The E-Boy Invasion 2

Kurtis Conner
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The E-Boys have gotten worse. I thought my first video would’ve been enough, but sadly, it wasn’t. Come along as we see what E-Boys have been up to, and also take a look at their attempt at Magcon 2...The Lights Out Tour.
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comment "huggy more like yucky” if ur reading this









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Shannon Salerni
Shannon Salerni 个月 前
yeah im an eboy an extra greeting boy
Haven Whitlock
Haven Whitlock 10 小时 前
...this is stolen from a comment under the first video
Ariana 6 天 前
hell yea
sebces 11 天 前
this is one of the most liked comments I’ve seen
6_billy _6_boy
6_billy _6_boy 14 天 前
LonelyDinoDude 14 天 前
red kaestle
red kaestle 4 小时 前
Okay. I know that I'm late as crap, but I wanted to share my opinion on this whole e-boy, soft boy, etc thing. I think it's stupid. No, not the people themselves, but just the fact that we're labeling everything. Like, my own personal style is something that you could maybe consider e-boy- like, but I never really knew that before someone called me one. So yeah, it's kinda dumb to, for example, look at a random guy, see that he likes to wear striped shirts, chains and all of that stuff and assume that he's an e-boy, unless he were to call himself one of course. Why do we gotta label everything as [insert word]-boy or -girl. Lmao, if you like to wear chains and listen to edgy songs, do that. If you want to put blush on your cheeks and only wear pastel, go ahead. But don't make a whole 'culture' out of it.
sixela keller
sixela keller 9 小时 前
sorry kurtis but i agree with kyler on some stuff 🥺
p e r s o n
p e r s o n 10 小时 前
Im an yee boy
Celine Gotta
Celine Gotta 10 小时 前
i SCREAMED at the video of that guy doing his eyeroll thing as a live performance
The Audiophile Repository
Nose rings are never cool
Elena Velasquez
Elena Velasquez 19 小时 前
Omg the pretty much it, danny, drew and the office cameos 😂😂
Rachel Klinkhamer
Rachel Klinkhamer 19 小时 前
Hahaha mur ter got me 😂🤣
Sophie Suskin
Sophie Suskin 21 小时 前
bash so good, kurtis so good, if I could drop out of school and watch you all day yeah I would
Piper Foxcloud
Piper Foxcloud 21 小时 前
when e boys seem like they're edgy kids from highschool going through a stage and they're like "god doesn't exist" and etc. and all these e-boys are preaching about god
No Body
No Body 22 小时 前
I thought he’s going to say Shawn Mendes not Taylor Caniff 😂
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Yeah, so I don't think abortion should be legal. Am I the scum of the Earth yet?
Dia M
Dia M 23 小时 前
kylerlovesjesus finally shows his true colors. i mean look at his USERNAME
Jillian Thornton
Bruh...... gotteeem
Letícia Ferreira
huggy more like yucky
Jonathan Phillips
True citizens call out bigotry in all forms 👏
ammaarah bhamjee
Nobody asked for your crusty ass opinion keep it to yourself It’s funny how you’re bashing @ them when they more successful than you and you still have the audacity to make a CNvid video about them How much more attention and clout can someone like you possible want. So disgusting honestly
ammaarah bhamjee
ammaarah bhamjee 6 小时 前
Styles Marshall it wasn’t right for him to make this video in the first place when he obviously knew it would upset people who are fans of them...I apologize if I came off in the wrong way but it’s really upsetting to see people bad mouth them for no reason. This video was not necessary in the first place
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Bruh chill, if he shared our political opinions then I don't think you'd care if he was more or less popular than the people he was criticising. Yeah so his opinions may be trash to you and me, but few people are going to change their mind because you yelled at them loud enough.
