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asv 年 前
Guys, I get it, it's blatant trapdoor. I'm sorry for the mistake :/ |-/
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley 12 天 前
Look up Trapdoor live. It should be the first video that pops up. You can listen to the whole song, but if you skip to 4:32, you can hear blatant really clearly. In a way that even saying bleeding sounds wrong.
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley 12 天 前
+PLEASENNØ They sound really similar. I can hear both Bleeding and blatant so it was hard to tell, but I looked for tyler singing it live and it was way easier to hear him say blatant.
+MysterionTM no
its not blatant, it is bleeding, not blatant i dont know why ppl make that mistake
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley 23 天 前
I think it's bleeding. Both words make sense, but I think bleeding sounds better and goes with the theme of suicide. (I hear blatant alot more now, but I think it might be because it's on my mind and i'm looking for it. Honestly I can hear both.) Added: NOPE it's BLATANT, Definately. Just listened to him live and it was as clear as day. It's Blatant, which still makes just as much sense if not more than bleeding does.
stuart thompson
I'd like to be the one falling through the trap door
Arya Mohammed
Lyrics for this video : Trapdoor, trapdoor, the trapdoor's a trap! Trapdoor, trapdoor, trapdoor, trapdoor And everybody knows.. oops.. wrong page
Susan ̶a̶
Susan ̶a̶ 2 天 前
Wow, just... wow. This was the 3rd song I heard from top (first was 'semi automatic' and second one was 'message man´) and bc of YT´s autoplay, after I played 'message man'. I liked the music but I loved the lyrics. I just fucking related (how oRiGiNaL), that was the reason why I downloaded the song. I heard it on October 4th, 2017 (I think) for the first time. By the time I was hopeless and just tired of life in overall, just wishing (and praying to God) to die during sleep, and when I remember about those days I just cry but also makes me proud of myself, I did it, I stayed alive and buried the main dark thoughts. After that, I got into top and they became a really important part in my life and I´m really thankful, they helped me with my everyday struggles and taught me many things, I´m just to damn thankful with them that I can´t even explain, it´s just my favorite band. And yeah, I still have some issues (that I´m fighting tho) but I killed the huge ones and that makes me so damn happy, I have reasons to be alive. And everyone does so stay alive, clikkies or not, it´s worth it ||-//
Zoitred 2 天 前
MrSplix 3 天 前
lol bleeding
Vaespejo _2001
Vaespejo _2001 7 天 前
Miss u
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles 11 天 前
atenea filósofa
atenea filósofa 11 天 前
You are obeso
Ariel Jordan Salisbury
I feel like this needs 10 mill views. Anyone gonna help me :)
Dominick Raines
Dominick Raines 17 天 前
this song is amazing i love it
Skriff A
Skriff A 17 天 前
it's bleeding guys. 2:56 you can hear it OBVIOUSLY
Leonie! 17 天 前
I honestly wish i was dead. The only reason im still alive is because my best friend coincidentally called me when i was just a Minute or two from hanging myself. I turned 18 yesterday and i tried to have a good time with my friends but the only thing i could think of was how much i want to die. Im not even trying to get better at this point tbh. Ive been depressed since my childhood due to my abusive mother and i spend the last 5 YEARS trying to get better and nothing worked. NOTHING. I dont want to feel like this forever but i also dont have the energy to do anything. I cant even get myself out of my bed anymore. I wont have a future anyways so i might as well just end it.
Leonie! 3 天 前
+Xsaraah_ _ im not strong, but im just holding onto every little bit of hope i can find. Thanks tho |-/
Xsaraah_ _
Xsaraah_ _ 3 天 前
Hey Leonie, I don't know if you reading this but please don't kill yourself.. Please try to stay alive, you are Strong you can do that I believe in you🖤 please stay alive. |-/
Robo Piggyz
Robo Piggyz 18 天 前
Me when i listen to this: "She wakes up early today Throws on a mask that will alter her face Nobody knows her real name But now she just uses one she saw on a grave"
skdkskf jdkfksf
skdkskf jdkfksf 17 天 前
everything's gonna be ok honey, we can do it
Rocio Perez
Rocio Perez 20 天 前
GhostlyGirl 21 天 前
This is the song that introduced me to twenty one pilots ans im so happy i found it, i recently went to a tøp concert and it was so so good!
