TRAPPED Overnight In Haunted Witches Forest

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby are trapped overnight in the haunted witches forest for 24 hours because they lost the key to their haunted cabin in the woods. Corey and Jake encounter many paranormal things including losing Colby in the forest...
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Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby 5 个月 前
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Scorpio water ninja
Would the key be close to where Sam was sitting when he pulled out the haunted hotel key ik it's an old video but I just have a theary that the key fell once he pulled out the haunted hotel key
BizarreDragon 2 个月 前
Awesome ☺️
Tammy Baker
Tammy Baker 2 个月 前
The fact Sam lost the key is kinda funny 😂
Tammy Baker
Tammy Baker 2 个月 前
I just bought some merch 😝
Luz Garza
Luz Garza 3 个月 前
Sam and Colby k
Luis Aspuria
Luis Aspuria 天 前
I think this is your death card means. Just sayin.
Deena K
Deena K 天 前
invest in some walkie-talkies for all of you.
Toni Leonard
Toni Leonard 天 前
Why dont yall go back to the place where and Jake saw the thing hanging, but during the day?
dark storm
dark storm 2 天 前
Maybe they were pranking you,you told here were you were going
I’m_Tired 3 天 前
and why don't any of you bring weapons when you do shit like this
Crisis 5 天 前
8:50 anyone else hear that? right after he says haunted stuff
Sara Kamal Krupa
Colby should do a podcast of his voice
Jonny Chooch
Jonny Chooch 6 天 前
never knew the build up of rain drops from surrounding trees ,falling on a metal pot would be so scary. u guys were well played,, great vid
Keidence Steitz
Keidence Steitz 6 天 前
So this is the thing! The Witch lady that Jennifer recommended told ya'll to hold hands and say you only invite good spirits. But you decided to do the ritual. The ritual was not the smartest idea for the fact that you can possibly make all those spirits angry. And isn't the shadow man a "shadow" so he can't really burn. You guys should have thought this through with the ritual. You need to say you only invite good spirits every time. Knowing from experience because Im 13 and I do ghost hunts and paranormal things all the time with my friends.
Eternity Gold
Eternity Gold 9 天 前
U realize when Colby got lost he was the o lying one who didn't get fully sented like everyone else like he was putting it on everyone but none of it got on him
hi hi wassup
hi hi wassup 9 天 前
4:12 sam is so cute 😖
Know what's funny the lady said that Corey had a storm coming his way and you guys are in a small storm right now what the fuck🤐🤐🤐🤐😵👻🥵😣🥺🥺😨😰😱🙀
Chavez Chavez
Chavez Chavez 11 天 前
Next time just sleep in the car and lock the doors
vilma baltramiejuniene
11:28 colby"s eye looks crazy he looks possesed
Samuele Schlögel
Honestly you guys get scared fast😂🙈 i live near a forest (5 meters away) and the sounds that make you scared are pretty normal in the forest.... there are animals beeing active at night and thats why you hear sounds around you... still nice video👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻🔥
reichston Ulep
reichston Ulep 12 天 前
my wish is phone eny phone
Sean Harding
Sean Harding 12 天 前
did it just glitch for me at 13:50
brittany berutti
brittany berutti 14 天 前
There is a face at 10:01
Lilysparklez 32
Lilysparklez 32 14 天 前
💜 u guys
birta maria
birta maria 16 天 前
No one: Not a Single soul: Not even God himself: Sam,Colby,Jake,Corey: BROTHA!
phanic! at the twenty øne chemical billies
the wiccen said they wouldnt have physical harm, and there were no people there, there were just noises, which would mean its only emotional harm like she said. the anxiety card because it was all in their head. the tower was chaos, and the death card is the end of corey wanting to be in the haunted videos. in the fire colby saw a shadow after corey burned the shadow man, colby got lost after he burned himself, and sam burned the biltmore key and then lost the cabin key.
Qiara Cobbs
Qiara Cobbs 17 天 前
Not gonna lie at 18:48 when Corey got a call so did I , and I like pissed my pants!!!
OpenMinded209 18 天 前
How tf do you lose the key smh
Chris H
Chris H 18 天 前
You guys need to invest in a flashlight. Like an actual flashlight.
Tyler Jarad
Tyler Jarad 18 天 前
People: thinks Sam and colby is weird Me:watches one of his vid using a magnifi glass
Tionna Hughley
Tionna Hughley 19 天 前
Colby is fine ASF ♥️🖤
The Troll
The Troll 19 天 前
CoresTheWhore 19 天 前
I believe in a lot of things, and watching these videos has heightened that belief, but its also leaving me with questions. I personally believe ive been having experiences with something unnatural. It could be because im easily scared, or because i both believe and want to believe, but i do just need to figure things out. Burning the papers during the midnight man challenge worked the last time, but those were the connection. The gate way keys of sorts. But the objects they burned in this series werent some sort of gate. I want to know if theres a way to figure out the intentions without directly trying to contact a spirit or entity in general. I cant travel and do something large, and many of my friends dont believe. Are there any sites or articles that could possibly help shed light on situations like this?? Also, i really love the gang, and your experiences- although fucking terrifying- can help me with the fun interludes you have.
