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The X Factor UK 2018 Simon and His Girls Finalists Judges' Houses Full Clip S15E12

Anthony Ying
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Wavey Bee
Wavey Bee 21 天 前
I stan Maria 💕 Also not gonna lie I kinda rlly didn't want Bella to go through, she was kind of annoying...
K Kells
K Kells 27 天 前
Georgia has such class. I was horribly surprised and disappointed to see her go.
Leonard Okhani
Leonard Okhani 2 个月 前
Am I the only one who noticed that this is the first time in X factor years (including USA) that Simon allowed his acts to sit next to him while he's delivering his decision? They always stand opposite of him.
naumaan king
naumaan king 3 个月 前
Can anyone tell me 00:16 her name please
T B 3 个月 前
Man said , “u didn’t make it”😂
squishies funny
squishies funny 3 个月 前
congratulations too shan molly and bella and scarlett and simon and his four girl's
Bebe Almomani
Bebe Almomani 4 个月 前
Scarlet's eyebrows are so uneven but no hate tho I love her voice it's so amazing
aspenrebel 5 个月 前
How many houses does Simon have in L.A. area? This one is white and overlooking the ocean. Before, he was at a brown house up in the hills/mountains, inland.
aspenrebel 5 个月 前
Wish he picked the Filipina gal, but she made a really bad song choice. Did herself in.
scarygary5678 5 个月 前
Georgia not getting through is a travesty. She blew everyone else out of the water completely.
aldi 6725
aldi 6725 5 个月 前
Scarlett is The best more than shan Maria Bella etc
Dilek Sarı
Dilek Sarı 6 个月 前
Smon botoks sana olmamis yüzünü maffetmissin
Norm 6 个月 前
Georgia is already a star what is Simon thinking?
bellabana 6 个月 前
Omg, Scarlett’s eyebrows are horrendous, too black & heavy that overpower her face making them look more like caterpillars! Why in the world wouldn’t someone tell her that they’re unflattering? And what is it with British girls with their overdone harsh eyebrows & too much fake tan???
GLD 7 个月 前
Georgia should’ve went instead of a 16 year old.
Sternritter 7 个月 前
I would swap Scarlet for Georgia anyday
Manju A
Manju A 7 个月 前
I love you 😘 💕 2018
Manju A
Manju A 7 个月 前
ai erma
ai erma 7 个月 前
For all of this american singer.. do u think u can beat maria??? Big no for me. maria will back nextyear
Andronico Ferrando Jr
Simon scared to win maria
hamid nokia
hamid nokia 7 个月 前
Is simon holding iphone 6 plus?😊😊🙄
maureen macha
maureen macha 7 个月 前
i love bella's reaction "dermot he said yes" so sweet ike a baby running to daddy after winning ...go bella
Jenny Misidjan
Jenny Misidjan 7 个月 前
Shan’s skin colour 😍😍😍😍
Michael Al-Bannay
Michael Al-Bannay 7 个月 前
Isn't it usually 3 spaces for Live Shows?
Des Troy
Des Troy 7 个月 前
Maria is great!
lovely llyis
lovely llyis 7 个月 前
Started to hate simon 😏
emily kate
emily kate 7 个月 前
Bella may not be as good a vocalist as some of the girls who went home but she’s one of a kind! Her attitude towards the whole situation and personality is so loveable. I honestly hope she goes far in this competition ❤️
Catsnmi2 8 个月 前
Maria was SO good! Why on earth didn't Simon choose her? She was far better than the others. What a wreck Scarlett looks! She needs to lose weight and dress better....and take off those ghastly eyebrows.
anmol mishra
anmol mishra 8 个月 前
Yess yess yesss!!! She got through!!!
lewis mutuma
lewis mutuma 8 个月 前
Maria was the star,,, I don't know why she wasn't picked
iluvjensen1 8 个月 前
Georgia was so good though
Miss Dee
Miss Dee 8 个月 前
Those eyebrows tho 😲
Jasmine Houston-Burns
I've never really seen this show. Over the years I've grown to respect Simon but it's interesting to see this warm and empathetic side of him glow while he's doing what he really loves which is working with artists who truly inspire him.
jorah sangilan
jorah sangilan 8 个月 前
Maria deserve it. 😭
Cindy Love
Cindy Love 8 个月 前
Who here hates hearing the filipino can't win in UK X factor comment? I find it shameful to have to find excuses like this and it is the opposite of PRIDE. There are lots of talent out there who can sing and impact the audience with that special X Factor that will sell records universally and it's not based on nationality. Example, if BTS was on the show I bet they win cuz hot is hot. I've agreed with the top contenders for most of the years.
