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2018年08月 9日

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评论 186
Joe Ray
Joe Ray 25 天 前
Boy, have I got some Inferation for you! 😁
Esther dunseph
Esther dunseph 个月 前
Please do more songs of the album TRENCH like Legend or Chlorine :)
Esther dunseph
Esther dunseph 个月 前
Omg did you just put KAAN in your intro. Fuck yeah thats my shit dawg lmao my favorite rapper and favorite band in one video damn i'll take it
Reza Jr
Reza Jr 2 个月 前
in my opinion they make the best music in the world
keandric 2
keandric 2 3 个月 前
Lol you should never expect Anything from TOP, except for it to be good. They might have rock elements a lot of their songs, but they have pretty much an equal amount of reggae, screamo, pop, rap/hip hop, ect also. Every single song that they've released so far from the new album has been Completely different. They're don't subscribe to any one genre. They choose the sound based on what they feel will fit that song the best, and most of the time many (ok probably closer to Most, lol) of their songs will switch between 2, 3, sometimes even 4 different genres, just in the same song. They're a really Unique, Dynamic duo :)
Epifany Music
Epifany Music 3 个月 前
Kitchen sink by them is good
Henrique Moura
Henrique Moura 3 个月 前
Goofyanimal 3 个月 前
I am in agreement with everyone else. You should definitely do more TOP reactions. I think you would highly enjoy their other bodies of work. One of the great things about them is that they can't be labeled in any one kind of genre. 99.9% of their music/songs don't sound anything alike and they can mix different genres into 1 song amazingly well. And if you do decide to check them out some more in the future I highly suggest watching *Jumpsuit* and *Nico And The Niners* out next [in that order]. Then there is their *Heavydirtysoul* music video from their last album [called Blurry face] that is a prequel to this new trilogy of videos.
Nuk3dNeBulA 3 个月 前
pika dark
pika dark 3 个月 前
I know I'm late but you should react to Ode To Sleep by Twenty One Pilots it's such an unique song.
Gillian Hidalgo
Gillian Hidalgo 3 个月 前
It hurts me that he skipped the first two parts
miranda latsch
miranda latsch 3 个月 前
I go 0 to 011 mike real quick
Hey great video! I made a video reacting to this too, would you mind dropping it a like?💞
Groovy Lisa
Groovy Lisa 4 个月 前
Well now you gotta react to vessel and blurryface might now.
Robinho Cezar
Robinho Cezar 4 个月 前
Check out Nico and niners and then jumpsuit videos
twentyonepilots Fan
twentyonepilots Fan 4 个月 前
Don't let this distract you from the fact that it's was one of my follower on insta who cut tyler's hair in the music video , check his insta ( Jonathan9lufoko ) Thank me later
brotzo1 4 个月 前
And, by the way, the 3 songs that have been released ahead of the full album (Jumpsuit, Levitate, Nico and the Niners) are tracks 1,2 & 9 respectively. Album drops beginning of Oct.
brotzo1 4 个月 前
They (Tyler Joseph -vocals, lyrics-Josh Dunn-drums, acrobat-lol) have amazing albums-each tell a story per say-Trench, this album, doesn’t drop until Oct. but check out their self-titled album (before Josh-Tyler with 2 others), Regional at best (hard to find), Vessel, Blurryface, and Heathens (single or on the soundtrack for suicide squad). They have the most loyal fan base and they deserve it!! They perform with so much energy --they are amazing!
Spooky Man
Spooky Man 4 个月 前
Reaction starts 1:21
Curtis 4 个月 前
Twenty one pilots Ode to Sleep for some verses and changing rap flows
Bow Down To The True Mod
Pretty meh
Andrea Civardi
Andrea Civardi 4 个月 前
And ps:you just contracted an amazing, uncurable TOP infection! Congratulations :)
Andrea Civardi
Andrea Civardi 4 个月 前
I love how TOP are the conjunction a of all genres and tastes.
Wildshot ASMR
Wildshot ASMR 4 个月 前
Listen to we die too by iamjakehill or paradise lost by Hollywood undead
Vanilla Crash
Vanilla Crash 4 个月 前
Moar Hollywood Undead!