Peepos 24 天 前
Shred Gaming
Shred Gaming 27 天 前
Sino napunta dito dahil sa spookify
Nicole Paulina
Nicole Paulina 28 天 前
why is this ly:tear?
BlushyLeo 个月 前
the little sigh at the end. Im dead
Just Online
Just Online 个月 前
That's my favourite tøp song, now I'm sure ||-//
Stela Kučerová
Stela Kučerová 个月 前
i think he wrote this about himself.
Avrey Cloutier
Avrey Cloutier 个月 前
Couldn't explain my life better :/
m a r
m a r 个月 前
I used to listen to this song while having my daily breaking-down-in-the-school-bathroom-and-crying-over-every-single-calory-I-ate-sessions. It brings back so many bad memories, bad feelings, bad experiences. I'm so glad that time is over. I'm so glad that my head didn't kill me. It's 2019 now and I can finally say that I'm truly happy for most of the time. There are bad days and sometimes I wish I was the depressed, anorexic little skeleton I used to be again, but overall, life is good and I realized that I am as well. If you're going through a hard time right now and you feel like giving up or if you're reading this during one of _your_ daily breaking-down-in-the-school-bathroom-and-crying-for-whatever-reason-sessions - don't give up. Things will get better, I promise. Stay alive. |-/ I'm glad I did;
AngelicHellfire 个月 前
Okay everybody listen up for a song like this the meaning is different for everybody that listens to it aint the crazy
Sidsel Søeberg
Sidsel Søeberg 个月 前
I lost count of how many times I've listened to this song today....
Lyrics: Watch the video :)
ProXeT LoL
ProXeT LoL 个月 前
This makes me decide. To suicide or to rise. It is so hard to decide... tøp will be in me after it anyways. Most underrated groupp...
Janis  Ricord
Janis Ricord 个月 前
To stay alive just think of all the things you love little or big on this Earth and decide if there worth living for and think of all the people who need you. Might work for you.
Sawy Fawce
Sawy Fawce 个月 前
*cough* Sally Face *cough*
X_The_Dead_X Way
X_The_Dead_X Way 个月 前
Grace Dell
Grace Dell 个月 前
I thought the ending was “cause nobody knows his life” not “cause nobody knows he’s alive” gosh darn I’m stupid
Better than You
Better than You 个月 前
Anyone else want to just scream sometimes but you don’t want to scare your parents?
Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I 个月 前
yES exactly that
charlotte 个月 前
suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. stay alive frens, i promise it will get better ||-//
Janis  Ricord
Janis Ricord 个月 前
charlotte thanks for trying.
i_am_crazy :/
i_am_crazy :/ 个月 前
Those 1k dislikes were people crying from how good this song is and missed the like button
drawn on
drawn on 个月 前
Did anyone else notice the hole in the speaker in the background looks like a heart
Denjaminable 2 个月 前
"cause nobody knows hes alive" *sigh* IM NOT CRYING YOURE CRYING
7he C0bra
7he C0bra 2 个月 前
I love this song so much. ||-//
HappyBirdy 2 个月 前
Wow, I love that sentence: "Nothing kills a man faster than his own head." No less than the truth there.
Matthew Wharton
Matthew Wharton 2 个月 前
I like TOP but how whiney is the lead singer omg
Erick Castellanos
Erick Castellanos 2 个月 前
Okay, but why does this have more views than the official song lmao
Kiara 个月 前
Me, Myself and I cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-C3aY6wcMJnw.html 🤔
Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I 个月 前
+Kiara it doesn't.
Kiara 个月 前
Me, Myself and I ummmm what
Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I 个月 前
the official song doesn't exist
Aaliyah 2 个月 前
4:31 *sigh*
hermione2611 K
hermione2611 K 2 个月 前
I've reached the point where I can't even pretend in the middle of the day.
Kiara 个月 前
Janis Ricord umm what? Are you joking? If you’re not, how exactly could you know what people are going through? And even if your life was really worse, does it mean other people should stop talking about how they feel?
Janis  Ricord
Janis Ricord 个月 前
I have a worse life than all of you and I'm 12 . Please stop complaining it hurts me.
Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding 个月 前
hermione2611 K I’m right there with you dude :( it’s sad as hell but just try to hang in there. Things will get better
kacey maryanne
kacey maryanne 2 个月 前
i love this song so much. *cries in trapdoor*
Luciena Fierro
Luciena Fierro 2 个月 前
i just realized im a social ghost 👻💀😭
Coldsoup !
