The Butter Burger (Juiciest Burger Ever!) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

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This butter burger recipe stuffed w/ compound butter = juiciest burger ever. Decadent & delicious AF!
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►red pepper flakes
►salt & pepper
►50/50 mix of ground beef & brisket
►salt & pepper
►bun (i brushed with garlic butter - butter + garlic + salt + pepper)
►monterey jack cheese
►iceberg lettuce
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Faisal Haq
Faisal Haq 10 天 前
Do the same thing but with foie gras instead of butter
Nini Hernandez
Nini Hernandez 24 天 前
SAM THE COOKING GUY french toast
Vladimir Vladimir
Tripe soup with sour cream and dill yum yum
Vladimir Vladimir
Fried Plantains, Red Snapper in pineapple hot sauce marinade
Katlyn Armesteadt
is there a cereal that you can upgrade in any way? i love cereal. thanks
Alexander leon
Alexander leon 10 小时 前
Sam you have to pair that burger with some of your local Beer (Ballast Point)
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 10 小时 前
Looks a little better than Culver’s I guess
bradmc1975 天 前
'ERBS" has an "H" at the start,love your vids PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING
Fran  Barry
Fran Barry 2 天 前
Omg, I just found you today and all I've been doing is binge watching.! You are amazeballs, seriously. I would love to see poutine, as it's a huge fav in my family and/or more lobster type food. My hubby works for a lobster Co-op and I'd love some ideas 💡
D D'Entremont
D D'Entremont 3 天 前
i woulda melted the cheese a little bit more...
Sharif Alhabarneh
Talk soooo much it’s annoying
Phil Spence
Phil Spence 6 天 前
I love this stuff!!!
Would you guys make some wicked chicken burritos
Ty Kam
Ty Kam 7 天 前
Making tonight! I added chopped bacon and diced cheese chunks to the beef!!
Michael Carr
Michael Carr 9 天 前
7:45 "God I hope it's not too big" - She
bruhèTM 9 天 前
I thought it was meat juice *i was let down
Extra Garlicky
Extra Garlicky 9 天 前
just give them a pat, good boy.
Jonas Pall
Jonas Pall 9 天 前
Like this post if the tomatoes ruins the juicy burger..
jay y
jay y 10 天 前
Cooking a burger with a vegan shirt on
vichkovski 10 天 前
Kim Zhang
Kim Zhang 11 天 前
man your videos never disappoint
Maen Khatib
Maen Khatib 11 天 前
NO ONION, not you !!
Milo Garcia
Milo Garcia 11 天 前
I've always wondered why sometimes sam cooks burguers in the evo and others on the grill.
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 11 天 前
This burger makes me cry tears of joy. I am def making this.
Uncle Pookie BBQ
Uncle Pookie BBQ 11 天 前
These burgers are awesome!!! I used my own ground brisket, which ended up being maybe 60/40 with so much fat in the meat, but the compound butter just sent them over the top!!!! Love The CB!!! Thanks!
Eric Monse
Eric Monse 12 天 前
Euro butter is great but not always on sale so when I see heavy cream marked down I buy it and make awesome butter in our KitchenAid stand mixer and then make and freeze compound butter. It's so much butter than the regular anemic butter
Joe Babore
Joe Babore 12 天 前
Bruh he made the burger upside down 🤷🏻‍♂️
Shelley Walker
Shelley Walker 12 天 前
I love this guy!
Thomas Richey
Thomas Richey 12 天 前
You should make a fail video. A video where all your mistakes of food you tried to make and they just didnt come out like planned
Sean 9 天 前
He would say he never makes mistakes haha
Geoffrey Manneck
Geoffrey Manneck 13 天 前
Amazing Burger!! New fan here!
TIMOTHY 13 天 前
FN hilarious Sam....I just gleeked! HA!
surgedtwice 14 天 前
Can you do fried pork skins ?
Ken Upshaw
Ken Upshaw 15 天 前
We did this last weekend and it was so good, we made it again for some friends. Gave you mad props Sam!
William Reed
William Reed 15 天 前
Legs cut off
Rose 16 天 前
Kind of surprised there's not more Wisconsinites on this video hahahah
Markchill2 17 天 前
I take it you mean the freezer not the fridge
Edgar van Oostrum
Compound butter --> lime zest, thyme, garlic and grains of sea salt
Don Bobyn
Don Bobyn 18 天 前
needs a verry slim slice of red (purple) onion, and 3 cross-cut dill-pickle slices; also, he over-cooked the burger...meat should have a hint of pink (like a medium-rare steak)....not that tough over-cooked as shown in video (the butter is saving yhe over-cooking). Also, what exactly is "Japanese" mayonnaise? E/body knows Hellman's Orig is the BEST.
Frenigma 18 天 前
Tus muertos
rick leeo
rick leeo 18 天 前
brisket: from the point or from the flat?
