The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
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评论 15 117
Sam Sena
Sam Sena 小时 前
At 9:42 why do you always want to piss after every video?
elias mora
elias mora 小时 前
made in china
Stuart Garlick
Stuart Garlick 小时 前
Such a pity this crucial information "got cut" from the review, and "couldn't make it into the video." Why was that?
Ha ha Jerry rig reference @6:45 anybody caught that
Daniel JohnFord
Daniel JohnFord 小时 前
Fucking samsung, shameless company.
Nam Kha
Nam Kha 小时 前
Hello mr Mark-Ass Brown-Lee.
Red Punkt
Red Punkt 小时 前
Still an apple fan. No matter. Lol
Redneck Nation
Redneck Nation 小时 前
Something that is not meant to fold is breaking because people are folding them? Huh shocker! 🥴
David Lim
David Lim 小时 前
Peeling off the plastic layer is not Samsung fault at all! It’s all mischievous hands! 😂
Frodo synthesis
Frodo synthesis 小时 前
i would totally accidentally break it, i love peeling off the screen protector
peter stringer
peter stringer 小时 前
Bro the planets about to die. Maybe you should use your platform to talk about that.
me: i need a phone mkbhd :what kind- folding, notched, me: the thanos killing kind
Marcus 小时 前
0:6 Meme Review
XxLlamaLandxX 小时 前
If U read the rest of the articale by the vurge it says that they but molded clay on it and that might have got inside of it
sq160 小时 前
Mr mark ass brownlee
Marsha Allen
Marsha Allen 小时 前
Not worth it
ThroatSore 小时 前
' eta test'? I'm not paying to take aprt in a beta test.
Staubfaden 小时 前
I don´t know why anyone would buy that weird phone
William Johnson
William Johnson 小时 前
Dum why would someone ever move that anyway
Putgrund 小时 前
15 years ago i had also a foldable phone
NinjaNoob 143
NinjaNoob 143 小时 前
We really need to read Phone Manuals.
NotAvaiIableUsername schone
I don't understand Marques, are you making a video for your sponsors or your viewers?
via Loma
via Loma 小时 前
Useless phone don't buy it
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima 小时 前
This "phone" makes no sense
Rukiyah binti Abdul Aziz
Samsung sells garbage cellphones at a price that is more expensive than gold
mom spaghetti
mom spaghetti 小时 前
We need back up now go go go make sure apple user dont see
soccertl 小时 前
Since my Galaxy S9+ is only about 6 months old, I won't be buying a folding one any time soon. It is interesting tech though. Maybe in 5-6 years they will have perfected it and I will be ready for a new phone.
Željko Lucky
Željko Lucky 小时 前
You got a 2000$ unit from a Samsung just for free and you fucked up a screen by pealing a protective layer. I think that Samsung is stupid to give you and other reviewers such hi priced item without explaining how you have to use it. Producers were more cautious before giving detailed user manuals with the product. You are also iresponsible idiot pealing screen layer just for a sake of take it from the screen.
Saanvi Sai
Saanvi Sai 小时 前
This is how my nightmare starts.
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima 小时 前
Did anybody really expect this phone to NOT have issues??
Tech Tober
Tech Tober 小时 前
i think samsung should wait for another year
Spazio Depo
Spazio Depo 小时 前
Grzly _
Grzly _ 小时 前
Folding phones Git Gud
Simon lissek
Simon lissek 小时 前
Jaidev Nath
Jaidev Nath 小时 前
Trending in India🔥🔥
Danish Ansari
Danish Ansari 小时 前
It's a first generation phone and it's ok to have such small problems..... I think so!!
Bach0 Sebastian
Bach0 Sebastian 小时 前
EXPLAIN WHAT? IS VERY SIMPLE IS 2 FUCKING PHONES TOGETHER and a piece of plastic that Samsung wants to sale for big profit of $1,980 each phone but since the 2 phones they try to keep together with the very cheap plastic is so low quality it breaks easy. And this idiots are trying to peel the plastic thinking that is screen plastic lol
Joao Thomazini
Joao Thomazini 小时 前
so you do a dumb thing, break the phone and put the blame on the company...
Mr. Truth
Mr. Truth 小时 前
Expensive tech low/poor quality :(
Vin C
Vin C 小时 前
What does a Galaxy Fold 2 need to look like?
