The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

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A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.
Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.
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The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Nyerguds 17 小时 前
The bacteriophage art reminded of Steven Universe, heh.
malik Videos
malik Videos 天 前
Rohit Ahir
Rohit Ahir 天 前
Maestrul Gamer HIV is also phase n it attacks on human cell .yaaa it's bigger problem.
exploring the world of games
Weird fact: As I was studying yesterday this type of phage for a test, I kept thinking: “why we couldn’t use them to kill bacterial infections.” And then I see that is already a thing
Steve 3 小时 前
heres the thing though, what if phages evolve to harm us?
MidSpike 3 小时 前
Holly Crap... Sponsored by Microsoft
NaN1 4 小时 前
vixie cat
vixie cat 4 小时 前
Found my fave bacteria
Ron Atlas
Ron Atlas 4 小时 前
Imagine in the far future when using phages have gone mainstream and they evolve to convert human cells and people just started bursting and releasing more of those phages that spread and bursted more people
Davorn Urynmar
Davorn Urynmar 4 小时 前
What is Phages are like Trojan horses made by aliens?
Endless 5 小时 前
Wait so we use the deadliest virus (Phage) to keep the deadliest parasite (human) alive. Somehow nature fucked up with us, killing everything that could harm us. Hopes up for something like the dinosaurs had...
Jaden Dupuis
Jaden Dupuis 5 小时 前
this made me smile
Bill Beds
Bill Beds 6 小时 前
Bacteria: Mission failed! We'll get'em next time.
Random Buttons
Random Buttons 6 小时 前
LandMextrem 6 小时 前
Why not 4K?
Dora J
Dora J 6 小时 前
Call me stupid but what would happen with the bacteriophages after they killed the bacteria in a person would they just stand there until another comes around or start attacking the good bacteria?
BIOWOLF 7 小时 前
That just brought my hopes up definitely subscribing 😸
Hello It's Alexiii
Hello It's Alexiii 7 小时 前
It's just a Phage mom!!
Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons 7 小时 前
you said they would also kill good bacteria so the phages aren't that good
Nathaniel Rees
Nathaniel Rees 7 小时 前
It's a bit simular to smallpox
Hiroyuki Takada
Hiroyuki Takada 8 小时 前
Anyone here remembers that creepy episode from Jimmy Neutron?
Lorenzo Lijesen
Lorenzo Lijesen 8 小时 前
That virus reminds me of the episode of Jimmy Neutron
Soviet_ Sammy
Soviet_ Sammy 8 小时 前
kurzgesagt rule 34
Alex Timaru
Alex Timaru 9 小时 前
This video is so amazing! It's exactly what we've learned in biology class, but only in 7 minutes! The animation and the voice over are incredible :)
its a joke
its a joke 9 小时 前
Galactus, is that you
columbus8myhw 9 小时 前
This wouldn't help with viral infections, though, right?
Rexo 9 小时 前
What if Phages develop a taste for human cells?
Chameleon Playz
Chameleon Playz 9 小时 前
Wow what a plot twist!
Gabriel Graf
Gabriel Graf 9 小时 前
Hi ich bin deutscher und habe gehört ihr eigentlich ein deutscher Kanal Seit, was euren deutschen Namen erklärt. Ich liebe eure Videos und finde es schade, dass die deutschen eure Videos nicht würdigen. Ihr könnt wunderbar animieren und wirklich geil Dinge erklären. Macht weiter so und ich finde jedes euerer Themen unglaublich interessant. Daumen hoch
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 10 小时 前
Could you make a video about thorium-based nuclear power?
BIGG BOI 10 小时 前
So these are like really tiny face huggers?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 11 小时 前
THIS IS SO COOL! And it’s we need to get their help now!
Frederick Soetandar
Frederick Soetandar 11 小时 前
more theme like these pls :)
Kingendermen55 11 小时 前
The only problem is the what ever its name is well also destroy our probiotics too which we need!
