The End of WoW? Why Azeroth is DOOMED! | The SCIENCE of... World of Warcraft (BFA)

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A giant SWORD was plunged into the world of Azeroth and yet all the characters seem perfectly content mining the blood of their planet. After all, life goes on. Right? Wrong! Heck the Battle for Azeroth may have ended before it even began. Today Theorist, Austin is calculating just how much damage that sword actually did to the planet of Azeroth. Is this the end of the World of Warcraft?
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评论 8 351
Martin Smouter
Ehm, Austin have you missed the fricktion coëfficient. That's was the entire point of swords.
Aziz Marimi
Aziz Marimi 2 天 前
8:56 it is called the Tales'theorem wanna learn about it google it
Levitate 2
Levitate 2 5 天 前
its fantasy no physical rules apply ;)
the fallen one
the fallen one 5 天 前
Is he thinknoodls
will york
will york 6 天 前
dude why hate yourself? it sounds like the best job in the world to be able to do what youre good at and apply it to things everyone enjoys including yourself!
sean davis
sean davis 11 天 前
Math and Warcraft. My favorite things
Wren Edwards
Wren Edwards 16 天 前
Austin: random math stuff to explain how big the sword is Me: its hella large
Aleesa Jordan
Aleesa Jordan 16 天 前
wait I haven’t even taken trigonometry yet
Aleesa Jordan
Aleesa Jordan 16 天 前
just read “before the storm” lol
Red Barbarrosa
Red Barbarrosa 19 天 前
what's the music 0:36?
Red Barbarrosa
Red Barbarrosa 19 天 前
oh or at the very start
Keaton Reel
Keaton Reel 20 天 前
I for one am very happy you get paid for this Also I want science of the paraglider
Magne Toftanes
Magne Toftanes 26 天 前
the reason why Blizzard didnt make this more realistic is because they already have an expansion titled "Cataclysm"
Huh Bub
Huh Bub 27 天 前
Warcraft died in patch 3.2. That was when they removed friendship from the game. Warcraft was epic in that you really relied on real world friends to help your character meet its quest goals. You could not just join a dungeon and be automatically paired with a bunch of jerks. Vanilla WOW players will recall their old guild mates as some of the best friendships in their lifetime. Even if it was online. I recall a guy booking a friday off work so he could help me get my Warlock mount. I founded a level 25 guild (Clan of the Elders) under the name Agro. It had maximum members at 999. I also founded another guild for newbs using an auto invite to allow non paying players to communicate. It also had over 900 members... but was not really a guild per se. Yep.. patch 3.2 destroyed Warcraft. After patch 3.2 you did not even need to know a dungeosn location.. It would teleport you there. WOW was about friendships... that is something lost on the WOE gods and Blizzard destroyed their game. Kids today have NOTHING similar or as good. Hey Mike.. Want to go kill a Dragon? Sure.... Warcraft WAS epic and good and to this day is still my favorite game of all time.. (and I'm level 74 in rdr2 online.. I play games a lot). Once Patch 3.2 came out.. levelling/friendship Guilds became USELESS. You needed friends to complete tasks in vanilla. Even Lich King expansion was great until patch 3.2. If any similar game comes out.. I hope they learn that friendships were what made the game awesome. After patch 3.2... you would be kicked from a group simply for being the wrong class or having gear that was not maxing 90% DPS. In a guild youd happily accept a Paladin as a healer if that is all that was available. Yep. Patch 3.2 killed friendships in WOW forever. I recall those friends being some of the best in my life. Ask any Vanilla wow player if they had good friens in Wow and the answer will always be yes... Now players don't need anyone.. and could often just care less about anything but their own looting. I have not played it now in years and my old level 25 guild has died off. I'd love a reboot of it... but not unless Blizzard realizes their error. 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 killed warcraft
AssassinEmbers 个月 前
The Numbers Mason what Do They Mean??
Riley Larman
Riley Larman 个月 前
Stabby-stabby DragonSlayer from Guts, eat your heart out.
Spirited Spy
Spirited Spy 个月 前
i can only imagine how the eye of c'thun is doing
Giovanny Hiciano
Giovanny Hiciano 个月 前
Do a boob video
Christian Martinez
I don't think they stole any ffvii plotlines I just think you expect every1 to be a super nerd if they play wow.
WhatsUpNext 个月 前
... You do know the plan it is a train right????? And you know that that could have killed a OLD GOD? Yeah you do know this? You do know it realises AZERITE witch is er... GOOD for u know THE WAR?!
kittenbirdy 2 个月 前
Chaabouni Khaled
Chaabouni Khaled 2 个月 前
u waste so much time & talk too much, am not being mean, but pls try to skip trash talking to get the video over 10 min.
fiercedeity sword
fiercedeity sword 2 个月 前
so that's like videogame characters cant jump
IrvineCascade 2 个月 前
Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid SOH CAH TOA.
Kaiju Rider
Kaiju Rider 2 个月 前
you need some water or something Austin? That sounded like a lot for one breath.