Zu Sayzu
Zu Sayzu 小时 前
Not samsung phones needs to be ready for market, it seems the market and users need an upgrade. I cant believe there are such morons that tryes to peel off a plastic screen :))))
Sudo Nym
Sudo Nym 小时 前
Samsung now have 2 of the 4 characters in the Fantastic 4; Reed Richards (the bendy phone) and Johnny Storm (that goes in flames in your pocket) Who next? Sue Storm, where she's invisible?!
ZxSkyLineKidxZ 小时 前
Who'll buy a phone for flip phone for $2000?
darth geekboy
darth geekboy 小时 前
this is why apple WAITS before implementing new technology into its iphones.
Dave Tugwell
Dave Tugwell 小时 前
what you mean is they implement old features that android has had for years and claim groundbreaking
Rukiyah binti Abdul Aziz
😎😎thats why iphone never try to making this stupid fold model😎😎
Dave Tugwell
Dave Tugwell 小时 前
clearly you never tried to learn actual English no what apple does they put out "new features" that androids have had for years
Norbert Caillet
Norbert Caillet 小时 前
This is completely broken anyway. A phone which needs a protective layer in order not to break sounds so amateur and stupid in the first place.
Dave Tugwell
Dave Tugwell 小时 前
did you actually think before writing this logic? your logic is the only thing that is broken so you eant an unsafe phone that can break easier?
SinfulMonk 小时 前
Why did you not disclose this in your original video? Not bothered about your viewers and only interested in sucking Samsungs salty balls
SinfulMonk 小时 前
+Dave Tugwell did you even listen to the video? He clearly states that while filming the previous video he broke the phone and then chose to omit the informstion and even deleted the footage.
Dave Tugwell
Dave Tugwell 小时 前
because it wasn't known clearly
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 小时 前
6:45 hehehehehehehehe
madhav chilukuri
madhav chilukuri 小时 前
#23 rd trending in telangana
Kez 小时 前
Dead in the water now. Time for Samsung to get the fold V2 underway
Samanth Nair
Samanth Nair 小时 前
samsung = garbage
Yung Izzy
Yung Izzy 小时 前
Nokia from the grave: how's your 2k investment bud?
Thurselle Drew
Thurselle Drew 小时 前
My Moto phone screen cracked
bekah alvarez
bekah alvarez 小时 前
That deeper groves at a level 4 joke made me laugh really hard! 😂😂
antek 07
antek 07 小时 前
Yay 18:9
WWE Heel Entertainment
Apple is better
Imperatrice1 小时 前
I'm really lucky with my S4, S6 and now S9~ No prob at all~ Galaxy is mostly good aside from certain ones with problems (that one that exploded) and now this~ So yeah lucky I missed this~
Seraphim Valkyrin
All I have to say is thank you to the people who actually buy this phone. It's a new technology, there will always be bugs to be worked out and a company always has to start somewhere and to continue developing new things there has to be a demand for it. If no one bought this phone Samsung would probably abandon it (for now) and we wouldn't have better versions in the future.
Wa I Shullai
Wa I Shullai 小时 前
3:51 once you go black you never go back
Christopher 小时 前
lollol you should feel like an idiot since you are one. Did you have a "screen protector" to put on in its place.....noooo….so why would you be retarded enough to take it off. Also why would you start peeling in the middle right where the bend is. Are you too stupid to realize that a foldable screen is not going to be glass. So just maybe what you are trying to peel is part of the screen. How do we know you didnt do this on purpose since you are desperate for views. I mean lets face it anyone that knows anything about computers puts you in the same apple fanboy category as ijustine. No matter how you slice it your phone broke because of your incompetence.
Върбан Буков Дъбов
Galaxy fold - No thanks.
Prapul A
Prapul A 小时 前
9:00 I'm gonna rewatch this video in 2023.
Jonathan Kulesa
Jonathan Kulesa 小时 前
This $2,000 phone is literally held together by a "screen protector"... 🤦‍♂️🚮
dondi ibnob
dondi ibnob 小时 前
Jonathan Kulesa 😂😂
Joe Macdougall
Joe Macdougall 小时 前
Omg I can't wait for the Jerry rig video 🤣
James Robinson
James Robinson 小时 前
great whats next a flip phone that triple folds
John 小时 前
You could say "fold you later" to the galaxy fold
LazySpacenoid 小时 前
Now the LG ways on "foldable" or dual display became more acceptable to me. . I have always been skeptical with the current adoption to the folding display on smartphone. Still I wanted this innovation to success but just not in the smartphone or tablet market.
