The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

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A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.
Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.
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The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Bobra Bob
Bobra Bob 4 天 前
Interesting, this was just on quirks and quarks on CBC radio.
Night King
Night King 8 天 前
The problem is that a phage is highly selective which means it will kill some bacteria while not other bacteria and they could kiĺl good ones as well and leave the bad bacteria. So I think more search is needed
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 10 天 前
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell hi
Destroyer 10000
Destroyer 10000 15 天 前
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell 2
Dennis Xu
Dennis Xu 23 分钟 前
im using this in my balls
4:35 “politely ignore each other” PROBLEM Sorry
Dutch Van der Linde
Dutch Van der Linde 2 小时 前
School doesn't have shit on this channel.
Oofinage Man from Oofs
Oh yeah yeah
RAP22- 13X
RAP22- 13X 5 小时 前
This is possibly the coolest video i've ever seen
qwecy appiah junior
qwecy appiah junior 8 小时 前
1:56 that looks wrong
Ricebunny Moon
Ricebunny Moon 9 小时 前
This animation and story was soooo good
StemSav 9 小时 前
Joshua Klenczar
Joshua Klenczar 10 小时 前
Icozihedron wat shape
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea 11 小时 前
Kyo_ki 11 小时 前
Alguem do brasil? :3
The Derp Llama
The Derp Llama 12 小时 前
Im scared but excited...
The Quest Helper
The Quest Helper 15 小时 前
Wont this help cencer?
Arol Asy
Arol Asy 16 小时 前
how if phage evolve to attact human cells? since phage is also evolve
justin y
justin y 18 小时 前
Can phages attack viruses and cancer cells??
SupaGama & Company
SupaGama & Company 23 小时 前
4:52 This is totally Worms.
Jase Malvis
Jase Malvis 天 前
Let us work with our fellow killers in their war against the unseen death!
Charizard Garfild
*Cue cells at work*
Charizard Garfild
Then right after getting rid of the bad bacteria in our bodies, do they just die out or (can they even die?) do they just swim around in our bodies, waiting for their next victim? Then once they get injected in our body, do we have resistance forever?
Nathan Samuelson
This is why I love science. This shit is fucking cool.
Ro Ma
Ro Ma 天 前
What about colloidal silver or gold?? Not mention in your video!! You ignore important knowledge!! Yes,yes,you working for the big pharma industry!!
And for a minute, I thought humans were going to cure the over-population problem by making super-bugs. Sadly, humanity is bullet-proof.
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen 天 前
3:27 Who thought he was going to point the middle finger?
Ben 天 前
Okay but what if phages evolve to attack human cells?
Ben 天 前
I can live with that
Charizard Garfild
Simple, we die off.
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 天 前
But what if phages adapt to humans? Couldn't they evolve to become harmful?
Vavaro 天 前
Aaahh shit why am I getting THIS hyped up for a virus war, it's just lil microscopic things, why is this SO COOL
Kaizen Archival Foundation
Can I kill it?
Cecelia Denson
Cecelia Denson 2 天 前
you know when you watch something but regret it because you are then dirty minded?
AiNoMijo XD
AiNoMijo XD 2 天 前
Am i a warzone or a Dead body Cloning Myself each second.
SunSet Crime
SunSet Crime 2 天 前
This is why science is my favorite subject
Danforth Paleontologist
Phages are definitely cool.
Simone Beralda Tavares
o wow this went viral
Bippy 2 天 前
What if phages start targeting humans :(
Jesse Tomaskovic
What if bacteriophages evolved to attack humans? Then it's US that are in the catch-22.
glitch kingdom
glitch kingdom 2 天 前
I love this channel thank you for the arabic translation😘😘
RatKing1981 2 天 前
We should make a genetically engineered phage
sridhar suravarapu
5:12 Listen very closely to when the superbug dies
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 2 天 前
The problem is, we humans, we take more and more antibiotics for less causes (says on the video), but antibiotics don't kill 100 % of all bacteria. And the ones that survive, they learn and make counter ways to resist antibiotics. Like an evolution. We should not take antibiotics unless gets worse. The best way to survive even more stronger bacteria infections is to let the immune system do its work. So it can learn about and make more powerful (weapons). If the infection doesn't stop in maybe 2 days, then yes you should take antibiotics to give ur immune system a (hand) to defeat the infections. This is just my opinion.
.;Pokemon Joeha;.
Firman N
Firman N 2 天 前
"The number second deadliest killer....human..."
Roshaan Boss
Roshaan Boss 2 天 前
Won't the phages evolve against us i hope they don't because that will be bad.
fridgeprotector 2 天 前
How do we remove them from our body tho?
Maestrul Gamer
Because we can't.If they don't react with the cells nothing can be done to remove them.
Why wouldn't we?
Maestrul Gamer
we don't.
AnimeFlameKing TV
That might explain my immunity to litteraly most bacteria
Stephen Bouthot
Stephen Bouthot 2 天 前
Good viruses. Now I've seen everything!
CRY BABY 3 天 前
5:12 Listen carefully. You can hear something. XXXXXXXXXXD
julliu cesar
julliu cesar 3 天 前
bacteriophage the new super drug
ZePren 64 #NoMasMaltratoAnimal
Can we do genetic engineering for making the phages kill viruses?