Coldsoup ! 2 个月 前
Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding 个月 前
Coldsoup ! Of course
katty thecat
katty thecat 2 个月 前
I might be seeing tøp at a concert soon 🙀
Riko Põld
Riko Põld 2 个月 前
The best song
Esteban Alejandro Baez
Im gonna freaking tattoo "nothing kills a man faster than his own head" in my arm cause this song and this band changed my life :)
Frenchiest Friess
Frenchiest Friess 2 个月 前
I’ve been a fan of tøp for 13 years. I’m only 11.
anjali kumari
anjali kumari 2 个月 前
Love this song
Chicken Ema
Chicken Ema 3 个月 前
As I listen 2 this song it’s like my heart is singing along and I get the full meaning
Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert
Why is this song so depressing 😭
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 3 个月 前
"Nothing kills a man faster than his own head" oof...... that's painfully true
Ella Mustachea
Ella Mustachea 3 个月 前
Aren Smith
Aren Smith 3 个月 前
For everyone who keeps getting mad and say it's blatant, freaking look it up! Trapdoor Song by Twenty One Pilots OVERVIEW LYRICS LISTEN SIMILAR SONGS 1 of 4 2 of 4 He wakes up early today Throws on a mask that will alter his face Nobody knows his real name But now he just uses one he saw on a grave And he pretends he's okay, but you should see, oh Him in bed late at night, he's petrified Take me out, and finish this waste of a life Everyone gather around for a show Watch as this man disappears as we know Do me a favor and try to ignore As you watch him fall through a bleeding trapdoor He thinks that faith might be dead Nothing kills a man faster than his own head He used to see dreams at night But now he's just watching the backs of his eyes He pretends he's okay, but you should see Him in bed late at night, he's petrified Take me out and finish this waste of a life Everyone gather around for a show Watch as this man disappears as we know Do me a favor and try to ignore As you watch him fall through a bleeding trapdoor Take me out and finish this waste of life Everyone gather around for a show Watch as this man disappears as we know Do me a favor and try to ignore When you watch him fall through a bleeding trapdoor 'Cause nobody knows he's alive Songwriters: Tyler Joseph Trapdoor lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc That is copy and pasted from what the Google search results in. Bleeding, not blatant.
Gedon 06
Gedon 06 3 个月 前
Robert Dwayne
Robert Dwayne 3 个月 前
Im not sad. I just feel so empty and meaningless. Which actually makes me tired of waking up and living every single day
SassySandwich 3 个月 前
Wdym? Bleeding is the correct word in the lyrics.
ʇɥƃıluøøɯ snoɹǝƃuɐp
This song just makes me want to cry tbh
Phela Card
Phela Card 3 个月 前
4:30 Does nobody else hear a sigh?
BrookeASMR 3 个月 前
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:38 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
lilygracesings13 3 个月 前
4:21 definitely sounds like bleeding guys
Holly 3 个月 前
I just got informed that my old best friend currently has anorexia, this was her favourite song when we were friends, it’s 2am and I’m crying, just... fuck
Hellena•Marangos 3 个月 前
Take me out and finish this waste of life
Karlie Olson
Karlie Olson 3 个月 前
Sir, no one came to your show. And im pretty sure your parents have stopped trying to figure out the trick. (Please dont attack me for this)
william Jones
william Jones 3 个月 前
We did it. We made it to 2019. Don't stop now. Stay Alive fren
cri s
cri s 3 个月 前
Gives me that my chemical romance vibe
Lost In Music
Lost In Music 3 个月 前
Notice me senpai
poweravok eilish
poweravok eilish 3 个月 前
the fact that i was scared to hear this song terrifies me.
J D 3 个月 前
Thank you
Northturn Sause
Northturn Sause 3 个月 前
1:36 Me: I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that
Casey Taylor
Casey Taylor 4 个月 前
Oh how I wish my friends would just let me fall.
Student Catherine Johnson
Why? Every life matters including yours. stay alive fren. ll-//
V eesel
V eesel 4 个月 前
4:31 broke me even more
Violette Harvey
Violette Harvey 4 个月 前
this song is so beautiful. the emotion he puts into it. its so sad to believe that he is the man. he has experienced it just like us. he makes me feel so safe and just over all not alone. i love this song and im so happy ive found this band. stay alive |-/
haroyzbe 4 个月 前
Omg, i now hear it for the first time, the irony is that in 2015 that was something similar to how i lived and felt part of the time.. Living with my crazy mental parents at the age of 30+, hide from the world, very strong denial, that soon i'll make an exit. Until one of the times i smoked weed with friends and suddenly horrified! How the F**k do i live?! Thanks god now, even thou i'm far from wealth, (for now) at least i have a life. And i've had a friend that steal lives exactly like that, create his own hell, again and again. So many people tried to help, so many opportunities, so many $$$ went down the drain.. But his own head is very strong - To the negative side, i hope he'll rise again someday, a miracle is needed.
