The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day

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Payday, a seemingly useless attack move in Pokemon that has CRAZY potential. If you cheat the system, it could make you RICH. Except, you could also be destroying the entire economic system of the game. Yeah, jerk move. Today Theorists, Austin is going to show you how cheating the game could have HUGE consequences.
Day by Dave: cnvid.net/show-UCwIxsvoZdE976J4hyRiRI5A
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ian12641 天 前
Jorge Ian Fernandez
I don't know what you are talking about. Those are ketchup covered hash browns from my local McDonalds. Your not fooling anybody.
Destrik 3 天 前
Just found you and you are my new favourite thing on youtube
JS Veterans
JS Veterans 3 天 前
I shall dub you screamy guy... Fun vid, good job, but weird... You sound like you're in a perpetual hostage situation...
JS Veterans
JS Veterans 天 前
+The Kawaii Kittycat lol, ty, your reply made me laugh too so we're even. :)
The Kawaii Kittycat
Ha!! Lmao no joke I nearly spit out my food
Brandon Vasser
Brandon Vasser 3 天 前
Alot of your assumptions on the way the economy would react rest on the assumption that that 0.2% of the population use their wealth to impact the supply of items in the game. Their impact is limited to how much they could physically hold in order to manipulate supply.
Icreations 4 天 前
I can’t tell who’s vids are my favourite - yours or matpats
hahahahah BULLSHIT MAN
Me: oh. He forgot payday. Austen: PAYDAY BRO..!!! me: ayeeee (The only reason I knew about getting rich from payday was getting really bored playing Pokémon over and over again, and searched up cheats. ._. Yep.)
Georgie Webb
Georgie Webb 5 天 前
Thanks uou
Dustin Grim
Dustin Grim 5 天 前
"How do they make that much Money?" ...i-it's Pokémon... They are literally mentioned as 'magical creatures' in the in-game history books. And about the outcomes, the pokemon world doesn't quite work like our... I mean cool video but certain Pokémons can literally make food and drinks, not only money. Poverty is not an issue and while certain things are mentioned as reminders for people of the real world (like Grimer and Koffing representing pollution). This theory is a bit stretched because you apply real world's rules to a fictional place which starts off saying "Hey, look here, this dog can breath fire." And while you do mention certain Pokémon world rules, you then proceed to ignore others for the sake of the theory. Which is not very sciency of you. But i still liked the hypotesis.
Angela Engle
Angela Engle 5 天 前
3:57 Wait, there are some problems with your numbers here. First off, it's a level 100 Meoth! Do you know how long that takes to level a Meoth to 100? Second, Payday only works on TRAINERS that give prize money. This excludes wild pokemon battles. Illuminate Active only works on wild pokemon encounters, not trainers. Also, depending on what game you're playing, (I'll be talking about Ruby and Saphire) trainers either don't want to battle again after you beat them or they are on a timer so you have to wait for them and bounce between different trainers. The trainers could be cities apart so you will be spending more than 1 second reaching them. You can use this method on trainers, gym leaders, elite four, and battle towers, anything that involves trainers, and you'll get a nice chunk of money. I actually use to use it a lot when fighting the "Rich Boys" or "Rich Girls" as they in general give you more money than other trainers and using Payday and an Amulet with them would give you even more money. I don't know if they've changed this rule in Alpha, Omega, or Ultra Sun and Moon but I'm going to wager they didn't.
Bob Fuster
Bob Fuster 5 天 前
No smergel is creating money is painting money or creating it becouse he is a painter
Shadow3200 5 天 前
I maxed out my pokedollars in pokemon platinum by fighting the customers in double battles in that restaurant where you can fight them daily... I was just grinding for exp and over the course of years my wallet was maxed
Kiky Sulistiowati Hadi
Kokichi - Poradniki życia
Where Meowth get that money from?
Nittelpunkt 5 天 前
Well done vid.... One thing: I love classic music, but while someone talks it is really disturbing - so pleeezz turn down the sound when you started to talk
Taylor Spark
Taylor Spark 5 天 前
Also they just summon the money out of thin air, so you didnt even need to make this video XD
Taylor Spark
Taylor Spark 5 天 前
Holy fking hell.... peaceful pokemon world dies...
Kyle Cookson
Kyle Cookson 5 天 前
That. Was. AWESOME!!!
RuneBoy1017 5 天 前
Kill all meowths
RuneBoy1017 5 天 前
Oh god.
Unrealpayton Gaming
Sooo the lesson is don’t tell your friend a secret
mang0_juiice 6 天 前
Austin should be an auctioneer with that much talking speed lmao
Frantick 6 天 前
Your voice is so obnoxious.
