The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

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A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.
Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.
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The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Don’t Mind me
Don’t Mind me 5 天 前
4:41 are super smash bros,right?
Jay Pond
Jay Pond 13 天 前
I wonder why we didnt start using phages to fight off bacteria to begin with
jin liu
jin liu 13 天 前
Aziz Kassem
Aziz Kassem 16 天 前
I drink bleach
I drink bleach 17 天 前
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell but can it attack immune cells?
Jesus Parra
Jesus Parra 小时 前
Germs takes the beating of antibiotics for so long the phage dies out then they attack
Mat Broadcast
Mat Broadcast 小时 前
This thing is the inspiration for injectors from Steven universe
Kyle The Furry
Kyle The Furry 9 小时 前
This is so sad Alexa play Despacito.
Angel Zarate
Angel Zarate 9 小时 前
Does anybody know what this field of study is called?
Joseph Blakemore
Joseph Blakemore 9 小时 前
5:12 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
닌자검은 10 小时 前
da bezt goku
da bezt goku 11 小时 前
I the phages only kill bacterias,than If we put It in our stomach,then we Will start to feel bad? Because some bacterias dont harm humans and help to digest food
da bezt goku
da bezt goku 11 小时 前
Thanks,now i wont be able to sleep for days
Keven Math
Keven Math 12 小时 前
what do u get when u combine the 2 most dangerous species on the planet??? a super human immune to all bacteria and all the intelligence in the world...
Internet Pest
Internet Pest 15 小时 前
Superbug: You can't defeat me. Antibiotics: I know, but he can. *BACTERIOPHAGE EMERGES*
Keiran Tross
Keiran Tross 18 小时 前
So how are bacteriophages administered to a human being? Could they, like antibiotics, be put in pills, or would it be more practical to inject them directly?
Davis 21 小时 前
Humans are the most dangerous
WiRED 天 前
Looks like Doomagedon virus in Regular Show
leuk515 天 前
What if the virus evolves and starts atacking human cells what then? We already infected our self’s they could become even more dangerous!
Ten 天 前
Is it possible for phages to develop ways to harm our bodies the more we use them?
And thn Phages will evolve to attack human cells... back to square 1.
Marcus Gales
Marcus Gales 天 前
Could they evolve to target us as well?
Damm boyy.. Im sure deadliest spacy in this planet iz hilari libtardis inton.. There is alot of reports which says her fart is veryu veryyy loisionic.. Its ten time worster than that sweet gas which used in aishwidz.. Daymmm... Im sure its becoz he eatted oldfuk jewish fart azz elites motherfukers diks aloott.. I mean alott ! He and his husband mrs billi boll.
Luis Miguel Fernandez
If the phage is so helpful, why is it called the deadliest being in earth?
The Ghost
The Ghost 天 前
Battlefied : Virus hardline
Mads Vetle Agerup Myhr
Won't the virus evolve and attack human cells after some time then?
Galileo 天 前
that's a weight lifted off my shoulders. One doomsday scenario resolved
Josh Griggs
Josh Griggs 天 前
Where do I sign up
Ark Angel WR
Ark Angel WR 天 前
I really want to be a patreon but I can't because I'm not that rich( I'm poor) so I'm really sorry but I did subscribe.
Sidekicks /Lawbringer
Also sind phages das beste virus...
Luca MK
Luca MK 天 前
Its like phages are Our friends
It gets in your head, like a virus. I have heard this statement so many times from those dumb slenderman ads. My brain is decaying.
Nudge 天 前
5:56 Alcoholic handjob
Anime Universe
PREDATOR - Gaming & Tech
The enemy of my enemy is my froed
Abbas Haidari
Okay this may seem like an unscientific conclusion.. Buy what if the Phages just evolve to use any human cells (say RBCs) instead of bacteria's..then along with the availability of lot of energy they'll evolve even faster and maybe become a threat to humanity??
Pajk Imp
Pajk Imp 天 前
For start I am an atheist and I understand pretty how organisms evolve but how in Darwin's beard these things come to existence? That is serious question, if you tell me aliens I would not be suprised at all.
Jake Boe
Jake Boe 2 天 前
Wilhelm scream 5:11
LIVE 707
LIVE 707 2 天 前
Wow I like this idea
Khalid Abdullah
Khalid Abdullah 2 天 前
The Shotties
The Shotties 2 天 前
i thought this would be scary but now...i would like to have a phage as a pet :D
Tungster24 Scotrp
A gaming show
A gaming show 2 天 前
Phages are the best
Loren Thompson
Loren Thompson 2 天 前
What if there is a new bacteria that is immune to antibiotics but has no phage
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 2 天 前
I thought this was gonna be another one of those 'Short answer; you'd die' videos but I was very wrong!
Trust No1
Trust No1 2 天 前
why tf do i want to cry?
PotHat 2 天 前
Viruses.. Brought to you by Bill Gates.
greatneil80 2 天 前
This video needs to go global across the world!
Rivera’s Cheese
How do we even capture/find these phages?
KaiKai Kaboom
KaiKai Kaboom 2 天 前
They look like those alien robots from Chicken Little
Andrew Animation And Gaming
Bacteria: IM EVOLVING YOU CANT STOP ME Antibiotics: Well. were useless now Bacteriophage: Omioa mo shinderu
MoreGensten 2 天 前
Oh wow
tracy e
tracy e 2 天 前
0:57 well thanks for telling me
Jett Newton
Jett Newton 2 天 前
what if the phages evolve to take us on?
