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asv 年 前
Guys, I get it, it's blatant trapdoor. I'm sorry for the mistake :/ |-/
Pan Jakub
Pan Jakub 9 天 前
its bleeding no need to say sorry
blank tae
blank tae 18 天 前
it's ok! Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you are one
update: II-//
taylor perkins
taylor perkins 个月 前
It is? Oh wow.. I really thought it was bleeding. 😅
top 个月 前
I didn't notice so its all good
samantha maney
samantha maney 7 小时 前
major michael de santa vibes
Yemes 2 天 前
Poison running through my veins tonight friends. Wish me luck.
Evilspartacus 3 天 前
Don't you open that trap door You're a fool if you dare Stay away from that trap door Cause there's something there
Kermit dzfgdfg
Kermit dzfgdfg 4 天 前
Spider Wasp
Spider Wasp 4 天 前
This søng is and always will be by far my favørite twenty øne piløts søng
Foolish Dorito
Foolish Dorito 4 天 前
Hmm remember the time when he was literally singing about Taco Bell? Wow do times change... Oof who else heard that sigh at the end. OOOF IT WAS BEAUTIFUL......wow......I'm freaking out about a sigh......what is my life..........just take me out and finish this waste of a life.....
Liliana Estefani Flores Mendez
La mejor jodida cancion que pinshis puede existir no manches que hermoso❤
Emma Sylvesta
Emma Sylvesta 4 天 前
I love Twenty One Pilots so much and I've been with them for a long time, I don't listen to them as much as I used to though. It is not because the music is bad, but because i have too many emotions linked to their music and their songs and I am very proud to say that I am no longer as deep into my bipolar depression as I once upon a time was. And I sometimes come back to read the comments under their songs and I frequently come across the "How do I get to the point where I cannot quite relate to these types of songs anymore" etc. and I want encourage those who haven't quite gotten there yet to hang in there, it takes time and you might feel like you're drowning but please remember that there's always some light in the end of the tunnel and that there cannot be no rainbow without some rain. People love you and so does literally everyone in the skeleton clique it's sick, you ask if somebody is into TØP and if they are you're instantly frens its crazy i know. Stay alive frens! |-/ I freakin love yall.
Boftygame 7 天 前
Stay alive ||-// I feel so lonely and without dreams...
Brianna Bates
Brianna Bates 7 天 前
Feel the emotions in there music so hard
Dolce Vitae
Dolce Vitae 7 天 前
Wear a mask, name from a grave, insn't this blurryface?
Jonatha Dellonto
holaa me encanta esta canción deverdad
Prof Daniel
Prof Daniel 8 天 前
Best part 4:00
Depressed Creature
*Bleeding trapdoor*
Gg Dede
Gg Dede 12 天 前
POR DIOS que bella canción...
Jung-Mai Song
Jung-Mai Song 12 天 前
agh i just reread the forest fanfic help meee help me please why do i keep reading it over and over
Emma is a llamacorn
I showed this to my mom once and then she to the emergency room for being suicidal. I mean... I needed to be in the hospital at that point. But I liked a bunch and they didn't admit me.
cоnnоя muяpнy
This brings back bad memories. I was in sixth grade when my depression really hit me (I hit puberty at a very early age so sixth grade was pretty fair) I would listen to this song and cry softly since I felt like I related too deeply to the song. I was anti-social, I had no friends, I was into girls (I know what you're thinking... "gAY aT eLeVeN!?" It's possible, sweetie. I still am gay) and people at that school REALLY didn't support that and more than half the school knew I was leaning more on the lesbian side rather than the straight side. I remember waking up every morning and immediately feeling miserable while I look down at the sidewalk in the bitter cold, walking slowly to my bus stop. I remember the concerned look on my teacher's face when I would look down at the desk with dull eyes and I remember how every grade I got was a D or an F. I had depression since third grade or lower but sixth grade was god awful... it was also the time where I began cutting myself (I preferred razors that left thin scars so it could prevent them from sticking out and being noticeable) It was only until summertime when I was heading into seventh grade that my mom found out I was cutting myself and she didn't do anything to make it better. Instead, she threatened me and told me she'll take away everything I own if I ever do it again. Not to mention that I lived in a pretty unstable and unhappy environment at home and I had unhealthy and toxic relationships with my friends. One would slap my ass every day despite me telling him specifically not to and the other one left me in the dirt to go hang out with better people. I wanted to kill myself so fucking bad and there wasn't a single person there to support me through those worst moments of my life, which made things even worse. Just... everyone who TRIED to be my friend was so fake to me and weren't good people at all. Some of them smoked and did highly inappropriate things that my old soul didn't feel comfortable with. I felt like I didn't fit in at all and it made me feel terrible. I tried so hard to make friends, but no one understood me. Like, everyone was the athletic and sporty type of people and I was just the socially awkward girl who just sat at lunch all by herself with nothing to eat (I never bothered to pack myself food) Later on I became much happier in life and I'm now a successful person with a 4.0 GPA and working hard to reach my goals! I'm much more happier than what I was back then and even though I still don't have that many friends I'll still be grateful that I'm not living the life I was then.
