The Problem With 21 Pilots

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If you're gonna comment about the purposeful misspelling of the name,,, just stop? You're part of the problem, cutie. c:
Twenty One Pilots is awesome. Evolution is bound to happen. It's just a shame they're losing sight of what made them special to begin with, with a bit of help from the toxic fanbase.
It's silly that I need to say this, but this video is opinionated. There's nothing I can do to change your opinion or thoughts on Twenty One Pilots or the Clique... unless you agree with me. I will not be rebutting argumentative comments, seeing how this whole topic is subjective with no objective data to pull from to form arguments. That's not really my style.
Hunt me down.
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Anathema 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/mPLUvC
House of Memories (Panic! at the Disco) 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/jVTdwq
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NateIsLame 个月 前
By the way, if you're here to comment something along the lines of "You spelled Twenty One Pilots wrong," congratulations. This video is for you. The misspelling was a conscious choice to drag you parasites out of your caves. You played yourselves.
Stay Alive
Stay Alive 13 小时 前
Thank you I was abt to murder you in the comments, love you hahhahahahaahahahhaha
jdog 49
jdog 49 3 天 前
I love their songs and I don't think no one else can replace them
Yogi Bird
Yogi Bird 7 天 前
I honestly didn’t even notice till now
Logical Paradox
Logical Paradox 14 天 前
Didn't even notice 😂
Akweardpancakes 15 天 前
Sick as Frick
Sick as Frick 40 分钟 前
You can’t break down literal children for getting excited over Tyler and Josh. We. Are. Children. At this age, idolizing somebody is very exciting, and completely normal. Yeah, we get excited, it’s not that big of a deal. We’re fans, we love them. Personally, twenty one pilots through ought the years has helped me grow and realize that there are beautiful things in this world, beautiful music and wonderful people like them that help shape me into who I am. Some fans are crazy, but you can’t be so vague about it. Children will be children, and we get excited about people we love. Some fans get out of hand, but that’s just some fans. Not the entire clique.
César Piña
César Piña 2 小时 前
I liked this video, and loved the fact that his outro was a cover of wedding singer. Low key I’m subbing thanks to that
Dana Hopson
Dana Hopson 14 小时 前
Roses are red Violets are blue *actually they’re purple that’s why they’re VIOLET* Twenty One Pilots are great and whoever is reading this is too
Cici Ronny
Cici Ronny 天 前
You sound so cute lol idk ur voice
I like cancer. :(
LimeTime Music
yo, so remember the part where he says check out smaller artists 😀✋
Christian Janusz
I like how he was playing Panic at the disco music haha
The Murderer
The Murderer 天 前
For the last part of the video I just wanna say that there are people like me who can’t get an official diagnosis because of certain limitations but still can relate to the music. I suspect my dad suffered from depression but believed it was because of the harder circumstances he was in and now whenever I show any signs of depression around him he gets really angry telling me to cheer up because I’m a lot luckier than what he was. Because of this reason even though my mum has said that I should go and get a diagnosis or try get some help I still try my best to act normal and cheerful around my dad even when it hurts me in fear of what will happen. Twenty one pilots is something I hold dear as it has gotten me through tough times where I’m unable to try get professional help. I’m sorry I had to go on and rant about this I guess it’s just because of the times my dad has told me to stop trying to be cool or whatever by acting depressed. I just hope you understand that just because someone hasn’t gotten an official diagnosis does not mean that what they say is uncredited or is just to look cool but instead try to actually see if the person hasn’t gotten a diagnosis because of circumstances or because they have no mental illness.
Graham Hinkley
Graham Hinkley 2 天 前
U should lil peep
M8Reactions 3 天 前
Trench is great
sksksk asdfghjkl
... I'm lowkey triggered right now
Alwin Molenaar
INeedAttention exe
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Use a real drummer in your mixes :----) Please god, it kills the mix
Panic.Espyn 4 天 前
*when you realize your that crazy 13 year old who is obsessed with them*
Panic.Espyn 4 天 前
And then trench came along...
Deku Is My Child
I love this, and TØP. (I also have anxiety but it’s not properly diagnosed but extremely obvious to me and everyone around me so like TØP really helps with that) I’ve been a fan for around two years (ever since I was around ten?) and I have gotten extremely emotionally attached to twenty one pilots and the clique. Well. The good part of the clique, anyways. Which exists. But you said literally everything I was feeling so good job I appreciate this so much
Yeheva Weir
Yeheva Weir 4 天 前
Regional at best is my favorite omg
person_013 5 天 前
*haters left the chat*
Rockin101 5 天 前
I like em cause Tyler’s a genius with lyrics
Aigsup 1234
Aigsup 1234 6 天 前
They suck.
zoinks lmao
zoinks lmao 6 天 前
This happened to Justin Bieber, it happened Nikki Minaj, this happened to Melanie Martinez, this happened to Undertale and Five Nights At Freddy's. Fandoms have bad and good parts, and it's not just going to get better from saying stuff. Saying that the whole/majority of the fanbase is cancerous (heheh puns, but to be honest I liked their Cancer cover) or that younger kids who listen to this are obsessive and/or annoying is also a part of the problem. It's not cool to dislike something popular, and it's not cool to like the older music more than the newer or vice versa. EDIT: Also, the title was pretty clickbait-y because this rant was more about the clique then the guys themselves. Of course they can make mistakes, but they haven't done anything majorly bad either. The only way you could think something that they've done is awful is if you have a specific opinion on a certain subject which would mean you deem it as worse then usual.
