The ORIGINAL Azeroth: Turning Back Cataclysm - The Unbroken World That You Probably Haven’t Seen

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The WoW Classic demo gave me the perfect opportunity to revisit the original, non Cataclysm'd version of Azeroth!
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L C 5 个月 前
CATA World changes, one of the worst things to ever happen to WoW.
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez 5 个月 前
I really like the revamped Ashenvale. Before it was just a Night Elf questing zone, but with Cataclysm, it became the largest low leveled contested area. THAT is where all the low level pvp is! It's fun to run into an enemy quester every now and then!
Liofa 5 个月 前
Looks like this video was paid for by Blizzard, none of the zone changes in Cataclysm were necessary.
Liofa 5 个月 前
What do you mean by the world we probably haven't seen? Most of us have been playing Wow longer than you... Ffs.
Madam Raven Moon
Madam Raven Moon 5 个月 前
I absolutely LOVE the music from Terokkar forest!
Weedle 5 个月 前
i think cata ruined westfall. :/
DrPluton 5 个月 前
There were some zones I thought were improved by the Cataclysm changes, but those were few (I can only think of Winterspring and Feralas off hand).
Carl Jennings
Carl Jennings 5 个月 前
I heard somewhere that the barrens was the last place deathwing attacked. There was this 80's tv action hero that got angry about the barrens destruction, and challenged Deathwing to a duel. Deathwing ran away hurt and went into hiding after that.
RonnyWho 5 个月 前
Oh I thought you were going to tell me they're fixing azeroth
Steven Smiley
Steven Smiley 5 个月 前
No shout out to zangarmarsh's music and ambience? It's my favorite! The feeling of the zone both visually and auditory is amazing. But yeah Burning crusade does ambience and music near perfectly. Vanillas music and ambience is not very good nor memorable in my opinion. I could point out the login theme and main theme of vanilla but that's about it. I do love the later expansions music though. It is a huge jump in quality from BC to wrath to cataclysm then a gigantic leap from cataclysm to mists of pandaria. God the music, zones, and ambience of Mists is the best. I love the traditional chinese music and the mash between that and orchestral music, it's so unique.
Rockpopper Madness
Rockpopper Madness 5 个月 前
I started playing before Cataclysm came and played ever since and still am today some now.
Event 5 个月 前
What about darkshore and ashenvale lol. I love feralas, teldrassel, ashenvale , elywn forest music and so much more
DoctorClockwork 5 个月 前
The eternal struggle of leveling an alt through Outland and trying not to be lulled to sleep by the fantastic ambiance.
John Wilkerson
John Wilkerson 5 个月 前
One thing I liked about Warlords of Draenor was that the world felt real. Little villages popping up along the way to a bigger hub. Once I read some early WoW books, I wanted to see some of the places they mention but are not in the game.
TheDubRoller 6 个月 前
You'd think after getting an entire team to make your videos you could have correct audio levels...
Dusan Djordjevic
Dusan Djordjevic 6 个月 前
You look unhealthy.
alexfithero 6 个月 前
I didn't like cataclysm I think I stopped playing then forgot what the fuck else I did.
Ezra 6 个月 前
Another zone suggestion to compare would be that zone close to barrens, the one that has that alliance dock base nuked
Auxilium 6 个月 前
Krik.. not kirk :D made me think about captain kirk of startrek. spock in the barrens: fascinating.
Riot Angel
Riot Angel 6 个月 前
Artistically I detested the revamped Azeroth maps/zones because 1) it caused a timeline continuity mess of leveling up as a character in the future, then time travelling back to BC, WOTLK zones for 61-80 progression. 2) consequently wiped out Azeroth's initial stories/quests after the events of *Warcraft 3* and also how the landscape used to be. Technically though, I can understand why they decided to go with that path since 1) the original Azeroth was never designed for flight and had a lot of ugly mess to clean up if flight was to properly work (also why Azuremyst Isles/Exodar and Eversong Woods/Ghostlands/Silvermoon City never allowed flight). 2) they can take all the experience/lessons learnt the past six years and try to provide a better more streamlined beginner leveling/questing experience.
Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes 6 个月 前
I can remember classic wow. But i don't know why anyone would pay for a game they all ready own
Fictional Gaming
Fictional Gaming 6 个月 前
5 minutes into Cata the shock wore off and I was pissed the zones were all changed so heavily. It just was not good in my opinion I felt they went to far
Lisa Cypert
Lisa Cypert 6 个月 前
The main change I didn't like from Classic to Cata was the Tarren Mill/South Shore change. Such a fantastic and natural world PvP area. I was sad about the destruction of Auberdine as well. Other than that... I loved the Cata world changes and storylines. I had gotten bored with leveling before the change. The change made it exciting and new again. I do agree that some of the simple melodies played in some zones were beutiful and perfect in their own way. Grand music scores like we have in Boralus are cool. I love that one. But I think there is still a place for simpler music in the game. I loved Nagrand's music. It was one of my favorites.
Khechari 6 个月 前
I don't know wtf you're talking about, the Cataclysm changes destroyed my love for leveling alts.
Dana W
Dana W 6 个月 前
I just quit a few months ago, and I can't see myself coming back to the hideous drop rate of hunting zhevra hooves.
Wood y
Wood y 6 个月 前
The Music of wow.....the music from iron forge and Stormwind always bring me back to the game.
Maddin3 6 个月 前
I'm glad that Blizzard stopped removing content for quite some time now. Nowadays when they change things they place a NPC to travel to the past. Or like they did with Karazhan, where they main entrance is still the old version. Fortunate enough I play since classic so I experienced everything and got most of the old stuff like mounts etc. but I it's still sad that they straight up removed the old versions and new players wont even get the chance to get some of the stuff.
CoRnelius Brown
CoRnelius Brown 6 个月 前
I might be in a minority , but I would like to play in the Classic WoW (World, quests, loot and dungeons) with BFA classes, Abilities, Rules, Addons and GFX.
Questionable Object
Questionable Object 6 个月 前
God those ambient music tracks for Outland zones... So full of mystery and wonder or danger. Mnf.
Questionable Object
Questionable Object 6 个月 前
Apparently at some point there was a quest with some blood elves that addressed the vortex at max level but it was removed or something? I don't know.
Court Dawg
Court Dawg 6 个月 前
I think youre forgetting the giant tsunami that changed thousand needles into a giant lake.
Dan B
Dan B 6 个月 前
Why is it EdgeWing could refuckulate the entire world of warcraft in 1 fel swoop but in 20 fucking expansions since then the heros have defeated monsters that can create and destroy entire realms of existence AND THEYVE DONE NOTHING I feel like even Vanilla lvl ones who are no bodies could have fixed Azeroth by now but the heros clearly have no interest in using there godlike powers to fix the low level world I thought Kata writers were a bunch of commies who want people to do the right thing for the people(WESTFALL LUL)? Maybe they are like some political parties who cry about issues but dont want anything fixed b/c then they have to look for something new to cry about rather then being paid to cry
Thwompthing 6 个月 前
Love leveling in the new Cata revamped zones. Hell, I'm having more fun doing that than current BFA content.
Turaco 6 个月 前
Am I alone in saying Outland is my favourite area in WoW? I honestly have a deep attachment to almost every zone in Outland and thoroughly enjoy my leveling through the bracket.
Derek JCG
Derek JCG 6 个月 前
I want to see a video of just... ambiance comparisons. Classic to BfA, BC to Legion, Wrath to Warlords, Cata to Mop, and shake it all up again.
Ezekiel Rodriguez
Ezekiel Rodriguez 6 个月 前
Probably haven't seen? Didn't more people play back then now?
