seriously 2019, this looks lame as fuck.
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis 3 小时 前
We'll see.
Westin Rice
Westin Rice 4 小时 前
All you gamers are cheap as fuck stfu lol.
Resplendent 4 小时 前
gonna buy it first day just because I hate SJWs, and like having a white protagonist.
Stein871 5 小时 前
at least this time they took the wokeness level down a notch and we don't have a black transgender paraplegic in a wheelchair as a main character
Mr Cheech Wizard
Mr Cheech Wizard 5 小时 前
The best thing about this game is that it's the people that made Titanfall and Apex can't wait until this game comes out!!!
The 31
The 31 6 小时 前
This better have some forced unleashed type of feel or I swear if this is another clunky cash grab Imma bout to bust through EA’s doors!!!! and....probably do nothing cause I don’t gym
Mad Cat
Mad Cat 7 小时 前
I honestly thought this was an up coming CGI movie, imagine my disappointment when I learned it was an EA game.....
Barro the Broadcaster
*Not actual game play*
EternalGaming786 8 小时 前
For meow sake EA no ruin it, this game seems so good. :'3
Choky R
Choky R 9 小时 前
We all know your gonna wall run in this one !
שת בנ־אברהם
Any chance of Nintendo Switch?
Sarvesh chande
Sarvesh chande 10 小时 前
Looks good, but EA though. I think better wait.
Some Dude
Some Dude 10 小时 前
Inquisitors are so bad ass
the red jellybean
the red jellybean 11 小时 前
Cant wait for this
RIP BIG NIBBA 21 11 小时 前
These comments are cancer
dougler500 11 小时 前
Cinematic looks really cool. Want to see some gameplay and maybe a better hint at story line. I'm DYING for KOTOR 3 and if this is an RPG not an action adventure I'll poop.
Jacob Ainsley
Jacob Ainsley 11 小时 前
Airborne boyo with a magna-guard staff. My mind hurts.~ @SCT-7777 "Oblivion" of the 327th Star Corps Arma 3 Unit
hen ko
hen ko 11 小时 前
Why not release tomorrow and then charge weekly for 20 min gameplay EA?
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 8 小时 前
hen ko probably save it for e3.
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 11 小时 前
I hope it’s online and u create your on character and sides
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 8 小时 前
Matthew Lee No. Not Every Game needs Online.
Johnny Lukey
Johnny Lukey 11 小时 前
Omg yes!!
jkl 931
jkl 931 11 小时 前
1:48 The inquisitor is using the force to crack the window open and also is manipulating the pilot joystick so that she can derail the ship. A lot of people didn't notice that.
Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez 12 小时 前
Wow that was a good trailer maybe I’ll preorder- **sees EA logo** maybe I’ll wait for a few reviews to come first...
DARK HOOD 13 小时 前
Everyone, what if this is a prequel to starkiller or in the same canon Plus the main character looks like the guy vader chokes on the very first mission of the game in kashyk. No to metion both have blue lightsabers
Alexander Gregory
Alexander Gregory 13 小时 前
SJW's are triggered because it's a "Boring white Male antagonist". Who didn't see that coming
RazzGamer 13 小时 前
The guy looks like Christian Slater
Timothy Provost
Timothy Provost 13 小时 前
I wonder how EA will screw this one up...
TDH 14 小时 前
Never knew Tom Holland was in Star Wars
Suffer 15 小时 前
Hopefully this one doesn't get cancelled like 1313 did.
Fkn i want some original characters fkn dont just make up new ones. That doesn't feel like starwars
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 8 小时 前
SUICIDE CLIFF - BOXI Your Expectations went too high.
I want to have high hopes for this game. I really do, just like how I expected Force Unleashed to be. Perfect and awe inducing in it's own way. But seeing EA also being apart of this game really scares me. 😭
Henry Adkins
Henry Adkins 16 小时 前
All the top comments on this video make me so happy to see the consumer backlash against EA's corporate greed! After EA battlefront one ruined my favorite childhood game franchise, I haven't bought a game from them since. However, if this game is good, I'll definitely buy it.
Stormion 16 小时 前
sees a Star Wars Game: *So f*cking happy I'm lost for words!* sees that It's published by EA: *cries & dies Inside*
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong 16 小时 前
Call me skeptical but I'll wait on reviews before thinking about picking this up... user reviews not the paid shills.
Lol No
Lol No 16 小时 前
The release date but 6 days earlier and 18 years ago 😏
End Boss Eleven
End Boss Eleven 16 小时 前
Why does everything Star Wars have to look like Darth Vader?
OutlawStarkiller 17 小时 前
you can tell this game is gonna be shit because they were trying really hard to not show any gameplay
Piotr Smif
Piotr Smif 17 小时 前
Why not release tomorrow and then charge weekly for 20 min gameplay EA?
Moises Castro
Moises Castro 17 小时 前
I better have the option to be a Sithlord, or a grey force user and it better not be a gender locked game.
6th Anomaly Gaming
6th Anomaly Gaming 17 小时 前
EA, how does it feel to know you've lost the trust of the gaming community?
Tristen T
Tristen T 17 小时 前
Bring back force unleashed you fucks!
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 8 小时 前
Tristen T Disney needs to bring back LucasArts Games first, Then make the Partnership with Platinum Games.
Broken spaghett
Broken spaghett 18 小时 前
Jedi didnt have credit cards right? RIGHT?!
Aidan K.
Aidan K. 19 小时 前
This is how many time's Hondo will appear in this game, l v
Henry Adkins
Henry Adkins 16 小时 前
they better keep that shitty character from the last jedi out of this game
Kai Sutherland
Kai Sutherland 19 小时 前
If EA screws this one up.....
