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Travis Scott - STARGAZING (Audio)

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2018年08月 3日

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Zak Mirviss
Zak Mirviss 小时 前
Nos Orion
Nos Orion 小时 前
see yall in astroworld
Purple Moderator
Purple Moderator 4 小时 前
Travis Scott, first man on Astroworld...
Commander 4 小时 前
This shit is so dope
Tommylee Irizarry
Tommylee Irizarry 5 小时 前
love this shit
Ciarra Rizzuto
Ciarra Rizzuto 5 小时 前
Now I gotta cop me an Astr🌍 W☀️rld sweater this shit is life changing 🌝😩
Sean Carrasco
Sean Carrasco 6 小时 前
Dee Platnum
Dee Platnum 7 小时 前
I played this to my dad... Now hes my son :)
Adrian Javadpour
Adrian Javadpour 7 小时 前
Travis Scott- Serenade is something else man👀
Michael Delatorre
Michael Delatorre 11 小时 前
Icejjfish is on ever song nowadays
KraX 11 小时 前
Beat at 2:45 killed me..is lit
I'll take his head clean off.
Take some magic shrooms and listen to this omg its amazing.
Ghxst_ Phantomz
Ghxst_ Phantomz 16 小时 前
Played this song to my egg Now it’s a chicken 🐓😂
Cesar OmShantiGonzalez
this is rap music oh yeah oh yeah o yeah
mmm lasagna
mmm lasagna 21 小时 前
Better than sicko mode
Nawaf Nawaf
Nawaf Nawaf 21 小时 前
Astroworld fest?
GodOfDoor 22 小时 前
i never got to go to astroworld and i lived right fucking next to it. my mom didn't have the money to do it before it was gone. my grandma used to buy season passes and shit.
Marko Rajc
Marko Rajc 天 前
When I turned this song dad pissed me of like oh shiet i was banged ur mom on our first stargazing.. song fuked me up
Diablos Diaz
Diablos Diaz 天 前
Ive never heard travis before but that switch up is fye fye...mumble to lyrical flame...best of both worlds cant hate!
Alexandra Brenduse
Ce blana ii melodia sa stie adev 🔥
LeowFlow 天 前
This just reminds me of summer ;(
king of COD
king of COD 天 前
No lie i went 2 astroworld
Michel Pillié
showed this to my dick now I have the eiffel tower
Michel Pillié is tht funny
Jordan Alexander IX
Album of the year 🔥
'Χαρούλα Αβρ'
[Part I] [Chorus] Rollin', rollin', rollin', got me stargazin' (yeah) Sippin' on purp, feelin' like the Barre Baby (it's lit) Whatever I downed, it got me goin' crazy (yah) Psychedelics got me goin' crazy (alright) [Post-Chorus] I was hot as hell out in the heat (yeah, yeah) Then a storm came in and saved my life Head up to the sky, down on my knees (straight up) Out of nowhere, you came here to save the night In the nighttime (woo, yeah) [Verse 1] Rollin', rollin', rollin', got me stargazin' (roll) Psychedelics got me goin' crazy (oh no) Niggas femalin', they excellin' (yeah) Are they intellin'? (what you tellin'?) We propellin', up top with Ellen, uh (with the choppers) Kill the jealous with propane repellent Got me goin' crazy (it's lit) On tour, we'll tell 'em, we brought the section (gang) They keep on callin' up, it's getting hectic (brrt) Like we projected So we cut the plug, he's interjected (got me goin' crazy) 1, 'u-xx_large_top_margin': $height > 0}" style="box-sizing: border-box; display: block;"> [Chorus] Rollin', rollin', rollin', got me stargazin' (yeah) Sippin' on purp, feelin' like the Barre Baby (it's lit) Whatever I downed, it got me goin' crazy (yah) Psychedelics got me goin' crazy (alright) [Post-Chorus] I was hot as hell out in the heat (yeah, yeah) Then the storm came in and saved my life Head up to the sky, down on my knees (straight up) Out of nowhere, you came here to save the night In the nighttime (woo, yeah) [Segue] Got me goin' crazy [Part II] [Verse 2] Okay, I been up for some days, I ain't got time to lay Just to drown out all these thoughts, I tried all kind of things If I take you to my past you will be traumatized Got a thousand kids outside that's tryna come alive '99, took AstroWorld, it had to relocate Told the dogs I'd bring it back, it was a seal of faith Before no car notes, baby girl, she played the tourist guide Got the keys into my city, now she know the rides Got new money, got new problems, got new enemies When you make it to the top, it's the amenities Packin' out Toyota like I'm in the league And it ain't a mosh pit if ain't no injuries I got 'em stage divin' out the nosebleeds(alright, alright, alright) And she hit that booger sugar 'til her nose bleed (alright, alright, alright) Bounce that shit forever, she on both knees She was talkin' 'bout forever, got a whole week (alright, alright, alright) Plus she know my baby mama is a trophy She be throwing up them B's, feel like we both bleed She keep my dick jumpin' up, feel like I'm Moby I'm way too gold for this beef, feel like I'm Kobe Yeah, this right here is astronomical I see you picked up all my ways, I feel responsible They tryna say that all my problems is improbable They keep itching at my spit, I'm diabolical Ya feel me?
