The Problem With 21 Pilots

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If you're gonna comment about the purposeful misspelling of the name,,, just stop? You're part of the problem, cutie. c:
Twenty One Pilots is awesome. Evolution is bound to happen. It's just a shame they're losing sight of what made them special to begin with, with a bit of help from the toxic fanbase.
It's silly that I need to say this, but this video is opinionated. There's nothing I can do to change your opinion or thoughts on Twenty One Pilots or the Clique... unless you agree with me. I will not be rebutting argumentative comments, seeing how this whole topic is subjective with no objective data to pull from to form arguments. That's not really my style.
Hunt me down.
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Punk In the Park Footage - goo.gl/MyAYZw
Black and white footage of my old band - goo.gl/s9Ghww
Interlude video - goo.gl/tDfDct
Markthony Harktano Review - goo.gl/XE7sjR
Signing to Fueled by Ramen - goo.gl/G5k65x
Studio Preview - goo.gl/RKUdRk
Rings of Saturn Mosh Pit - goo.gl/Sd66wR
Zeale Footage - goo.gl/hL17gh
Bleachers - goo.gl/Jw6njn
MGMT - goo.gl/uTbFRC
Trees in Basement - goo.gl/TBd7NW
Ruby at New Albany High School - goo.gl/epj7Cb
Trees in a living room - goo.gl/mXWQY3
Tag Along Friend goodness - goo.gl/wC4iJp
Cavetown - goo.gl/mVrFVW
Tyler Joseph Christian School Blues - goo.gl/VoQqay
Ride 8-Bit Cover - goo.gl/N6wuWv
Ode To Sleep 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/bJsPJD
Migraine 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/1EGBpN
Anathema 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/mPLUvC
House of Memories (Panic! at the Disco) 8 Bit Cover - goo.gl/jVTdwq
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Charli Clark
Charli Clark 7 小时 前
i love the background music
Bluemist 7176
Bluemist 7176 8 小时 前
I hear P!ATD in the background...... You are the best Edit: Time is 2:45
Victoria 9 小时 前
I hate telling people at school that I like TØP cuz they automatically ask me if I’m depressed and have super bad anxiety (I have anxiety but it’s not to bad) and when I tell them I don’t they start saying I’m lying like wtf
Hannah Policar
Hannah Policar 17 小时 前
Video starts: I know a thing or two about mus.. Me: PAIN AND DARKNESS
Greenball Science
Greenball Science 17 小时 前
Michael Raphael
Michael Raphael 18 小时 前
6.5 of 10 is a lot better than average?
ima girraffe
ima girraffe 天 前
Drawing Bee
Drawing Bee 天 前
*Twenty One Pilots rant* *Uses House Of Memories by P!ATD as the background music* (haha jk)
Joseph Raucci
Joseph Raucci 2 天 前
Is that house of memories? On the background
Vincent Hunt
Vincent Hunt 2 天 前
Did you just diss twenty one pilots?
Jayce Taskey
Jayce Taskey 2 天 前
Regional At Best was trash
Jamie Scott
Jamie Scott 2 天 前
after watching this I’m terrified for the pit oh god
sipstea 2 天 前
Can anyone tell me whats clique?
Hunter Tavernier
Nate I agree
flames5566 3 天 前
Baby we built this house on memories
SimplyLiv Logical
on the anual band thingy, was that flipping oh, weatherly??!
Drumming and stuff with Saige
I’m literally triggered even tho I love your channel
Franky Fatale
Franky Fatale 3 天 前
you've earned a subscriber with this video.
Jason Lehman
Jason Lehman 3 天 前
It is pretty cool being a local musician in Columbus, Ohio who works on stuff in their basement. Be prepared. The storm is coming...
Memey Yeemo
Memey Yeemo 4 天 前
When you mentioned cavetown I LOST IT. I love robbie so much :)
Ari 4 天 前
******************Twenty One******************
NateIsLame 4 天 前
Check the description
Solloco 4 天 前
it's hard to take this video seriously when this dude calls himself part of the clique, but doesn't even spell the bands name right.
