Tyler Joseph's Best Live Vocals

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The multitalented Twenty One Pilots star's voice shines.
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2017年08月 1日

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评论 2 716
9:50 😴😴
Louise CC
Louise CC 5 天 前
The ukulele version of Polarize is soooo underrated in my opinion like its soooooo amazing
Chino BC
Chino BC 7 天 前
Imagine smoking a joint with this video.
Jenna Unicorn
Jenna Unicorn 8 天 前
Это прекрасно 😁 👏
Kayleigh Wright
Kayleigh Wright 10 天 前
I hate that people are comparing Tyler to Brendon Urie. They both have very different ways of performing and singing. no hate, I love them both
nyah 11 天 前
*Inserts every clip of Tyler singing*
МЮСLИ 12 天 前
9:00 my heart is broken💔💔💔
NobodySpecial 13 天 前
Sometimes his voice makes you want to cry cause he makes you feel what he's feeling. Anyone who says he can't sing are clearly deaf. Those acoustic versions prove it.
Briella Loves Snakes
I just want to hug Tyler and tell him how much he means to me. He saved my life and thousands of others as well. If it wasn’t for his music I would’ve killed myself years ago. Sometimes tøp music is the only reason I choose to keep on going. It gives me hope. It gives me courage. It inspires me. It reminds me that I mean something and I can carry on. I will probably never be able to meet Tyler or josh but they have seriously made a huge impact on my life. I seriously love these guys so much.
Adam elkhlifi
Adam elkhlifi 13 天 前
Stay alive frens! |-/
PippenandSmitty 14 天 前
I've watched this so many times. It's so comforting idk why
PK Conrad
PK Conrad 14 天 前
I feel so blessed to be seeing them live tommorrow
Un BakPlaat
Un BakPlaat 17 天 前
11.45 that little voicecrack, i'm crying, omg
ali jade
ali jade 18 天 前
remember watching this video years ago and crying... coming back to it is making me fucking soB. i’ve always had so much respect for this man and always will. with the new album out, it’s amazing to see the journey this band has gone on and how it’s become apart of my own journey. means the world to me. stay alive
FreakyCore800 19 天 前
3:07 trumpet player is insane :D
César RM
César RM 21 天 前
Rebecca vocals...
ana rivera
ana rivera 22 天 前
Fall away 😓
Mary Pizzaman
Mary Pizzaman 23 天 前
1:51 you're welcome
Raimon Ivan
Raimon Ivan 23 天 前
They really feel what they are playing and that makes it magical
Tatianna Alexis
Tatianna Alexis 23 天 前
now we can add stuff from the bandito tour too :))))
Rebecca Vocal Athlete
I came back for more. X
HumblePaper 24 天 前
How does josh not have whiplash...?
Catie Witters
Catie Witters 24 天 前
okay Tyler kind of looked slightly insane when singing jar of hearts 😂(no offense, love you ty!)
Følløwer Øf Christ
So yall just gone ignore chief at 3:07 with that trumpet?
Olivia Bolles
Olivia Bolles 25 天 前
i remember the night i first heard the "O Come O Come" at 7:00 cover like it was yesterday. fittingly enough, it was a couple Christmas Eves ago. i rewatched it again and again, each time getting chills and tears. guys, his voice is so phenomenal. he is so freaking talented and needs to belt more often!!!!!
Olivia Bolles
Olivia Bolles 25 天 前
what a pair of cute lil talented beans. in other news, i would die if i got to see fall away live.
krisnawansyah bukan
T. O. P 👍
Ashley D.
Ashley D. 26 天 前
that performance of fall away is permanently engraved in my head
aenvos 26 天 前
He has such a unique voice.
Frog Catcher
Frog Catcher 27 天 前
I thank you for reminding me that Kitchen Sink does exist... I had forgotten it...
DashiB Official
DashiB Official 28 天 前
Aubrey F
Aubrey F 28 天 前
I feel like we need another one of these towards the end of the Bandito tour to get a more updated version
TheRandomFox 29 天 前
dundrum resident
dundrum resident 个月 前
Twenty One pilots =
OMAR 个月 前
Inbeciles que no pueden darse cuenta que hace playaback en conciertos solo que utiliza otra canción pregabada con efectos y poco autontune, En todos los conciertos canta exactamente igual la de heavydirtysoul y no porque le salga muy bien la voz, vean los demas conciertos y siempre es exactamente igual porque solo reutilizan ese audio pregravado en ves de cantar en vivo, solo canta algunas canciones aveces con su voz
its t
its t 个月 前
jfjfufu man
jfjfufu man 个月 前
How is everyone NOT talking about that fall away performance. That was so amazing. Also where is the rest of the 8374849 hours of Tyler singing. 15 minutes is not enough. Step up your game pop crush.
I like Twenty One Pilots but truly.. the singing is not great. Sorry but that is true.
Thomas Freitas
Thomas Freitas 个月 前
13:02 This was intense, I love it
Square 175
Square 175 个月 前
5:43 that power
Just Me Here
Just Me Here 个月 前
The dude in the audience at 1:56 tho
aj Jones
aj Jones 个月 前
I’m not crying I just found the drop of water Tyler was looking for
MadiCat247 个月 前
He is an amazing singer if you actually listen to their songs. I feel pulling off the exact same energy and vocal tone every single time at a concert is hard for anyone and he would rather preserve his voice.
Gast profil
Gast profil 个月 前
What a unique voice♥️
Audrey Angle
Audrey Angle 个月 前
Tyler and Josh are the reason I have high standards
Audrey Angle
Audrey Angle 个月 前
I’m literally crying. This band has impacted me so much.