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 天 前
Bumpin this everyday since it came out 🔥🙌
Yng Fence
Yng Fence 天 前
*S t a r g a z i n g*
zach strasinger
Sound like something Kanye produced, fire
Reverb Recordz
Best track on the album don’t @ me cnvid.net/video/视频-lT4R4szo9bE.html
Karina Hare
Karina Hare 天 前
How is this only on 20m veiws and I love it by drake and lil pump is 110 🤦🏼‍♀️ this guy needs more recognition
Cop pulled me over and told me to TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!
Amine del carpio Oudouche
Dima maroc Travis come see me
joanna zepeda
This is my six flags anthem 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
showed this song to my fish now i have a shark
the oneguy
the oneguy 天 前
The kick pattern in the second beat got me weak in the knees
Pedro Cavalcanti
Fuck Beat 00:00 respect from brazil. Sample origem:
Pepe Barbatesh
Everyone wants a video to this tune lol
My Views Your Thoughts
Best part start 0:02 end 2:36
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 2 天 前
Fast forward to 2.46 THANK ME LATER
Jeff da gamer Mintah
Showed this to my fanta and now it's lean
Purple Moderator
Travis Scott, first man on Astroworld...
Wendell Cherilus
Thank you Travis Scott this beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Various Content
Various Content 2 天 前
Policeman: u r under arrest! Travis Scott: why? Policeman: u kill the beat🔥🔥🔥
MA Tosic
MA Tosic 2 天 前
Travis burn my house once again
This is JBuck
This is JBuck 2 天 前
only me or is that high freq fucking clipping like hell ? snippets quality was better imo
osman öksüz
osman öksüz 2 天 前
2:47 scnd is just a HUGE SUPRISE
Shayk Hammad
Shayk Hammad 2 天 前
Like if astroworld is better than scorpion.
Ser Davos Seaworth
Shayk Hammad Anyone who thinks Scorpion is better than Astroworld has no ears on the sides of their head and that’s just facts
Mandem Rah
Mandem Rah 2 天 前
I bet man made bare p from this album!
This album a drug
Antoine L.
Antoine L. 2 天 前
//Bigy - Que pour elles //french artist very nice song and video in the US
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 2 天 前
This whole album feels like Houston. Respect!
Badmod 2 天 前
After listening to this album I have to say PROPS TO TRAVIS DONT DIE ON US SOON PLZ
Alex Drabik
Alex Drabik 2 天 前
Go to heaven with jashe go to hell with uzi or go to astroworld with tavis leave your awnser down below
basic b!tch
basic b!tch 天 前
Heaven with jashe
Alex Drabik
Alex Drabik 2 天 前
E N M Eric Miyagi
Alex Drabik Peep my music
Kristin Garcia
Kristin Garcia 2 天 前
Literally best intro ever
E N M Eric Miyagi
Kristin Garcia peep my music
barabule coapte
barabule coapte 2 天 前
i love @1:11
E N M Eric Miyagi
barabule coapte peep my music
giorgi mdivani
giorgi mdivani 2 天 前
After 3:00 is a real shitty masterpiecework
E N M Eric Miyagi
giorgi mdivani peep my music
Crptycial And Typical GamingHD
Fortnite season 6 leaked song???