NateIsLame 4 天 前
The misspelling was purposeful to lure out the worst kinds of people in the clique: name nazis
Craft king666
Craft king666 4 天 前
Funny this is about Twenty One Pilots but I heard Panic at the Disco in the background
Ari 4 天 前
felix 4 天 前
I mean you are right and stuff and the video is really good, but you kinda ruined my hype for the tøp concert I'm going to soon 😅😅
Nafisa Quazi
Nafisa Quazi 4 天 前
Stressed out which I heard ain't that fAmOus..*flashbacks to all those ama,Grammy etc awards*
annaliseecaico 5 天 前
okay god i’m pathetic right when anathema started playing in the background i started crying because the mixture of how that song connects to me and the negativity of the video and twenty øne piløts fan base it makes me so sad this is really disappointing
annaliseecaico 5 天 前
because the clique is such a safe place and the fact that most fans rely on them to stay with them when no one else will makes it amazing when they are the most popular band in the world, because they affect so many lives and it is amazing. so i don’t know just maybe address the negativity this video puts out for the fans of tøp
JudyAnimation 5 天 前
OML "house of memories" by panic! At the disco is the background music IM THERE BIGGEST FAN
Jack bupingston
Jack bupingston 6 天 前
Amalie Lucero
Amalie Lucero 6 天 前
there is nothing wrong with twenty one pilots its their fans or how people view them
Bucky Boi
Bucky Boi 4 天 前
Amalie Lucero no.... I don’t think it’s what we see. You think it’s not wrong for someone to hate on someone cuz they like there most famous song?
Amalie Lucero
Amalie Lucero 6 天 前
Twenty One Pilots is amazing Tho
idkterp 6 天 前
I'm not going to concerts good bye
Alexasourus rex
Alexasourus rex 6 天 前
0:12 nice gorillaz vinyl
Roxy Perez
Roxy Perez 6 天 前
Dude trench tho it’s also on my birthday
Sugar Vale
Sugar Vale 6 天 前
Who would have guessed that a band with significant popularity and clout on Tumblr would have a fucking cancerous fanbase.
Skye Bradley
Skye Bradley 6 天 前
Also, who cares if we idolise them a lot, it’s because we love them and they’ve done so much for us, why can’t we show them we appreciate that without getting judged for it like geeeeeeez
Skye Bradley
Skye Bradley 6 天 前
Wth are you on about, the clique are AMAZING and mostly lovely people 💛
okaykina 6 天 前
my local music scene is full of 40 something year olds that play 60s songs on the tuba lmao
The Magnificent Bandito
also my brother is very offended because fairly local is his favorite. i guess we all have our own opinions but i feel like these people are perfect :))))
The Magnificent Bandito
excuse me but your supposed to spell out twenty one. and um i'm not trying to hate but idk why i don't see an issue with these adorable beans
The Magnificent Bandito
+Fightless Bird ||-// :)
Fightless Bird
The Magnificent Bandito It’s okay! We belong in the very same clique after all ||-//
The Magnificent Bandito
+Fightless Bird oops sorry, i have a short temper 😅😅😅
Fightless Bird
The Magnificent Bandito Lol I just told you to because I was literally gonna comment the exact same thing you commented before reading the description, pal
The Magnificent Bandito
+Fightless Bird well excuse me if we aren't all perfect pal :) now could you please leave?
Keira uwu
Keira uwu 7 天 前
I know I for sure went through a cringey "jish and tyjo are my smol beans uwuwu and its tøp not 21p" phase when I was 11ish and it was cringey af. I'm now almost thirteen and mostly just draw clique art. I'm pretty passive when it comes to drama (I'm with a pretty drama free part of the clique) and I couldn't care less about how new of a fan you are, I've been a fan for 2ish yrs and am seeing them in concert this October (!!!) I know I don't fully understand their music (but it can make me kind of emotional at times lol) but I try my best.*ANYWAYS* I'm trying to say not every thirteen yr old girl is an obsessed fangirl and the stereotype sucks bc when I tell someone I'm a fan they assume I'm an obsessed fangirl. This is long and kind of petty but I really just wanted to say this ugh
Keira uwu
Keira uwu 7 天 前
This isn't against you but more just tothe people who are watching this.. Also I love your channel just subbed
Monica Nguyen
Monica Nguyen 7 天 前
That one banana Griffin vored
*twenty one pilots sksksksksk
yeetus the fetus
I'm still shook from Trench (this is after trench came out)
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 7 天 前
So basically, you DON"T have any mental problems. that makes sense.
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 7 天 前
But..... have you heard MY BLOOD yet? Also, . . . if they get big it's okay because they seem to handle it really well. . . and it makes it so the world can see them live.
