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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Chronosaurus" Video
Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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Stray Kids스트레이 키즈SKZ스키즈방찬BANG CHANCHAN우진김우진WOOJINKIMWOOJIN리노이민호LEE KNOWMINHOLEEMINHO창빈서창빈CHANGBINSEOCHANGBIN현진황현진HYUNJINHWANGHYUNJIN지성한지성HANJISUNGHANJISUNG필릭스FELIX승민김승민SEUNGMINKIMSEUNGMIN아이엔양정인정인I.NYANGJEONGINJEONGIN스트레이 키즈 미로SKZ MIROHClé 1 : MIROHCle 1 : MIROHStray Kids Chronosaurus스트레이 키즈 Chronosaurus스키즈 ChronosaurusSKZ ChronosaurusSKZ Chronosaurus MV스트레이 키즈 뮤직비디오Stray Kids Music Video스키즈 뮤비






评论 100
cintia armijos
cintia armijos 38 分钟 前
amo a stray kidssssss
Multifandom Kpop Mess
*ok who let jeongin grow up this quickly im crying*
Valery Lopez
Valery Lopez 2 小时 前
This reminds me of the pro mises neverland
Valery Lopez
Valery Lopez 2 小时 前
Valery Lopez
Valery Lopez 2 小时 前
I mean “the promised neverland “
Sommer Poole
Sommer Poole 3 小时 前
this is so simple I love it!
iuv 6 小时 前
They're so talented and I always love reading the lyrics because it's so relatable!
Jen Jer Ale
Jen Jer Ale 6 小时 前
idk why, but the music in the verses really reminded me of the gravity falls intro.
Lyca Cutarra
Lyca Cutarra 13 小时 前
*Jisung's vocal is no joke!!* 💕😱
Mama Aghni
Mama Aghni 13 小时 前
This song deserved to be their TITLE SONG! Ugh... Sebagus itu lagunya, the lyrics is so deep.... love it!
deog cha
deog cha 16 小时 前
I really enjoy to listen this song. Actually I love all stray kids' songs.
Miyazaki Kuro
Miyazaki Kuro 18 小时 前
Hm no wonder they're called "all-kill rookies". Not a kpop fan but they are no joke. among all other kpop dudes i know, they are the ones who gives me so much chills. wow, all of 'em got godly looks too.
Kkami Neko
Kkami Neko 19 小时 前
Oh sh*t lee know that tick tock tick tock of yours is damn sexy
Kkami Neko
Kkami Neko 19 小时 前
Now I know why stray kids are called "the new legends"
Henna Marie Baleriado
Henna Marie Baleriado 20 小时 前
Baby I.N's highnote is so much!!! Our babies are on fire!!
Everlasting Stay
Everlasting Stay 23 小时 前
My boys
ronaria buaton
ronaria buaton 23 小时 前
Flavinha V
Flavinha V 天 前
CARACA EU AMO MUITO VOCÊS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I am a new fan. This song is so beautiful. STRAY KIDS i love you so much. This song is my favorite song of the album. Love from France
Hanani Ramlee
Wtf this is so goodddd
Haruka F. N.
Haruka F. N. 天 前
I think it's been like 40 times already playing this mv and I don't get the fucking ad, I'm even feeling sad I want them to have my money please ad pop out geez
MultiFandom Heartu
It's like they are trying to physically attack me with their voices...it's working.
mingyu's fAngS
this song deserves more! keep str34aming stays! *we are close to 3 million*
mingyu's fAngS
this song has so deep meaning af-
rae arita
rae arita 天 前
goodevening everyone, except to those people who think this song is a flop
anaïs et lou 1106
Jeongin is beautiful❤❤
Kings 😭💗
dc미나 天 前
Can anybody tell me the meaning on 3:16?? Thankss!!
