UG Studios session "Addict With A Pen" by Twenty One Pilots

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A UG Studios session with Twenty One Pilots. This is an acoustic version of their song "Addict With A Pen".










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Yuck0 天 前
pure goddamn talent
Farah Martinez
josh:I can't take my shirt off i quit
Frederik Castelein
Abril Batalla
Abril Batalla 2 天 前
Noman, Josh ni siquiera tenía su árbol
Hannah Shierman
Hannah Shierman 3 天 前
3:19 His eyes as they look up 😭
CC 369
CC 369 3 天 前
Jonathan Rosendahl
Who watch in 2019
om hada
om hada 7 天 前
💓 from india🇮🇳
Mighty Peachy
Mighty Peachy 7 天 前
I want to change people's hearts like they do.
Shanelle Jones
Shanelle Jones 9 天 前
I hold the WARDA in my hand
Shanelle Jones
Shanelle Jones 9 天 前
so, so smol
joaquin alonso tome choque
4: 44 sublime
jongin is A MEAL jongin is A MEAL
*he sings with such emotion and passion* This is almost unbearable to watch it feels so raw and it breaks me too much to know i can't be there for him though he's been through everything with me
Matt Bolick
Matt Bolick 12 天 前
Their worst is better than anyone else's best...enuff said.
Zitro 99
Zitro 99 14 天 前
I sometimes hate not being english, because I know that I would feel the lyrics of most of the songs different, they would sound different, they would hit me hard on the first time, without having to look up at the lyrics, they would mean even more to me. It can sound weird or stupid, but it is not the same to listen to something in your language than in another one. Sometimes I feel bad because I think that I should have cried with at least one of their songs at least the first time listening to it, but it isn't possible ti me :c ||-//
Emma Neon
Emma Neon 15 天 前
Thank you so much Tyler for getting me into piano. It seems strange but it’s made me so much more happier and focused. I haven’t been having many more anxiety and panic attacks and I’m top of my class in Marine science, science and history. Idk if that’s from starting piano but life has definitely improved a lot.
Hey :D
Hey :D 9 天 前
That's awesome, good luck with learning the piano! :)
Emma Neon
Emma Neon 15 天 前
2019 and wow
Sandra Cambor
Sandra Cambor 21 天 前
this is an important iconic moment
Angelica Hollimon
Awww he was crying a little bit
TheKacy777 27 天 前
Did it suddenly get cold in here? Because I've got the chills...
finding myself
finding myself 28 天 前
i felt pain in every single word it is so beautiful, so emotional and sad
Candy Explosives
Candy Explosives 29 天 前
Who the hell is down voting this? Its incredibly passionate and powerful. It is amazing how they can capture so many of our pain, insecurities and hurt through their music |-/
Ella Dyal
Ella Dyal 29 天 前
You can see so much emotion in all of their songs but this one makes my cry it’s so understanding and you can really hear what’s wrong. They have helped so many people with their life and their tough times. They are truly angels in disguise and they are so influential on everything they do. Tyler puts so much emotion into his songs and so many people deal with the same issues that he’s talking about but Josh and Tyler deserve all of the respect because they have come so far and now we have too. Everyone who listens to TØP is so amazing as well as Tyler and Josh and I just want to say thank you to them for everything because they make my life complete and help me through a lot.
Maggi Fix
Maggi Fix 个月 前
I am crying when i hear this song ❤️
Skylar McLeod
Skylar McLeod 个月 前
3:17 damn
Laura Hayward-Price
4:35 CrankThatFrank is triggered Also, I alway come back to listen to this vision as it’s so beautifully done ||-//
Ellen Neilio
Ellen Neilio 个月 前
If depth of pain makes a person more human... then this kid is a superhuman
FreeVoic3 个月 前
This is me talking to God so often, even though I've walked with God for so long I'm so selfish and I chase after so much of nothing when I know where my peace is. I'm sorry
I listen to this almost every night. Something pulls me toward this song. I love it. Stay alive || - //
Mr Cook
Mr Cook 个月 前
I find myself stumbling across this so many times a week as just pure inspiration. His raw vocals backed up by the beautiful piano and josh's drums sounds so mesmerizing. It's so gorgeous.
