Trump's Obvious Attempt To Change The Subject

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Omarosa's revelations were hitting a little too close to home so the President attempts a distraction with some good old-fashioned abuse of power.
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Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic 个月 前
1:23 Wait a minute, Trump does that all the time, WTH!? Revoke Trumps security clearance!
rocksy112 个月 前
At least Ol Steve will have Trump to bash for almost 6 more years.
Alcagaur1 个月 前
In light of the Jarvanka clearance scandal, this is even more painful to rewatch.
Mr. RIZZ 个月 前
That well educated black man joke with Obama was priceless.
Gabby Morin
Gabby Morin 个月 前
Stephen Colbert has great handwork.
Chris Holdroyd
Chris Holdroyd 个月 前
What is Sarah planning to do the rest of her life? I'm just guessing... palm reader at the Hajj?
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 个月 前
Damming DeVos.
Marie Apple
Marie Apple 个月 前
Loved President Obama! Hate tiny mushroom Willy!
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 个月 前
People have signs that show when they're lying. Sarah's sign, is that she smiles Everytime she knows she's giving a bullshit answer. Just watch All of her press conferences and TV interviews, you'll spot it. Trump's sign, is him crossing his arms and holding himself.
Albert Goenner
Albert Goenner 2 个月 前
Please Papa Mueller, put this guy in jail
Joel Slotkin
Joel Slotkin 2 个月 前
Rachel Dewinata
Rachel Dewinata 2 个月 前
7:59 Ouch... If I was her, I would be so embarrassed that I would step back from my position, move out of the country, create a new identity and live trying to repress that day.
Jeff C
Jeff C 2 个月 前
The biggest tragedy of America is that so many people don't get that WE ALL are better off when WE ALL thrive. It's like chopping off your own finger when you get a splinter. The logic just isn't there.
Desolate Hound
Desolate Hound 2 个月 前
6:55 Crowd begins partial screams of terror and laughter.
Pierce Mueller
Pierce Mueller 3 个月 前
Colbert practically THROWING the N word left and right (literally) lol
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 3 个月 前
Why is there always a giggle after Hucka-sans still? Is the audience unfamiliar with Colbert? Or are people that stupid/easily amused?
Kelly Stephenson
Kelly Stephenson 3 个月 前
"I'm the least racist person you have ever met." Said multiple times. Convinces no-one. Your rallies were televised, you numb-nut.
Jose Alberto Rivera Doñan
We hate Trump because we don’t have the capacity to understand.
Ian Brooke
Ian Brooke 3 个月 前
All those students turning their backs and booing .... their solidarity was humbling and inspiring.
Kathleen DeShazer
Kathleen DeShazer 3 个月 前
Omg, Stephen Colbert.. He hit that Trump black comment out of the park!!!! LMAO 😂
K Quilor
K Quilor 4 个月 前
His Penn voice is actually really spot on.
Luke Burton
Luke Burton 4 个月 前
He’s the least racist person that’s in the KKK maybe
T Johnson
T Johnson 4 个月 前
Stephen is Awesome and that was the worst "Magician Music" I ever heard lol, he had no clue what to play . . Dayum !
ShadowReaper2006 4 个月 前
I would have booed her, I hate school and America. When my school’s chourus sang the American anthem, I sang the Soviet one. My class laughed, I was happy.
Young Shway
Young Shway 4 个月 前
maybe It's my own problem, but how does stating the fact that color of a person's skin could give him some advantage in job seeking is racist? if he had said it the other way around, which obviously is not the truth, would anyone still call it racism? that is a mysterious logic think I'll never get in so many years to come.
Niharka Suryvanshi
Niharka Suryvanshi 4 个月 前
That is like mad saying im not mad 🙈🙈🙈🙈
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 5 个月 前
I am the least racist person here...said a Trump supporter at a KKK rally.
Justin Thyme
Justin Thyme 5 个月 前
@ 4:26 Stephen literally proves Trump's point !!! LITERALY PROVIDES A PROOF THAT TRUMP WAS 100% CORRECT IN SAYING WHAT HE WAS SAYING IN THAT INTERVIEW! Don't know what makes that what not , but it is entertaining that the same people who celebrate Obama hate that trump was predicting/describing that event some 20 years ago.