Vol Beat 2412
Vol Beat 2412 4 个月 前
I don't know why, but I got the notification 2 days after the CNvid video was uploaded (today it's August 10th)
Aaron Haselrig
Aaron Haselrig 4 个月 前
React to Life is Worth Losing - Dumb Americans by George Carlin. It's very funny but also real as hell
Kevin Gorjanc
Kevin Gorjanc 4 个月 前
Faith no more - Epic...Dew it!
Machines of Our Disgrace
Devin Townsend - Deconstruction
StayStreet Fren
StayStreet Fren 4 个月 前
Tyler Joseph- singer/songwriter Josh Dun- drummer Tyler mostly writes about mental illness. His struggle with it, and how it can affect others. He has said before that he uses rap, not to stay on trend, but because he has so much to say, but he can't make a 10 minute song. Their upcoming album is a concept album, similar to Blurryface. But this album is most likely going to have more consistency to the story. We only have theories, but if you want to, you should definitely do you own research. And listen to more of their music, because they really are a unique band.
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander 4 个月 前
React to death the philosopher
Chris Lemay
Chris Lemay 4 个月 前
Hey u should react to sail by awolnation
tyler nichols
tyler nichols 4 个月 前
UPCHURCH just dropped two Alice In Chains covers and they are badass. You need to check them out
Omar Munoz
Omar Munoz 4 个月 前
Lil Troy wanna be a baller!
AgenteusaRR 4 个月 前
Or this nvm the title its not emotional, it's just a great solo, only guy that gets close to Stevie Ray tbh ;) Buckethead - One of the best, most emotional versions of Soothsayer Live @ Gothic 9-28-2012
AgenteusaRR 4 个月 前
try it - Muse - Psycho (in fact i think you will like most of them but try that one, its kinda Depeche mode stuff but 21st century ;) )
Khalid Carter
Khalid Carter 4 个月 前
You should react to Creeping Death live in Moscow by Metallica, or Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed
Zack Ayers
Zack Ayers 4 个月 前
You should do upchurch first day out remix
Holland Babbidge
Holland Babbidge 4 个月 前
It sure is gonna be an in depth album
A C G F 4 个月 前
react to Jinjer - Pieces
Xenophon 4 个月 前
Love your channel! Hey, it's been too long....how about Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but not Here live? You loved them but have only one reaction.
MC Magician
MC Magician 4 个月 前
Hey Hectic, you should react to my raps..... im joking! You should check out Eminem - We all die one day (one of his best verses) or check out Book Of Ryan album by Royce!!! Love you bro!
Silly Billy Gumdrops
Maybe if i comment on a more recent video ull see it doubt it though... u mentioned you wanted more songs from systems 1st album i recommend the songs pluck, suggestions, and know to start its my favorite album by them forsure... its their heaviest too!
an irish ladd 04
an irish ladd 04 4 个月 前
Or Tantric down and out
an irish ladd 04
an irish ladd 04 4 个月 前
System of a down jet pilot
Kirsten Kirchoff
Kirsten Kirchoff 4 个月 前
This was a 3 part series you have to watch ch Jumpsuit (1st) Nico and the Niners (2nd) and then Levitate last
Benji Trammell
Benji Trammell 4 个月 前
You should def give 311 another chance.... Omaha Stylee off their Grassroots album
Jennifer2017 4 个月 前
the singer/rapper is Tyler Joseph, and the drummer is Josh Dun.
74angelwing 4 个月 前
Please keep reacting to twenty one pilots!! I love them so much. thanks for the reaction (:
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 4 个月 前
I'd say run before you can but it's too late, man. rip.
Madison Panknin
Madison Panknin 4 个月 前
Another Level - Hollywood Undead
imzul 4 个月 前
Twenty one pilots is just two people, Tyler Joseph (sings and plays piano, ukulele and bass), and Josh Dun who plays drums :)
imzul 4 个月 前
Yesss more twenty one pilots
Øther 19 Piløts
Øther 19 Piløts 4 个月 前
dheine121 4 个月 前
Dude....obviously you know nothing about twenty One Pilots, why am I here?