Fironel 2 个月 前
Why didn't blizzard take plot points from a good Final Fantasy like 6,5,2,8,9,10,13,1,3,4,15, or tactics
thatmichiganidiot Gaming
Its asa or SSs or aas nit socatoah
thatmichiganidiot Gaming
Anymore at least
WormierSphinx82 2 个月 前
9:52 can austin help shouting over his tinnitus pressed audience
styvey tube
styvey tube 2 个月 前
I wish Austin was my math / science teacher
SynovialBee0 PL
SynovialBee0 PL 2 个月 前
S3rvivor 2 个月 前
this is my favorite math class
Caros Wolf
Caros Wolf 2 个月 前
Since playing "The world ends with you" I'll never forget "Soh-cah-toa!"
Goby G-Major
Goby G-Major 2 个月 前
If it’s smaller than earth, shouldn’t it have less gravity instead of more?
Ashia Ly
Ashia Ly 2 个月 前
I absolutely love this.
Kitsune's Den
Kitsune's Den 2 个月 前
Comparing nukes with farts, classy!
Kitsune's Den
Kitsune's Den 2 个月 前
"3-D trigonometry"? WHAT SORCERY IS THAT!?
IzJusMe 2 个月 前
You might be forgetting that it is an egg of a LITERAL SPACE GOD. I'm pretty sure azeroth would have a magical defense for when this happens
Safire The Red Fox
Safire The Red Fox 2 个月 前
88 MiLeS pEr HoUr
omenpyro458 2 个月 前
Dude.. stfu?
Captian 2 个月 前
I love how he takes all of this so personally.
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 2 个月 前
Dude, there is literal MAGIC in this game do not try to apply science to it #facepalm
Ya boi skinny penis
Ya boi skinny penis 3 个月 前
0:08 when you wake up at 3 and sosbob ytp is in your recommended
WhatsUpNext 3 个月 前
ok ok ok ok! if u ACTUALLY did the latest expansion battle for azeroth you'll see how we are SAVING IT!
Brandon R
Brandon R 3 个月 前
So how big is Azeroth?
Bottle of Bleach
Bottle of Bleach 3 个月 前
Hit or miss 명중
Victoria Karlovic
Victoria Karlovic 3 个月 前
I think my beain exploded when Austin went fast🤯 Good video🙃
Alegost1 3 个月 前
i might be wrong there but: when that giant stabbed the planet wouldn´t he push the planet out of his orbit around the sun?
Void Echo
Void Echo 3 个月 前
Realistically, something that large slamming and penetrating into a planet would in fact shatter and destroy said planet. But this is a game so planet is immortal
Brettzky Supremetor
Brettzky Supremetor 3 个月 前
Editor: 1 like = 1 nap for Austin Me: that's a lot of naps
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor 3 个月 前
Y put sylvanas in the thumbnail but cover her rack with the text? So disappointed austin c mon
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor 3 个月 前
My question is how is his sword big enough to cleave a world in half
Rotem Sion
Rotem Sion 3 个月 前
That's alot of math for a game lol
GrahamBurger 3 个月 前
NekuraCa 3 个月 前
Simplification of the whole trig part: Similar Triangles! The two triangles (whole sword vs buried part) have the same internal angles, therefore, the ratio of the height of the whole sword to the buried part is the same as the ratio between the width at the hilt to the width at ground level. All math that can be done by hand, as opposed to using trig to convert to angles and back to lengths.
Aerick Perry-Smith
Aerick Perry-Smith 3 个月 前
I see stuff on the sword but what about my dudes left hand just casually ON THE PLANET. Please tell me HOW YALL LIVING. I know this man didn't just slowly grip the planet then stab it like a small Melon. You all know he was quick about it.
cfgcfh 3 个月 前
The math he did is actually retarded
Victor Rahman
Victor Rahman 3 个月 前
Honestly the law of cosines gave me so much trouble in geometry
Heavy Object
Heavy Object 3 个月 前
No wow is gonna be dead because activation blizzards stock fall by 50% already and is continuing to fall
Gamenbob YT
Gamenbob YT 3 个月 前
SO... many... FARTS
Marc Dragon
Marc Dragon 3 个月 前
Will you be playing Classic WoW in summer 2019?
Flaming White
Flaming White 3 个月 前
Fart measurement
Baloo raccoon fnaf 2018
My mom plays world of Warcraft
Sebastián Sardón
Sebastián Sardón 3 个月 前
This hinges on two assumptions: (1) the sword is shaped like the idealized pyramid your formula is based on; and (2) density at the surface of Azeroth is identical to the planet's average density. And yes, I am very fun at parties.
CamWtheDestroyer /youtube
Austin, you may have your badly needed nap.
TheGinojika 3 个月 前
So.... I'm a decently seriously casual wow player. My friend, who has recently started to play with me linked me to your video and I have to say that- YESSS LIKE SERIOUSLY. I watched from our safety bubble as this happened and was like WELP **GAME OVER** Really cool to hear how much math and shenanigans you went through to figure all this out, I-I-Inonope... I could never do that, well done.
