Superman Surrenders Scene | Man of Steel (2013) Movie Clip

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Superman Surrenders Scene | Man of Steel (2013)
Movie info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0770828/
Buy it on Blu-ray: www.amazon.com/Man-Steel-Blu-ray-Henry-Cavill/dp/B008JFUPK8
Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix

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Scopian01 年 前
Click here for Smallville Fight: cnvid.net/video/视频-NL_4U5gwbmM.html
Kevin Rodríguez
But i dont understand, The General in Batman vs Superman was the president, can someone explain me? Please
RECTO Recto 10 天 前
Scopian01 go to school m9 😂😂😂😂
Augustin Igul
Augustin Igul 3 个月 前
Filmic Box
Burrito1321 3 个月 前
Filmic Box gg
Letizia Roselli
Letizia Roselli 3 小时 前
0:24 Me: Yeah like those handcuffs do anithing😂😂😂 1:52 Also me: Told ya
nickoli singh
nickoli singh 5 小时 前
superman is superman cuz his booty on point.... lol
Jevilz 7 小时 前
It's so funny how the Millitary came with their tanks and other vehicles while everyone of them can survive nukes ;)
Aaron Tian
Aaron Tian 12 小时 前
Handcuffing Superman is like handcuffing a normal person with toilet paper
Richard Vanderdonckt
Richard Vanderdonckt 13 小时 前
What a great film, undeserving of a lot of the hate it gets, unlike almost every DCEU film after it. I wish the quality of Zack Snyder's directing remained this high for BvS and (partly) Justice League. It's a real shame that neither he nor Cavill will likely take part in a Man of Steel 2 based on how things are looking.
jz edz
jz edz 14 小时 前
Handcuffed superman is like tie your hand with noodles. Even superman dont wanna break that handcuff, but hat handcuff break into pieces at time superman is sneezing.
Jota J-k
Jota J-k 天 前
0:49 *succ*
Jeihz 天 前
*They really handcuff superman? xD*
mr smart
mr smart 天 前
the best superman
DexterThe Fat
It’s weird to think a guy that could destroy the entire world with ease would just surrender; but then I remember that Superman is also Clark Kent.
JCordoba1001 天 前
This movie was awesome. I hate that it gets compared to suicide squad, Justice League, and BvS
coconut head
coconut head 天 前
im sorry but he just looks so goddamn goofy with his big ol cape like i cant keep a 100% straight face at all
Seventh Fairy
They freaked when just broke those cuffs like they came out an arcade vending machine, lmao.
Seventh Fairy
They actually think they did a good job and have him under control, lmao.
Marco Fernando
imagine if hulk get handcuff
cshubs 2 天 前
Why is he a threat but Zod is not?
Woke boi
Woke boi 2 天 前
When you realise that on his home planet he can’t do anything
Jesse Chandler
Jesse Chandler 2 天 前
i am going to miss him so much
Local_ Hotpotato
You trying to tell me that after witnessin superman flying , trashing a satelite etc. The only thing they did was slap standard issue cop cuffs and some bitch tranc to "contain" superman till hand over?
zhengyingli 2 天 前
Superman didn't trash a satellite before this scene.
ADP- -PDA 2 天 前
Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman are great DC movies. But this piece of crap (Justice League) wasted it
Aritamus 2 天 前
here its an a-SS
The Grt Alucard
The Grt Alucard 2 天 前
This acting was just awful. Worst supes we ever had, hands down.
Ashley Grant
Ashley Grant 2 天 前
I can’t believe he’s not playing Superman anymore
sightinsight 2 天 前
this superman(and the actor) definitely felt like tas version a.k.a very good
Abigail Sockeye
Abigail Sockeye 2 天 前
The S, dear Lois, stands for SEXY
No U
No U 2 天 前
*puts Superman in handcuffs and doesn’t think twice about it*
Weird Things
Weird Things 3 天 前
Man of steel is a great movie
Pulp Ted
Pulp Ted 3 天 前
The one good Dceu film
Tamagotchi 3 天 前
Hello geralt of rivia
Man of Steel and WW are without a doubt the best DCEU movies. It's a shame Warner Brothers don't know wtf they are doing.
drunkpanda22 3 天 前
the dialogue is fucking atrocious
MrMasterJD 3 天 前
Hope starts with an "H" Stupid!
\Francko/ .,.
\Francko/ .,. 3 天 前
Y vos la escupis o la tragas?