Lady Blossomh
Okay but like on a serious note, Kyler or whatever the frackle his name is, seriously needs help. I’m gay and trans and I’ve had lots of his fans come up to me and just be douches. I just don’t like the fact that nobody is talking about it anymore cause he’s still out there, hurting people
Lady Blossomh
Lady Blossomh 17 小时 前
Well mainly just keep calling them out and fighting against them until the bullying stops. I doubt it ever will because douches are douches but yeah. Don’t give him the limelight unless it’s to humiliate him
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
What do you think should be done?
j-mark flawless
the only people hyping up eboys are basic white girls. dassit
Vivian Sondrini
I'm not christian but if I'm not mistaken the bible says "thou shalt not judge" which to my interpretation means to each their own, u do u boo! Meaning, a "true Christian" shouldn't be transphobic, pro life, or homophobic, becuz they should be accepting to everybody and their choices/actions unless those choices/actions are directly hurting a living breathing organism, like just going up to someone and stabbing them. A "true Christian" SHOULD accept the LGBTQ+ community and SHOULD let women do what they want with their OWN BODIES, and the definitely SHOULD RESPECT THE PREFERRED PRONOUNS, OR LACK THERE OF!!!!! Btw, this is just opinion and can be left up to interpretation, there is no right or wrong. thanks for reading, stay awesome! 💟
Vivian Sondrini
Vivian Sondrini 22 小时 前
@Styles Marshall good point, I was mistaken by that, but thank u for enlightening me in the ways of ur truth, but as I believe I mentioned, my opinion is just an opinion and therefore my comment should be open for interpretation, but overall I agree with ur comment and thank u for handling ur disagreement so professionally, instead of saying something like "omg ur wrong, u suck, ur stupid." Yours truly, Vivian 😊
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
I'm not a Christian either, and that is not what judgement means. It doesn't mean that you should call good evil, it just means that you shouldn't assume you know everything about that person and the difficulties of there life. I don't judge Hitler because nobody knows what they would be like if they were raised differently, but I can say that what he did was objectively evil.
Please say Sike
"Most famous singer in the world" *waits for him to say Shawn Mendes "Taylor caniff." *raves to Buckwild*
Gordon Jenkins
"Anything before the word but is horseshit." - Eddard Stark
Ashley Dyer
Ashley Dyer 天 前
Kyler sucks because his opinion doesn't conform to what the world wants to believe? What happened to everyone being unique and themselves instead of clones of an idea of a person. Let him have his beliefs!
Ashley Dyer
Ashley Dyer 22 小时 前
@Styles Marshall oh my goodness, thanks for the heads up!😂
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Careful, free thinking isn't very welcome here
Matej Krstevski
i can do whatever i want with my body so im gonna shoot up a school
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Well according to everyone in this comment section, I have no right to judge you
Drfootfoe 天 前
Oh right, you're canadian.
Deajamarie Coley
hes a sus pepporoni i like
Farm the Corn
Kyler: I don’t agree with lgbt Also kyler: *is an eboy...* *has pink hair*
Jahnavi Raman
damn bro, 4.7k pissed off pro lifers
Jahnavi Raman
Jahnavi Raman 22 小时 前
Styles Marshall oh yeah by the way kyler and that jaden dude were also homophobic, transphobic, and racist not j pro life (kurtis said it in the video)
Jahnavi Raman
Jahnavi Raman 22 小时 前
Styles Marshall not really but i wouldn’t dislike the video unless it was actually hateful. for the record this kurtis wasn’t even hateful he was j calling out these ppl for being hateful like it’s not bad to be pro life it’s bad when you start shaming the other side for having their opinions, which is what kyler did (he called pro choicers brainwashed) btw sorry that was so long
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
But I mean, calling a reasonable population of the public bad people because they have different political views is kinda lame. Like what if he had the opposite opinion? Would you still be a fan of the video?
Jahnavi Raman
the video at 22:01 I DIED
Jahnavi Raman
oh god that video at 21:07 i couldnt stop cringing
Jahnavi Raman
for the video at 19:37 it was just so bad i started cracking up and cringe-smiling at the same time, but yeah i really wanna sprint across the ocean now
Jahnavi Raman
"either be kyle, or be tyler" nah just tyler, a dude named kyle would prob have even worse opinions lol
Ari Jeon
Ari Jeon 7 小时 前
@Jahnavi Raman lmaooo so glad you got the spirit 😌😌
Jahnavi Raman
Jahnavi Raman 22 小时 前
Ari Jeon the kyles almost always have trump 2020 in their bio and they also spend most of their time either hunting or whining abt liberals and feminists
Jahnavi Raman
Jahnavi Raman 22 小时 前
Ari Jeon
Ari Jeon 23 小时 前
Here is the difference Tylers were raised in a Christian household, their mother made them go to church every Sunday and their dad used to beat them with a belt and when their 6 yo self told their parents they wanted to marry Jonathan they made them go to a conversion camp Kyles on the other hand, are the nationalist conservative type, they were raised with their 7 brothers, three of them are married to their cousins and they are those kind of people to talk about how God made us when they never read the bible
Sydney Kraft Kuiack
huggy more like yucky
AbbyAttempts 天 前
When he played the door knocking noises, I looked around my room for a whole 5 minutes to figure out why someone was knocking on my door at 12:04am... it was just the video lmao.