Andre Grob
Andre Grob 19 天 前
Hi, I couldn’t find a general comments place so I write here. This is an excellent show, great food, you make it easy to do and the overall talk and language are funny and entertaining. Keep it going, please.
John Wick
John Wick 19 天 前
That burger brought tears to my eyes! Suck it Culver's! 😉
John Wick
John Wick 16 天 前
@Rose Semantics.
Rose 16 天 前
Two different types of burgers with the same name. Culvers is a smash burger with butter on the buns vs this. This looks great though.
Chris Patton
Chris Patton 19 天 前
Another great video Sam.... and love the t-shirt!!!🤣
JOJI KIM 19 天 前
Raad Yacu
Raad Yacu 19 天 前
what is that grill / gridle you cooking on'?
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 20 天 前
@ 10:49, butters buns as well. Oh you marvelous bastard!
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis 20 天 前
No onions?
Don Bobyn
Don Bobyn 18 天 前
Agree Julian. See my post above, re: what he missed/should've done.
Omgshineyx 20 天 前
Not a butter burger....
Jasmine Dickerson
Stfu and cook!!! Awesome chef🤤!!! But an unbearable and annoying fucking human being😕!!!
Dude The Dude
Dude The Dude 21 天 前
It this really in 4k?
Dj Millentree
Dj Millentree 21 天 前
too much. looks like borderline meatloaf
Jim Montgomery
Jim Montgomery 21 天 前
Medium ruined plz 😂
Jackson Daniels
Jackson Daniels 21 天 前
Damn dude, looks delicious 🤤
Tall_Tom_067 22 天 前
Snake Spitting , that's another name for what that was.....gleek
Tony BP
Tony BP 23 天 前
Love the T-shirt lol 😂
tillison23459 23 天 前
What a recipe. So simple yet so delicious. Made tonight for some guests and all asked for the recipe. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
MikeSW4544 23 天 前
I'm only three minutes in but damn, that butter looks like it would be good on plain old toast. Edit: Just finished the video. This is definitely one more thing on my list I have to make. I'm already drooling.
Julien Neumann
Julien Neumann 23 天 前
He is the Frank Underwood of the cooks XD
damnteuton 23 天 前
That looks like a good burger, but you built it upside-down.
Fling Bing
Fling Bing 20 天 前
damnteuton it makes the burger less soggy that’s why he done it
Mary 23 天 前
It’s 5:33AM I’m ready for a butter burger right now.👍
Mary 23 天 前
Who ever was arguing with Sam, LEAVE HIM ALONE!
Mary 23 天 前
Butter, as a lubricant.
Mary 23 天 前
Panning. Sounds technical to me.
Mary 23 天 前
I heard that.
jj jz
jj jz 24 天 前
What does that do to my cholesterol level?
doowoplaflare 24 天 前
you be going crazy shorty
John Cronin
John Cronin 24 天 前
I’m glad only Democrats are vegan!!
Kory Arrowsmith
Kory Arrowsmith 24 天 前
Can you tell me why it's "...of course, avocado oil" on your grill surface?
ken morakkabi
ken morakkabi 24 天 前
That’s a heart attack
halpwr 24 天 前
13:10 I was like okay that's weird, where's the usual wash towel he uses to wipe his face? Ah, there it is.
Jeramy Harvey
Jeramy Harvey 24 天 前
Cook some type of potato, need ideas.
Yuriy Khondo
Yuriy Khondo 24 天 前
Interesting. Sorta like burger Kiev
Botzy 24 天 前
How about a curry dish
Dali Ben
Dali Ben 24 天 前
You are on the road to 1Million subs soon
Damon Gunn
Damon Gunn 24 天 前
Compound butter... I put that shit on everything!
Estevan Leal
Estevan Leal 24 天 前
You can cook them all the way till there ruined if you want lmao
Jeevan Gopal
Jeevan Gopal 25 天 前
This burger makes me think of pussy. Nice and juicy pussy.
Fish Fly
Fish Fly 25 天 前
Three words cock in mouth
PREMONE 920 25 天 前
I love this dude and food looks delicious and FYI just let them fucking cuss don't bleep it out makes it better for the show
genie 25 天 前
I was on the fence about buying a dementia care facility stock (euphemism memory care lol) but now I'm totally buying it. The dividend alone should be great. Thanks to all of you for helping fund my retirement!
Nick Hanley
Nick Hanley 26 天 前
Sam! Thanks for the referrals! By the way, your burgers look amazing. Why CNvid sends your viewers to me is something only Plato could answer. Still, I thank you. Oh, and yes, I will use compound butter from now on. 😊
ead Josh
ead Josh 26 天 前
Having a heart attack as I'm watching this! Still gonna make this!!! Lol
srt v8 or 10
srt v8 or 10 26 天 前
What is the difference between regular mayonnaise in Japanese mayonnaise?
Fabio Bosio
Fabio Bosio 26 天 前
SAaaM!!!! you're the best! where do I can find your t-shirt?