DingoWingo1234 19 小时 前
A story about the hunting of the surviving jedi of order 66. How original.. Looks generic as fuck
Respawn out here saving EAs ass
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 4 小时 前
No Dice save already EAs ass!
Cyril Smith VA
Cyril Smith VA 19 小时 前
That Inquisitor is Barriss Offee I'm 100% sure.
cool91725 Gaming
cool91725 Gaming 19 小时 前
I have a question for EA. Is this gonna be apart of EA Access or will I have to wait awhile to get it from EA Access?
Noah The Texan
Noah The Texan 20 小时 前
I'm not boarding the hype star destroyer just yet wanna see how this turns out
ironhockey 21 小时 前
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 19 小时 前
God Please no!
blue bandit
blue bandit 21 小时 前
Is it just me or are trailers now way better then watching or playing the whole thing. Hope still burns with the trailers but dies ith the product
juan chavez
juan chavez 21 小时 前
It’s a trap!
sudan maksut
sudan maksut 21 小时 前
Sokerej. Safetn mesejuom. O. Sudan
Unknownsick 1st
Unknownsick 1st 22 小时 前
All you have to do is make a skyrim star wars.
Uli Herbricht
Uli Herbricht 22 小时 前
Well it looks more exciting than the trailer of Episode 9!!! Maybe EA should make movies instead of games, however, they will probably charge you for second half of the movie again
Jaime Garcí­a Marqués
karlis krisbergs
karlis krisbergs 22 小时 前
Ooh I wanna believe this trailer so bad...
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker 22 小时 前
What is this shit? spit
火Samfire火 22 小时 前
*10M* 🔥
Darren Tan
Darren Tan 22 小时 前
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019 ....for only $2.99, and $5.99 per day afterwards
PeeGee Thirteen
PeeGee Thirteen 22 小时 前
main character's design seems pretty run-of-the-mill generic and boring
Levi van Twuijver
Levi van Twuijver 22 小时 前
I think he looks pretty cool, in a fictional world it can be nice to still have a character you can relate with
David Maglioli
David Maglioli 23 小时 前
For over a thousand generations singleplayer was the prefered way to play in the old video game industry. Before the dark times, before EA.
Peachy Winter
Peachy Winter 23 小时 前
PanikDanny 23 小时 前
You must pay 20€ to watch the Trailer.
FranticSpartan 23 小时 前
Ffs, it’s an Electronic Arts game, the game’s already shit and it’s not even out yet
M. M.
M. M. 23 小时 前
Damn dude got swallowed by the Sarlacc
julius ochoa
julius ochoa 23 小时 前
in this game you have to pay $60 just to play the tutorial and then spend over $5000 in lootboxes so you can actually play the game
People are such fags they keep saying oh iam surprised I don’t have to pay for this have you played Star Wars battlefront 2 .since November 2017 it’s changed a lot and if you could just look at what ea has started doing you’d realize how wrong you are.
ApexZenith 天 前
sadcum 天 前
EasternBloke 天 前
Daniel Filberg
I can't believe it! The guy, who recently played two brothers-analogues of The Joker in Gotham is now a jedi in Star Wars.
Claresta Octavia
I knew the voice sounds familiar...
Pathfinder V2
You know is good if is made by respawn
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 天 前
EA: Its treason then...
Kermit the frog
Hey ea how much it gonna be
Lewis 天 前
Good luck lol
Mortum Rex
Mortum Rex 天 前
What is this shit? *spit*
ImPicka _
ImPicka _ 天 前
I dont think so
vo0do01989 天 前
damn which month is 15 ?
vo0do01989 7 小时 前
+French Gamer I am making fun of american date format, but I understand that's hard to take for frenchie ;)
French Gamer
French Gamer 天 前
Are You Ok?
viloedits. 天 前
Ian gallagher
Adi Coric 8B TE
panggop jio
panggop jio 天 前
Looks a little like 1313
Basilo 天 前
If Respawn does this right they will solidify their spot as my favorite delovoper
deli 天 前
why are so many ppl liking this. there's no dev time for a quality game..
i swear if ea somehow finds out how to put microtransactions in a single player game i am forever done with them. that being said even then since i don't trust games in EA's hands at all im gonna wait for several reviewers i trust to make reviews of this game before actually playing it myself
iscmpn 天 前
Become a white boy on November 15, 2019.
RubberDuck Danish Douchebag
"Oh yeah companies can have ups and downs & give it a chance" Im tired of those pacifist fucks that thinks its not okay to hate on EA Shut up they are one of the worst companies on fuckin earth EA NO MERCY U TWATS
Colton Cantrell
I’m so tried of Star Wars games where you either play as a lame Jedi or a traitorous imperial scum. Can we get like a Grievous main story or something?
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 8 小时 前
Colton Cantrell Your Expectations went too high.
RubberDuck Danish Douchebag
To all that pre orders this well not feeling sry if u feel like u wasted money Current user spendings and microtransactions... Payers not Players EA is usually full of shit & you people let them get away with it every time!!!
Mr. Douchebag
Zektrix 天 前
ea should be making the movies
Eirikr430428 天 前
Not crazy about the Marvel music. Star Wars is better than that.
Rouge Campos
Rouge Campos 天 前
Man I was hoping it be a movie
Blake Gaddis
Blake Gaddis 天 前
Looks like the brother from the tv show shameless is coming up
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 天 前
I want to be the empire godamnit >:(
Fizzy 天 前
They should’ve used already existing stormtrooper types besides purge troopers
Silkk2413 天 前
...looks promising...I'll definitely purchase it. Still wish they would not have canceled "Star Wars 1313" years ago.
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