Mohd Nur Syazwan
Mohd Nur Syazwan 个月 前
addict with Twenty One Pilot
Leon 个月 前
Nearly forgot to watch this today
Dipesh Waiba
Dipesh Waiba 个月 前
He got the best scream of the era like if u agree 2:55
Mason Helton
Mason Helton 个月 前
i come back to this video so much
Peachy Sunflower
Peachy Sunflower 个月 前
all da feels. a lot of their songs are god coded. I love how they vibe off each other, they are in sync energetically throughout. Tyler's facial expressions are where it's at.
BanditoKitten 个月 前
This will forever be my favorite performance by them. There is so much raw emotion. I sit here pressing play repeatedly with my eyes filling with tears and my heart feeling full.
Ghost Girl_48
Ghost Girl_48 个月 前
2:54-2:58 with no sound xD
donnie carlton
donnie carlton 个月 前
51 yrs old and love everything they do and sing
Skriff A
Skriff A 个月 前
Nostalgia, Josh doesn't even have his sleeve yet ;^;
wladimir junior
wladimir junior 个月 前
2019 alguém ?
ella spider
ella spider 个月 前
i love them so much please guys kill me
Ivy Winter
Ivy Winter 个月 前
I watch this video at least twice a year. The amount of emotion....
Eliška Lopatová
Chinoby Does
Chinoby Does 个月 前
2:11 - 2:13 top right thats a ghost everyone else see that
Why did it take so long for me to realize that this is about God?
karl marx
karl marx 24 天 前
I initially thought he had a fatherless childhood..
Ája Ajulín
Ája Ajulín 个月 前
So much emotions... stay alive friends. ||-//
Daniela Colmenares
Xotic V
Xotic V 个月 前
2019 who still listening?
Виктория Грачева
I’m not crying, you’re crying
Jamiee Robertson
Jamiee Robertson 个月 前
I know this is sad n all but Josh's arms look bare
Joy Unity
Joy Unity 个月 前
This beat is so compelling and the lyrics so in delving that it echos though out the deepest parts of my being and I LOVE it.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 个月 前
Project X
Project X 个月 前
the veins on his head it made me cry to see how much they were visible how much he was tensing how much he was hurting. how emotional this song is.
PØLAR 个月 前
Voy a llorar adioz
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 个月 前
Vanessa Samarian
Vanessa Samarian 个月 前
I feel so blessed every time i listen to twenty one piolets
Anna Birta
Anna Birta 个月 前
still coming back to this. Still get's me the same way. I will always remember the first time I saw this, I had just found TØP that same day. I was in one of the darkest places I've ever been. And I saw so much emotion, so much pain and so much passion, I've never seen anyone drum with such passion and sing with so much emotion. And I started listening to the words and I saw so much thought. And I remember thinking: I have never seen anything like this, and I will never see anything else like this. And I haven't. Now years later being able to come back to this, because I AM ALIVE. Tank you II-//
speachs 个月 前
mobil avenue
mobil avenue 个月 前
Pre bluryface tøp. Mistakes and all. Perfect
Fire boner
Fire boner 个月 前
Is nobody gonna mention how perfect Josh's drumming sounds in this?
Joey Baldini
Joey Baldini 个月 前
I bet you all feel bad for calling him a coward now, huh?
Joey Baldini
Joey Baldini 23 天 前
+karl marx it's okay (and welcome fren) Basically there's just a joke among the clique (which is what we're called in case you didn't know) where we call Tyler a coward on Twitter and stuff. He'll post a funny or cryptic tweet and everyone will just call him a coward or something like that. It's okay though, he's acknowledged it and called us stuff too like slimeballs. Basically just a fanbase and artist inside joke. Meanwhile Josh is wholesome and perfect and literally everyone loves him. I hope this makes sense, and again, welcome! And of course stay alive fren ||-//
karl marx
karl marx 24 天 前
What happened? I'm new to the fanbase sorry
Sorax VEX
Sorax VEX 个月 前
TØP Clique
TØP Clique 个月 前
I'm crying...
Heidi Fields
Heidi Fields 个月 前
This song makes me want to write again... the beauty in the lyrics, the feeling in the way Tyler sings the words... I want to be an addict with a pen again.
The amount of emotion in his voice
MykaandMommy 个月 前
Man this song is so real. Wish I would have found it before I did something stupid.
MykaandMommy 个月 前
Hurt myself in the worse way you can imagine and got lucky to live. But A OK. Better than OK. Happier.