UniGaMe 11 小时 前
This is my first time watching this channel. Usually I just go to reallifelore etc to watch some amazing videos. But this channel is too amazing with its captions, animations and contents. I love this
Mark Tuấn
Mark Tuấn 12 小时 前
um but not all of dangerous bacterias have their own phage right?
n consigo grava mario 64
Yeah that's great but what about superpopulation?
Fox GD
Fox GD 12 小时 前
What if the phages attack white blood cells?
D: 13 小时 前
The Last Crusader
The Last Crusader 13 小时 前
What if the phages were to evolve to target human cells?
Coop 2168
Coop 2168 13 小时 前
I like the music going with this.
Ender Master
Ender Master 13 小时 前
So if these were injected into your body would there be a possibility for them to attack other bacteria in your body? Also would you only need one injection or will your body target the virus and kill it off?
bloemkaaskop123 13 小时 前
very entertaining to watch and learned a bit as well Ty.
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I thought Logan Paul is the most dangerous
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
Seeing his face kills you
Kyan Salayog
Kyan Salayog 14 小时 前
Yeah, but what is the phage of a phage?
NeonFX 14 小时 前
God I love your stuff!
Partha Saha
Partha Saha 14 小时 前
Subscribed instantly. Your visuals feel so nice to the eyes. The commentary is good and informative
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A 14 小时 前
Phage Clan > Faze Clan
Virtus Tenebrae
Virtus Tenebrae 15 小时 前
Better call Darius, because I've got some Phages now, boy.
Kais Khasho
Kais Khasho 15 小时 前
Can phages attack other viruses?
Ptakopysk 03
Ptakopysk 03 15 小时 前
Won't phages evolve to infect our cells? That will be better for them. You said that they are evolving, so why wont they evolve to kill us?
JordanChakra5 Bunch
JordanChakra5 Bunch 15 小时 前
Love the animations. Wow! the microsmic universe has enough things going on you can create a WHOLE NEW Comic book league!
Obergruppenführer John Smith
The bacteriophage looks like those weird mechanical spider mobs from Gnomergan in WoW
Nate 15 小时 前
I asked few of my medical friends, surprisingly Phage treatment is no longer in their syllabus
snaek gd
snaek gd 15 小时 前
Top 10 most overpowered anime weapons
The Doomsday Channel
The Doomsday Channel 15 小时 前
Looks like a guardian from Zelda. 😂
Pip Koal
Pip Koal 16 小时 前
I think russians are at the forefront of phages
Makir Makuff
Makir Makuff 17 小时 前
But are phages going to evolve in a way, that makes them attack everything in our body?
TehSavageBruv 17 小时 前
Wait but if we inject them into our body when they get rid of the bacteria can’t they evolve and the kill us?
Samuel Vancik
Samuel Vancik 17 小时 前
NEW CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savita Sharma
Savita Sharma 17 小时 前
All hail The Bacteriophage
rochin dela cruz
rochin dela cruz 17 小时 前
Anyone, noticed that it looked like the robots in the Kindergarten in Steven Universe?
Blood Shot
Blood Shot 17 小时 前
Great video!
Balkan Videos YT
Balkan Videos YT 17 小时 前
when they evolve they might penetrate our human cells
Danman 17 小时 前
Thank you phages
edmund bin jumat jumat
does phage get attack by the immune system?
Miranda S
Miranda S 17 小时 前
Bruh am I really high or are humans just another form of phages?
The Abyss
The Abyss 17 小时 前
It looks like the drill thing in Steven Universe lol
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova 17 小时 前
Damn son
Tristan Angelo
Tristan Angelo 17 小时 前
Phages + Antibiotics!?
Matthew Anzaldo
Matthew Anzaldo 18 小时 前
The true question is: will they evolve to take us too?
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 18 小时 前
I Like Diseases
Optimistic Nihilism
10 个月 前