Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.










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• Matt •
• Matt • 20 分钟 前
"No one's never really gone" *Jabba the Hutt pops up*
LuchtLeider Nederland
LuchtLeider Nederland 27 分钟 前
the 70K dislikes are all star trek fans
Fly1ngGoose 46 分钟 前
**soy intensifies**
Jackanory Rights
Jackanory Rights 小时 前
“No ones never truly gone” JAR JAR BINKS ENTERS “IMA BACK”
Del Sinko La Otso
After the Rise of Skywalker, the next star wars movie is gonna be titled "On the High Ground"
Touch that wire
Touch that wire 小时 前
Pfff Daisy is so unathletic
Fahdi Light
Fahdi Light 2 小时 前
Why does this film becomes trending 1 every single time, does there any film to replace this ?
Nala Sk.
Nala Sk. 2 小时 前
"No one's ever really gone" *sand: remember me?*
Jason Sampieri
Jason Sampieri 2 小时 前
"No one's ever really gone" Except Rian Johnson who was thrown into the Sarlacc Pit along with all the copies of TLJ. Suddenly the Sarlacc choked and spat him out.
Furqan Adi
Furqan Adi 2 小时 前
I have a feeling that the reason on how rey came about with the force will not be answered as a marketing strategy. Change my mind...
eanna connolly
eanna connolly 2 小时 前
Disney: a saga comes to an end Expanded Universe/comics: oh I don't think so
Selo 951
Selo 951 3 小时 前
Luke: No one's ever really gone Palpatine: HUH HUH HUH HUH STAY'N ALIVE STAY'N ALIVE
Arif Shingarov Animatix
Rey is The Skywalker She is daughter of Luke i m 100% sure where she get this kind Jedi powers.
Jangir. Rana.
Jangir. Rana. 4 小时 前
T 4 小时 前
I’m just going to pretend that The Last Jedi never happened & that it’s not canon. The sequel trilogy is 2 movies to me, TFA & this one. Fire Rian Johnson & Kathleen Kennedy please.
T1me LAPS3
T1me LAPS3 4 小时 前
Rise of Colman Trebor
Jay Santana
Jay Santana 5 小时 前
this trailer feels like it was made by EA . Since it’s that the movie will make u pay 19.99 to unlock the ending
Nacho Gómez Domínguez
Finally you finished!!!... with the saga. Disney destroyed Star Wars, you're a shame.
GlockFanatic93 5 小时 前
No one's ever really gone... JarJar Binks, "Count me outta dis one!"
Macen Lantz
Macen Lantz 5 小时 前
So she went train wreck to master Jedi in two movies. Nice
Steven M.
Steven M. 6 小时 前
Please don’t be The Last Jedi all over again.
Odin's sword
Odin's sword 6 小时 前
Is this going to be the end of star wars?
Odin's sword
Odin's sword 6 小时 前
I hope it's not bad like episode 8
Sidney Dampier
Sidney Dampier 6 小时 前
No one's really gone Enter Tony Stark, Vision, Gamora, Quicksilver, Loki, Black Widow, Vision and Heimdall as force ghosts
Scout and Jake
Scout and Jake 7 小时 前
Please dont ruin this one feminazis
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez 7 小时 前
Still amazing 😀
Ultra Instinct God
Ultra Instinct God 7 小时 前
Me before seeing Endgame: “Maybe Star Wars can redeem themselves.” Me after seeing Endgame: “Yeah good luck with that. HAH!!!”
KIRKLAND Organic Apple Sauce
Thanos and Tony stark die, Thor is actually FAT and cap turns into an old man
dant ushko
dant ushko 7 小时 前
i just lost hope of the star wars saga its gonna be bad (pun not intended)
TheHero136 7 小时 前
I really do not want to see Rey become a Skywalker. She should be her own character!
Aung Htoo
Aung Htoo 8 小时 前
i can't wait to see another boring lightsaber fight lmao
Smokescale Aquatos
Smokescale Aquatos 8 小时 前
I cannot get over the absolute beauty and majesty of the scores for all of the teasers and trailers in the new trilogy. They are absolutely breathtaking. Any use of Leia's theme moves me to tears anymore. I can't help it. Giving it the power and almost holy quality that a talented choir can offer seems absolutely fitting. Part of me kind of hopes there's a callback to the throne room scene from A New Hope somewhere in the film. Probably a bit much to ask for since I don't know how it would fit in but... it'd be neat.