Justin Ellis
Justin Ellis 4 个月 前
dheine121 so because someone is trying to discover new music you have to be rude? Nice job representing the fan base. You dont insult new listeners but encourage and give insight
Scotty Oates
Scotty Oates 4 个月 前
You have to react to in order jumpsuit, Nico and the niners. Then this one. The music videos tell a story in that order. Tyler Joseph is the lead singer Josh Dun is the drummer
Ess Elle
Ess Elle 4 个月 前
Do more Twenty One Pilots!! Car Radio, Lane Boy ... well anything really - you need to go back. This latest album, not out until October, appears to be more of a concept album - there’s been a whole build up about a place called DEMA (Tower of Silence) and trying to escape from it. Anyway too much to go into here, but go way back to their older stuff too please!
Michala Brooks
Michala Brooks 4 个月 前
You've definitely gotta check out the videos for Jumpsuit and Nico and the Niners by them! All three are off the new album, Trench. The video for Levitate will make a bit more sense if you check 'em out. The music videos they've released for this new album tie in together. Jumpsuit was first, Nico and the Niners was second and this, being the most recent, is the third so far!
Clay Standridge
Clay Standridge 4 个月 前
The unforgiven by metallica!
bandobsessed slytherin
React to Jump Suit by tøp as well! ||-//
Tommy 4 个月 前
Crystal lake just released a killer new song called circles please check it out ! Please also react to the new Fit for a king-"the price of agony" Attila - "pizza" it's a fun song written about pizza Also a couple bands you have to check out that mix rap and metal Fire from the gods - "excuse me" Hacktivist - "no way back" Also on the full hip hop side please check machine gun Kelly - "alpha Omega" live from the czeck republic his band backing him makes it such a such performance
Kitty Katja
Kitty Katja 4 个月 前
Hi, welcome the enlightened emo side of music and the internet. A place where lyrics and musical arrangement means everything when trying to interpret art. Now that you’ve started, there’s no turning back. :D ...btw, this is the third part of the promotional music videos to their new album, Trench, in this particular order: Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, and Levitate. If you want to get most of the story behind the video watch those and look up the lore of Clancy (a character the band made up for Trench) for any of this to make an iota of sense. Seriously, there’s a lot to look into if you want to listen to their music and understand it.
Silver Hedgehog
Silver Hedgehog 4 个月 前
emo? fuck outta my face
Luis Duran
Luis Duran 4 个月 前
He needs to dive deep into the pilots... In his intro he says they are the pop side of stuff...need to listen to everything Pilots based.
Hectic Reacts
Hectic Reacts 4 个月 前
I really need to!
Robin Humphreys
Robin Humphreys 4 个月 前
hey man, saw in your animal i have become vid that you were thinking about branching into country music and while it isnt country (english folk instead) i suggest songs by Damh the Bard perhaps Pipes of Pan or Antlered Crown and Standing Stone?
SelInflictePain 4 个月 前
You should listen to Friend, Please by twenty one pilots
Russell Russell
Russell Russell 4 个月 前
Twenty One Pilots has always done rap, it’s just not their most popular stuff
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis 4 个月 前
While she sleeps- silence speaks Bring me the horizon- doomed
Eleftheria Katsøuli
I love your intro
shadowzone69 4 个月 前
Could you please react to Unsung by Helmet. This band or album needs to get the recognition today like it did in 1992.
Mahdi Arief
Mahdi Arief 4 个月 前
Its not hip hop.. its singing fast
Ricky Games
Ricky Games 4 个月 前
React to a7x the stage!
GothamZ 4 个月 前
Try TOP - Car Radio?
Scout 4 个月 前
Yesssss my dude, now you gotta react to Jumpsuit and then Nico And The Niners to see the full concept of the video's story
Northern Darkness
Northern Darkness 4 个月 前
too sad he isn`t into the TOP lore to understand what is going on in the lyrics and the video
Emily Lamont
Emily Lamont 4 个月 前
Please react to Mama - My Chemical Romance and Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots (I think both songs will blow you away)
Emily Lamont
Emily Lamont 4 个月 前
Their song Jumpsuit leads into Levitate :))
Chuck Clickenger
Chuck Clickenger 4 个月 前
They are a couple of rich kids from the newest suburb of Columbus, Ohio; Olentangy. Home of the Columbus Zoo, many Blue Jacket hockey players, and Ohio State football coaches. It's next to Dublin, Ohio, home of The Memorial golf tournament by Jack Nicklaus. Still requesting Suicidal Tendencies You Can't Bring Me Down
mikeandersonwa 4 个月 前
You should check out their older song “Car Radio”, that song is an absolute banger.