Cara Welch
Cara Welch 19 天 前
Anyone else notice Jakes eyes do a weird thing at 13:26
hey it’s me
hey it’s me 19 天 前
Them : freaking out and going outside Jake: sleeping soundly
Brianna H.
Brianna H. 19 天 前
I wanted them to go back and look for the “baby”
_neilia _
_neilia _ 20 天 前
Corey is literally me, I get scared so easily
jstin awful
jstin awful 20 天 前
Never went back to check that baby thing nerds
jstin awful
jstin awful 20 天 前
Bro I would be so sleepy 💤 that I wouldn’t have the energy to run from. Death we just fighting
scepx 20 天 前
honestly, i experience way too much paranormal shit. there were times where id be relaxing and i would see a pale white face staring at me from my closet for it to just quickly dart out of view. ive had this 7 ft tall lady who is just completely blacked out follow me from one place to another, approximately an hour drive apart. this has all been occurring since i was 5 years old. im 17 now. that is 12 years that ive been seeing and encountering these spirits. to the people who dont believe in an afterlife than you need to experience this once and your whole opinion will be changed
아이린Lauren 20 天 前
When I say I peed myself I mean I peed myself
Adwin York
Adwin York 20 天 前
When yall said shadow man it popped in my head a time when I was 12. I was in the woods with my friend hanging out and joking when I tured around I saw a figure and I yell to my friend and brother who were looking at a mushroom. When I turned around it was gone. I yelled to my friend that we had to leave and I started freaking out right as I was running to her we heard this loud scream she looked at me and I will never forget the fear in her face. our dog we had with us looked scared and started running to the house. We grabbed my brother and ran almost mile home. I will never ever forget that. After that we got her dad and he got a gun and searched the woods
Team Toxic
Team Toxic 21 天 前
I want this comment to get 666 likes
Lamiss Zaidi
Lamiss Zaidi 21 天 前
is there no one literally saw the footage at 13:52 going like crazy or is it just me !!!!
Mrs. Tempo
Mrs. Tempo 21 天 前
Wtf. I got a death prediction advert. That's do scary. 😨😨😨😭😭😭
Mrs. Tempo
Mrs. Tempo 21 天 前
Every time corey says that he wants to go home, I have feel the same when I go parties or weddings.
MEGA BRO'S 7011 22 天 前
U guys should set up cameras around before camping
Autumn Adkins
Autumn Adkins 22 天 前
What if at the end they all ended up being friends with the shadow spirit and on the ride home the shadow man was just chillin in the back of the car in the middle of the seats and Cody’s hand was around his neck like there best friend
irrelevant someone?
la la la laila
la la la laila 23 天 前
8:08 lol captions say boring tbh they’re explain how they’re in their heads
Staz 24 天 前
It can't be in their heads because I can hear it on camera every time it says "listen" I hear it
Zack patterson
Zack patterson 25 天 前
Jake is actually me
Christina Lewis
Christina Lewis 25 天 前
I hope the cabin key was found. Really wanted to see the inside of the cabin.
Asha Mclellan-williams
i likes jennifer, bring her with you sometime
Super-Soph 25 天 前
Jelena van Oosten
Sam:Wait do we have the lanterns Corey: no I only have one Sam: do you have another one Colby: where is the third one?????
Ana Grazziani
Ana Grazziani 25 天 前
LMAO is no one gonna talk about the subtitles for this video💀💀
Fun Timz
Fun Timz 26 天 前
This was the creepiest forest and I hope to see more of this videos
i’m cornniblet
i’m cornniblet 27 天 前
I’m watching this video right. And all of a sudden my left AirPod makes a loud freaking static noise and scares the f out of me
Ava Leech
Ava Leech 27 天 前
Am I the only one who gets scared.
leah playz
leah playz 27 天 前
so 4 of you are by yourselfs and there are 3 stuff you guys are being haunted by...the only person that cant get that scared is jake,that means shadow man lucy and cowboy is haunting 3 people and jake is not
Raph 27 天 前
i get its for the content, but they are so overdramatic lol
Shelby Richardson
Raph but u don’t do what they do sooooo you don’t know that may just be how they react🤦🏽‍♀️
Erin에린 28 天 前
If I was Colby and saw them people running towards the car I would have just ran straight towards them not caring if they got hit and got far away from there and back on a main road and not in the forest. Edit: omg if was the nice Wiccan (idk spelling) lady now I kinda feel bad for saying that. Edit 2: now I don’t really I think that lady is creepy and possibly the one messing with them
mia ah
mia ah 29 天 前
This is my favorite overnight video
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