Grumpy Dark Candy Apple
David Kesterson
David Kesterson 3 个月 前
with everything that's happened since the days of wotlk I think this is a pretty good indication that Blizzard REALLY IS fed up with the game and is hoping enough people abandon playing it that they can just shut it completely down and try to forget they ever let the playerbase convince them to destroy what was once upon a time a great game
Zeref Darkmoon
Zeref Darkmoon 3 个月 前
WhatsUpNext 3 个月 前
you bitch
gamersocke 2
gamersocke 2 3 个月 前
What is the name of the music at 0:50?
Zak Dank
Zak Dank 个月 前
Beethoven's Symphony no.40
Slayer God
Slayer God 4 个月 前
Warning High school algebra PTSD ahead
DerDödel 4 个月 前
I Love the SIENCE :3
Gabriel Shadwick
Gabriel Shadwick 4 个月 前
Update ITS STILL BAD MONTHS LATER IN PATCH 8.1... Go do older content you guys bitching on the fourms... I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING!
Wholock 4 个月 前
Don't hate yourself Austin. You do a good job.
Denamic 4 个月 前
I'm not on youtube to learn wtf
WhatsUpNext 4 个月 前
WhatsUpNext 4 个月 前
WhatsUpNext 4 个月 前
this is the sound of someone who never play WoW... also THAT IS NORMAL YOU SHOULD SEE SOME OTHER THINGS ABOUT STBBING PLANETS
Louis Town
Louis Town 4 个月 前
Nothing like Bach and WoW
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose 4 个月 前
At 11:52 you said "5.1 million *square* meters" instead of *cubic*
Casey Reed
Casey Reed 4 个月 前
That was awesome and you have also ruined the game for me but your math Damn man that was just absolutely beautiful.
Alyssa M
Alyssa M 4 个月 前
At the end of the day, you just can't apply real life mathematics and scientific laws to a fantasy world where there is literally a floating city that can be teleported halfway across the planet in the blink of an eye by five people, where elves survived 10,000 years through magic consumption alone, where a certain walking corpse lady still has her whole face so that she's still attractive, where druids can transform into bears, cats, birds, and terrifying sea lion abominations, and where moose people ride mooses.
lex pangilinan
lex pangilinan 4 个月 前
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 4 个月 前
I love this show. So soothing, great to watch while falling asleep. :)
John Hosch
John Hosch 4 个月 前
Sooo, you thought the “writers” at Blizzard were serious? 😆
Amir Safwan
Amir Safwan 4 个月 前
I Love Runescape 3!
plastic bag man
plastic bag man 4 个月 前
Wow titans are a blatant copy of marvals celestials
Ebluegamer 4 个月 前
Okay Then My Level 112 Night Elf Demon Hunter Is Dead 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲
Mica's Domain
Mica's Domain 4 个月 前
I swear you talk so fast you gives people seizures
Zachary White
Zachary White 4 个月 前
that sword is so long that guy that would walk 500 miles and 500 more couldn't make it
Dj Cuevas
Dj Cuevas 4 个月 前
Actually I feel this is undereselling it and the sword is much bigger. I think the sword is much MUCH larger and gameplay is unreliable here.
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! 4 个月 前
annoying loud fuker,
The smart Sheep
The smart Sheep 4 个月 前
I think I know how to fix Austin... get him a keep calm kitty poster
Yomi Nashi
Yomi Nashi 4 个月 前
I dunno know but aren’t sword look bigger when he stabbing it into the world but it look smaller when it already stabbed
Operation Blackout fighting against Oh Yeah Yeahs!
*Stabbing a planet with a Giant sword* uh...... Marvel did that already
MasterFurious01 4 个月 前
I rember it ny oshaChota
Javier Perez
Javier Perez 4 个月 前
The classic music he uses is so great XD
SPOI BOIZ 4 个月 前
laserfloyd 5 个月 前
I realize that density might affect the overall damage done but if a "planet" has a diameter of 8km and a "14x stronger than Tsar Bomba" event occurred, uh, it might be far worse than nuclear winter and earthquakes. It had a massive blast radius, though it was an air blast. I think imparting that energy into the ground would be devastatingly... devastating. It seems like it would blow the whole of Azeroth apart at least partially before reassembling under its gravity again. Eat your heart out, Deathwing! Eh, it's just a game. ;) Also, Azeroth is no longer a planet. It is a Dwarf Planet. LITERALLY... because... Dwarves... I'm out!
Master Asia
Master Asia 5 个月 前
And then you realize his math is off because he didn't look into the lore enough. Azeroth is roughly the size of the earth. He's using in-game measurements, but in-game the world is severely scaled down to aid in playability. So....basically all his math is off by several magnitudes. Also Azeroth isn't a regular planet. It's basically an egg for an immense space goddess known as....Azeroth. All we know about the depth of the sword stab is it was deep enough to severely wound the unborn titan.
Ishi 5 个月 前
His Sword caused Diablo Immortal and Fallout 76. I think we're nearing the end times.
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