Maggie Foster
Maggie Foster 4 个月 前
+Justin Thyme Aww, your delusion is adorable (I do like your username though, lol) ...I see that you are attempting to use a common Trump supporters defensive move that is known as 'whataboutism.' Read up on it, hopefully it'll help you understand why you sound so damn silly. No one is saying or has said that Obama was an angel. Like any other president, he made mistakes. He was held accountable (for the most part) for every screw up he made. He was heavily criticized and judged for it too. Hell, he even seemed to learn something from his dumb mistakes and applied those lessons toward efforts to make for a better future. it seems Tump is incapable of this. Imagine if he would have pulled just ONE percent of the stunts that Trump has so far. There would have been a mass panic in the streets and an immediate call for impeachment. No president can be perfect-especially not in the eyes of the American people and many other countries across the world. Trump's egotistical and racist comments (among many other awful traits) have brought us to where we are today. He's an enormous mess that quite obviously has no idea what he's even doing. He makes our entire country look like pathetic whining children. There's such focus on his incompetence by tv personalities because he gives them that ammunition daily. All of the people against him have damn good reasons to be. He brings this on himself. And hell, we've got to laugh over his horrifying behavior or else we'd cry. The man has too much power with too small a brain and it's appalling that he seems to be getting away with driving our country right into the ground. He faces no repercussions for his actions and people are fucking sick of it. He never was and never will be qualified to run the country. This really has nothing to do with Obama-except you trying to make Trump look better by attempting to throw the Obama administration under the bus. If all attention is focused on them then surely Trump will get by with doing whatever the fuck he wants.
Justin Thyme
Justin Thyme 5 个月 前
and let's not all still keep pretending that Obama was some angel, he had good chat, but he was as evil as Bush was
avoss119 5 个月 前
Yes Obama!
tracy scanlon
tracy scanlon 5 个月 前
Take the babies i phone away from him!
geoff dearth
geoff dearth 5 个月 前
If DJT can look at classified information that's about as jeopardized as that information can get.
Leigh Morrison
Leigh Morrison 5 个月 前
Even Sarah Sanders reads that like she is disgusted. By the way, her eyes are really close together...
Fajar Anuar
Fajar Anuar 6 个月 前
Now I see it. A lot of talk shows including this one, over emphasize conjectures and hyper focuses on imperfections. If you read articles from multiple sources, Trump, despite his unsavory demeanor, has significantly improved America's economy, including those african americans & hispanics wealth, almost eliminated ISIS which means more soldiers are returning, made peace with N.Korea and many more. Trump has achieved major economic and international relations strives in 1 year than Obama did in 8 Years. Many people "liked" Obama, yet his failures are so many and are not mentioned in mainstream media.
trnharris 4 个月 前
Fajar Anuar Lol...cute
Theo Milstein
Theo Milstein 6 个月 前
That is such a good Penn Gillette impression.
The Reckoner
The Reckoner 7 个月 前
I'm disappointed to say the LEAST that Penn is a big liberal/Libertarian FRAUD and I am shocked at his complacency after ALL the blow harding I've listen come out of his mouth. The ONE time he can say something with REAL substance and benefit, and what's he do? The SAME thing the politicians he's always going on about do, lie, half-truths, denials and spineless subterfuge. What a spineless douche you are Penn. And EAT something man besides a celery stick and air. SHIT! You look like a flim-flaming wishy-washy AIDS case or somebody's purse for god's sake.
may fernandez
may fernandez 7 个月 前
Stephen Colbert is Gambit confirmed!!!
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas 7 个月 前
You used to be funny - now you just suck.
Suzette Figgs
Suzette Figgs 7 个月 前
Applaud to those students who saw straight f@&+×@y in their mist!
Suzette Figgs
Suzette Figgs 7 个月 前
I just got lying perch. I'm so f ing slow. Lol!
Ghazal Tofangdar
Ghazal Tofangdar 7 个月 前
What is the N word ?
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin 7 个月 前
Our fake president will have time on his hands....in federal prison.
Irene Mesecke
Irene Mesecke 7 个月 前
And I am the sugar plum fairy.
David Emerling
David Emerling 7 个月 前
Penn Jillette made it perfectly clear on his podcast, "Penn's Sunday School", that, although he heard Donald Trump say many insensitive racist and misogynistic things during his tenure while on the "Celebrity Apprentice", he never once heard Trump actually say the N-word.
Chi Town needs the National Guard? Dam Dem. ex- SP Rahm and Pres. O B. I guess, ey?
Stephen Colbert is a little on the creepy side! I can't quite put my finger on it but he s just plain weird to me.
Ethan Latinum
Ethan Latinum 7 个月 前
People usually don’t have to repeat the statement that “I’m not a racist” unless they’ve done something horribly, horribly wrong. So...yeah.
John Carlino
John Carlino 7 个月 前
colbert's a shill
Carol Jo Martin
Carol Jo Martin 7 个月 前
Betsy DeVos... aka Cruella DeVos....
