Starlink Mission

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SpaceX is targeting Thursday, May 23 for the launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. SpaceX’s Starlink is a next-generation satellite network capable of connecting the globe, especially reaching those who are not yet connected, with reliable and affordable broadband internet services.
The launch window opens at 10:30 p.m. EDT on May 23, or 2:30 UTC on May 24, and closes at 12:00 a.m. on May 24, or 4:00 UTC. A backup launch window opens on Friday, May 24 at 10:30 p.m. EDT, or 2:30 UTC on May 25, and closes at 12:00 a.m. on May 25, or 4:00 UTC. Falcon 9’s first stage for this mission previously supported the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission in September 2018 and the Iridium-8 mission in January 2019. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately one hour and two minutes after liftoff, the Starlink satellites will begin deployment at an altitude of 440km. They will then use onboard propulsion to reach an operational altitude of 550km.










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johnson lu
johnson lu 10 小时 前
Elon Musk trying to deploy satellite internet, meanwhile me enjoying my gigabit fibre broadband.
Oscar Barnley Barnola
Hello Space x and Tesla staff.I´m very happy to write you to give some apportations and support for the SpaceX Mars project 2022 & 2024. One of the questions has been done is what is going to do the starship on the surface on Mars after to get there . I think The firt experiment would be to work with a plants like the KIRI . ( 5 kiris can produce o2 for a person ) Build a glass greenhouse for kiris or similar plants with a pump to add pressure like Earth's atmosphere (1 atm). This is because there is 1/100 less pressure on Mars than Earth and without atmospheric pressure, the plant will die because it cannot take the gas by itself. Therefore, a pump must be incorporated into the greenhouse to take CO2 from the atmosphere of Mars, add pressure and finally store the oxygen produced by the plants for the crew or the ship.Thank you .Visit CNvid channel : Oscar Barnley Barnola.
Smurf U
Smurf U 天 前
Less satellites more beam splitters can cover more area.
OneByte 10 天 前
Hey, stage 2 flew over austria
Nola Pettett
Nola Pettett 20 天 前
I always love watching this video.
قران وادعيه اسلاميه
محتاجين نت في مصر
Ben Cris2bal
Ben Cris2bal 23 天 前
This is basically Elon Musk taking over low Earth orbit...
watchulla 23 天 前
This makes me want to exercise, so I could live longer just to see this happen. Same with the rest of Elon's endeavors, like the hyperloop and Mars project.
Mrfantastic XX
Mrfantastic XX 24 天 前
1:17:00 slowly gliding away huh. Its not like you're going 27,000 kmh.
Petar Pan
Petar Pan 28 天 前
You trying to make artificial Christ Conscious... busted :)
cocteau 777
cocteau 777 个月 前
All Tracks by Test Shot Starfish 1. Andromeda - 24.07 2. LC-39A - 29.17 3. Heavy - 34.19 4. Re-Flight - 39.53 5. Forward Nostalgic - 45.14 6. Ascent - 49.06 7. Flight Proven - 54.52 8. Return To Flight - 58.34 ( A Short Part ) 9. Flight Proven - 1.06.11 10. In The Shadow of Giants - 1.10.45 Greetings from Ukraine !
Faceofthesun 个月 前
For the Mars mission, you could save a lot of weight and space if you send a crew of midgets to Mars to be the first Martian colonizers.
piasared1 个月 前
just get it ready. i want the ability to use it on my rv :)
joni zviadauri
joni zviadauri 个月 前
Jireti Otuen
Jireti Otuen 个月 前
Elon Musk you are a genius!
ezz 个月 前
Great work,, from egypt 🇪🇬
Pinochet 个月 前
1:00:52 SpaceX’s Official Theme
ArloC 个月 前
the music in the waiting screen is really nice
Elsa Braun
Elsa Braun 2 个月 前
Nice narration summery before the launch.
Ahmed Aqidi
Ahmed Aqidi 2 个月 前
Oh God, when will we get satellite internet services from Starlink. We have no patience ... Iraqi 😔
BlaCAT_破書 2 个月 前
Sometimes, I see these thing happen around the world, I feel humanity is really something, But then, I think about the fact that We still have war Because Of freedom, I feel a little bit sad
Sarcon 2 个月 前
Elon Musk, you really want to do something great? Send a ship to bring back the Tesla and land it like the boosters.
inside33 2 个月 前
kill all isp's!
Henry Apolinar Castro Cruz
Nice computer game I love it,
Direction and Magnitude
All other internet providers: * chuckles * *I'm in danger.*
Hertz 2 个月 前
*Comcast Left The Chat*
moU fIVe
moU fIVe 2 个月 前
That earth image cgi as fuck
Scott Bair
Scott Bair 2 个月 前
Garrett Bentley
Garrett Bentley 2 个月 前
I was camping/star gazing in southern utah and saw a long line of dots fly across the sky for several minutes...i was so confused. When i heard it was SpaceX, I was like "makes sense"
Daniel Skaluba
Daniel Skaluba 2 个月 前
Thank you SpaceX for wrecking astronomy (so that rich people can have wifi wherever their yachts may take them...).
Spectre Night
Spectre Night 2 个月 前
I really hope this makes companies like Comcast scared as fuck.
Steve Carhart
Steve Carhart 2 个月 前
How to destroy a million years of the night sky in one science project. Need to regulate this slam on astronomy and the night sky.