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 7 天 前
I went to Sasquatch 2017 too. There's nothing wrong with saying "Oh my Josh" btw. Yeah that heat at Sasquatch was BAD! I chose to sit in the back of the front where there was that row of a seat.
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 7 天 前
WAIT, how IS fAIRLY LOCAL not that good of a song?!?!?! It's one of my top 10 faves. Maybe even top 5
Dimønd Wølf
Dimønd Wølf 7 天 前
When he doesn't give all albums 10/10: *oooohhhhhh maaaaaaaaan * I only accept this because you love the band
Zac Boots
Zac Boots 8 天 前
House of memories
Zac Boots
Zac Boots 8 天 前
Favourite panic song
Random Commenter88
I liked their cancer better than the original bc I like how they repeat important lines and approach the music and visual parts from that perspective where you’re in your head and everything is fluid, disoriented, and off
Addysen S
Addysen S 8 天 前
Everyone acts like the clique is so horrible but they’re not! They stand up to haters because the boys don’t deserve to be treated like that. Stop saying we are these horrible monsters that should just shut up already. Y’all need to quit.
Fightless Bird
Fightless Bird 3 天 前
+Bucky Boi The bigger the clique is, the more diverse it'll be. There are both good and not-so-good people. Just like in any other group of people
Bucky Boi
Bucky Boi 4 天 前
Addysen S LoL you’re saying we’re not horrible but yet you’re telling people who have a opinion to shut up lol there are lots of things wrong with them and to be honest I’m pretty ashamed to be considered a Clique member
Leo Moskowitz
Leo Moskowitz 8 天 前
Car radio was made by 2 PEOPLE! That's insane.
That One guy
That One guy 9 天 前
*A L I T T L E H I A T U S*
Bucky Boi
Bucky Boi 4 天 前
Sacrificeq 9 天 前
*Night falls and gravity..*
Steven Lumbert
Steven Lumbert 9 天 前
is that a panic! at the disco music in the background (house of memories)
BøpMyBussy Cliquey McPiløt
Why the fuck did you put 21 pilots goddamnit.
Bucky Boi
Bucky Boi 4 天 前
*WhAtS a BlUrRy FaCE?*
wHEre aRE ThE otHeR 19 PiLoTS?
Maguda Chan
Maguda Chan 7 天 前
why the fuck people still get offended by 21 pilots lol
B H 9 天 前
Yes. This was all of my thoughts about the clique
Bucky Boi
Bucky Boi 4 天 前
B H ya
avencer _
avencer _ 9 天 前
The first vid I ever seen from nate
personman 9 天 前
Nice Vinyl of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Insanity Blaze
Insanity Blaze 9 天 前
the clique is interesting at times, but not much comes out of it BTW cancer is a great piece, obviously you have a different taste then me stressed out is now their most popular at well over 1B views I don't really like their concert stuff, although i noticed over a long period of time, that Tyler... is Tyler. he just does, it isn't practiced Honestly, My favorite album is their first one, and I've never heard anyone say this before unfortunately. along with their least liked (not hated) by fans, the song (other than their weird remixes) Air Catcher, and no one say bad stuff about it, it just is overlooked and not paid attention to. And sometimes change is needed, if they are falling off their OG path, let them sorry for going on for so long, also being late, also i didn't mean any bad with this
spooky tide
spooky tide 9 天 前
Kuba Pietrzak
Kuba Pietrzak 9 天 前
Is this something wrong with me,cuese i actually liked cancer
Gay Tho
Gay Tho 10 天 前
I completely agree this also made me scream and my roommate ran into the room and yelled at me. Also I personally love the cancer cover.
rey ortega
rey ortega 10 天 前
I think you sound as gay as cavetown !! Theirs nothing betterr then 21 pilots this year !!! 2018 is ruled once again by 21 pilots !!
