The Story of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65

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When Eiffel 65 released 'Blue (Da Ba Dee),' it was a flop. They sold around 200 records, shrugged it off as a loss, and forgot about it. But in a wild turn of events, the track got picked up by a small local station before getting airplay on one of the biggest radio stations in Italy-and within days, it was steamrolling its way to becoming one of the biggest hits of the late 1990s, taking the electronic music group touring around the world as their song shot up the charts.

We met up with the members of Eiffel 65-Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio “Maury” Lobina, and Gabry Ponte-to find out the origin story behind "Blue," and hear what it was like to become international superstars in the blink of an eye.
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VICE 3 个月 前
What were the actual lyrics?
Hans Hartholt
Hans Hartholt 29 分钟 前
I'm blue, justin bieber must die
Psychodynamic Natural History Dpt., Miskatonic University
I'm blue I believe I'm a guy
Carl Winslow
Carl Winslow 8 小时 前
@Marijn x I bet you would queer 😂
Matt Pazz
Matt Pazz 8 小时 前
Im blue jgjcdbdhdhdydydhdhxh..??? Im pretty sure thats it.
Abbie Devlin
Abbie Devlin 天 前
I’m blue if I was green I would die
Talking Parrot
Talking Parrot 4 小时 前
Who’s ready to play this song at Area 51?
BRO GAMER 4 小时 前
dayofthedog 4 小时 前
I just wasted 25 mins to watch euro trash dislocate their shoulders from patting themselves on the back "The track was really pushing people's minds" really? Who the fuck do they think they are, Frank Zappa?
Jorge Sanders
Jorge Sanders 4 小时 前
Europop is such a great álbum a real electronic music máster piece this song marked my youth!!
a guy with mustache
a guy with mustache 8 小时 前
So aliens were people
TechnicBee 9 小时 前
I would beat up a guy
T. Jones
T. Jones 10 小时 前
Quindi nessuno vuole parlare del rancore che hanno verso Gabry?
Tedi Shuqja
Tedi Shuqja 11 小时 前
Of course you were lucky. Lucky you met Gabry
Andrea Schettino
Andrea Schettino 12 小时 前
Great song
tigrey tigrey
tigrey tigrey 15 小时 前
Wtf they speak a different language in Italy?
Sushi Mario
Sushi Mario 17 小时 前
I also play ⚽ soccer and 🎹piano
Giada De Fazio
Giada De Fazio 21 小时 前
Proudly italian!!!
Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
21:00 So what the hell did he do? I mean, specifically. It's not that complicated to explain what his contribution is, yet he vaguely stated, that "the arrangement was wrong and he fixed it". That's a bit shady.
Noe VazquezTV
Legendary forever para siempre !!
Mauro Porcu
Mauro Porcu 天 前
Albo Nezi
Albo Nezi 天 前
i was 20 at that time, i remember i played blue at the disco i worked as Dj, good times ....
danny C.
danny C. 天 前
Big guys🔵
nardonardo _
nardonardo _ 天 前
Are they italian?
w4rell 天 前
Love this song so much, and I'm born in 1996 :)
One more thing. As a team you all want diff things. Make a deal with each other to keep things fair. Nobody is the leader , you all are. My partner is a brilliant producer into the real house music. From tech to deep house to whatever. Anything house music is his soul where as I’m more grime focused or Synthwave. It’s gotta be more musical for me. So we made a deal. Work on a project his way and I fully back it. Then the next song/ album is more my focus and he has to back it. We are still a team but it took us time to get this respect for each other as we have our own goals. Another idea is we are currently banging out some tech house and it’s not really my thing. I’ll do the bass and the pluck lead and maybe another. He does the bulk. Track B on the EP will be a Synthwave remix that I will do. So we are both happy. I don’t care about popular opinions and that sort of trend. I want my people who love what I produce and I’m cool with that. Find what it is you want. What is your goal? Make that happen
Great video. I was around then and never was a big fan. Utter cheese but I rate them for sticking it out and they had a global number one and retired rich. I love videos like this. Get all those 90s acts when you can. Anyone that you can get then do it. These videos are great for producers to watch. It’s helping me a little cos I produce Synthwave and we don’t have a giant scene. This keeps me believing I should stick to my guns. It’s the genre that hits me most
Ivana Humpálot
I used to spank my nipples to this track.
Tap In
Tap In 2 天 前
This song sucks...but it’s so amazing...idk how to feel
michael del piano
Ryan M
Ryan M 2 天 前
wasnt expecting much, and i got way more than i expected, and it was great.
Riseout 2 天 前
I also really love their song "Too Much of Heaven"
Kholebeatz 2 天 前
loved it!
RandomRyan09 2 天 前
Wait, what is that I see? A 25 minute video with only 2 ads? *SIGN ME UP*
Daryl Vargas
Daryl Vargas 2 天 前
I always thought it was I would bleed I would die hahaha
Princess Olmeca
Princess Olmeca 2 天 前
Obla-dee, obla-dai!
Raffo Slash
Raffo Slash 3 天 前
Justin F
Justin F 3 天 前
Nice to be rich
boris 3 天 前
AplexaS 420
AplexaS 420 3 天 前
I rememer playing Stronghold and rocking this music haha, it was in early 2k's, time flies 🤣🤣
CSX RF&P Guy 3 天 前
For any railfans in this comment section, this song will always scream CONRAIL QUALITY!
Nileshwar 3 天 前
I need the story behind the Darude -Sandstorm
Devin Brittain
Devin Brittain 3 天 前
If you listen it sounds like “I’m blue I would beat off a guy”.
Ruan Yuri
Ruan Yuri 4 天 前
Essa Música marcou a minha infância no fim dos anos 90. Parabéns a esses compositores que escreveram uma bela história Amei d+ viver essa época bons tempos das batidas eletrônicas dos anos 90. Tri massa
Gi Ro
Gi Ro 4 天 前
I don't know if you still blue but be sure you are fat bro!!
Todd ZiLLa
Todd ZiLLa 4 天 前
Legendary Song. Not a ton of those anymore
shadow boy plays
Can people stop making a freaking joke out of it gosh
Flex Sharingan
Flex Sharingan 4 天 前
Da ba dee da ba die
Swampdonkey69 YT
“Why the hell would I say 'if I was green, I would die?” Well why would you say da ba dee da ba daa lmao
MadiCat247 5 天 前
I know who killed me
Muhamadkhaidar 6 天 前
Nice song im like song you😀
Sean Monger
Sean Monger 6 天 前
Quite an interesting song.
BriAnne Bowers
BriAnne Bowers 7 天 前
I partied so rock star hard to this song in the late nineties early 2000's. Thank you for this 🧡🧡!!
Monorom K
Monorom K 8 天 前
We all know his favourite colour