Trying NUDE Makeup...But What IS Nude?! | Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina
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So what exactly is the meaning of "nude" as it relates to makeup? I try a bunch of products in the shade nude to find out!
Mented Lipsticks bit.ly/2jyN3ye
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) www.toofaced.com/jackie

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 3 个月 前
that nude shoe line I told you about can be found here: www.thirtytwentyeight.com/ FYI the shoes run small, I would suggest going a size up!
Salma Dooy
Salma Dooy 15 小时 前
@sxadiya hey♡
sxadiya 15 小时 前
sxadiya 15 小时 前
Trinity LuVon
Trinity LuVon 20 小时 前
Ballerinas of deeper complexions have struggled with finding the ideal “nude” slipper/shoe for years!!! When brands make NUDE slippers, they show a pattern of primarily catering to lighter complexions.
Hapless Beauty
Hapless Beauty 4 天 前
This video should be shown to makeup companies in board meetings. Not a single one of the products just named Nude would work for even me, and let's be honest sadly my skin tone has been the default for years. Before I get hate for that statement I'm not saying that's right, I'm not saying it to be cocky I'm saying it because it's just true, it needs to change and now but it's still true. In 2019 if you're going to call a product Nude have an adjective (ie. Warm Nude, Ivory Nude, Deep Nude or jeez even Gargoylesque Nude) just anything other than plain Nude. By calling that particular shade or colour Nude you imply that anyone that isn't that one colour is the wrong shade of Nude. Apologies for the Essay, Thank You for coming to my Ted Talk. xAndyx
Scott Gardinier
Scott Gardinier 5 天 前
" I WANT MY REPARATIONS " ARE YOU KIDDING ME I just spit out my ice cream. You are funny.
Koli Uddin
Koli Uddin 10 天 前
Oh. My. God. The intro the blaaady intro mannnnn, about them Mac girls. Girl, exact same experience here! Ended up walking out with an orange foundation (I still don't understand what colour she thought she was seeing to match me to an ORANGE foundation)! X
Xrisa Anastasioy
Xrisa Anastasioy 11 天 前
Really light nudes that are not peachy don’t look good on anyone ,even to white girls. I look dead every time I use a pale nude on its own
Vannah Oshun
Vannah Oshun 12 天 前
Your platform and how you use it is so important. 🧡
I liked the Anastasia one ! I feel like it had a darker undertone if that makes sense, too light for Jackie but maybe good for me
Melissa Youthful Mamma
Babe, what's that ABH nude that you tried on at the beginning? Loved that 👌
Laurie Warmerdam
Laurie Warmerdam 18 天 前
18:38 you are actually so right!
Laurie Warmerdam
Laurie Warmerdam 18 天 前
I like your eye make up!!
Neko 20 天 前
This is basically someone asking for "skin color " crayon and people of color giving brown
aSyMbolden 21 天 前
I don't have a spleen lmao
Grady Baby
Grady Baby 22 天 前
The YSL looks good with your hair and makeup in this video
Rachel Carter
Rachel Carter 23 天 前
That's why I like the foundations that are titled with numbers or letters, such as Fenty and some of the other ones with letters indicating their group, undertone, and then the number. Because besides "nude", which is arbitrary, words like, "snow" "cotton" "mocha" "caramel" make me feel uncomfortable.
Madeline Colbert
Madeline Colbert 23 天 前
Tati Lopez
Tati Lopez 26 天 前
when you said Tatiana i was shook 😭😭
Ikeena Hardman
Ikeena Hardman 27 天 前
Love you Jackie! This one was just for me. So glad for the deep girl options. Thank you!
Latisha Harrison
Latisha Harrison 个月 前
Your makeup looks great!! What eyeshadow and lipstick did you use for your look at the beginning of the video??
orlando 个月 前
the editing of this is 10/10
Paloma M.
Paloma M. 个月 前
I am glad you did this video. Some people need to understand that one color fits all is not accurate.
Saskia Buttolph
Saskia Buttolph 个月 前
Take a shot every time Jackie says "nude" 😂
JustDontAskIDK 个月 前
I have a foundation named "Natural" and its literally the second lightest shade in the range 😑
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 个月 前
This is so important!!!!!!!! What a queen
Otowneecee 个月 前
Is “Nude” a color concept in the darker complexioned countries of Africa? If so, what’s the standard “Nude” in Nigeria? Ghana? Kenya? What about in South Africa? What about India? What about Brazil? Are people all over the world settling for one color just for the sake of this universal “Nude”?