Mega Victini
Mega Victini 7 天 前
16:59 - You'd be top priority as a target, yes, but if you pull your strings right, no one can touch you. Say you have pretty much every legendary pokemon from every game, traded to the newest region to strengthen your army. Should you keep them out of their balls (you may have to commandeer a zone where your pokemon can roam freely), you have a legion of gods and godlike aliens at your disposal. If the resistance somehow makes it past your army, just have Dialga and/or Celebi turn back time so you can raze the region of the people that nearly defeated you. With enough effort, not only do you hold most of the world's money, but any hopes of you being wasted by the opposition can be cut short in an instant.
Kate Drumm
Kate Drumm 7 天 前
Ken D
Ken D 7 天 前
Someone should make a whole thing of whatever that was at the end
MG Shikz
MG Shikz 7 天 前
Blow your electr - LOAD
Hiddel 8 天 前
Sees this: that's not so bad, let's go use Pay Day 0.329484285 seconds later Entire world: *dead
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 8 天 前
This video is why my Persian is suing me.
Polar Punch
Polar Punch 8 天 前
When u no longer play Pokémon and u realize y r u watching this at 12:52
Kory St. Aoro
Kory St. Aoro 8 天 前
In the gen 3 pokemon games the old lady mentions meowth brings money home
Elaie Wolfson
Elaie Wolfson 8 天 前
What if you really want to be a reach pokemon trainer teach your pokemon the move with the black hole + magnatiude and say that if you dont get 5 Bilion dollars you will use it
Illvana 9 天 前
10.4%? Noobs, Argentina got to handle an approx 40% xD let's not even bring Venezuela into the mix xD
Ari Hackett
Ari Hackett 9 天 前
Turns out you shouldn't get this bread
Ross Knodel
Ross Knodel 9 天 前
This guy sounds like he needs a cup of coffee. He talks...too...slowly
juan Garcia
juan Garcia 9 天 前
MM III 9 天 前
Look on the bright side the world population will go down
Reece Keimer
Reece Keimer 9 天 前
The move that brokémon
A Normal Internet User
Do not let MatPat make thumbnails. I repeat, do not let MatPat make thumbnails.
Sam Hill
Sam Hill 10 天 前
If you complete the Rainbow Rocket episode, you get 55 big nuggets in addition to this...horrible manipulation of a child's game XD
Woody 10 天 前
This depends. If the pokemon just stole the money from nearby it will inevitably end up with the top percent stealing from each other there will be wars between the uber rich over the money.
ddenise hhoy
ddenise hhoy 10 天 前
Guillotine is preeeeety deadly
zachary parker
zachary parker 10 天 前
At max ignoring pay day I think the best way to max money in a Pokémon game is in X and Y in the mansion where you can be Duke. If you spend 100,000 poke dollars to have a near limitless amount of rich people to beat up for their pocket change. In spent 4000000 dollars on writs and got a profit after a hour at max with a Amulet coin this is about 1600 dollars every hour or working a 40 hour work week would get you 80000 thousand dollars a fine pay for a ten year old but still sad and I doubt in a real life situation would these people still line up just to be knocked down again.
hamisfood 10 天 前
you do know that the move payday is literally the ability to 'create currency' and the currency isn't paper money, and is instead extremely thin leafs of pure gold, and with this meaning the move literally creates not currency but gold.
Isaiah Miranda
Isaiah Miranda 10 天 前
one cent
one cent 10 天 前
How meney pokemon would you kill and what would happen to there species
Simon S.
Simon S. 11 天 前
Ahhh...Verlisify! The most hated PokeTuber in the platform. Likes to call other CNvidrs out!
Simon S.
Simon S. 11 天 前
How can a cat produce so much coins?
Adrian Miska
Adrian Miska 11 天 前
A wild Carlos Matos appears!