John Cass
John Cass 7 个月 前
Bryan Wong
Bryan Wong 7 个月 前
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt 7 个月 前
Mueller found NOTHING to support the initial Russia Collusion lie, so he keeps looking for ANYTHING. Talk about changing the subject.
Jan Edmunds
Jan Edmunds 7 个月 前
Thank you for making me lol 😆
Judd palmer
Judd palmer 7 个月 前
He need a better raciest scale more like drunk trump at kkk rally
Tony Boggs
Tony Boggs 7 个月 前
how dumb is Colbert? 20 years ago President Trump stated that a well educated black man would have an advantage over a well educated white man. An Asian, Jewish, white, Native American, or any other "race" would be at a disadvantage because of the racist system of affirmative action.
Tony Boggs
Tony Boggs 7 个月 前
sad, he used to be funny
Kathi Firns-Hubert
Kathi Firns-Hubert 7 个月 前
After my friend, Barry, and his wife, R., honeymooning in Latin America, were at different times questioned, they both started wearing shirts stating they were Canadian; I was embarrassed to admit that I was a US citizen. Twice since (in Europe) , I was asked about my citizenship. How sad is it when you're concerned about admitting you're a U.S. citizen? In the past, I could admit what country I was from. That's certainly not the case now & DJ. TRUMP found it preferable to play golf than to appear at a great stateman's funeral.
sammy eagleson
sammy eagleson 7 个月 前
"drunk uncle at a trump rally" lol. Oh man that would be more funny if it weren't depressingly real...
arju scarlet
arju scarlet 7 个月 前
Damn that well educated black joke was the best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John barfneck
John barfneck 7 个月 前
dollcake13 7 个月 前
I LOOVEE how excited the audience gets from just Stephen cutting the deck!!! XD
Elio Lopez
Elio Lopez 7 个月 前
Mike Pence had the same reaction at a white college in his home state. That's on youtube as well.
Elio Lopez
Elio Lopez 7 个月 前
LMAO! And Fux News did a tribute to Aretha Franklin while using images of Patti LaBelle. I guess to Fux and their viewers blacks all look the same? But, noooo, they're not racists, naw....Lol
Amir Hossen
Amir Hossen 7 个月 前
diane shelton
diane shelton 7 个月 前
Oh lord, “official lying post” Sarah how can you look at your self in the mirror.
Mr. Roboto :]
Mr. Roboto :] 7 个月 前
Pot/kettle joke 🤣😂🤣
David Osborne
David Osborne 7 个月 前
is it just me, or does Sarah Huckster Sanders always look permanently pissed off? I guess it's because she knows that in every press briefing, she is about to feed the press with a pack of lies, and she is gonna get called out on it...every time... except by Fox News... they'll just write it down and run with it...
MechaEmperor7000 7 个月 前
The more I watch these videos the more I feel sorry for Trump's spokespeople. They all look like they're speaking with a gun to their head.
Flegpuppy 7 个月 前
The more the media and the talk shows accuse Trump of being racist, the more it will come back and hurt them in the end. Trump is no more racist than any other politician or an average person and the majority of the Americans understand that and don't care to focus on it.
trans am
trans am 7 个月 前
You must have a thing for Trump as much as you talk about him nerd boy Libratards are so Dam dumb
ks dilauri
ks dilauri 7 个月 前
We love Stephen--and its funny how, after he introduces himself, he always attempts to talk, knowing darn well the audience isn't done screaming for him. LOL
Spyderred 7 个月 前
Trump gave open access to every member of his family, even though his son-in-law was recently in trouble for falsifying rental records. So when will Trump revoke his access and quit trying to use him as some sort of ambassador in the Middle East.
Mark Al_Cobia
Mark Al_Cobia 7 个月 前
Trump is Putin trojan!
KIM The Legacy Creator
BOOOM!!! Stephen -- Great one!
José Lopes
José Lopes 7 个月 前
Can someone tell me what is the n word?! (Brasil)
Landon McCalmon
Landon McCalmon 7 个月 前
Orange is the new black? Trump never ceases to disgust........
Thiago Albino Santos
The face of hucksands trying to fake a smile is funny.
Don Princo
Don Princo 7 个月 前
C Lockett
C Lockett 7 个月 前
2:47 and 4:21 LMFAO
xX Clouds Xx
xX Clouds Xx 7 个月 前
Stephen, isn’t a late night show supposed to be a show that makes people laugh, not talk about politics every show. I’m not saying trump is an amazing guy with no flaws, but every show is about bashing him. The news is supposed to report this, and you and the news also twist it and abuse your power. He won and is our president. Stop crying about it and move on. You and your fans are ignorant assholes that don’t know anything and can’t listen to anyone but themselves and people that have similar views.