Valkyrie Sardo
Valkyrie Sardo 6 个月 前
I admire the improved terrain. Early on, zones were delineated by a ring of high mountains. Now the boundaries are much more subtle and the transition to a different ecosystem far more clever. Legion explored game play in 3 dimensions but navigating to an objective could be confusing. They've solved that in BFA. There is just as much up hill and down dale, but now there's an intuitive flow to traversing the landscape. I cannot shower enough praise on the people designing the vegetation and hard landscape. I agree about the music. I preferred early WOW to BFA. Back in the day it was a harmonic ambience. Now it is intrusive melody which is tediously repetitive. Frankly, I play BFA with the music on mute.
blane rampart
blane rampart 6 个月 前
Totally agree about the soundtrack.. Apart from Grizzly Hills, Outland has the best music in the game.
Rvynn 6 个月 前
I remember taking screenshots before Deathwing destroyed the world... Then waking up the next morning, having it sundered.
AndehX 6 个月 前
Mankrik* not Mankirk.................................. *facepalm*
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart 6 个月 前
How about a complete reboot of WoW? Original content, but new graphics...and make the zones several times larger.
Galerne 6 个月 前
BC's music is absolute kino
JIM Husky
JIM Husky 6 个月 前
Cataclysm is still active after all this time....
SKERPI 6 个月 前
Im looking forward to Barrens chat 2.0 in Classic, 15 years ago it was just THE place to go to and talk about your day.
TheRestlessrogue 6 个月 前
its strange but im most exited to have to find the quest locations using the actual text of the quest instead of "oh its here"
Fianna 6 个月 前
Auberdine in darkshore is another zones they ruined
Fianna 6 个月 前
the music in BFA is terrible, its like something out of a disney cartoon
Ironjagg 6 个月 前
where is mankirks wife
AmazingLegit 6 个月 前
damn i remember watching the cataclysm trailer and being shook lmao
J F 6 个月 前
The rift killed barrens chat,
Lracnolip 6 个月 前
BFA is the worst WOW yet. I stopped playing its so bad, everything is pointless now. So glad they are releasing Wow Classic as l love the game.
Dr. Matthew Hertert
Dr. Matthew Hertert 6 个月 前
Amen on the music! That Teldrassil music is the most powerful instant nostalgia in my life! Walking to my office at 1am to run Zul’Farak with guildies because I didn’t have internet at home...
oortwitch 6 个月 前
Absolutely agree on the music. The simpler, more ambient music in BC kind of allowed the scenery to "breathe," for lack of a better way to put it. It didn't distract, but enhanced the strangeness and otherness of Outland.
Benjamin Lemmon
Benjamin Lemmon 6 个月 前
You should have shown a big arrow labeled “here” when referring to Mankrik’s wife.
Hazard Faux
Hazard Faux 6 个月 前
oh did i enjoy the ambiance nagrand had to offer ( outland )
Sebastian Wintour
Sebastian Wintour 6 个月 前
Have fun to spend half of your game time walking 700 Million kilometres back to your quest giver without a (slow) mount and then let's talk again how cool Classic actually was.
Oliver Král
Oliver Král 6 个月 前
Since WoD I hope blizzard would remake the world once again in new expansion. Now They might do it as with Sylithus. Maybe let Dwarfs repair their dam, repair fortress in westfall, destroy old war camps, update main cities... There is So much potentional in old world blizzard is not really taking advantage of.
Pikachu Pot Pie
Pikachu Pot Pie 6 个月 前
The feel of the world being large was the thing that draws you to the game. That's why I think flying mounts takes away a lot of the mystery.
1Scuter 6 个月 前
Not all zebras had hooves.
Noobochok 6 个月 前
Love how the title assumes everyone is a fukken post-cata newfag.
ChronicDraft 6 个月 前
I liked those Quillboar quests.... [: I'm super hyped for Classic, and I hope after its launch it sticks around for a long time - that being said, If they created another separate Burning Crusade server after this, god might exist.