Kidz with Bugz
huggy more like yucky
I don’t agree with kurtis
Bella Terenzi
Yooooooo at 13:33, that's a pic of the manor at the haunt I work at! Kersey Valley Spookywoods. Rated #2 in the country. Come see us!
aei -
aei - 天 前
10:19 “do I support it, no” what’s wrong with that? Did you know people have religious beliefssss? He’s not saying he fucking hates gays he’s just saying he doesn’t support it. JUST LIKE BEN SHAPIRO
aei -
aei - 21 小时 前
Styles Marshall exactly. I’m a Muslim and I don’t support or applaud people who cut their dicks off, fuck the same sex etc BUT that doesn’t mean I’m gonna do anything about it, or force my beliefs on those people just living their lives. It’s wrong to do that. The guy said males are males and girls are girls no matter what, and he’s not wrong. People just like their imaginary genders and don’t want to hear someone saying truth
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
I have a feeling he would have just about the same opinion of Ben Shapiro.
aei -
aei - 天 前
8:53 he’s not wrong though. I don’t know why you would think he fucking sucks just because he’s obviously pro life
Mady Housler
Mady Housler 天 前
Hey let’s not
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Hey that sounds like a good idea
Kaaifa Alamgir
The Carbon Caravan Studios
Huggy? More like eat my car with my dad so he doesn't get out with the motherboard and the crack
Amanda Arostegui
2000’s Emo will never be matched by these fake eboys... they not edgy they soft ass white boys
Ali Willems
Ali Willems 2 天 前
Kurtis: "what else are eboys doing im curious" Me: Your not curious your kurtis
ayla 2 天 前
top 10 reasons we stan kurtis conner: add another one because he is pro-choice
Kaitlyn And
Kaitlyn And 2 天 前
I don't feel so alone anymore with the Brendan Fraser love
Malin K
Malin K 2 天 前
You're definetly my favorite Danny.
Anne Veenhoven
Anne Veenhoven 2 天 前
E boys are mostly white musical.ly boys now with more fame and K-pop styled fashion
Jentoons 2 天 前
You and Drew Gooden should do some collabs, you're both hilarious
ImDontai left Testicle
This is my first video of him... and it’s amazing 😉
Jack P.
Jack P. 2 天 前
moonbeam Butler
moonbeam Butler 2 天 前
Dude you totally make me lmao ✌🤘🖒🍻
A Random Pigeon Flys For You
I like kyler
A Random Pigeon Flys For You
Well abortion is murder
Styles Marshall
Styles Marshall 22 小时 前
Duck, I can already preemptively hear the onslaught of personal insults coming your way
Seb Nick
Seb Nick 2 天 前
Like. Ewwww. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Seb Nick
Seb Nick 2 天 前
These e-bot shit is a trend now? They kinda look like a combination of mummble rap stars and k-pop idols tf
Seb Nick
Seb Nick 2 天 前
There are many pedophiles out there these days. Watch out your kids parents. Some were 12 or like something. And they are just bunch of hunts with no protecting for sick pedos.for realt tho, do your parenting properly.
Fatima Arroyo
Fatima Arroyo 2 天 前
You can love someone without accepting them. It’s not the same love as someone who is accepting though. Like if someone came out as a different sexuality to a parent. The parent still might love them but would want to try changing them because they love the other version of their kid. It’s not the good love type.
Shruthi Maniyodath
What are these new, unsettling species...?! My eyebrows hurt from squinting at the cringe and the unappetizing content. Not your content though Kurtis😅 damn you're good!
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