Ashley Mathews
Ashley Mathews 个月 前
That performance of kitchen sink will never stop being one of my favorite things ever!!
Tyler Joseph's forehead
*Goosebumps* everywhere
Paige Pick
Paige Pick 个月 前
the pantaloon performance may not be his greatest but it’s so emotional and strong and i’m in love
tdc 个月 前
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 个月 前
eles são tão bons, não dá nem pra explicar uma dádiva dessas omg hashaishaj
bebboscharm 个月 前
Props for his Scremmo, I personally don’t like it but You actually have to know how to Control your voice in order to not hurt your Vocals strings 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Don’t say he doesn’t know how to sing cause he does He just doesn’t how we portray singing as and omg his vocals holy crap!
sumit Ghildiyal
sumit Ghildiyal 个月 前
He rap and rock so awesome
Pierce The Chemical Horizon
i see some people in the comments saying his not a good singer and some saying his good but not great. coming from a vocalist who has had some lessons (no where near professonal tho) he is Extremely GOOD his range and the edge he has in hiss tone are incredible.
Adrián Bernardino
Es triste no asistir a alguno de sus conciertos, y no conocer a Tyler y Josh en persona. 😢😔
Derps DoesSh!t
Derps DoesSh!t 个月 前
My family keeps talking and Im just like please shut up I'm trying to listen to Tyler Joseph be beautiful 🙄
Derps DoesSh!t
Derps DoesSh!t 个月 前
0:00 *Chokes and sobs* 😭
samuel salinas
samuel salinas 个月 前
Like si usastes el traductor para escribir un comentario
ugly potato
ugly potato 个月 前
I came to see best live vocals but ended up crying, love that ;)
おussama N
おussama N 个月 前
||-// the best
Ron Smith26
Ron Smith26 个月 前
Tyler to be fair to you and no disrespect..but you make me miss Chester..just saying you are very talented
Blue indeed
Blue indeed 个月 前
YumbaX 个月 前
I agree in all
Landon Owens
Landon Owens 个月 前
channel PopCrush music even though this video clearly has Alternative Rock lol
Buttons91 :P
Buttons91 :P 个月 前
2:11 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 个月 前
When my mom heard that TØP was my favorite band, she told me that she couldn't stand his voice... HOW MOM!!! HOW!!!
Tin Fresl
Tin Fresl 2 个月 前
I wish they play their old songs live sometimes
Tin Fresl
Tin Fresl 2 个月 前
I never heard someone with this kind of voice its just unique
MusicIsOurWeapon 2 个月 前
♥ ça me donne des frissons. / It gives me shivers
Noel Mendez
Noel Mendez 2 个月 前
Tyler Joseph is a hottie! I remember hugging him after a show and getting to touch his butt
TwentyOnePilotTrash #1
1:36 me when i play top around my friends
Sandallys the spy man
Just put all of them
Mariam Mendes
Mariam Mendes 2 个月 前
Makasi Wu
Makasi Wu 2 个月 前
Wow, I knew Tyler Joseph was good but I didn't know he was this good! |-/
Channelgaming Qc
Channelgaming Qc 2 个月 前
I'm dead, His amazing. sad that they don't come to Canada to play shows :(
Noëllie 2 个月 前
don’t question the moon’s glow
I’m kinda nervous because my mom doesn’t like screaming in music and she has only heard like 2 songs by the boys with no screaming and when we go to the concert at the end of the year she’s going to be surprised. aha
Alex Gregory
Alex Gregory 2 个月 前
help im luv
Dave Walker
Dave Walker 2 个月 前
Tattoo removal?
Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 2 个月 前
7:39 dude drumming josh ur out of the band
Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 2 个月 前
2K18 anyone
Bria Lawrence
Bria Lawrence 2 个月 前
Ummmm every time he sing or does anything it’s the best
Palomita De Maiz
Palomita De Maiz 2 个月 前
Emmanuel is just incredible
The other 19 pilots
The other 19 pilots 2 个月 前
Im crying
Gin playz
Gin playz 2 个月 前
Tyler might not be the best singer,but when he sings it makes your soul come out....and also I think that he sounded the best when he sang the pantaloon(he always sings good to me).
føøt løøps
føøt løøps 2 个月 前
X 2 个月 前
Max Arebalo
Max Arebalo 2 个月 前
Smol bean so pure and inoccent
username -next Question Im A Unicorn
Surely it must hurt his throat screaming. I love him so much though. He is AMAZING (uderstatment of the centurie)
Maribel Carvajal Marentes
Laura Bsker
Laura Bsker 2 个月 前
The guy playing the trumpet is my goal in life because I been playing for 4 years and I been trying to play your songs
Cassy Miller
Cassy Miller 2 个月 前
The way he moves to his music is literally a story in itself
Isabela H
Isabela H 2 个月 前
He has a great voice, but he doesn’t always write songs that suit his voice super well. He still makes it works though, and that’s super cool.
Jade Fording
Jade Fording 2 个月 前
Fall Away gave me chillzzzz omggg his scream 😍😍😭
HoldenGPL/The GreyPatheticLion
6:58 WTF
HoldenGPL/The GreyPatheticLion
Jackie music
Jackie music 2 个月 前
Someone pleeease tell me the name of the first soong!!
Thomaps 2 个月 前
1:37 Qu'est ce qu'il fous là Jarry ?!
Milly Brumwell
Milly Brumwell 2 个月 前
Was I the only one who saw Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock at 1:36?!
Wesley West
Wesley West 2 个月 前
He's got such a huge range
Blue and Green Cat
Blue and Green Cat 2 个月 前
His dancing in JOH made me cringe but cri