Clint Ofray
Clint Ofray 6 个月 前
I remember playing before cataclysm for a while then taking a long break. Coming back after cataclysm I had no idea how to get places or what some places even were. Like my character was right next to the rift when I logged back on and i stopped playing again because I didnt know wtf was going on lol.
Itski 6 个月 前
I really hate what cata did to the zones but the storylines were good
Matthew Burroughs
Matthew Burroughs 6 个月 前
Never played past TBC This video is how I remember wow Waiting for Classic. 😁
Smashmambo 6 个月 前
Can't wait to run semi naked through Stormwind asking people for one gold "1 gold plz". Then again I might role a female night elf, strip off and dance on the mailbox instead. Decisions decisions.
Dana W
Dana W 6 个月 前
This is why we can't have nice things,
Nedim Kahrimanovic
Nedim Kahrimanovic 6 个月 前
I liked cata leveling more than it's end-game...
Joe's Photography & Technology Channel
Blizzard ruined Darkshore.. I loved that zone.. I am still not happy with the changes.. :- (
OldManWhit 6 个月 前
I've missed the old Azeroth since day 1 of Cata.
Kate McDonald
Kate McDonald 6 个月 前
I was just thinking. It would be cool to have Warfronts all over Azeroth. LIke Fates in FFXIV and "random wq" on timers pop up in GW2 have different areas under attack and players (even lowbies) can contribute with resources etc. Get reinforced walls/gates. XP for the lowbies. Achievements for max levels perhaps. Instead of it being in one repetitive zone. Somewhat like demonic invasions pre Legion but at major Alliance/Horde sites. If I get Classic I'd probably be hanging out in Auberdine, fishing mainly. XD
Sequiro 6 个月 前
Barrens and Shimmering Flats were my favorite classic areas.
Fernando Oliver
Fernando Oliver 6 个月 前
you make me look at the date of the post of this vid
Videos 6 个月 前
Are there any plans of balancing classic in a different way than it originaly was? I played it back in the days and remembered many classes only were played for one thing (palas for buffs, dudus for heals, shamis for heals etc.) it would be rly nice to have classic with the balancing of maybe bc
Ryan 6 个月 前
Soooo where was the original Azeroth in this video? I'm looking forward to seeing Stitches again. I loved/hated Duskwood, but that questline was pretty epic.
Redcloud Thunder
Redcloud Thunder 6 个月 前
Love the old music and prefer the old barrens and pre Cata zones.
Darbotar 6 个月 前
This video was super interesting; I started playing in late Cataclysm, and never got to see the original Azeroth in game, so the Barrens change, for example, I knew of because it was so massive. I also knew of the Auberdine destruction, but, I never knew of the Westfall change, I thought it has always been this big fortress, until now, thanks to your video. :)
AplJack 6 个月 前
Music I can't really say I have much nostalgia over other than Westfall. I recall its music a lot, but I don't recall any of the other tracks in the game as I always have the game music turned off. I don't think I heard(in game) any of the music from TBC onwards.
Martin Kráľ
Martin Kráľ 6 个月 前
LOL there is flypoint in moonbrook. It takes like 1 minute to get there from sentinel hill.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 6 个月 前
I have a very bad fear of open/deep water which carries onto computer games. Post cataclysm thousand needles is a no-go zone for me.
Matija Jurić
Matija Jurić 6 个月 前
i love that feeling..its a rare opportunity to be completely safe but feel freightened xD practicing !
Free Dom
Free Dom 6 个月 前
So funny that this video comes up. I’ve played wow continuously since vanilla. I was just flying through all the zones and I was actually surprised at how much had changed. I’ve had an active subscription for I guess over 10 years now, more than that I guess...And the way the game is currently designed, I’ve had no need to go back and see any of those zones. It’s really quite sad that I flew through desolace And was confused because I didn’t know where I was. It’s been years since cataclysm and I haven’t even seen those changes. I knew they existed, but I hadn’t seen them myself. I mean I haven’t leveled anything from level 1 since you’ve been able to buy Max level characters.