ModernDH 8 小时 前
Reminds me. Of final Fantasy 7
Ramon Wang
Ramon Wang 8 小时 前
Not interested, next
annu yadav
annu yadav 9 小时 前
That laughter The horror The goosebumps.... Ohhhhh
Dolphin Sauce 205
Dolphin Sauce 205 9 小时 前
" no one's ever really gone" Ki Adi Mundi has joined the server
Leonardo Reyes
Leonardo Reyes 9 小时 前
After the last two movies I no longer believe or have hope in the force.
silent0steele 9 小时 前
Qui Gon Jinn picks up the call You know the lines
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell 10 小时 前
Can we just pretend last jedi didn't happen? Looks like JJ will bring balance to the force.
JoeJoeRunya 10 小时 前
Please tell me that wasn't Jar Jar laughing at the end
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 小时 前
Darth Darth Binks?
Luna The potato gurl
Luna The potato gurl 11 小时 前
I can’t wait!!!!!!
Clint Buchanan
Clint Buchanan 11 小时 前
So glad they decided to redo episode 8 and try again
best Trailer i have ever seen. masterpiece
Zen 12 小时 前
this music is the music that plays when you walk in your pantry 1:08
HFS Hope Faith Salvation
I skipped through the whole trailer sorry Disney. It looked like she was in the one desert the whole time -_-
Green Bean
Green Bean 12 小时 前
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, *shall they rise?* *DEW IT* J.J Abrams: Palpatine! Hello there!
Zack the video gamer
Zack the video gamer 12 小时 前
i watch this over and over and over again and it's still gave me goosebumps
Zack the video gamer
Zack the video gamer 12 小时 前
+korrggg um yes
korrggg 12 小时 前
METAL_MASTER4686 12 小时 前
Disney is a pathway to many movies that some may consider to be. . unintelligible.
MR PANDA Almer Zada
MR PANDA Almer Zada 13 小时 前
Anyone watch this from indonesian
Maxwell Luong
Maxwell Luong 13 小时 前
Unless the memes fix it... I think this is worse than the prequels
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 13 小时 前
‘No one’s ever really gone.’ Tony Blair: ‘I know, right?’
Autism Spectrum
Autism Spectrum 13 小时 前
korrggg 12 小时 前
bad word
ARIEL BOT 13 小时 前
ARIEL BOT 11 小时 前
I think ur right
korrggg 12 小时 前
Alvin Nova
Alvin Nova 14 小时 前
Justin Everett
Justin Everett 14 小时 前
I hope this one is a lot better then the last jedi.
Tidal Studios
Tidal Studios 14 小时 前
Wheres Officer Earl?
Owen Racker
Owen Racker 15 小时 前
The millennium falcon's new satellite 1:26
Vlad Miziuk
Vlad Miziuk 15 小时 前
RISE of the Skywalker - Anakin finally gets the high ground
Yustin J.
Yustin J. 15 小时 前
"No ones ever really gone" *Ever heard of Darth Plagueis the Wise?*
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 小时 前
I heard about his tragic story.
Tony Caesar
Tony Caesar 15 小时 前
“No ones ever really gone “ Trump heads back to Russia for more pee
LeFetish 16 小时 前
If I inherited the greatest movie serial in history along with story treatments for a new trilogy, from the very creator and author of said franchise, here's what I would not do: I would not throw away those treatments and say - Let's start from scratch, and just play this by ear as we go. But hey, that's just me.
The little Pro
The little Pro 16 小时 前
Yeshaan Woohoo
Yeshaan Woohoo 16 小时 前
No one's ever really gone until they leave for cigarettes
J K 16 小时 前
Wow Disney is killing the market, all the marvel movies and all star wars plus all their kidbased movies there isn't much space left
Lord Revan
Lord Revan 16 小时 前
I've watched it at least 100 times! Leave a like if you too!
Jonathan Barker
Jonathan Barker 16 小时 前
Yeah looks all right .But it could just another Disney flop ,Since Disney does know to screw up Star Wars so good !
John stitt
John stitt 16 小时 前
Eerirly close to Hillary Clinton's cackle.
CasMusThai 17 小时 前
No ones talking about Lando here?
CasMusThai 17 小时 前
"No one's ever really gone" (Ship crash landing) Obi wan: Another happy landing
Christoph Hueffer
Christoph Hueffer 17 小时 前
Palpitine back 😱😱😱😵😵
WhiteDragonDancer 17 小时 前
I know a name which suits better in the context of episodes 7-9: Star Wars: The fall of white male
Chedda Mane
Chedda Mane 9 小时 前
Taking into consideration the quality of these films that actually sounds about right.
Gleb Tsedzik
Gleb Tsedzik 17 小时 前
To be honest I'm kind of disappointed. After seeing The Last Jedi, I wasn't really looking forward to J.J. Abrams' return. Sure, The Force Awakens was good but I think that Star Wars should really explore something philosophically new and not simply be an existential escape for nostalgic audiences. Let's hope that the last installment will be something similar to The Last Jedi: familiar but boldly thoughtful.