Mad Scientists
Mad Scientists 14 天 前
I would love to see them in concert but really afraid because I know I'll break down and cry. So many meaningful songs and Tyler's voice just heals me. Even for a few minutes.
Caroline Bologna
Caroline Bologna 14 天 前
I'm sad to say this describes me and my life and has for and *long* time now
Gabriela Aleksiejuk
Love this song :) it kinda reminds me of early MCR
Trash_girl TØP
Trash_girl TØP 16 天 前
Who gives dislike don't feels the emotion.....they don't rlly know how to appreciate the music....they have...stone souls. Is for the first time when I hear Trapdoor and I cried a lot! I've never feels this before listening other musics from TØP and MCR....... BTW I like the lyric video
Rebellion 1911
Rebellion 1911 17 天 前
so true
grecia yañez
grecia yañez 17 天 前
bueno no entiendo lo que dicen
Eren Akhan
Eren Akhan 18 天 前
"cause nobody knows his alive" I love this part
mamilongfingers 18 天 前
I feel like this song relates to Kylo Ren
Jinxer 18 天 前
is it me or is anyone not realizing how much tyler sounds like gerard here
Josh Dun
Josh Dun 19 天 前
Everyone gather around for a show; Watch as this man disappears as we know. Do me a favor and try to ignore, as you watch him fall through a bleeding trapdoor
Randomly Casual
Randomly Casual 23 天 前
arguably their best song ever
tHeReS a bEeEeEeEEe???
after hearing this song for such a long time, this song has always reminded me of my biological dad that left us after cheating on my mom. XD
tHeReS a bEeEeEeEEe???
+Gundom Productions mhm!
Gundom Productions
+tHeReS a bEeEeEeEEe??? Cheaters,they suck, they have no heart,no kindness :/
tHeReS a bEeEeEeEEe???
+Gundom Productions to much cheaters, we need a new plague XD Jkjk no we don't XD
Gundom Productions
tHeReS a bEeEeEeEEe???
+Gundom Productions EXACTLY XD
4konse 24 天 前
Jinxer 24 天 前
2:32 he went full gerard
Jinxer 24 天 前
the dislikes are mcr fans who thought gerard was singing here
Jinxer 24 天 前
he sings and sounds like gerard here
Shantal Michiel
Shantal Michiel 24 天 前
i used to listen to this song during a very hard time in my life listening to it again does awaken something bad inside me but i'm just happy i gained control over my mental health, and you can too
Toxic Leopard
Toxic Leopard 24 天 前
i like this song
tired phangirl
tired phangirl 25 天 前
I don't know if anybody else notices but right at the very end of the song Tyler just sighs into the microphone and every time I hear it my heart breaks a little more
Diogo Henrique
Diogo Henrique 26 天 前
Shada Gh
Shada Gh 27 天 前
wonderful song but really really dark and depressive ...
Animation_Zee_Amazin g
"Because no one knows hes alive" I get goosebumps everytime😭😭
a google user
a google user 28 天 前
*that sigh though*
P.S. 29 天 前
hey que hay perro puro gringo jejejeje, alguien habla español?
John Rios
John Rios 20 天 前
Matthew Oosthuizen
f \
Jishwa Dun Diddly
i just told my dearest friend i feel suicidal. i regret it
Jishwa Dun Diddly
+Apathy is my fren l will try fren
Apathy is my fren
Jishwa Dun Diddly Stay strong
Airia Adams
Airia Adams 个月 前
Anyone listening to this song on replay
andreea daniela
andreea daniela 个月 前
now change every "he", "him", and "this man" in the song with "Tyler".
Nevada Gay
Nevada Gay 个月 前
I clicked on this, just because I totally forgot this song existed. And I was hit with memories of cutting and writing suicide notes and falling asleep wishing I could just die. I was at rock bottom for a period of four months, and it was like I'd totally forgotten that period of time. It felt so short. Time flew, because I didn't care about anything at all. I didn't realize how quickly I'd gotten to where I am now. And, I wouldn't be where I am now if music- especially twenty one pilots- wasn't there for me.
Farras Husain
Farras Husain 个月 前
twenty øne dønuts
He pretends he's okay. How relatable is that, honestly.
Hannah lish29
Hannah lish29 个月 前
|-/ NO BITCH! ||-// RIP old tøp
lilipad90 个月 前
I don't think im going to make it
Reylen 个月 前
I'm not falling through the trapdoor, I'm being pushed because I tried to get help and no one wants to help... they make it worse. Tell me to wait it out. To stop being dramatic.
AnnA Johnson
AnnA Johnson 个月 前
Oof I feel dumb but what album is this song?
AnnA Johnson
AnnA Johnson 个月 前
twenty øne dønuts k thanks 😁
twenty øne dønuts
self-titled. (TWENTY ONE PILOTS)
Jamstuff !
