The E-Boy Invasion 2

Kurtis Conner
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The E-Boys have gotten worse. I thought my first video would’ve been enough, but sadly, it wasn’t. Come along as we see what E-Boys have been up to, and also take a look at their attempt at Magcon 2...The Lights Out Tour.
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Daphne Nonkes
Daphne Nonkes 13 分钟 前
That swinging jaw at 16:20 tho😂 where's mollyyyy
Imagination Films Lia
He is just spreading his beliefs as a Christian I don’t get how that’s bad. We have the right to disagree with peoples choices without having a bad opinion on them. Y’all should chill
Lime Lightt
Lime Lightt 9 小时 前
3:29 iida, is that you? 😳
sweet snacc
sweet snacc 20 小时 前
e-boy??? more like e-bay
Wyntar L
Wyntar L 天 前
My ex's name is Kyler....I nearly died laughing/fell out of my chair
thunderrolls 2 天 前
Oh goodlawd pls take away the phones from these kidss
Doopdoopdeewoopdawoop Woop
The amound of things e-boy-kurtis does with his mouth scares me, but like in a cool way because Im cool 😎
Tara Raw
Tara Raw 2 天 前
Also love Kurtis even more because he’s always calling out the bigots
Tara Raw
Tara Raw 2 天 前
I know it’s a popular reference, but the “had to do it to em” with Kurtis’s tats and outfit made me think of Juliens cooking videos
Kyleigh Gobbels
Kyleigh Gobbels 2 天 前
Kathryn Gonda
Kathryn Gonda 2 天 前
“E boy” = “extraterrestrial boy”
Ada Wong
Ada Wong 2 天 前
facts dont care about your feelings. facts are not bigotry..
Ventus 123
Ventus 123 天 前
Found Ben Shapiro
Ada Wong
Ada Wong 2 天 前
kyler isnt being shitting he just has different beliefs. sorry not wanting murder unborn babies isnt shitty. calling evil good and good evil....
Ada Wong
Ada Wong 2 天 前
going to cut off that kids tongue puke throw up...
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 2 天 前
I love how 14 year old virgin e boys do that creepy ass tongue thing even tho they've never seen an actual vagina in person since birth.
Kabira 3 天 前
That extra greeting just hit different when u feeling low.
Esayas Asefa
Esayas Asefa 3 天 前
So this guy is a soft boy right?
high choice
high choice 3 天 前
Awkward when your boyfriend is one of the fellow nice E-boy in this video...🤭
khwaiish 3 天 前
i get that youre trying to call them out for stupid shit some of them have done anyways jaden has spoken about that tweet and has cleared the air on that and said thats no longer something he agrees with and has changed since then so yeah
No-man Baugh
No-man Baugh 3 天 前
Kyle-Tyler’s hair reminded me of wenwen (the cute pen vine boye) so I was expecting him to be like a cute gay e-boy. but after watching and finding out just how much of a dumpster fire Kyle-Tyler is: I now request a formal apology from both Kyle-Tyler and his hair to to me, others who he and his haircut affected, and wenwen on grounds of deceptive advertising and theft of a god-tier look respectively.
Emma Katherine
Emma Katherine 3 天 前
Lilhuddy also said the n word and still hasn’t apologized 🤷🏽‍♀️
Em Does Art
Em Does Art 3 天 前
But... it is murder
Lydia Merrill
Lydia Merrill 3 天 前
god created men and women but he didn’t create assholes
Em Does Art
Em Does Art 3 天 前
Ur hair looks so gooood
Aqua Real
Aqua Real 3 天 前
Ash Quinn
Ash Quinn 4 天 前
Thanks for being a great trans ally. Aka, just being a decent human being. Also, you're not an Eboy. ...you're a good boy!
Bråfentineflør 22
What is about egirls?
Isabela Cruse
Isabela Cruse 4 天 前
It is murder, abortion=murder. Why are people so close-minded? Can you not see what's in front of you? Abortion hurts females, it does not empower us. It is mentally and physically damaging to a woman.
Kortney Levin
Kortney Levin 4 天 前
Babies are gross
Dogenetics 4 天 前
Kyler: "Do i support it [being gay]? No." Us gay boys: *GRABS SHOTGUN*
dramaticpirate 4 天 前
I'm going to get slammed in the comments for saying this, but I agree with some of what this Kyler fellow says, but I'm not going to spout my beliefs for clout, which is what he is doing. If someone asks, yes, I'll tell them, but I'm not going to push my opinions on those who didn't ask.