MjT Def
MjT Def 2 天 前
Gotta Blast
Bindu Sheik
Bindu Sheik 2 天 前
Hell, Kurzgesagt makes this look epic...
a page?
a page? 3 天 前
Georgians (country) had one of the first effectively using phage's, but monsanto byer and joog4y agenda wants to depopulate us all, but a few of them.
Jerome Ley
Jerome Ley 3 天 前
phages ftw!!!! thanks!
Anita Hailey
Anita Hailey 3 天 前
so where will the phage go after they killed the deadly bacterias? stay in our body forever? if they do stay in our body, we will basically be immune to these type of bacterias? and how will the phage survives in our body that long? will they start to kill us?
Xavier Aliagro
Xavier Aliagro 3 天 前
AJ Pee
AJ Pee 3 天 前
no one is talking about the most important question here what is the phages evolve to kill human cells
cyborgar15 3 天 前
WAIT A MINUTE!, isn't this how the Zombie Apocalypse started in that movie "I Am Legend"?..hmmm
D3Pr3sSi0n 3 天 前
So basically we let phages live in our bodies and they kill bacteria. Sounds like a good deal to me 👍
SomeRandomGuy 3 天 前
Who else started slapping them selves when he said that phages our everywhere and on us
Nirmit Mishra
Nirmit Mishra 3 天 前
Antibiotics are like plastic. When we discovered them, it felt like as if we'd found the cure to death itself and we started expanding its range of applications throughout our lifestyle. But no one realised that everything has a price...
Kit Ying Chan
Kit Ying Chan 3 天 前
Bacteeriophage is the hero
How does bacteriophage exist?
Konrad 3 天 前
pick yure fighter
FelixEA 3 天 前
I really *love* the animation!!!
Flaminglight 200
I wonder what got you to make a video about microscopic terminators
Cindy Abbott
Cindy Abbott 3 天 前
I need to make a robot like this that steals electricity and has self replication.
alex 85120
alex 85120 3 天 前
Who would win: A super-powered, lethal bacteria that is resistant to pretty much every type of antibiotic One phagy boi
The Yellow Entity
Local pharmacies filled with edible phages.
Ninja Tintin
Ninja Tintin 3 天 前
So bacteriophages are medicine?
Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus
i don't want to live anymore
Evil Mastermind
Evil Mastermind 3 天 前
Now I just want a stand for my d20 that looks like a phage.
panda lover
panda lover 3 天 前
FDA doesn't approve it so Pharmas can cash in from antibiotics. I now love phages. 😍
Boat404Heck 3 天 前
i thought that was zika
Glisant 3 天 前
But if all the bacteria is killed eventually by the Bacteriophage, wouldn’t that mean that the phage would either disappear or evolve to consume our good cells/bacterias to survive? There really isn’t a shortcut...
It looks like something from Steven univerce
T.R.Gaming 3 天 前
4:42 Hey, look! A reference to Worms!
Tw1 3 天 前
But... Can they save me from ligma?
General Plop
General Plop 3 天 前
My favorite microbe.
jeksik play
jeksik play 3 天 前
4:33 Problem? sry.
The Lightning Bolt
Anyone seen Steven Universe and see the connection? Hint: Gem injectors in kindergartens!
Trust Me I am a Jedi
So antibiotics are like the holy grenade. I see I see.
johanna kornet
johanna kornet 4 天 前
is this real because I'm million% scared
podster12II 4 天 前
I miss Worms/2 game.. Damn..
Weeaboo Generator
bro why tf do you have to freak me out with that 2050 superbug shit
PutaPaiPer 4 天 前
They are useful in killing bacterium, so stopping disease
Sahabat Crypto
Sahabat Crypto 4 天 前
Is the Bill and Melinda Foundation that support you called Mojaloop now? Can you make the video about Mojaloop helping poverty with crypto? thanks
rushil Shukla
rushil Shukla 4 天 前
But what if the pages become interested in killing human cells? As in become specialised to do so?
Vexoz 4 天 前
2:15 they are producing pacmans
Aqua Rain
Aqua Rain 4 天 前
Aqua Rain
Aqua Rain 4 天 前
0:58 They had to say it.
king craft
king craft 4 天 前
The thing in photo is the gem destroyer from Steven universe
Svyat Boev
Svyat Boev 4 天 前
Phage's head looks like Phantom Ruby
ItsHyperinvox 4 天 前
Phages being used against infectious bacteria? I do suppose they are at least One (1) Doctor, Good chap!
Steven Universe Kindergarten?
Anton Cvetkov
Anton Cvetkov 4 天 前
so people who take antibiotic for nothing can spread super bacteria,i say kill them, problem solved
Nikolay Yurievich
Главное - случайнейшим образом не создать фага, который будет выпиливать все бактерии.
Nikolay Yurievich
0:40 - 20 faces Английский - очень забавный язык
Xn xc
Xn xc 4 天 前
so... lets them fight?
Kyle Kronk
Kyle Kronk 4 天 前
2nd Deadliest.. how much you wana bet