Top 10 Pound-for-Pound Boxing Kings 2019

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The first half of 2019 is gone and we’ve already seen some of the top fighters in boxing put on spectacular performances.
Who is the world's best fighter, regardless of weight class?
This is our the top ten P4P list
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Aleksandar Jablanovic
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评论 610
John Laslow
John Laslow 23 小时 前
Until someone beats Pac man he's number 1 in my book
ken ken
ken ken 2 天 前
This channel is stupid pro mexican hell sheeeyttt
ken ken
ken ken 2 天 前
Pacquiao won against Horn stupid look at the face of horn and manny even Horn headbutting Mann, Mannys face more fresh
Ron Ramos
Ron Ramos 3 天 前
Manny Pacquiao is the number one in my list.
Zulu Fight Channel
Lito Juan
Lito Juan 6 天 前
what is undisputed in 8 division champ lol
Carmelo Villoso
Carmelo Villoso 13 天 前
Lomachenko tends to pick opponents so he is not a pound for pound king here.
40 Cal
40 Cal 14 天 前
All you ppl saying Pac-Man should be #1 are stuck on his history and what he has done. We talking bout right now & right now Crawford, Spence, & Tank would kill him😐 cmon be real.
Donell Manalad
Donell Manalad 15 天 前
may weither is nothing hahaha
takashi taka
takashi taka 16 天 前
Bantam's Inoue invites Romachenko's sparring partner that did 130-spar to fight against Donair of Philippines . Already 20 rounds sparring, Inoue took him down once with a body punch. Lomachenko is only once in 130 rounds. Considering the difference in class between Inoue and Lomachenko, Their fight is unlikely to be realized, but if it is a featherweight , they can fight. Inoue is stronger than Romachenko in PFP.
lc0806 18 天 前
I wwould put canelo above Loma and Crawford, because he has fought stronger opponents. Loma fights nobodies
Mo S
Mo S 14 天 前
@lc0806 yea im saying you pointed out loma when crawford fought worse opponents. For me its 1. Canelo 2. Lomachenko 3. Crawford
lc0806 14 天 前
@Mo S good fighters but not around the level of canelo opponents. Loma hasnt fought mayweather or GGG opponents level
Mo S
Mo S 14 天 前
you mean crawford fights nobodies, loma has already fought many good opponents.
dwdarylwilliams 19 天 前
Your list is so wrong. GGG is still on your list after a draw, a lost and now fighting weak fighters. Terence Crawford never been knocked down. He's the real number.
Big Dan
Big Dan 7 天 前
So because Golovkin lost once, a fight that many people thought that he actually one, he shouldn't be on this list? In that case, Pacquaio had had 7 losses so he should be no where near the pound 4 pound top ten rankings. Just because you have lost a fight doesn't mean you aren't a great fight. And also you're saying Crawford has never been dropped but neither has Golovkin. In both pro and amateur career he has never been dropped. In 392 fights he has never been dropped. Golovkin clearly deserves to be on the list
どう見ても井上が一位じゃねーか。 KOのほとんどが3ラウンド以内だぜ。 王者級に限っては1.1.2だぜ。最強だろーがヨ。
Jose Jonhson
Jose Jonhson 20 天 前
List is straight garbage, how are Crawford and spence so high up, both hold one title a piece and haven't face the quality of opponents that the others in the list have face. Shawn porter has faced stronger opposition than these two.
Mo S
Mo S 14 天 前
shawn porter also lost way more and just isnt as good.
Suherman Dayat
Suherman Dayat 20 天 前
paqio yes...
Faye Miranda
Faye Miranda 20 天 前
8 Divisions... huh!!!
Faye Miranda
Faye Miranda 20 天 前
regardless the division we all know who is the greatest POUND 4 POUND boxer in the world. and that's PACMAN!!!
Big Dan
Big Dan 7 天 前
No. You're stuck in the past
hunkingz #0415
hunkingz #0415 21 天 前
Hey stop fucking idiot.. Pacquio is the best.. The one and only.. 8 devision and the legend lols ..!..
docppo idms
docppo idms 24 天 前
I think MANNY should be in NO. 1 or in no. 2 P4P,,,peoples around the world knows who is the best fighter in boxing history...Many legendary opponent/boxing super stars Manny beat them and there's no doubt about that ..For the younger boxers now, prove to us that you belong to the TOP P4P ..and that would happen if you beat PACMAN in a CLEAN FIGHT and DECESION..
Madi Madi
Madi Madi 25 天 前
What a strange accent
Mamamata Momomota
We're is Jeff horn goat the garbage of all time and legend.. the legendary clown
Gaming Shocker
Gaming Shocker 25 天 前
Loma scared to go up in 147 to fight daddy Pacquiao.. LOL top 1 my ass 😂
Ramil Dumanid
Ramil Dumanid 26 天 前
what loma is king noo come on men you know loma is scared pacman now you say he is your number one ohw...!!! your number one is scared in your number 8 fighter.... come men....
Yurch 27 天 前
mayweather #1 pac man #2 canelo #3
Mark Melendrez
Mark Melendrez 28 天 前
Your #1 pound for pound king was scared to manny Pacquiao, fight to pacman lomachenko and you see what a real fight
seabert co
seabert co 个月 前
This information is by ignorance,.why being so bitter when it comes to pacquiao?... You dont know him so will....do not make false video like this.