Steve Glen
Steve Glen 小时 前
I can sense Jerry behind this
Rapidclown 小时 前
Poor people
2WheelsOffroad 小时 前
I was worried about the durability of these folding phones. I’m sure they will get it together eventually. Kind of like how the first touch screen phones weren’t the greatest.
JerryPlayzGames 小时 前
6:45 he sounded like JerryRigEverything lol
GiftedLionMusic 小时 前
More Samsung crap rushed to market.
help full video so nice 👍
Gift Nderecha
Gift Nderecha 小时 前
lol sammy knights sorry but its your turn to be trolled over these device failures. you also troll when others devices epsecially apple have failures so take it like men this war is about the interim last laugh and for now you dont have it lmao. anyway on a serious note though i wonder why though they didnt put the protective film all the way over the screen right under the bezels to avoid this kind of user error. maybe the most robust foldable screen design would be one with a space like the surface book at the hinge it would eliminate the crease and maybe the hinge mechanism could be completely sealed without little openings but then the device would be not so ergonomical to hold
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 小时 前
Give the phone to @JerryRigEverything he will take care of it and let us know what we want to know..... And ye we know what you mean 6:44
Semystic 小时 前
Just not a good idea. And not appealing by any means.
sweetlifeforcha 小时 前
for me, I dont really need this phone.. even I got it free, I dont think I will use it for my daily use phone...
henk jeoma
henk jeoma 小时 前
Not that I can afford a $2000 phone. But this this is just all the more reason to wait a couple gens till the tech gets perfected
KoKone 小时 前
Failure is part of the learning process. This is a first generation foldable phone (with a touch screen) so don't expect it to be perfect. There are many opportunities in the future to come for foldable phones to reach to their best potential. This is just the first step to that potential. 😊
Rick Hay
Rick Hay 小时 前
The phone is crap. Don’t buy it. The film likely won’t hold up under normal use. Either way it’s not engineered very well if it needs a thin sheet of plastic to work.
Brovakiin 小时 前
This is gonna give Huawei so much more business!
poopy gloria
poopy gloria 小时 前
That's why asians never remove a protective film
Abc Def
Abc Def 小时 前
That’s a lotta damage
HR-Vex 小时 前
Samsuck Sony never explodes or bends
max simeoni
max simeoni 小时 前
I’d rather have my phone battery explode next to my face ammirite?
Jacob Orr
Jacob Orr 小时 前
if i could control rewind, i would want fortnite and marques brownlee.
Thor Kumar
Thor Kumar 小时 前
Several Disasters 1st- *NOTE 7 EXPLOSIONS* 💥 NOW,Galaxy Fold *SCREEN* 😷😷😷
Mini tomate
Mini tomate 小时 前
Samsung: releses a foldable phone. Apple: hold my beer Also Apple: *Releases a foldable iPad* Me: Weird flex, but ok.
Von Arkesh
Von Arkesh 小时 前
Dumbest, most worthless gadget.
bobdabird 小时 前
Fortnite and marquess brownlee
Lawrence Patrick
Lawrence Patrick 小时 前
I guess this is sort of a soft opening where the company do trials where fixes are needed.
Connor Wells
Connor Wells 小时 前
I won't be getting one, they look quite gimmicky personally :/
Person Human
Person Human 小时 前
You heard it here first. 2 thousand dollar phones are breaking. Worth your money.
deepesh reddy
deepesh reddy 小时 前
they have waited for be bending glass
Cubing Today
Cubing Today 小时 前
Mini tomate
Mini tomate 小时 前
I'm folded to *P A I N*
Game1 mail
Game1 mail 小时 前
Samsung shouldn't replace the phone from dumb reviewers....😂
Christopher Butler
I mean, there's literally a warning IN THE BOX telling you not to peel off that layer because it ISNT a protector, it is part of the screen.
El Duderino
El Duderino 小时 前
A public beta test that you pay 2000$ for. word.
CP trikester
CP trikester 小时 前
Folding / bending thing always break. That is why to never own a "flip" phone. Stupid idea.
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