Spartan War118
Spartan War118 3 天 前
Okay easy on the visualization there I'm trying not to vomit out MY insides here Also would just isolating an environment from bacteria entirely keep someone alive? Would we be able to escape them in the vacuum of space? Because although they're small and everywhere, on Earth That doesn't mean they can just appear anywhere Besides that It's never a bad thing to be a little Mysophobic Infact maybe that'll be my new years resolution
Dominik Cyran
Dominik Cyran 3 天 前
Klassisk 3 天 前
this made me worried about getting a cut on my hand lol
Elmer Osorto
Elmer Osorto 3 天 前
Very interesting!!
Szymon P
Szymon P 3 天 前
4:46 Who knows "Worms"?
Master Chief
Master Chief 3 天 前
*Big chungus*
Annoying Bunny
Annoying Bunny 3 天 前
There's just a lil' problem...Our digestive system has got an internal fora, made up of eukaryotic cells and if bacteriophages targets them, wouldn't it destroy our intestinal flora?
Anders K
Anders K 3 天 前
Normal_StikBot 3 天 前
4:28 i love that part.
Eating food is wow
aww i have little pet bacteria killers on me
Jack Krieger
Jack Krieger 4 天 前
The problem with medicines and new cures is the monopoly companies that have sunk their teeth deep into politics and the health market . I believe that health system should be seen as a market but should be controlled half by private sector amd half by the government.
John Oats
John Oats 4 天 前
It's 3 am and I'm scared
RandomRules 4 天 前
got it, so phages are nazis
Joshua Cisneros
Joshua Cisneros 4 天 前
Their heads look like the triforce.
Harrison Young
Harrison Young 4 天 前
4:43 is that a worms reference 😅
Berriestorm 4 天 前
But if The bactheriofage can evolve, that doesn't mean that The bacteriofaghes can evolve and kil humans too?
They sound like they will evolve into anything to kill bacteria... But what if one day they said we need a bigger fish to fry...
Poisonedskull 103
Super bacteria: (gets into the human) TIME TO DIE Human: (almost dying) ohhhhh sheeeeeet Other human: (injects phage into him) Human: WHAT!!!! WHAT ARE YOU- Phage: HELO MOTHEFUKAAAAAA!!! Super bacteria: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Phage: (kills bacteria) Human: ... Phage: (looking at human cells) HEWO Human cell: sup (fist bumps phage) Human: well then.....
Mr. Shiny Pikachu
I looked at the thumbnail and thought I saw a Gem Injector from Steven Universe. Weird.
Alexander Arnold
These are like microphages and microbiome in the gut! Yuckers🌰!
Linda Nguyen
Linda Nguyen 4 天 前
Who are you
K00lAid Plays
K00lAid Plays 4 天 前
World war 3
renato mu
renato mu 4 天 前
The Unknown Critter
Fuck fungus. I'm allergic to penicillin and every other cillin. I'm screwed...
Uniformatom 5 天 前
What if it evolves and finds a way to destroy human cells?
The Cringe World
i don't know ..this bacteriophage makes me feel exposed and violated ...it's like a really good villan
Papaya 2 天 前
The Cringe World A real life anti-hero!
thoko skene
thoko skene 5 天 前
I'm paranoid now 😕
Anthony Morford
Anthony Morford 5 天 前
We should probably run computer simulations before committing to this 100%
Kridam The shape shifter
Anti phages
TNTender 666
TNTender 666 5 天 前
Is it just me or does the phage look like the kindergarten drills from steven universe
Maestrul Gamer
the drills were inspired from them
M Z 5 天 前
The virus and bacteria can't be a friend right?
faiz Yoda
faiz Yoda 5 天 前
Don’t press read more Now your are cursed for all of 2019, Please press the like button to undo the curse
Agente RED
Agente RED 5 天 前
No pos que buen
the little veteran
What if the phages evolve to be able to hurt us?
Oir Basilio
Oir Basilio 5 天 前
do you mean the phage is not alive do you mean its dead?
Jason Yang
Jason Yang 6 天 前
這中文字幕翻譯得太棒了 感謝作者
MuffledCornet 6 天 前
If I roll it, will I actually be able to use them in DnD
Yevgen 4000
Yevgen 4000 6 天 前
Bacteria 6 天 前
*where's the dislike button?*
fluffy boy
fluffy boy 6 天 前
but couldn't the bacteriophobes evolve to harm us?
Kitten2Cat 6 天 前
Where do you get your sources?
bobasaur squared
They actually aren't viruses -Alice Agnew 2019
Mister X
Mister X 6 天 前
That whould be like anti vaxxers all over again
MishaMae82 ApparentApostate
I was very interested in this until I saw the Bill and Melinda Gates tid bit at the end...kinda hard to get behind when Bill blatenly says in a Ted Talk we must decrease the population by 90%. Maybe these phages will work faster than that of antibiotics and vaccines from years past.
Dawid Szamreta
Dawid Szamreta 6 天 前
So the deadliest virus is our protector and age by age it evolves and our organism is much stronger, I think in future human will recieve one more chromosome making him post-human
Gaming Madness
Gaming Madness 6 天 前
Who is the man who got the phages? For a school project
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 6 天 前
FuturisticSp 6 天 前
If we use 2 much phages wont they evolve to maybe attack our cells which would be the most common or smth
Dmirtru Gotfrid
Dmirtru Gotfrid 6 天 前
скиньте ссылку на русскую версию
Clastery Clast
Clastery Clast 4 天 前
Эм. Ее нет.
Jeyhun Anaroghlu
Does this mean aids can cure the cold?
Manjot singh
Manjot singh 6 天 前
If these two species partnership with each other then together they can end everyone welcome to the hell
-Crystal_ Clear-
Holy crap it's a gem drill....
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