陽ʏɪɴ 8 个月 前
Us Philippines were made for singing I think.. I wished to be on X Factor but I'm not confident enough to sing at stage
Noriko Tan
Noriko Tan 8 个月 前
It's because bella's personality is genuine and her passion shows even if she's not a good singer but a potential rapper and with her love for music and with a passionate personality,,which simon sees in her.
Marcelo #803
Marcelo #803 8 个月 前
Can’t stop looking at Scarlett’s eyebrows lmao
Ilyes Hesoyam
Ilyes Hesoyam 8 个月 前
Why simone hates the philipino poeple ? 😏😏 she's really great
Jude Alcala
Jude Alcala 8 个月 前
Im so sad that maria is not able to sing in the live show i hope shes fine god bless you maria you deserve more than that
Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White 8 个月 前
I’m glad that filipino girl didn’t make it through. It’s a miracle for me. My ears were bleed so badly because of this shouty singer. From 🇵🇭.
Jhunified With Love
Jhunified With Love 8 个月 前
Thank U Anthony Ying... cheers! More power.
Jhunified With Love
Jhunified With Love 8 个月 前
I’m loving Bella now... ❤️❤️❤️😘
Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean 8 个月 前
This is all bullshit... over and over again, Simon will NEVER allow a Filipino to WIN... GET OVER IT...!
hamdani nariki
hamdani nariki 8 个月 前
I love bella...and so happy she got final show...
Juan Andrade
Juan Andrade 8 个月 前
Bella Santiago is Lesbian 💗😍😍😍😍😍 I Love you Bella
PJ Javier
PJ Javier 8 个月 前
Simon won't win this season for sure hope Robbie will.
TheBuilderMan 8 个月 前
Can anyone tell simon that he lost 40 Percent of Xfactor viewers!!! Welp Goodbye x factor
TheKennisher 8 个月 前
Scarlet and her lashes....hmmm
saijinkai 8 个月 前
"Don't go orange again on me" LMAO 5:48
Grayson Ren Fabian
Grayson Ren Fabian 8 个月 前
the fuck I knew it maria was not chosen.
Christine Balkissoon
I so wish i could try out for this show.Its so far from me
Fabi Larice
Fabi Larice 8 个月 前
wtf why bella?
AnAk kA Ng NaNay mO
AnAk kA Ng NaNay mO 8 个月 前
Feeling qlng ahh, kya di npili c maria kc wala yung presence nya, di maxadong na feel ng mga audience ung kanta nia, malaking factor kc ung presence ng isang contestant lalo nat di lang nag iisa yung magaling. Well, hoping for marias to be in wildcard, big competitions like this has always a twist 😘
LLie aza
LLie aza 8 个月 前
Honestly...Bella is talking too much and saying weird stuff, I don´t like her and i think that there were better singers
maria calva
maria calva 8 个月 前
Please please please please scarlet girl you need to have a new stylist. From head to toe please please please stop with the fake tan.
Iryn Bautista
Iryn Bautista 8 个月 前
Maria is the best...sorry for UK xfactor...Simon is biased to the Filipino people eversince😭
Amore 8 个月 前
Scarlett is a pretty girl but the brows?!
Bestie Na makukulit
Bestie Na makukulit 8 个月 前
They are all good singer..but i like delton harris.. i wish all the best for delton harris.. Godblessed to him...😍❤👏👏👏👏
Josephine Pepito
Josephine Pepito 8 个月 前
As what I see in this Simon has already a winner in his mind and it start with a letter B... sad 😔
Nicole Dudová
Nicole Dudová 8 个月 前
Omg Georgia was soo awesome and I dont know, but I think that Bella was the worst.
Sil Czl
Sil Czl 8 个月 前
Shan is my favourite. She is humble genuine, good heart and awesome vocals. ♥️
John Harvey
John Harvey 8 个月 前
I hope scarlet wins
pablo matias
pablo matias 8 个月 前
Go Shan and Bella :D :D :DDDDD
My Lyfe as Jamie
My Lyfe as Jamie 8 个月 前
When are you posting the new vids?