Rhoel Gonzaga
Rhoel Gonzaga 个月 前
Fight Manny Paquiao Lomachenko you will not even last the whole bout! Your Chin is Glass
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen 个月 前
PAC man absolutely #1 p4p .
Crum Dagatan
Crum Dagatan 个月 前
Wla akong pake Nocamis
Lol no.8 fuck up
Mamamata Momomota
No1 is lomachenko but fight Manny that you prove u are no1
Mamamata Momomota
Try Manny Vs lomachenkco
ian duerme
ian duerme 个月 前
lomachenko is afraid to fight paquiao but wants to fight may weather
Religious TV
Religious TV 个月 前
Manny Pacquiao is Former No: 1 Pound For Pound and no one boxer gona beat he's record of 8 Division World Champion, that is too hard for all boxer to change a division and win champion ship to other division, but we need to accept the pound for pound top 10, because Pacquiao is now 40 years old he's a Legendary Boxer and Future Hall of Fame, Like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. And Even Muhammad Ali said Manny Pacquiao is Better Than Him.
Big Dan
Big Dan 7 天 前
Stop living in the past. You lot always go on about how he used to be the best and he was the best. He isn't anymore. He would get battered against crawford or lomachenko. And Ali never Pacquaio was better than him. What the fuck are you on about
eros agape
eros agape 个月 前
If pacman is retired boxing is dead if you agree make it blue
Ric 个月 前
1st define P4P, then we will discuss.
Alvynn Cloyd Avancena
top rank is a bias it comes in no.1 ranking in owne list
Alvynn Cloyd Avancena
only manny can beat loma & crowford.just wait ur turn..if the tournament of pbc vhamp vs. champ well be finnish...the list of 2 champ on the toprank will be next on manny
mark mckey
mark mckey 个月 前
Loma number 1 hahahaha
Janua Villanueva
Janua Villanueva 个月 前
Pacquiao's supposed to be on top, look at the comments section. All of it is full of Pacquiao deserving at #1. Smh yall better do some deep research bout boxing.
Enteng TV Easy
Enteng TV Easy 个月 前
If u Rank pound 4 pound look @ the resume? Loma? 135lbs only? thats ur pound 4 pound king? talk shit... MANNY from 104 to 154 and ONLY 8 DIVISION CHAMP. OF THE WORLD...thats the real KING of Boxing Bro..
Jay Andtheylove
Jay Andtheylove 个月 前
my wife is poud4pound. cuz i always tko🤣
julian ahmad
julian ahmad 个月 前
Loma???Lol hahahaha I cant stop laughing hahaha hahaha
Jillianhazel Rabano
For me Pacman is the best.A true champion and inspiration.Even women that hate boxing will love this sport if he is in the ring.💪💪❤❤
Vikas chysy
Vikas chysy 个月 前
Manny should be on top 1 or 2
Joel Guzon
Joel Guzon 个月 前
Pacman #1
Joel Guzon
Joel Guzon 个月 前
Pacman #1
charlie gallos
charlie gallos 个月 前
Badass paqiauo is on the top 1 When pound for pounds talk... Devision is not balance in wiegth
lc0806 个月 前
The narrator is the Russian Ivan Drago from Rocky Balboa 4
batman bahaghari
batman bahaghari 个月 前
this is what im talking about,,before you make and upload a video stop smoking that shit haha okay,,you are more delusional than AB the boring problem broner,,pacquiao fights the best there is,,he even fights over and over again some mexicans top caliber boxers,,the only 8 division champ is at number 8 in your list? your top 3 pvp are sissy girls..
Marcus Dirain
Marcus Dirain 个月 前
Can every body tell me why lomachengco ing the no.1??his record is just for beginner???can any one tell me why?manny paquiao deserves the no.1 spot not lomachengco..like my coment if you agreed
El Michelle
El Michelle 个月 前
Loma? ROFL Bitch can't even move weight classes to fight tougher opponents and champions. Always cherrypicks bum fighters
Joy Villaren
Joy Villaren 个月 前
Pacquiao at number 7? seriously .hes fighting an elite fighters from old and new generation.
Phillip Ward
Phillip Ward 个月 前
Lmao pac is the best ever
Zevs 个月 前
Srbija ?
D J 个月 前
I don’t think anyone in these comments understand what a current p4p list consists of. Pacquiao is by far the best p4p fighter on this list, but in 2019 he is not the best.
Juggy Foad
Juggy Foad 个月 前
@EverLy Delis pac isnt even top 2 welterweight anymore gtfoh with your bullshit
EverLy Delis
EverLy Delis 个月 前
Tell me if these boxer can fight pacquiao most of them cant win against him stupid shit
Fitness Fanatic
Fitness Fanatic 2 个月 前
The only 8 division world champion in history. The only 5 division "Lineal" champion in history. The "Oldest" Welterweight world champion in history. The only elected Congressman / Senator and a world champion in history. 3x Fighter of the Year Fighter of the Decade Defeated 22 World Champions (As of July 20, 2019).
Huynherful 2 个月 前
The top ten must change now. Manny out rank Crawford now in ESPN. Manny should be like rank 3 under loma and spence.