Alex Emel
Alex Emel 17 小时 前
1:30 It's Venator. Oh, my God, then there's a chance the clones will come back.
Mountain Man Plays
Mountain Man Plays 18 小时 前
Does no one see the Bat-signal in the clouds??? Also Rey is totally Leias kid. Just saying.
The Dark Side
The Dark Side 18 小时 前
I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this on CNvid (sarcasm)
Alls1814 18 小时 前
Emperor is BACK!
Adam Soel
Adam Soel 18 小时 前
no one's ever really gone... Ouch! no one's ever really gone! Don't worry, no one's ever really gone That's gotta hurt! no one's ever really gone...
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell 18 小时 前
Hmmm 27m views. 2% positive upvotes, .002% downvoted. And I’ll split the comments in half, 001% no ones ever really gone memes, and negative “haven’t seen the movie yet, but already deeming it a failure” comments. So pretty good overall reaction I would say
Jan Kaczmarek
Jan Kaczmarek 19 小时 前
alexanderalexandrou 19 小时 前
We 👏 do 👏 not 👏 care 👏 about 👏 a 👏 character 👏 who 👏 is 👏 perfect 👏 from 👏 the 👏 start 👏 and 👏 has 👏 no 👏 arc. 👏👏
Arda Sözen
Arda Sözen 19 小时 前
No one's ever really gone Final Boss Ricardo Milos
Keith Rodriguez
Keith Rodriguez 19 小时 前
Show them teeth lol
Daniel Curtis
Daniel Curtis 19 小时 前
Since no one's ever really gone we know that Porkins is back baby!!!
Mountain Man Plays
Mountain Man Plays 18 小时 前
If only that actor was still alive. Sadly Jack Nicholson shot him in Batman 89.
Meavy Hetal der zweite Graf von Alles
They just put Skywalker in the title to get back the star wars fan base and the sad thing is that it will probably work and disney will make millions with another shity star wars movie
The Ridiculous Otaku
The Ridiculous Otaku 19 小时 前
TripleR3D 20 小时 前
Looks pretty boring, I gotta say.
One of the last surviving doges
"No one's every really gone" *porg chewie cooked in tlj falls onto stage*
Bishop 20 小时 前
Star wars episode 9: I AM THE SENATE
Nucleotide 20 小时 前
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 小时 前
+Edorion Both are different, man. Lucasflim is better for Star Wars.
Edorion 7 小时 前
+Nucleotide then why everyone is loving the new avengers ? Disney own Marvel, yet everyone is okay with that. Kinda strange
Nucleotide 10 小时 前
+Edorion Because Disney destroyed Star Wars
Edorion 19 小时 前
Why ?
T-Man 20 小时 前
Suffering through that crappy trailer to hear papa laugh at the end is worth it.
daniel-ray rodriguez
daniel-ray rodriguez 21 小时 前
Will The Rise Of Skywalker get a best picture nomination at the 2020 academy awards? having a LOTR return of the king scenario?
daniel-ray rodriguez
daniel-ray rodriguez 21 小时 前
is the any chance The Rise Of Skywalker can match or surpass The Empire Strikes Back as the greatest Star Wars film ever made?
The Ridiculous Otaku
The Ridiculous Otaku 19 小时 前
no because most star wars fans are literally can't be satisfied
“We’ve passed on all we know” apparently they don’t know much.
Marcellus Wallace
Marcellus Wallace 21 小时 前
Rey is Leia`s and Han`s daughter. They brought her to Jakku because they did not want that Snoke gets her like Ben Solo! That`s why Rey cries when she holds Leia. It`s the Moment Leia tells her she is her daughter! Watch Close! The tear tells it all!
Rustled Jimmies
Rustled Jimmies 21 小时 前
Last Jedi so bad they retconed Luke Skywalker's whole character arc back to the way it should be
George Feb
George Feb 21 小时 前
Finally the end!
That One Guy
That One Guy 21 小时 前
"No one's ever really gone." *Mace Windu flies into the window*
coolcoolcool 95
coolcoolcool 95 21 小时 前
"No one's ever really gone" I wanna have Qui-Gon Jinn in this.
Nav The Plague Dr.
Nav The Plague Dr. 21 小时 前
Still not better than revenge of the sith or the prequels..
xXWillePonken Xx
xXWillePonken Xx 22 小时 前
The rise of skywalker? Anakin? Luke? Ben? ........?
thesilverspider 20 小时 前
A Native Indian warrior?
Ungodly 01
Ungodly 01 23 小时 前
Rey is Luke Skywalkers daughter
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