Thomas Hendrik
Thomas Hendrik 8 个月 前
Trump is a good president
exod4 8 个月 前
Shiiit the i wish you were obama comment was sooo smooth
OtakuOran Gaming
OtakuOran Gaming 8 个月 前
Should've used a 3 of clubs for the card bit.
skyclimber7 8 个月 前
"im the least racist person " that's exactly what a racist would say....lmao
no yes
no yes 8 个月 前
@2:46 now image the next scene, the donald is BEHIND the glass wall, roll the clip. I can iminange Donald requesting an interview from inside the big house. Looks Good Behind Glass, Don'tcha Think.
saultube44 8 个月 前
Roger Cane
Roger Cane 8 个月 前
What does it feel to have an embaresment as President.
Steve Long
Steve Long 8 个月 前
Yeah that's why the he was took to court for not renting to black and brown skinned people .
Richard Navarrette
Richard Navarrette 8 个月 前
witness tampering I'm guessing
RyshuPicchu 8 个月 前
I just broke free from the loop and together we are teh Loopers!
George Margo
George Margo 8 个月 前
This Trump hater is a super HYPOCRITE and will say anything to further his career. Trump is trying to save this country and the media and Hollywood are his biggest enemies. Reminds me when they publicly joked about his chances and then had to eat crow.........
Jessie Dowlah
Jessie Dowlah 8 个月 前
we don't need a tape to know that Trump is racist... he proves time and time again that he is racist in the way he speaks, his cabinet, his policies and just in general his circle. we really dont need a tape of him saying the N word to know that he's racist.
Jason Ackers
Jason Ackers 8 个月 前
You’re an irrelevant hack. Thanks, in advance, for helping Trump win in 2020!
Jason Ackers
Jason Ackers 8 个月 前
Carolyn Smith 😘
Jason Ackers
Jason Ackers 8 个月 前
Carolyn Smith oh, I don’t watch them. I Just troll them.
W P 8 个月 前
The least racist person, still racist but not so much according to Trump himself. Oh boi.
Maria Aquos
Maria Aquos 8 个月 前
Nobody seems to mention the fact that MSNBC and CNN are fake news sources. Clinton, Biden and Kerry have tons of serious criminal records selling out our country to China (read Clinton Cash and Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer); it's as if China had financially controlled Democrat Party and shamefully, fake news sources like CNN and MSNBC haven't even mentioned a word. What's wrong with the fact that Trump is trying hard to get America back on track by encouraging manufacturing to come back to America and creating more jobs for Americans? Fake news sources like CNN and MSNBC have been doing nothing but bashing Trump every single day since the election. Are the fake news sources like CNN and MSNBC also working for China? Very good at bitching about what Trump is doing to help our country, fake news sources like CNN and MSNBC have been spewing toxic biased news to demean and deflate Americans. The American people have spoken and won't let fake news run their lives just like before and during the election.
Maria Aquos
Maria Aquos 8 个月 前
Carolyn Smith *Dub*
ArninoStorm 8 个月 前
On the other hand, all directors of the CIA past and future should be sent to The Hague.
Raj Sankaran
Raj Sankaran 8 个月 前
Stephen, What the heck is this from aljzera , ................."He took the job and then he said, 'I'm going to recuse myself,'" Trump said. "I said, 'What kind of a man is this?'" However, Trump told "Fox & Friends" he would "stay uninvolved" in department matters............................................thats akin to saying "i cant believe u r a pedo", and then turn around going 'wassssup?' isnt it????
TheGrandOptimist 8 个月 前
Oh look Colbert is making another Trump joke, just like he did the previous night, and the previous night before that, and the previous week, and the previous month, and the previous year. All in different formats and settings, how the mighty have fucking fallen.
TheGrandOptimist 8 个月 前
+Carolyn Smith on what empirical proof? Even if I were to watch him on tv it still doesn't take anything I said less true. Its so cookie cutter and low effort
TheGrandOptimist 8 个月 前
+Carolyn Smith Except I don't watch him on tv, try again
George Sosinsky
George Sosinsky 8 个月 前
Hahahahahahaha love it. We need to get ride of the president and vice president before we no longer have a country to be a little proud of and fix to honestly make it better. I pray the next president takes down all his work.
Rae S
Rae S 8 个月 前
Where are you stephen!! We can't do this on our own!
Mitchell Drake
Mitchell Drake 8 个月 前
I'm kinda irked by how he says "least racist" instead of "not racist". I'd want to distance myself to the point of complete disconnection, if I were him.
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