Kermit Hi
Kermit Hi 8 个月 前
Are you posting the new episodes ?
king ramboy corre
king ramboy corre 8 个月 前
She is a brilliant singer but you simon isnt always.
Ella 8 个月 前
I knew it!!! Shan you are amazing! Go for it girl!!
Donna Forsyth
Donna Forsyth 8 个月 前
Love Bella. to me she seems to be hurting all the time I DONT KNOW WHY. IS is lovely and very emotional I THINK AFTER WATCHING THAT SHE just wanted her MUM. her best friend soul mate who gets her. HER MUM XXX
RANDOM E 8 个月 前
Go Scarlett!
RobandDebForeman 8 个月 前
Felt really sorry for Georgia. Only girl going back to the UK who isnt through. Wish Simon had picked her to go through and not Scarlett. Think she and her family will be trouble.
Teikpe Kwao
Teikpe Kwao 8 个月 前
I'm so happy for scarlet because she puts a lot of effort to make it that far. Shan is amazing but Maria OMG she's massive! I hope Simon does something about his decision on that girl.
Blessy Dagdag Cabalar
Maria the best Simon is blind now any more bcoz he knows she's great singer Maria
African Queen
African Queen 8 个月 前
Seriously Maria was great
Mark InWonderland
Mark InWonderland 8 个月 前
Hope that Scarlett will win !!!!!
Arni Muñoz Jr
Arni Muñoz Jr 8 个月 前
Im mad to Simon
Hoda El Mahallawy
Hoda El Mahallawy 8 个月 前
Hello Anthony, can the rest of judges house performances be posted too kindly? cause it seems the rest of the judges started the judges house performance. and thanks
desere zamora
desere zamora 8 个月 前
Jennifer pinzon
Jennifer pinzon 8 个月 前
Oh boy...., my kababayan doesn't make it...., why oh why....😀😁😂😅😅😅
Rawan Ayman
Rawan Ayman 8 个月 前
I am in love with Bella she is amazing
Diana M
Diana M 8 个月 前
The all amazing it's hard choice
olaere sandra mohammed
Maria should come back next year, I think Simon is upto something. He knows what he's doing asking her to come back next year, I trust his judgement.
jessneon bayud
jessneon bayud 8 个月 前
Maria must in😅😅😅
wjdan queen
wjdan queen 8 个月 前
That is so hard to choose 😭😭
Maria M
Maria M 8 个月 前
I'll go for Shan, Maria and Georgia how come he choose Bella all over again she is amazing but her voice is not pretty that great. So sad for Maria she deserves more actually she is the best among those 5 girls shame on you Simon
andhie b
andhie b 8 个月 前
scarlett lee i love ur voice,im from indonesia,always support u and i hope u can be winner X factor 2018.amiin 💕💕💕
Clark Cortez
Clark Cortez 8 个月 前
Go lang geidie balik ka uli
s.a 8 个月 前
in my opinion georgia should have been through instead of molly
Saad Chafik
Saad Chafik 8 个月 前
Simon is in love with Bella I don't see anything special about her she's not that bad but the other girls were better
Daily Dance
Daily Dance 8 个月 前
W̶h̶y̶? Please bring back Maria laroco PH🔝
Chardie Grand
Chardie Grand 8 个月 前
Sakura Simpai
Sakura Simpai 8 个月 前
I don't have the reasons to watch this year's season....they lose all the great singer's.
jhoylyn pasacay
jhoylyn pasacay 8 个月 前
Simon hate filipino artist even she o he great performer/singer. So many half filipino join in a contest simon get down until finals.
NRUP Chauhan
NRUP Chauhan 8 个月 前
Please upload of Louis Tomlinson house next Tim
Kristina Sabeva
Kristina Sabeva 8 个月 前
I am 100% happy with his choice! I would probably do the exact same thing!
Ellah Bautista
Ellah Bautista 8 个月 前
Maria was the best among the rest..wrong choice simon...tsk!!@
Golden Maknae
Golden Maknae 8 个月 前
give it up here for our girl molly who sang a BTS cover a brave army out here and she made it i am really proud of her ARMYS out there
SluvS HS
SluvS HS 8 个月 前
Every phillipino contestants in the X factor are always good...But they never make it far...I don't know why??
roche Calumpang
roche Calumpang 8 个月 前
Very biased show...everyone knows Maria deserves a spot....
Teska Synero
Teska Synero 8 个月 前
He could better send everybody home and keep Maria
absolutely awful PHOTOSHOPS