3star4life 5 天 前
Lmaoooo “hot topic employees” 😂 I-
Molly Deignan
Molly Deignan 5 天 前
Ok... why does Kurtis look just like Zach dossie
Molly Deignan
Molly Deignan 5 天 前
Bewgie 5 天 前
aborting your 8 months old baby is murder .
Emma Scanlon
Emma Scanlon 5 天 前
the whole 'oh i love them but don't accept them' is basically conversion therapy. that's what that is, treating gay people as if they need sorting out.
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 5 天 前
How did Kurtis remember Taylor Caniff but forget that Shawn Mendez was a Magcon boy??
Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud 6 天 前
15:52 everyone (including me btw) @ lil huggy: alright how about we don’t say that?
Andrew Ahigian
Andrew Ahigian 6 天 前
Kurtis, what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. You are attacking someone based on their political opinion. Kyler sounds like a Republican - he is pro-life, he believes there’s only 2 genders, and is fine with the LGBT community but doesn’t support it. You called him “disgusting” because he’s a man who is pro life . What you are saying is that everyone who is a man and is also pro life is disgusting? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The problem with you and the left is the constant name calling and abuse when someone doesn’t agree with you. You are the reason Trump will win in 2020. The left is not like it used to be.
Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry 6 天 前
sometime I see these videos and I realize hes just alone cracking jokes and making puns to a camera and making conversation with himself as two people.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 6 天 前
eboys: *homophobia noises* also eboys: *wheres 1 dangly earing*
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 6 天 前
these are the most flamboyant homophobes ive ever seem lmaoo
klapek 6 天 前
So I just want to clarify some things about this whole Christian aspect. As Christians we believe that spreading God's word should be a priority but so as loving others. Of course I don't know if those boys take their faith seriously enough to care about that but still.. I don't want anyone to be left with a wrong idea what Christianity is about after hearing what these "Christian boys" had to say about controversial topics. There's a big difference between spreading God's word to bring people to Jesus and doing it to make others look dumb and crazy and yourself as superior, cool and all-knowing. A Christian should love unconditionally but that doesn't mean accepting everything that someone does. We tell people that they are on the wrong path out of love for them. Same as you would with your friend if they for example started taking drugs.
Thin Kebab
Thin Kebab 6 天 前
You look like door
Livvy kirkham
Livvy kirkham 6 天 前
I’m only 14 and I am smart enough to know that abortion is wrong though I support trans fully even though I love ur videos I do disagree about abortion which is ok
Maddie Matthews
Maddie Matthews 6 天 前
lilhuddy changed
exluanis 6 天 前
kurtis i love you and dont like this dude either but dont you think he still has the right to his opinion? especially because its part of his religion? hes an asshole but still :((
Everett Farrand
Everett Farrand 7 天 前
dani 7 天 前
Naviah Burgo
Naviah Burgo 7 天 前
Not all of the e boys are bad...... just most of them 😂😁
Arabella Benken
Arabella Benken 8 天 前
"You're either a man or a woman" Intersex isn't a natural thing, I guess. Imagine not knowing basic biology.
NannaBear 3 天 前
Mutation, my guy.
alahna Gressman
alahna Gressman 8 天 前
someone put on the captions at 3:25, hahaha PARDON?
Raul Fernandez
Raul Fernandez 8 天 前
this is far from my first time watching this video, why does the knocking 4 minutes into the video make me paranoid that someone’s at my door EVERYTIME
Georgia Pengalin
I always think it’s hilarious when people use god to defend their bigotry because like god wouldn’t have made people that way if it’s unnatural? In conclusion: God loves gays
That One Unfunny Guy
huggy more like yucky
Amelia 8 天 前
I think we need a part 3
teatheweeb 8 天 前
Broken Door
Broken Door 8 天 前
Good video, don't agree with your views on abortion, good video nonetheless
Pariss The Babylonian
Huggy more like yucky
Gabby Ruiz Ramos
Currently still running using my waterproof case rn trying to finish your video 👍
Lucifronz 9 天 前
Are we really surprised someone with "Jesus" in their username is homophobic? I knew it was going to circle around to that eventually the minute I saw his username.
The E-Boy Invasion