Javier Dice
Javier Dice 3 天 前
Man he’s next to the sun how militares can point him
Nouh Video Games
Wow super man is strong wow cool
animejoao 4 天 前
why the s doesnt stand by the name os kal el house in krypton. that is why this movie is shitto.
Josh Nicholson
Josh Nicholson 4 天 前
"on my world". he's been living on earth his whole life 😂
Mike Sebine
Mike Sebine 4 天 前
Shame on getting rid of cavill
BL4Z3 ROBLOX 4 天 前
How did he not crush her hand when they held hands!?!
The whole mess is thanks to the Warner Suits. Cavill is the most definite Superman/ Clark Kent since Reeve's iconic portrayal. It's a travesty that they are planning to recast the whole role and reboot from start. MOS2 can save the DCEU. (Fuck the Justice League movie anyways)
American Badass
American Badass 4 天 前
His acting reminds me so much of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) in Prison Break
That Artist
That Artist 4 天 前
Lois is gonna be in this year's CW ArrowVerse crossover
Golden Assassin
Golden Assassin 4 天 前
Here it is guys. Zack Snyder's Martian Manhunter...While everyone else is afraid of Sups, he does not give a shit because he knows his intentions very well.
Almero Sepwanzaky
Is that shaun murphy's mentor? That guy named emil hamilton
Vee Pee
Vee Pee 4 天 前
The 'S' stands for 'sexy' .....Henry Cavill 😍😍😍
Michael Aquino
Michael Aquino 4 天 前
The writers or director doesn't seem to read superman comics. The character became so unrelatable it ruins whats good in superman stories.
zhengyingli 3 天 前
This writers and director do read Superman comics because this version is very faithful to the source material like Earth One, Birthright and John Byrne's Man of Steel.
Manuel R. A.
Manuel R. A. 4 天 前
I'm the only one to think she's so old for him?
Nightwing Assassin
The look when he broke those handcuffs,he can bend steel with his bare hands what did they wxpect
zhengyingli 4 天 前
Well, they didn't know Clark had super strength.
Jack Sypher
Jack Sypher 4 天 前
Superman showing how huge his dick is by shooting cancer rays at everyone to let them know he can see them. He's such a tool, why does any one like these movies if all he does is show off how awesome he is.
Jack Sypher
Jack Sypher 4 天 前
+zhengyingli thats nice and all but my statement was more about my distaste for Superman character rather than his powers
zhengyingli 4 天 前
That's actually not how x-rays work. They require a source that aims the x-rays toward the receiving end, whether it be eyes or photographic film. Superman's simply detecting x-ray instead of shooting out "cancer rays."
Mr. Jazz moose
Mr. Jazz moose 4 天 前
The thumbnail should be a meme
K1ng IsDaBest
K1ng IsDaBest 4 天 前
Louis:What does the S stand for Superman: *Takes Superman mask off* Superman: *SPIDERMAN* -swings away
Calum Whittingham
Bruh they have to be special handcuffs right? I don’t watch this type shit
zhengyingli 4 天 前
They're normal handcuffs because they didn't know Superman has super strength.
Marcos Rubilotta
el bananero
Random Guy
Random Guy 5 天 前
If I were to compare Superman to any Marvel hero it would be most likely be Spider-Man. Yes, Superman does seem more alike to Captain America but I mean, Clark and Peter’s father figures both died and something that they told them still resonates with them. They both care about their love interests(Lois and MJ) and take responsibility for their actions. Superman and Spider-Man are both revered as criminals just because they care more about others than themselves. That’s why they are the most similar.
Ail'enduril 5 天 前
naahh... the directing sucks and it's not really superman. Just an alien.
zhengyingli 4 天 前
That's why the movie's called "Man of Steel" instead of "Superman."
The Roo
The Roo 5 天 前
Not a bad movie, but not the hero we deserved
Trolley The Troll
He is 100 ft in the air and can hear each other talk no problem?
Vicki Cutler
Vicki Cutler 5 天 前
The music score in this is awesome
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 天 前
2:14 Only Two legends Pulled this off ! 1. Superman 2. Mr.Bean
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 天 前
1:14 Dr.Erskine, I know the Super soldier Serum creator...I don't need that..
LordMichaelRahl 5 天 前
This movie is fine tbh. Not Cavill's fault that he's given shitty scripts with shitty directing. If they lose him as Supes, they might as well reboot the entire DCEU, cause it's crap right now and that would be the final nail in the coffin.
DynestiGTI 5 天 前
4:01 what a great shot.
SonicHeroXD 5 天 前
Hope starts with an H, stupid!