Shayne Crisel
Shayne Crisel 6 个月 前
If that BC music is the kinda stuff you're into, try the Diablo 2 soundtrack.
Armando Vera
Armando Vera 6 个月 前
Fun fact: Most of the music in TBC was originally from cancelled Blizzard North Diablo 3.
kim rasmussen
kim rasmussen 6 个月 前
cataclysm was the best IMO, still playing on a private server wouldnt touch retail or classic...not even for free
63Limar 6 个月 前
Most of Burning crusade ambiance was made by Matt Uelmen, an amazing composer of music was responsible for Diablo 2 soundtrack.
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 6 个月 前
oh many good vanilla and bc memories... but i feel like if i played it again it would ruin the memories
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 6 个月 前
probably some yearning for a simpler, more innocent time in my life...
Fluffy Hedgehog
Fluffy Hedgehog 6 个月 前
i know i will get a lot of hate from the classic purists but i would love classic (all the functionality) but with todays textures and graphics. i think that would get more people to stick with it when it comes out. i will play it in any case so i can once again experience my little druid killing spiders on the world tree but it would be really nice in my opinion to have the new models and textures, particle effects etc. available. i know it will not happen, but i would love it. the original wow landscape was the best wow ever was in my opinion. experiencing that with updated graphics would be awesome. oh and just to be clear, i do not want the layout to change, i just want the new models for everything in its original place.
Alex Gabriel
Alex Gabriel 6 个月 前
so did mankirk became a blademaster?
Nerobyrne 6 个月 前
Not that I don't love the new zones, aside from a thing or two they are very well made. Especially now that dynamic levelling is a thing, which was an awesome idea. But the thing I miss the most about Classic Zones is the loneliness. It's really awesome being out there by yourself or with a friend, knowing that there are no friendlies for miles. I guess it makes sense that after so many years, there would be progress with all the heroes lending a hand, but I'm glad the "frontier-feeling" is coming back!
Barbara 6 个月 前
Who doesn't miss the Westfall Stew quest
TheAbstract 6 个月 前
not thinking Grizzly Hills or Howling Fjord has the best music. You are mad
austinthevox 6 个月 前
I remember playing classic and I loved everything about it except for the grind, it was torture. Levels sometimes felt rewarding, new gear from quests definitely was rewarding, but the amount of time it took to complete some of them quests didn’t feel so much as rewarding as much as it felt like I was thanking god that the torture of that quest was over
HerrBratwurst 6 个月 前
I am sure Bell cannot sleep at night when he's not making a video. he needs to be making one every single minute.
Dimitris Str
Dimitris Str 6 个月 前
We want more Classic!!!!!!
Happyfunrun 6 个月 前
Back when the Barrens was barren, when Desolace was desolated.
Waddle Daddle
Waddle Daddle 6 个月 前
I remember back in the day when everyone watched TotalBiscuit's cata zone tour and everyone was super excited about how great it all looked. To think that all these years later we'd all be watching a video all excited about how great the world used to look and excited for going back.
Chef8898 6 个月 前
8:40 .. there needs to be a petition to bring Matt Uelmen Back. This man is a fucking genius. Nothing beats the TBC OST
Prince of Loarderon
Prince of Loarderon 6 个月 前
Pls blizz bring back epic armorless mounts
Prince of Loarderon
Prince of Loarderon 6 个月 前
Do i need lvl 40 in classic for a 60% mount?
Knusperkeks 6 个月 前
I was seriously planning to return to classic once more (after already grinding R14, getting server firsts etc. on private servers - basically I've done it all) but the recent Blizzcon - well let's just say the company is dead to me now.
TobyRecorded 6 个月 前
Back then Barren was really...Barren
Snowblade 6 个月 前
Again, you're talking shit. Alliance attacked camp Taurajo because it was a legit military target and Baine himself said so.
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