Trump's Obvious Attempt To Change The Subject

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Omarosa's revelations were hitting a little too close to home so the President attempts a distraction with some good old-fashioned abuse of power.
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Edward Williams
Too bad trump NEVER tells the truth. But at least it tells us how to read him.
alton gifford
alton gifford 8 天 前
Stephen, I wish you`d quit describing every body as man or woman who does etc. It`s starting to wear pretty thin.In fact it`s been wearing thin for a long godamn time now. Otherwise I like the show.
Pauly Gibson
Pauly Gibson 10 天 前
That's odd, his wishing he was a black man with an education. Personally, I wish he was a white man with an education.
Larry White
Larry White 11 天 前
Trump is an old, white, racist. Of course he has said the ' N ' word .
Larry White
Larry White 11 天 前
And Congress let's trump get away with it, punishing people who disagree with him. Wanna be dictator.
Leland Lewis
Leland Lewis 11 天 前
I am far from a Trump fan, but simply to say that "a well educated black man has an advantage" in the time of "affirmative action" is a statement of fact, not a sign of racism. If he had said that whites are smarter than blacks and should be hired first, then that would be racist. His reputation of not renting to minorities in his properties and all of the lawsuits for discrimination would have been better examples.
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 12 天 前
Least racist....except for all those lawsuits over racist housing practices? Except for the Muslim ban? Except for all those shithole countries that aren't Russia or Norway? Except for separating brown families? Except for caging children? Except for denying basic human necessities like access to water, food, hygiene products, medicines, and access to medical personnel? Saying Trump isn't racist is lile saying the KKK is the adult equivalent to a Brownie troop. Insulting to both parties.
Kenn Mossman
Kenn Mossman 14 天 前
wow......................blacks "do not the capacity to understand"
ZionHillCalling 14 天 前
Donald Trump never liked Nebuchadnezar.
Biggwill NYC
Biggwill NYC 18 天 前
Brennan a security threat ? Who ushered into the oval office for the first time ever three Russian spies ?
Jame Spencer
Jame Spencer 22 天 前
Trump should not have access to classified info!! Be glad when hes GONE!!!
michael goehner
michael goehner 24 天 前
That particular black guy cost the Democratic party a lot of judges seat and Governorships,, jus sayin
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal 25 天 前
My God how I LOATHE Trump's disgusting, power-whore genetic accidents
Bigg X
Bigg X 个月 前
"I am the least racist person you have ever met... I care very much about greenbacks and I will con anybody for them!" TRUMPTARD
Mel The Mom
Mel The Mom 个月 前
ew, things happened sexually when Penn Jillette was in the room with trump...I don't want to know about THAT
Mel The Mom
Mel The Mom 个月 前
Jon: I like that guy!
Trump is clueless about 99% of the info he receives,he does one thing TWEET !
Beau Biker
Beau Biker 个月 前
ILMAO This is Colbert's attempt to not be such a moron .And like always he failed miserably. Pathetic X1000
GianinaNicoleta Ciobanu
From Italy with LOVE
Megan Behlmer
Megan Behlmer 个月 前
I swear Sarah looks like she wants to blow her head off every time she has to address the media 😂
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy
What is racism. Haves and have-nots. Domination automatically kicks in. Security block.
Debra Lawrence
Debra Lawrence 个月 前
Still not funny Not handsome either!
John Moldoch
John Moldoch 2 个月 前
Just because you say it, doesnt make it true.
Genevieve Broyles
Genevieve Broyles 2 个月 前
I miss Obama. Instead, we get a self-centered, orange jerk who probably flunked out of Kindergarten.
Lorraine Maltby
Lorraine Maltby 2 个月 前
Perhaps we should take Conalds advice and not believe anything we see or hear...
Terri Pickens
Terri Pickens 2 个月 前
Trekkies now
Terri Pickens
Terri Pickens 2 个月 前
They put a chip in her brain. That would be the only explanation!
Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic 3 个月 前
1:23 Wait a minute, Trump does that all the time, WTH!? Revoke Trumps security clearance!
rocksy112 3 个月 前
At least Ol Steve will have Trump to bash for almost 6 more years.
Alcagaur1 4 个月 前
In light of the Jarvanka clearance scandal, this is even more painful to rewatch.
Mr. RIZZ 4 个月 前
That well educated black man joke with Obama was priceless.
Eleanor Fudge
Eleanor Fudge 4 个月 前
Stephen Colbert has great handwork.
Chris Holdroyd
Chris Holdroyd 4 个月 前
What is Sarah planning to do the rest of her life? I'm just guessing... palm reader at the Hajj?
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 4 个月 前
Damming DeVos.
Marie Apple
Marie Apple 4 个月 前
Loved President Obama! Hate tiny mushroom Willy!
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 4 个月 前
People have signs that show when they're lying. Sarah's sign, is that she smiles Everytime she knows she's giving a bullshit answer. Just watch All of her press conferences and TV interviews, you'll spot it. Trump's sign, is him crossing his arms and holding himself.
Albert Goenner
Albert Goenner 4 个月 前
Please Papa Mueller, put this guy in jail
Joel Slotkin
Joel Slotkin 4 个月 前
Rachel Dewinata
Rachel Dewinata 5 个月 前
7:59 Ouch... If I was her, I would be so embarrassed that I would step back from my position, move out of the country, create a new identity and live trying to repress that day.
Jeff C
Jeff C 5 个月 前
The biggest tragedy of America is that so many people don't get that WE ALL are better off when WE ALL thrive. It's like chopping off your own finger when you get a splinter. The logic just isn't there.
Desolate Hound
Desolate Hound 5 个月 前
6:55 Crowd begins partial screams of terror and laughter.
Pierce Mueller
Pierce Mueller 5 个月 前
Colbert practically THROWING the N word left and right (literally) lol
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 5 个月 前
Why is there always a giggle after Hucka-sans still? Is the audience unfamiliar with Colbert? Or are people that stupid/easily amused?
Kelly Stephenson
Kelly Stephenson 6 个月 前
"I'm the least racist person you have ever met." Said multiple times. Convinces no-one. Your rallies were televised, you numb-nut.
Jose Alberto Rivera Doñan
We hate Trump because we don’t have the capacity to understand.
Ian Brooke
Ian Brooke 6 个月 前
All those students turning their backs and booing .... their solidarity was humbling and inspiring.
Kathleen DeShazer
Kathleen DeShazer 6 个月 前
Omg, Stephen Colbert.. He hit that Trump black comment out of the park!!!! LMAO 😂
K Quilor
K Quilor 6 个月 前
His Penn voice is actually really spot on.
Luke Burton
Luke Burton 6 个月 前
He’s the least racist person that’s in the KKK maybe
T Johnson
T Johnson 6 个月 前
Stephen is Awesome and that was the worst "Magician Music" I ever heard lol, he had no clue what to play . . Dayum !
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