This song has officially gotten me into Stray Kids and now I’m Felix biased ok bye
joohoney 天 前
minho just wrecked my bias list with that “tick took tick tock getting closer”
Cands Altamirano
NikiiBam_KookMin BNior_Kaisoo
¿Ustedes no se cansan de sacar arte? Los amo
To Moon
To Moon 2 天 前
Lee know'un tik tok tik tok getting closer dediği an öldüm mezardan sesleniyorum zkchzlcj
라 أرمي사
라 أرمي사 2 天 前
New Stay 💜🍓
라 أرمي사
+Creator 195 ty💛
Creator 195
Creator 195 天 前
Welcome to Stay fandom 😊
Nini 2 天 前
2:03 - this high note has me addicted
sam gozo
sam gozo 2 天 前
Alice 2 天 前
elsdorado 2 天 前
i listen to this so much that its in my reccomended no matter what. i regret nothing
Restuu AR
Restuu AR 2 天 前
I love han's part
Lenne Higgs
Lenne Higgs 2 天 前
this video gave me the weirdest vibes
elisabeth queen
elisabeth queen 2 天 前
KatrinaIsabel 2 天 前
I showed my friend this video Her:Are you serious! How can u even recognize them? They all look the same! Me: Just chill......they do look alike at first but just wait I know you will stan them. Her: Its possible but they look the same for real! Me: I will tell you their positions and names just wait *thru the video*(I will just tell them by age i forgot the order i did) Me: This is Woojin he is a vocalist, visual and rapper(he is a half bear and chicken) This is BangChan he is the leader, a vocalist, visual, rapper and a producer This is Lee Know he is a dancer, vocalist, rapper and most importantly A VISUAL This is ChangBin he is a rapper, vocalist, visual and a producer This is HyunJin he is a (REALLY)VISUAL, a rapper and vocalist This is Han he is a rapper, vocalist, visual and a producer like Bin and Chan This is Felix he is a VISUAL, rapper, vocalist and has a SUPER DEEP VOICE! This is SeungMin he is a vocalist, a rapper, a visual and he is DandyBoy And lastly I.N he is a vocalist, a rapper, a visual and he is a FennecFox Her: Oh ok u did not need to do that I can just easily search them up the internet but thanks! Me: if u don’t stan this boys i will end our friendship
Creator 195
Creator 195 21 小时 前
+KatrinaIsabel 😂😂
Haha after this she took my joke seriously😝😝😝😝
Creator 195
Creator 195 天 前
The last word is SAVAGE 🤣👍🏻
noni chan
noni chan 2 天 前
Jisung vocals always caught me unguarded am amazed I.N 1:30 that was along note😍 proud 2:59 CHILL Minho that was so cool
gadit A M
gadit A M 2 天 前
Tee Hee
Tee Hee 2 天 前
Like a tunnel with no light There's no end I'm scared ~ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
youtubeuser 2 天 前
This song has really thought-provoking lyrics and surprisingly mature
Haruka F. N.
Haruka F. N. 2 天 前
I don't know if I'm the only one but when I see Woojin's parts his looks is like he's tired, hopeless, of how we have to just keep running without stop. Maybe it gives me those vibes because he's just singing so high so effortlessly, but it's like he's portraying the tiredness of just running away without reason. I'm not English native so my explanation has probably sucked sorry lmao
Zizi Katxx
Zizi Katxx 2 天 前
Friend: so who's your bias in stray kids? Me: yes
hobi’s supreme gun
bin looked like seungri for a split second
Nicole Andrea Marasigan
My no. 1 favorite song of Stray Kids.
holy water
holy water 2 天 前
Ok the line distribution here i can live with same with the victory song
Melissa Gzz
Melissa Gzz 2 天 前
This song is one the best things that ever happened to kpop
Yaaru Gamlin
Yaaru Gamlin 2 天 前
No doubt they are one of the best kpop groups!!!! STAN TALENT STAN STRAY KIDS
shay kemp
shay kemp 3 天 前
i have lost a friend over this music video, she is dyslexic. i am currently in her house. she said they were ugly. mom come pick me up now plz
Italia Paola
Italia Paola 3 天 前
Son hermosos Arte puro osiosi😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shadia sadid
Shadia sadid 3 天 前
I love stray kids 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maryam HASAAN 3 天 前
4 new stays best visual Hyunjin Changbin Chan Jeonjin Felix Seungmin Minho Woojin Jisung Best rapper Hyunjin Changbin Chan Jeonjin Felix Seungmin Minho Woojin Jisung Best dancer Hyunjin Changbin Chan Jeonjin Felix Seungmin Minho Woojin Jisung Best vocalist Hyunjin Changbin Chan Jeonjin Felix Seungmin Minho Woojin Jisung
Tiffany Marshall
My favorite song and mv from them and they are the best
Princess Adindu
Princess Adindu 3 天 前
I'M OFFICIALLY A STAY (btw im new)
Princess Adindu
+Fai Putries Tyyy ❤
Fai Putries
Fai Putries 天 前
Welcome to Stay fandom 💕
sea of what
sea of what 3 天 前
felix huhuhu
jikkk dtv
jikkk dtv 3 天 前
日本語訳が改善されて嬉しいです! ありがとうございます
Angie Christie
Angie Christie 3 天 前
3:17 Theory pls
Angie Christie
Angie Christie 2 天 前
+Peggy Chen Thankyou 😊
Peggy Chen
Peggy Chen 3 天 前
12:19 On December 19, 2017, JYP announced that Stray Kids would debut as nine. 1:08 On January 8, 2018, pre-debut Mixtape was released. 3:25 On March 25, 2018, Stray Kids debut with District 9. 8:01 On August 1, 2018, fandom name STAY was announced.