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 10 天 前
house of memories is in the background. it took me seconds to get get the song
It’s Isaiah
It’s Isaiah 10 天 前
Is twenty øne piløts the best Twent. Y On. E Pilot. S I got it from my friend
One Memey Boi
One Memey Boi 10 天 前
Where did house of memories get in here even though it's my fav why??? It's twenty one pilots love you Nate
Lauren Cashen
Lauren Cashen 10 天 前
I kinda liked their cover of Cancer. Is that an unpopular opinion? I hope not...
what am i doing here
there is no probloems with TOP
Cara Blight
Cara Blight 11 天 前
Twenty one pilots are the best band ever since the beginning of music
BeJay 11 天 前
WeEll the beatles are betterrrr
BeJay 11 天 前
+NateIsLame 😂 I guess
NateIsLame 11 天 前
are you comparing the beatles to twenty one pilots
I am da one
I am da one 11 天 前
tWeNtY oNe PiLoTs iS mY fAvOrItE bAnD JoSh DuN-iT
archer coerver
archer coerver 12 天 前
How’s the shitty driving over to our right the only thing that’s better about Idaho is the fact that you guys can get fireworks but we can drive like an hour from Spokane to get em but we do risk crashing into an atv
Potato Oooo
Potato Oooo 12 天 前
The clique is pretty crazy but I love the band
Potato Oooo
Potato Oooo 12 天 前
The Illuminati
The Illuminati 12 天 前
Twenty Øne Piløts is fucking amazing. The clique however is fucking trash. No hate I'm part of the clique but ffs we need to get our shit together.
kyle flora
kyle flora 12 天 前
the clique is so emo and fucking weird. furries everywhere, and people who say owo :3 and XD... and people who fucking put 21 pilots lyrics in their instagram captions AND have |-/ in their fucking bio. i'm done
Mary Ktori
Mary Ktori 13 天 前
Okay so Im kinda all of the points you said at the end of the video, what should I do?
salty dee
salty dee 13 天 前
Jillian Rachael
Jillian Rachael 13 天 前
Am I the ONLY TØP fan who actually really loved their Cancer cover??? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Anyone?? No??? I thought it was unique and actually really good. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I don't think they can do no wrong. I don't love all their songs and actually......I don't like their first album. It just wasn't that good. But I love Regional, Vessel, and Blurryface. And what I've heard of Trench is phenomenal.
Emmet Anderson
Emmet Anderson 13 天 前
blurryface album: how many times have i heard a blurryface song? 27-35. trench songs? how many? like sixty i listen to the same radio station how many times did i har a regional at best song on the radio? ONCE. the song was forest. until now. i listened to the full album. thats whati do. i listen to the bestsong
Jmcar 441
Jmcar 441 13 天 前
You can't stalk all 160 thousand of us.
Jmcar 441
Jmcar 441 13 天 前
+NateIsLame it's ok my dude. I'll stalk them all for you.
NateIsLame 13 天 前
This was made when I had like 500 subs oops
Ballistika Games
Ballistika Games 13 天 前
Dude idolization is quite literally the worst cancer that ruins everything no matter what, where or when. It ruins everything.
Practically An Oof
That House of Memories music in the background 👌 👌 👌
Yeemo Bands
Yeemo Bands 14 天 前
It's Twenty One Pilots. Not 21 Pilots.
רז רענן
רז רענן 14 天 前
I agree. This is like the reason I parted from the social media clique- I love the dudes and they inspire me every day- but things really are a little messed up so I kinda focus on the music more. It’s healthier, you guys should try that. Also, I think Cancer wasn’t as great as the original .. I kinda agree to that as well.
Kanna Joseph and all emo bands
Am I the only one I know who gets triggered when people do it "21 pilots" Yes i did a migraine reference >.>
21 Pile-its
Trashcontent 15 天 前
I’m triggered he used a song from panic and not top and I’m triggered
Summertail 15 天 前
What's your opinion on the new album?
I Don’t Care Anymore
grac3671 15 天 前
It is literally playing ode to sleep in the background at 2:25
Walker Bass
Walker Bass 15 天 前
you instantly know they have no idea what they're talking about when the put "21" lol
Myhandsspeak 16 天 前
Fuck you
NateIsLame 16 天 前
oof did ya even see the video???
Ethan Toh
Ethan Toh 16 天 前
i want to here his thoughts on trench so far
epic sniper husky 57
TØP is the best
1qwertype AJ
1qwertype AJ 16 天 前
You play a eight bit of house of memories in a twenty one pilots video Idc because panic! is my fav
Anthropos Polytropos
Geez this comment section is rough.. I just like they music because it cheers me up sometimes. Sad to see so many kids are acting this way about it.
felicity capstick
2:44 when it's a video on Tøp and they play House Of Memories by P!ATD
FishyLogic 17 天 前
What do you think of their new singles?
NateIsLame 17 天 前
They've been rad so far! This next album might be as good as Vessel!