Jamstuff ! 个月 前
I don't like Tyler's voice in this album
Erain Trenado
Erain Trenado 个月 前
There stories and there good ones to
Erain Trenado
Erain Trenado 个月 前
Notice that all his songs are about a lesson and real life
-_Namless_- 个月 前
1:11 he said late at night i heard se eheaim
Mango Food
Mango Food 个月 前
ThatØneWeirdø 个月 前
Ty: *breaths at the end* Me: OMG IM GOING YO CRYY
vee is a bee
vee is a bee 个月 前
"nothing kills man faster than his own head" oof im s h o o k that got me
dema dontcontrol
dema dontcontrol 个月 前
This song kinda reminds me of a MCR song...😥
Loli lolo
Loli lolo 个月 前
Jung-Mai Song
Jung-Mai Song 个月 前
the voice crack at 1:45 makes me love again
Great song. like how it sounds
maria marques
maria marques 个月 前
Gacha Pilot
Gacha Pilot 个月 前
This song.. UHH I don't know how to explain It's just amazing I'm keeping my tears inside I had very severe depression And I was suicidal at a VERY young age Again I don't know how to explain this song
iona green
iona green 个月 前
i love this song
Geda Nox
Geda Nox 个月 前
Andrea Tomás
Andrea Tomás 个月 前
One of the best songs
Kishore Aravind
Kishore Aravind 个月 前
words cant describe what i feel about this song.😢😢😢😢
Jung-Mai Song
Jung-Mai Song 个月 前
no one is a waste of life stay alive
Crazycatscarmen 个月 前
Hey, random human being person I hope you have a wonderful day!!
SonGoku 个月 前
Hunter 96
Hunter 96 个月 前
This song is basically Roadhog
Onni The Dog
Onni The Dog 个月 前
I'm always on the verge of crying and the last line always sets me off
Hiround Blazer
Hiround Blazer 个月 前
Stay alive its worth it
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 个月 前
It's Blatant trap door. jk . . .lol
cøca 个月 前
Quero saber se essa banda vem fazer show algum dia ainda nesse século
IronKid 个月 前
4:31 GUYS! he’s still alive!
Martin Flores
Martin Flores 个月 前
His voice is so similar to Gerard Way voice.
Spedup Songs
Spedup Songs 个月 前
1:26 - 1:50 is my favorite part
- 个月 前
Thought it was bleeding for half a damn year. It stills sounds like bleeding and not blatant.
Caitlin Saliba
Caitlin Saliba 个月 前
3:56 when he screams im like ahHHHHhHHHhHHHhhhhhhh
Mordikus 个月 前
Does anyone else hear that sigh at the end?? Is it just me or does it make you feel sad
Kokolokobean LOLZ
I thought it was ‘Nobody knows his name’ Lol but it is “Nobody knows he’s alive”
Collin Carroll
Collin Carroll 个月 前
4:24 "clearly says bleeding" blatant trapdoor
b i c t h
b i c t h 个月 前
K I'm crying now
Mary Belmesova
Mary Belmesova 个月 前
In one word - splendid! It doesn`t look like other songs...
Lizeth Garcia
Lizeth Garcia 个月 前
Twenty Øne Piløts 😍😍😍
Random CryBaby
Random CryBaby 个月 前
HAVE THE FINAL THEORY. THE THEORY TO END ALL THEORIES. Trap Door is about an executioner feeling remorse for his killings. He puts on a black mask at the beginning of a day (like olden executioners did to hide their identities from the public). He uses a name from a grave, and every time he visits the cemetery he sees his own name on a grave. At night he hates all that he's done, and himself for doing it. "Everyone gather around for a show, watch as this man disappears as we know". It's a hanging. In hangings the accused is put into a noose and stood over a closed trapdoor. The trapdoor is opened and he falls through, choking to death. Hangings were held publicly and people would amass in the place where the hangings occurred to watch criminals die. But the singer is the one who's letting them fall. That's why it's the chorus, why it happens three times. He puts on the balaclava so nobody knows it's him. He wonders if God exists (thinks that faith might be dead) and his own thoughts are killing him (Nothing kills a man faster than his own head). He can't sleep at night because he agonizes over his killings (He used to see dreams at night, but now he's just watching the backs of his eyes). He thinks his own life is a waste because all it does is end others. It's possible that the last chorus refers to himself finally dying because of his actions.
Just Anøther Persøn
Wait what? Blatant trapdoor??? My whole life was a lie!
ana lucia saenz
ana lucia saenz 个月 前
Cameron Nine
Cameron Nine 个月 前
Owo this video is close to 8 million II-//
Gay Llama
Gay Llama 2 个月 前
SN011GlobeTrot 2 个月 前
What the fuck is this shit man? This Twenty Won Pilots? DaFuq!?
Claire Kattenbeld
Claire Kattenbeld 2 个月 前
Thx onision
regional at dun I-/
regional at dun I-/ 2 个月 前
forever my favorite song
Da Devin
Da Devin 2 个月 前
Meike Weigel
Meike Weigel 2 个月 前
I love Trapdoor
Car Radio
3 年 前