E N M Eric Miyagi
Crptycial And Typical GamingHD peep my music
Fadi khalifa
Fadi khalifa 3 天 前
show support for astro world buy the t-shirt : www.amazon.com/dp/B07HFV6JHW
E N M Eric Miyagi
Fadi khalifa peep my music
dirty diana
dirty diana 3 天 前
Feel like I'm Moby
ansa dilvo
ansa dilvo 3 天 前
Who else remembers listening to this for the first time when he previewed it and thinking this is exactly how the album should sound?
E N M Eric Miyagi
ansa dilvo peep my music
mcggies 3 天 前
E N M Eric Miyagi
mcggies peep my music
Connor L
Connor L 3 天 前
best change up is heat🔥🔥🤮
E N M Eric Miyagi
Connor L peep my music
Double Deezy420
Double Deezy420 3 天 前
Album of 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥#yearoflaflame #astroworld
E N M Eric Miyagi
Double Deezy420 peep my music
insert cool name
I showed this to my dog And it's still a dog. His name is Rover.
NEW RISK 2 天 前
B-Zonic 3 天 前
Turn up, turn up! soundcloud.com/user-628506985/ Thanks for listening!
Philip Alexander
Kanye sacrificing himself for truth but getting paid for it..
cringe world
cringe world 3 天 前
i showed this to my teacher, now she is my student.
Dulce Lopez
Dulce Lopez 3 天 前
cringe world biiiii 😂😂😂
Logan Gonzalez
Logan Gonzalez 3 天 前
2:45 one of the coldest transitions I have ever heard. Sends chill. Can't wait to trip to this.
Da musical kid
Da musical kid 3 天 前
EdGanz Remixaholic
Damn that beat!🔥
Okayy Val
Okayy Val 3 天 前
Those 6.3k ppl who disliked are just people who missed the like button
Alex Urbaniak
Alex Urbaniak 3 天 前
Stuck on repeat 🔊🎶🎤
king jayy256
king jayy256 3 天 前
Showed this to my toad now its a frog
Purja 3 天 前
showed this to my cat and now he is a lion
kuko0306 3 天 前
Backwoods Airsoft
This song is so chill and just other worldly.
MacM.97AM 3 天 前
I wonder what these trap artists would do without autotune lol. This album has some good instrumentals but the lyrical content is for lil kids. Trap music is full of simple ass rhymes and the same hook every other song. The song with the weeknd was the best one in this album.
SaintLaurentDon 3 天 前
yeah this is pretty much all wrong
Sherrod McClease
Shut the hell up dude.
MAGie Loves
MAGie Loves 3 天 前
Pablo Vázquez
Pablo Vázquez 3 天 前
You have to listen the whole album on lsd
Tbh, I'm not going tbh with you
Psychedelics got me goin crazy
Ayoub Hilalou
Ayoub Hilalou 4 天 前
It’s littttt 🔥🔥
diallo djigui
diallo djigui 4 天 前
I love you from Mali 🇲 🇱
Trippy Fool
Trippy Fool 4 天 前
Psychedelics got me going gay.
Manay TV
Manay TV 4 天 前
Everybody hate this sound today, 10 years later they jumping to this with their kids.
crazy _kev
crazy _kev 4 天 前
heavy beat....well done....
Marcos Oliveira
Marcos Oliveira 4 天 前
Demetricee Henry
Showed this to my water. Now its wine 🔥
Aj Cruz
Aj Cruz 4 天 前
Classic drug taking music
khadim lo
khadim lo 4 天 前
Rollin' Rollin'rollin
dogan ozvurucular
We need the video ASAP
Kri Sti
Kri Sti 4 天 前
Repeat Button is on Fireeee
Nova Bear
Nova Bear 4 天 前
Isn't the flute in the background sampled from a Em track or am I losing my shit?
Jason Verhoek
Jason Verhoek 4 天 前
This is over auto tuned, overly high/out of tune trash. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. In my opinion.
Vedant S
Vedant S 4 天 前
Ashamed of what?
juicy_benny ben
juicy_benny ben 4 天 前
Showed this to my fan now he is my wind mill
Gabriel Guerrero
Fuck yeah! Hpta a chchtumadrxxx
Bill Stu
Bill Stu 4 天 前
Always high of the leaaaaan then this girl came to save my life looking to the sky down on my kneeeeeeeS♿♿♿♿♿
Fiz 4 天 前
Mr. perseverance 840
个月 前
Drake - Nonstop
个月 前
Mob Ties
个月 前