Temi 个月 前
Audrianna Biggers
Jackie sees my history tab!?!?!?!??!?
Alba Navarro Santos
In the Physiciand formula cushion foundation I’m in the shade NATURAL. What the hell does that say about other skin tonessssssss
Genevieve Genovefa
Lol this has nothing to do with the makeup but I just had to say it. You are funny!!! You are the only makeup guru I watch where I get makeup education and a comedy show all at the same time.
Martina L
Martina L 个月 前
(Let me just say this before I watch the video) You look gorgeous! The hair the makeup the outfit, everything is just perfect for you! 😍♥️
D 3
D 3 个月 前
The only thing that still blows my mind is how some makeup brands still don't get how a dark brown can also be a nude. Like hello?! Do you not see dark women?! Not cause it looks dark and grunge on lighter people means it's not a nude for darker women smh
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson 个月 前
Yeah while those nudes look like they’d be my colour on your skin they’d be probably too dark for me lol. Except that makeup forever concealer. That looks like it’d work for me.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
I wear the peach perfect foundation in nude and even I don’t agree with the idea of calling it nude, this videos is making me subscribe ♥️
Kawanna Hardy
Kawanna Hardy 个月 前
Love how you approach serious issues, with a side of humor.
nomfundo mkhize
nomfundo mkhize 个月 前
Create a makeup line please I can already see it on a tv advert with your Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie song with a soft voice aaaaaahhhhh YES YES YES please do it
Josué Alonso ddel Rey
I think i should subscribe after you called me out 😒😂
tracy ann johnson
You have a great mouth!👌🏽
lxn 个月 前
Essence created a nude collection for every skintone, check it out
Erin Fennessy
Erin Fennessy 个月 前
I friggin LOVE how Jackie deals with the tone deaf issues in the makeup community. There definitely are still issues when it comes to inclusivity especially in skin coloring, but the way she delivers the issues is so calm and mature and nonaccusatory toward any groups in particular and she really frames everything positively and doesn’t let the negativity come through in her attitude or anything and it just is a good way to really make people see the real issues without pissing people off if that makes sense
Nicole H
Nicole H 个月 前
What eyeshadow are you wearing? It is gorgeous!
whodrankmy bleach
For me personally this video wasn't educational or informative in any way. I mean...noone showed us how to find our nude (if thats a thing) or cool and warm stuff or whatever idk idk but it's just not helpful... It really isn't except for the company for nudes for darker people And yes I do think it's very important for everyone to be able to find their color. But it still wasn't helpful, it's just 19 mins of bitching..
Marlene Vale
Marlene Vale 个月 前
I dont know where you’re from but you’re accent is super cute. Like you don’t just say “on” you say “oWn” and it’s super cute I love it
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger 个月 前
"I know this is the 6th video, I see your history tab" JACKIE
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger 个月 前
Why dont they do like "fair nude, fair light nude, light nude, light medium nude, medium nude, medium tan nude, tan nude, tan dark nude, dark nude, dark deep nude, deep nude" Or something like that?
Rebekah Curl
Rebekah Curl 个月 前
i love this. i love how open you are about this race issues in the beauty community. it’s interesting and eye opening to hear you talk about problems in the industry that must gurus tip toe around. i appreciate your honesty
Mariaforever 个月 前
Don't even bother with nudes 😂 Even on me that I'm pale as fuck, the lipsticks called "nude" make me look like I'm dead 😂
Margzz Kelsey
Margzz Kelsey 个月 前
Yessssss 💜✨🌸💗
Krys Kalima
Krys Kalima 个月 前
I die everytime she says that I've watched so many of her videos today.... She's so right!!! I binge her videos 😭😭
Charina Simeon
Charina Simeon 个月 前
You are very smart and very beautiful. But, all the over exaggerated faces you make, when talking, are very distracting. I wish you could tone it down a little. I think you're ideas and message were able to shine more, during the less over dramatic moments in the video. I usually take a long time to come and watch your videos, because of this. Like I said, you're beautiful and smart. You don't need all the extra.
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