Davee Boy
Davee Boy 4 个月 前
Retr0 TheHacker
Retr0 TheHacker 4 个月 前
Soupie .
Soupie . 4 个月 前
jenny han
jenny han 4 个月 前
I hate myself so fucking much I think I’m gonna fail out of university and I just can’t take it anymore. I keep thinking of how much I want to die and just looking at my bike lock in a certain position makes me think of a noose and I just want my life to get better and not worse but it feels like everyone has abandoned me, even god. In my head I just have "take me out and finish this waste of a life on loop" and I don't know what to do!!!
Rawan muhamed
Rawan muhamed 3 个月 前
Stay alive frend :")💙
Student Catherine Johnson
God never gives you more than you can handle. Believe me, he knows what he's doing. I'm sorry if you don't see your purpose now, but it will come. I would like to suggest kitchen sink and lovely by twenty one pilots to you. I hope they make you think just as hard as this song did. Please please pretty please stay alive ll-//
JJ Edits and more
JJ Edits and more 4 个月 前
Song is deeper the the ocean
Adurodiel 4 个月 前
God this song hurts.
Nicola Gorski
Nicola Gorski 4 个月 前
The sigh at the end, hits me so hard.
Cass Torres
Cass Torres 4 个月 前
i want to stop trying.
Soupie .
Soupie . 4 个月 前
Trying is all that life offers it will always work out though, I promise
Rachel Pelayo
Rachel Pelayo 4 个月 前
No please keep trying
rainydreaming 4 个月 前
I can't believe none of my teachers know I feel like this. Well.. none of my teachers really care about me so.. yeah that's my life.
Valeria paola Salcedo González
Solo twenty one pilots sabe mis gustos
Dan Gros
Dan Gros 4 个月 前
Dude. This reminds me "the kill" so hard
fuck my life
fuck my life 4 个月 前
I know no one will read this but I really want to die so please help me 😭
Kiara 个月 前
fuck my life Heyy how are you doing? Do you need someone to talk to? I could give you my phone number. Just let me know. Stay alive fren ♥️
Student Catherine Johnson
What I do when I want to die is I think of the reasons why I want to die and then I think of all the reasons I have to stay alive. I have my future as an educator, my family, some of my friends, and video games! That last one was to make you laugh! I focus on being funny because it is scientifically proven that even if you fake a smile or laugh, one will actually have a mood change. I make others who need it laugh and it makes me feel better. I hope this helps. I want you to live. stay alive ll-//
almendra yañez
almendra yañez 3 个月 前
Stay alive |-/
Alexandria Drdla
Alexandria Drdla 4 个月 前
+BattleGamer01 don't die. it will be your fault if you do. it ain't whats happening right now, but what will come.
BattleGamer01 4 个月 前
lil.m. 8
lil.m. 8 4 个月 前
Thanks CNvid autoplay for throwing this song in my soul after I heard house of gold and I was just like jup imma stop dancing and start crying now WOOOW
Bob B
Bob B 4 个月 前
3:18. I can never get enough of it
Super Idiøtic
Super Idiøtic 4 个月 前
The first sound in the beginning gets me so hard.
Psychø - San
Psychø - San 4 个月 前
Where are you? Asv
Monster_Ylva 4 个月 前
This song helps me with suicidal thoughts and im only 13... thank you Tøp❤
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal 4 个月 前
I would to see this song as an new james bond ost
trash can
trash can 4 个月 前
i relate to this song in every way. the lyrics just explain what i'm going through rn, i'm glad twenty one pilots makes songs with lyrics like this, it makes me happy to hear songs i can relate to. edit: some spelling errors
Groocikk 4 个月 前
_ My Life Song_ *kill me*
Thot Destroyer
Thot Destroyer 4 个月 前
If you can't hear this image, ur fake
Fleeflu 4 个月 前
M3mes - ML
M3mes - ML 4 个月 前
To think that the same hero that wrote this song was the same hero that saved me........
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