496 2 个月 前
DeeJay1210 2 个月 前
More signals and microwaves to fry our already cooked brains
DeeJay1210 2 个月 前
Beats any firework show
Themreichen Ningshen
This guy is spending so much of time and effort just to start a civilization in Mars! Mars is not a place for humans what's the point in living their?? Even if humans start to live their, how would they sustain themselves for the long run! Sustaining human lives in Mars would mean launching hundreds and hundreds of rockets to Mars in periodic intervals for as long as humans are staying their! Won't the pollution from rocket make earth more and more terrible place to live? And won't the continual exploitation of natural resources from earth just to cause a propulsion in space, deplete earth of its precious natural resources! I think the whole idea behind the civilisation of Mars is business! For only rich would go their, leaving all the poor on earth to suffer even more, as the earth itself would be getting poorer and poorer! Hell awaits u all!!! The best way to reach Mars is to have a really good damn dream about u doing doggy style in Mars!
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 2 个月 前
This is so going on my RV.
Xuân Sâm Đinh
Xuân Sâm Đinh 2 个月 前
Soundtracks, please!
cocteau 777
cocteau 777 个月 前
All Tracks by Test Shot Starfish 1. Andromeda - 24.07 2. LC-39A - 29.17 3. Heavy - 34.19 4. Re-Flight - 39.53 5. Forward Nostalgic - 45.14 6. Ascent - 49.06 7. Flight Proven - 54.52 8. Return To Flight - 58.34 ( A Short Part ) 9. Flight Proven - 1.06.11 10. In The Shadow of Giants - 1.10.45 Greetings from Ukraine !
Behroze Choudary
Behroze Choudary 3 个月 前
random video "signal loss" was for propriety tech reasons .....
cyborgar15 3 个月 前
It's crazy how much money they are spending just to try and fool the Flat Earthers into believing that the earth is round and space is real...but once we have their souls.it will be well worth the cost....
Hey Musk,wanna fix your image problem and stay the cryptic hippie you are? You want a whole planet behind you for that mars wetdream of yours? Give us a Full 3D scan of this planets oceans floors and unexplored regions.. Have a drone fetch one or more of those golf balls on the moon. But please let these poor souls in California stuck in traffic go fuck themselves and focus on the big picture. Use your considerable resources to get started on the space debris issue (who better..) Try and tackle something like plastic in oceans i dunno. Put the first paying tourist on the moon. Do something right... there are more pressing issues than; mind numbingly fast internet for all californians stuck in traffic getting to mars proffit Youre the best space faring billionaire we have Elon ,barely.
Erhan Fidan
Erhan Fidan 3 个月 前
czlowiek 869113325
czlowiek 869113325 3 个月 前
Kibicowałem temu panu. Ale gdy zaczął zasyfianie orbity i nieba i zamierza zasyfić bardziej, to straciłem całą sympatię a wręcz zamieniała się w e wrogość.
victor 91
victor 91 3 个月 前
Elon: why is my internet 0.001sec slow!? also Elon: do i really have to do everything my self? fire up those engine boys!
Eric Hample
Eric Hample 3 个月 前
1:17:50 top right corner are we ignoring the extra terrestrials cruising by? 🤔
Eric Hample
Eric Hample 2 个月 前
Robert Carter ahaha gotta get in on that freee stuff 🤣
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 2 个月 前
Eric Hample Dude they need internet access to.
XianPalJed pop
XianPalJed pop 3 个月 前
SpaceX is making a movie called 'Gravity 2'
Ossi_Petter1 3 个月 前
1:17:49 A UFO!
Q 3 个月 前
Elon! Stop this. You are about to severely restrict most future access to space travel. STOP THIS PROJECT.
AnantaSesaDas 3 个月 前
The low orbit (550 km) will create enough high atmospheric drag to automatically deorbit them in 1-5 years if the ion thrust fails. Space is not a complete vacuum especially so close to earth. Says so at 8:12
Q 3 个月 前
.... DANGER .... This project will effectively Quarantine humankind.
Q 3 个月 前
Aneeso Anyaam
Aneeso Anyaam 3 个月 前
The earth is flat
Kenji Okura
Kenji Okura 2 个月 前
@Vulpine No need to call anybody any names, even if they do think the Earth is flat
Vulpine 3 个月 前
Seeng Cris
Seeng Cris 3 个月 前
Hi guys any flat earthers in chat?! 😂😂
MitosDoNebulous 3 个月 前
Elon Musk is a legend
kippari 3 个月 前
Imagine the revenue stream that is going to space x and elon after this Wellbe on mars in 5 years
InfinityCalcs 3 个月 前
This dude's voice is deep
Betül Sena Arkun
Betül Sena Arkun 3 个月 前
NetWolf3D 3 个月 前
While it's seems like a vast leap for mankind , have you considered the impact this has on Astroimaging and observation from the ground. Long exposures already capture many trailing satellites and planes, now we have another 7000 up there to ruin images. Being Science company not sure how SpaceX ignores this? we have already surrounded the earth with so much man man debris now we are adding more. Should we perhaps not focus on new communication technology that does not really on EM ?? We are moving from Binary to Quantum computing but in comms we are still stuck on early 20th century discoveries.
Gutz 3 个月 前
Cost effective like the TESLA's 150k prices? or the tesla 3 60k?
Baba Ayman
Baba Ayman 3 个月 前
Sky Net so close creating our Robot Overlords
Starlink Mission
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