Vasto Lorde
Vasto Lorde 5 天 前
Lol handcuffs, why bother bounding him?
zhengyingli 4 天 前
They didn't know Superman has super strength.
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 5 天 前
"KILLING MONSTERS!!!!" hmmm we will see
Cong TV
Cong TV 5 天 前
Goodbye Henry Cavill
leo c
leo c 5 天 前
El presi le enseñara su super chota?
crow__ モフン road
Vodo 5 天 前
If I was Superman I would have broke her face when she said “well here it’s an S” that’s fucking rude
Taz Boone
Taz Boone 5 天 前
How come the military can't figure out his identity themselves? First of all Clark doesn't even wear a mask, he tells them he's 33, he later tells the General that he grew up in Kansas... Wtf. They can find out who he is so easily.
zhengyingli 5 天 前
And they probably did find out shortly after this movie, but kept it hush hush because it'd be against the government's interest to piss off Superman.
Alpha 5 天 前
I have nothing against women in the military, but I don't really understand why there are women in the kryptonian military... If they are truly bred to only perform one role in life, wouldn't it be 100% men as in all reality men are more physically fit for combat?
zhengyingli 5 天 前
I think Faora was bred for more skills other than combat such as leadership considering she's Zod's 2nd in command.
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 5 天 前
Sim Cl
Sim Cl 5 天 前
1:51 Everyone steps back when superman breaks the cuffs. Except general Swanwick. He stood there like "why don't you try me?". I'm willing to bet that General Swanwick is the Martian Manhunter.
Vuph 2
Vuph 2 5 天 前
you know super man has to do it to em
Rachel Do
Rachel Do 5 天 前
why does he look like sebastian stan on the thumbnail
Gamer Boyy
Gamer Boyy 5 天 前
Who else have watched this move the man of steel? One like=you like the movie/clip
Daniel Trinh
Daniel Trinh 5 天 前
I’ve noticed the thing about Dc and Marvel fans. Dc is calm and all I can’t see in the Marvel comments is “THANOS CAR”
Gilbert Ledesma
Gilbert Ledesma 5 天 前
Why the flipping fuck didn’t Superman fight that bitch zod at where he is at 2:18 nobody would of got hurt or buildings damaged smfh 😂💥😂😂🙆🏼‍♂️
karma tam
karma tam 5 天 前
Fatty Louis Ex peter
DubFanLatino 5 天 前
-Well here it’s an S. -Bitch I know, I’ve been living here since I have memory
Future president Hernandez
Lane: what does the S stands for? 😁 SM: my super long diiiiiick 😉 Lane: 😳😳😳
Nilson perez
Nilson perez 6 天 前
Even here, stabler is still a bad muddaplucker
MrTron 6 天 前
"Don't break the cuffs... don't break the cuffs..."
ensiana 6 天 前
Everything went wrong after this movie...
coolgameing games
Ahhahaa you shuk
coolgameing games
John Hardwood
John Hardwood 6 天 前
No more Henry Cavill as superman.
zhengyingli 6 天 前
That was fake news.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 6 天 前
He broke the handcuffs as easily as she broke my heart.
Haunted Knight
Haunted Knight 6 天 前
This movie is a damn masterpiece. Henry Cavill *IS* Superman. If he's gone as Supes, don't expect me to watch another Superman movie.
Maniac Magge
Maniac Magge 6 天 前
I mean...I liked the movie, but I'll admit to saying I hated Justice League
Wolf 6 天 前
Maniac Magge i loved many scenes from JL
Carelag Gt
Carelag Gt 6 天 前
Lol super surrounder
John Uskglass
John Uskglass 6 天 前
Superman is pretty fucking stupid. I mean with an Iq in the low 30s you could just outsmart him no wonder Batman killed him he's not super if he's dumb he's just a cro mag.
神God 6 天 前
It would be like having silly string cuffs😂 you'd have to concentrate to not break the cutfs
Elyse Lyon
Elyse Lyon 6 天 前
Why don’t I remember this scene?
3 6 天 前
Kriss keller 😁
Dead Cowboy X
Dead Cowboy X 6 天 前
This is why aliens will never want to be friends with us
AB Salami
AB Salami 6 天 前
I bet kenahiro can blow his ass with a finger ...
Ben V
Ben V 7 天 前
This movie was SOOOOOOO good!!!
Quran Muhammad
Quran Muhammad 7 天 前
Underated very good movie i mean great
Schizophrenic Cynic
Seriously why the fuck is Lois even in this movie? This performance completely negate's her necessity for being here