MrAkolita 4 个月 前
My Chemical Romance welcome to black parade
Alexa. 4 个月 前
Listen Jumpsuit and Nico and the niners pls
RadMadKid !
RadMadKid ! 4 个月 前
Dylan Eckert
Dylan Eckert 4 个月 前
Welcome to the machine by pink floyd
MrJeloin 4 个月 前
Now react to Car Radio, heavydirtysoul, Migraine, Ode to sleep
king kyrie
king kyrie 4 个月 前
Please do stone temple pilots-interstate love song
Ali Hart
Ali Hart 4 个月 前
Their other two most recent singles are also amazing, and then I have to suggest Ode to Sleep and Heavydirtysoul as songs which blend hip hop and rock/pop perfectly
Armando Escobar
Armando Escobar 4 个月 前
Homeboy when are you gonna react to Radiohead
PlexyPanda 4 个月 前
Ye, most of their songs are a mix of indie rock, alternative, pop etc. but this was straight up hip hop, quite unexpected for all of us haha :D And if you've only heard the radio songs Stressed Out, Ride and Heathens you owe it to yourself to dig deeper, they have SO MANY better songs. Start out with Kitchen Sink :)
MajoringTom 4 个月 前
Discovered your channel today and I love it. If you wanna discover some more rock and different too you check out Foals - What Went Down. And please do more Magik Mike reactions !
Dylan Holman
Dylan Holman 4 个月 前
Be careful my dude. TØP fans can be hella toxic. Your comments are about to flood with kids asking you to do soooo many of their songs. The albums Vessel and Blurryface, as well as their new stuff coming out are all that I would listen to by them. The production in the older ones isn’t that great, and you can definitely tell Tyler was still learning with both the lyrics and the music. They’re good for what they are and if you’re just a hardcore fan and are curious to listen to how he started as an angsty teen then yea, listen to the way old stuff. But yea, just giving you a heads up lol
Lance Thompson
Lance Thompson 4 个月 前
You have to react to twenty one pilots: ode to sleep!
Ney Woodz
Ney Woodz 4 个月 前
Can u also react to the Pray for the Wicked album by Panic! At the Disco? ??? The Youngblood Chronicles by Fall Out Boy for the Save Rock and Roll Album? Or The Blurryface album by Twenty One Pilots
Connor Hawkins
Connor Hawkins 4 个月 前
Died by Alice in Chains!! Super emotional and HEAVY
Archy Petrovsky
Archy Petrovsky 4 个月 前
You totally need to go deeper with their music, they worth it. Amazing guys.
Ney Woodz
Ney Woodz 4 个月 前
Watch Jumpsuit and Nico and the Niners by Twenty One Pilots in order to understand the video
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols 4 个月 前
jumpsuit the song they just released is the more rock influence an nico and the niners is more reggae, you should check the songs out and react to them
Some random guy
Some random guy 4 个月 前
PLEASE react to Anal cunt - Hitler was a sensitive man
Cody Heimbach
Cody Heimbach 4 个月 前
Give 'Black Gives Way To Blue' by Alice in Chains a listen. It's their tribute to Layne after he died and is sung fully by Jerry Cantrell. It's a tear jerker.
Blitzkrieg Toast
Blitzkrieg Toast 4 个月 前
Real quick I recommend listening to Sabaton they’re a little bit faster paced than most bands but they got some pretty good songs on historical events.
corvus13 4 个月 前
Ethan, have you seen "Car Radio"?
Jolie Bellet
Jolie Bellet 4 个月 前
Watch these. cnvid.net/video/视频-0W-Bl1gONgE.html cnvid.net/video/视频-zwVgm4gEbLg.html They are big on being cryptic and very deep. It’s been building to this for years. For those who get it this is huge. It makes perfect sense. The hair cutting and some lyrics are a throw back to “Car Radio” which is even pre the BlurryFace album. Heathens is even tied in with his yellow jacket and Josh’s yellow hair. It’s crazy sh$t.
Dani Escalante
Dani Escalante 4 个月 前
Really dig this react! Please do more tøp reacts!! I love seeing people’s reaction to tøp’s mind blowing work.