Felicity Dargis
Felicity Dargis 6 天 前
It is stupid how Tyler and Josh are idolized, I just joined the clique like a couple months ago and now I’m regretting it because of all the Joshler posts and vids about how josh dyed his hair again and Tyler made a joke... I hate the clique
Davian Ranck
Davian Ranck 6 天 前
Nate, make a video on how you feel about Trench
dun_dun_dun _88
dun_dun_dun _88 7 天 前
yeah the clique needs to calm the truck down
can i PLEASE get a waffle
doesnt everyone have a crush on cavetown though?
Fatty Mcpatty
Fatty Mcpatty 7 天 前
Get with the times old man Jk love this vid, you make alot of good points
Jesus Of Suburbia
*Everything wrong with 21 Pilots:* *They are extreme cringe, and they’re a horrible rap duo.*
Katelynn M
Katelynn M 8 天 前
*13 year old has joined the chat*
kdotdachamp 8 天 前
I seen that Plastic Beach album you got. New subscriber
Ida S
Ida S 8 天 前
Damn I hate when the tall guys step in front of me... I am 5 feet two and it sucks. It's freakin annoying not beeing able to see anything when attending a concert. I don't need to stand in the front row. But is it too much to ask for to have a little respect and awareness of small people?!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 8 天 前
I worked with the tall guy in the baseball cap... He listened to his only 21 pilots album three times a day. I wanted to buy him another album so he could alternate them.😂
Aryan Rose
Aryan Rose 8 天 前
AJR is an awesome band guys
NateIsLame 8 天 前
They're really not
Marlee Ford
Marlee Ford 9 天 前
* Josh makes eye contact with you for a millionth of a second * *Giant wave of pubescent girl mushiness smashing you* OMG HE'S MY BOYFRIEND NOWWW
Dead Gamer
Dead Gamer 9 天 前
What about no phun intended?
Dead Gamer
Dead Gamer 9 天 前
NateIsLame oh ok Edit: I also just wanted to know your thoughts on it
NateIsLame 9 天 前
That's not a Twenty One Pilots album. It's a Tyler Joseph solo endeavor.
kazoo689 9 天 前
you're right about how the amateur albums (npi, top, and rab) are the best.
Manuke 10 天 前
the clique is just meh. I rarely listen to twenty one pilots anymore not just bc of the clique, but the music isn't as good as self-titled and regional imo.
An yee
An yee 10 天 前
"Everybody pushes in a concerts" lmao have u ever been in moshpits?? Also u spelled their name wrongly
An yee
An yee 10 天 前
+NateIsLame congrats, because u being the one who is butthurt about band making a succes. And not being "as they were before" . Music just change that's the fact. Why can't people just respect that. And I don't think.I am one of the "bad clique" or whatever I am just saying things are the way they are. If you can do that, then I can do it as well. Bye
NateIsLame 10 天 前
1) A video with my face is a lot less interesting than a drawn one. 2) There's a lot of folks who agree with this video dawg. You might be part of the problem this is addressing.
An yee
An yee 10 天 前
+NateIsLame it's their name, genious. It's done like that on purpose. Also its cool u made this animated video, but why not say all these things with YOUR face? Also why so many people talk shits about them? You honestly could just ignore them right? No, y'all are just so jealous. Get a life
NateIsLame 10 天 前
1) Hell yeah I've been in mosh pits 2) The misspelling is purposeful to lure out the worst the clique has to offer
Strike Ecozzocn
Strike Ecozzocn 10 天 前
I just noticed anathema playing in the background!
Linwarai Noodlin
Linwarai Noodlin 10 天 前
It was really cool to hear what you had to say When I was first becoming a fan it was hard to connect with the clique because a lot of them were constantly saying how I had to “like them a certain way” and somehow know all the lyrics to every song when I was just starting to listen to them I think the clique is growing from that but yeah this video has some really good insight (Except in my opinion cancer is good lol k bye)
Michelle Nelson
Michelle Nelson 11 天 前
Let us see the NON EXISTANT problem with twenty one pilots
Matthew Sijpheer
Matthew Sijpheer 11 天 前
so its a problem with the toxic fan base not the band?
Dakota Does Things
I don't like some TØP songs... Fight me
Red Perez
Red Perez 11 天 前
Dude, with the new trench album I go to look at the comments and I'm tired of seeing comments "I'm cryyyyinggg" I don't wanna hear it dude I know I could just ignore it but more than half of these names are like "Panic! At the Twenty One Pilots" that's shits annoying, just get the fuck outta my sight kid.
Bobbie Land
Bobbie Land 12 天 前
~talks about twenty one pilots~ ~plays panic in the background~ You sly B i love both bands guud juub
lagigt esketit
lagigt esketit 12 天 前
Like the original cancer is superior in every way, including mikey
lagigt esketit
lagigt esketit 12 天 前
This is actually super accurate, like the clique is kinda cringey at the moment
TeenyTinyTeen 12 天 前
i like how he is talking about twenty one pilots and then house of memories starts playing
Suga Kookiez
Suga Kookiez 12 天 前
There is no problem with TØP, so there was no need to make this video.
Andrew Tomlin
Andrew Tomlin 12 天 前
Wait isn’t the clique just fans tho
Micah Cease
Micah Cease 13 天 前
I feel like every TOP fan feels like Vessel and everything before it is the best content the band put out.