VocaMilo 11 天 前
My brain hurts from so much math xD
Jacob Samuels
Jacob Samuels 11 天 前
17:19 sounds like fun
That One Fool
That One Fool 11 天 前
Maybe that one coin he throws just literally turns into 500 separate coins lmao
Jadrick duPlessis
I shall not leave my dream of being a pokemon trainer. What about smurgle clones money.HMMMMMMMm
mspappas 11 天 前
Just now finding this video and just wanted to put out there a bit of a problem I have with it. Teleport is being used as justification that the more likely origin of the coins being thrown from Payday have been procured from existing money in the world. However, Teleport is a Psychic-type move, and while it can be learned by many non-Psychic types, there are only 5 Pokemon capable of learning both moves: Alolan Raichu, Slowpoke, Slowking, Mewtwo, and Mew. Notice something in common? Right, they're all Psychic types. Now in the case of non-Psychics able to learn Teleport, it would be odd to imply that they are capable of teleporting themselves but not capable of teleporting inanimate coins. On the other end, it would be difficult to justify the fact that a Psychic Pokemon such as Alakazam was incapable of using Payday as, according to its Pearl Dex entry, "(i)ts highly developed brain is on par with a supercomputer. It can use all forms of psychic abilities." It is also capable of learning at least one physical move (Psycho Cut, Zen Headbutt) like Payday is, as well as a move that teleports objects (Trick). With it's inability to learn these moves, but not Payday, I would say that Payday is likely not teleporting existing coins as one could safely assume that it is well within Alakazam's abilities to do so. But really, it just comes down to the fact that Payday was Meowth's signature move and the Dex entries almost always mention how Meowths love picking up loose change every night. With just a couple uses, it's reasonable to assume that it was just the coins that Meowth had picked up each night and carries around, but the Poke-Universe obviously never expected the move to be used to the ridiculous amounts in the video. So, there ya go, a bunch of research done for a single drawn out comment that likely no one will see, in response to a seven-month old video where the guy in the video actual gets paid to look this stuff up. But hey, that's just a theory...a somethingsomethingsomething...
ChrisNemo 11 天 前
You forgot to account for the time required to pick up all the coins
Alston Harris
Alston Harris 12 天 前
But what about just changing the type of currency you're using in that state because there's so much of it
Ender Overlord Gaming
18:10 when the editors get bored
Jennathecool Gaming
Ok, I know I am late to the party but I like to mention something about verlisify because I KNOW people are gonna hate Austin for featuring him in a video. LET ME get something straight about Verlisify before people hate me. YES I know he is not a good person. He steals other people’s content which makes me real angry since other poketubers worked very hard to produce reliable Pokémon content and verlisify steals some of that info and claims it to be his own and also claim it is his own content and that he is the best. That enrages me, and it kinda also sucks that he is one of the biggest poketubers out their too, and that sooo many people are exposed to their bad content. Now I get that Austin or any other theorist on this channel may not understand who Verlisify is because they probably are not exposed to the poketuber community or Verlisify themselves too much and take what is said in the video as fact. I get it, I once watched Verlisify and subbed when I first joined the pokemon community on CNvid when I started playing 3 years ago. But I feel like Verlisify should not be featured in this Video since more people may be exposed to his content. I have 2 wishes then, and either one or bothcan come true. First of all, please check your work, because Verlisify may be saying these things just to get attention as always. And this video might be completely misleading info. Also if the work is right: my second wish is to GIVE CREDIT TO THE ACTUAL PERSON Who made this money method. Verlisify does not deserve credit for this. Someone else should of gotten credit. And finally if you think about Verlisify attacking you for this. Don’t worry. your channel is big enough to overpower his attacks and stay strong. You will get through this. Maybe with the choice to change the credit for making this money making method, maybe Verlisify may be off the site for good. Who knows, it’s just a theory. Finally sorry for this long comment I felt like SOMETHING should of been said for this. Please share so maybe Austin or Matpat or any other person who runs this channel can see this. So thank you if you gotten this far and thanks for your help if you shared this message, it was badly needed.
jonnp99 12 天 前
the move payday is where Meowth shoots the gold coin off the top of its head in it grows new ones it's like a gold finger nail that grows back instantly
Erixtube Hd
Erixtube Hd 12 天 前
Who ever disliked the video is poor and lonly
PDEA 13 天 前
your born as a super human pokemon calculator literally
Melinda Lindsay
Melinda Lindsay 13 天 前
you speak so fast it hurts my brain
Protoo Type
Protoo Type 13 天 前
Where do I get an extended version of the ending of the video?
Tran Khoi
Tran Khoi 13 天 前
Dillon Sashenka
Dillon Sashenka 13 天 前
but remember you are only talking about one pokemon using pay day but we have 6 party member for the pokemon. this means that you can use 6 pokemon at the same time using pay day, IMAGINE the money you would make out of that
C.Y.B.E.R.B. 13 天 前
Wait, Austin! I might have missed it, but, did you take PP into account? You know, how many times the Pokemon can perform it? Because unless you buy stuff that restores PP (which costs money), what about the time taken out to heal your Pokemon at a center? Was that accounted for in your PayDays-per-hour calculations?? (It just occured to me and I can't remember if you mentioned it also~)
NoobGamer 14 天 前
its just a game. you cannot make real money out of it. can you? (I have never played any pokemon game. can someone tell that to me?)
GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding
I'm still crazy and I don't have a job. Or I'm trapped in my head cuz I'm always lit on something with or without pun #MugClub #MugClubOrNot.DamIT!!
GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding
GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding
Pokémon: Ambiance; (lol not at rora) Larvitar, Chikorita, Meowth. Starters. Eevee as Meowth. Chikorita elemental based, Larvitar skill based; game idea technically so etc.
Jacob Black
Jacob Black 14 天 前
Why spend when you could save.
Jacob Black
Jacob Black 14 天 前
Then why didn't Team Rocket use this move against Ash? They word be Rich!
Mega Lee
Mega Lee 14 天 前
This escalated to planetary civil war so quickly that my ramen noodles are still cooking. Lol
DylanPlayz - Mobile Legends and More!
1900? More like 1900+83000(This video's likes)... Which equals to 84900... Ummmm bye
Johannes Karlsen
Johannes Karlsen 14 天 前
18:33 wth
phoneover2 14 天 前
What if you used pay day on the Elite 4
LordBeelzabub Thegreat
uses payday until most wealthy person, notices money starts disappearing at an alarming rate...."their on to me....someone knows the trick..."
CarlDaLord 14 天 前
Nobody talked about selling Pokémon
RobertYo125 14 天 前
Not to mention the pokemon movie that had a pokemon granting wishes by using teleportation to get items from nearby
Jarold Saolucop
Jarold Saolucop 14 天 前
where's matpat?
Majical Gumball
Majical Gumball 14 天 前
Jorrell Richardson
wouldnt they run out of pokemon b4 any of this?
dodiVSgaming XD
dodiVSgaming XD 15 天 前
so this leads to the great pokemon war...............
SaminRiasath 15 天 前
You're Wrong Kiddo it is the Uneva Region
Tiagorpg mendes
Tiagorpg mendes 15 天 前
c) your Pokemon generate gold, which is not money, but is valuable to anyone, actually gold dust is an item that you can get anywere in pokemon
Tiagorpg mendes
Tiagorpg mendes 15 天 前
i always though pay day was stealing money from the opponent, now it makes sense
Joshua Shalumov
Joshua Shalumov 15 天 前
ummmmmmm im gonna bust ur whole theory but if pokemon can make a black hole that destroys *LITERALLY EVERYTHING* im pretty sure they could make money from thin air
Link_Team 12 天 前
Uh.. he wasn't that far down the list when he made this. that's not one of the first 6 moves...
Gil Jensen
Gil Jensen 15 天 前
Dahlia Tran
Dahlia Tran 15 天 前
im still gonna do it
Roman’s Vertobits
Did you say sun and moon mimikyu!!!!!!!
Sheila Wolfie
Sheila Wolfie 15 天 前
The real question is. Does payday pay taxes?
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 15 天 前
I am so doing this...
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 15 天 前
But in the pokemon anime it never says that you have to use the move payday or any move for that matter in battle...
Storm Caller
Storm Caller 15 天 前
With 88k likes more people know about the trick take about a fourth of that and you have 22k people using this making this break the government even more
Theowlguardian 15 天 前
Hey you know what Gardevoir can create black holes whitout using a move
SkeletronXD 15 天 前
aye i love the classical music yall use in these videos! im currently learning turkish march and your taste in both music and video games is great
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 16 天 前
Wouldn't Pokemon go extinct from Mass murder before the economy crashes that far? 🤔
Avatar Eternal
Avatar Eternal 15 天 前
Elizabeth Lee Not if you use Pay Day outside of battle. Oh god, that would be horrible.
Elite 4 Kahili
Elite 4 Kahili 16 天 前
No Roto Loto? ROTO PRIZE MONEY? No? R.I.P.
Fightpower Gaming
That got real dark real fast...
MikoyCreator 16 天 前
So this has happened in the past (been a long time since I had a history class.) Sure sure work hard for your money BBBBBUUUUUUTTTTT!!! Getting rich fast I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. Ok ok the methods are unfair and people get hurt etc. But honestly you see the wealthy do stupid crap such as do whatever they want mostly illegal things (park in the handi cap, leave their 12,000 dog in the trunk of the car, go into restricted area's, etc ) or spend it on crap such as buying yet another yacht when they already have 5, buy an endangered animal, buy diamond shoes/nail clipper, pacifier for their month old or 3 year old child. MY OPINION!!! People will up raise but aren't their like hackers? Clearly an organization will assemble to help the people. I swear humans are complicated creatures who are greedy.