Angie Christie
Angie Christie 3 天 前
0:08 it's 0325
NUR AIN 3 天 前
i think i fall in love in their song more than i fall in love with my crush .
marii 9292
marii 9292 3 天 前
1:21 minhoo😍
Nej 3 天 前
jeongin. send comment
Shailaja Yasmine Das
Chan's vocals are beautiful
I love jisung's voice mannnn
Flower Crown Lady
The fact that they could change the name Timebeast into a cool name like Chronosaurus, it proves how amazing and original they are. I mean Timebeast is also a really cool name but dAAAANg these geniuses.
Celine 3 天 前
Can we just talk about how they constantly repeat every scene? like it's always the same scene for every member just with different lyrics and I didn't even notice this before
seoxlrv 4 天 前
I was listening to this in school and someone said is that Justin Bieber.
seoxlrv 2 天 前
stayzen&moomooluv. right omg-
sksks the audacity-💀
Michella Romeiro
Lindo A Musica
Michella Romeiro
thats my sun
thats my sun 4 天 前
2:50 No changbin no😂😏
Love yourself
Love yourself 4 天 前
Sorry, but in this one Jisung got all of my attention. Wow... Just wow... Don't worry, I love all of them from the bottom of my heart. But this time Jisung didn't want to share...
ilmiism 4 天 前
the drum in 2:35 got me WEAK everytime i listen to this
Yoo TV
Yoo TV 4 天 前
In my opiniom this is defenitely Jisungs and Chans comeback! But like seriously I havn't seen a kpop group as ambitious as Stray Kids ever since BTS! Keep it up their new album is amazing! 👏👏👏
Just Jyn
Just Jyn 4 天 前
ya ya ya X O X O grrrrrrr la la la la na nanananana tick tock tick tock
Hyemi Kim
Hyemi Kim 4 天 前
I keep on clicking the like button because I want to tell stray kids that i like this song #childish p.s I also want to annoy them hehe
小米 4 天 前
小米 4 天 前
Really love this!!!!!!! love Woojin too ❤️❤️
Jack Lee Beng Hwee
This song is dam....... Fcking...... Underrated!
Maja Robles
Maja Robles 4 天 前
Leslie Plascencia
Is anyone else listening to this after they found out it wasn’t on the Unveil Tour Setlist. No? Just me? Okay 😪 anyways this song deserved better
kaolive4 4 天 前
日本語字幕が直っていて嬉しかったです🙌 SKZは歌詞がいいですからね👍
Music Fandom
Music Fandom 4 天 前
Hey STAYs!! Just made a lyrics video to this song!!! Please check it out💜💜 Let me know who is your bias and what is your favorite song of the album!!!
tanya reverie
tanya reverie 4 天 前
Nur Hannani Akasya
3:00 bless my ears
Isa Smith
Isa Smith 4 天 前
Wow. This song actually describes how I feel. I love Stray Kids. And Han, you’re bias-wrecking me. Such a talented young man! Rapper & singer!
Nicole Medina
Nicole Medina 5 天 前
Este tema es hermosooo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
K-pop Otako
K-pop Otako 5 天 前
احححححححححححلى اغنيه وربي تتتجججججنننننن
Vamplvr21 5 天 前
This song is what kept me going through finals
V B 5 天 前
CHANGBIN LOOKED SO GOOD (so did everyone else ofc but liek damn)
Cocky Army
Cocky Army 5 天 前
At 0:39 Bang Chan looks like V
Stan stray kids, Stan talent Sub to stray kids
Why do they keep showing untied shoelaces? There must be some reference I’m missing?
Peggy Chen
Peggy Chen 4 天 前
3racha has a song called Double Knot. Maybe it will answer your question.
devi ratnasari
devi ratnasari 5 天 前
this song kills me
hyungwon is a living meme
everyone say thank you stray kids
Pégasus Sso
Pégasus Sso 5 天 前
for new STAYS Felix: the best han,changbin, hyunjin: the best of rappers bangchan,I.N, seungmin and woojin: the best of singer lee know: visual of the groupe
hyungwon is a living meme
Lai inlovewBANGCHAN
with Hellevator as my number 1, this sure did overtake district 9 as my second favorite song
_Blyth V_
_Blyth V_ 5 天 前
No one : Me : *OooOh Like a tunnel with no liigghhtt*
hyungwon is a living meme
Who's your bias in the group? Me: The one that's in the video.
how to tell stray kids apart
Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test