Brad K
Brad K 个月 前
What stupid thing did you do?
anjalixg 个月 前
Marcos M JV
Marcos M JV 个月 前
Una carta a Dios. Letter from yo God
ash t
ash t 2 个月 前
look at him bop
Tabea Blck
Tabea Blck 2 个月 前
No...no...I'm not crying...at all... ah fuck it I'm crying so hard
SynysterSay10 M
SynysterSay10 M 2 个月 前
I like this song a lot, it makes me think about about life and how much I miss my momma. I love the way Tyler Joseph sings it with so much emotion and the way Josh dun play the drums. Tyler and Josh keep doing what you're doing cuz you guys are both doing it.
+SynysterSay10 M no problem. Hugs from romania 😉😚
SynysterSay10 M
SynysterSay10 M 25 天 前
+LIME WARRIØR CAT thank you very much
Stay alive ||-//. And sorry for your mom
iiClockwork_Fox 2 个月 前
they look so into it
iiClockwork_Fox 2 个月 前
OwO yeah yeah
Yee Juice
Yee Juice 2 个月 前
This inspired me not to beat someone up (This girl has made my best fren cry every night for almost 6 months now and we've both tried going to the guidance counselor and to both of our parents but nobody listens to her except for me and I let anger just get the best of it and I had a whole plan to knock her teeth out and now I realize that there are better options than hurting her and not letting her explain why she is so mean and I need to stop letting emotions get the best of things so thank you for that Tyler)
Valerie Melgarejo
Valerie Melgarejo 2 个月 前
i love this song and this band so much
NitsaPeacelove 2 个月 前
The only thing keeping me alive right now is the effect my death would have on my mom & sis who both depend on me both physically & emotionally. I've been listening to this, my screaming, angry, begging prayer to God all damn day. And all i can say is Thank you Tyler for knowing how i feel. I tell myself i will kill myself tomorrow. I make the decision that tomorrow will be the last day i must suffer & that calms me down. But of course there's no such thing as tomorrow. It's ALWAYS today. Tomorrow never does come. Even tho i know that, it's still a good mind-trick. Things don't look better in the morning, that's bullshit people say. So that crap doesn't work on me. But being certain that i just have to make it through ONE more night so i can end it tomorrow, THAT works, even knowing there's Nooo such thing as "tomorrow". If YOU feel you can't stand it anymore & want to end it, let yourself get the phew...the relief in knowing that tomorrow you'll end it. It'll get you thru the night & tomorrow, well, think about it again tomorrow. If you still feel the same way, do it again. It sounds crazy & maybe i am crazy but it DOES trick your mind, albeit one day at a time. I made it thru Valentine's day yesterday. Stay. Alive. Frens. 💛
Hugo Lemos Paiva
Hugo Lemos Paiva 2 个月 前
Emocionante ||-//
Sandy Laveda
Sandy Laveda 2 个月 前
jupiter w
jupiter w 2 个月 前
bust down halsey
xXBr4S1LXx [OPBR] 2 个月 前
Hello We haven't talked in quite some time I know I haven't been the best Of sons Hello I've been traveling in The desert of my mind And I Haven't found a drop Of life I haven't found a drop Of you I haven't found a drop I haven't found a drop Of water Water I try desperately to run through the sand As I hold the water In the palm of my hand Cause it's all that I have And it's all that I need and The waves of the water Mean nothing to me But I try my best And all that I can to Hold tightly onto What's left in my hand But no matter how How tightly I will strain The sand will slow me down And the water will drain I'm just being dramatic In fact, I'm only at it again As an addict with a pen Who's addicted to the wind As it blows me back and forth Mindless, spineless, and pretend Of course I'll be here again See you tomorrow But it's the end of today End of my ways As a walking denial My trial was filed as a crazy Suicidal head case But you specialize in dying You hear me screaming, "Father," And I'm lying here just crying So wash me with your water Water Hello We haven't talked in quite some time I know I haven't been the best Of sons Hello I've been traveling in The desert of my mind And I I haven't found a drop Of life I haven't found a drop Of you I haven't found a drop I haven't found a drop Of water
Lake Sheeley
Lake Sheeley 2 个月 前
it is so sad and so catchy
Jeff Pursel
Jeff Pursel 2 个月 前
RAW RAW RAW emotion. As pure as it gets, lyrics on so many levels...Is father Dad, God, someone or something else, all of them, none of them...Have to love it when artists bare their souls to the audience and their fans, really allows for remarkable connections to the music and the artists...When 2 people can forge the connection with 2 instruments, lyrics and voice it is quite stirring...
Skysurfer 777
Skysurfer 777 2 个月 前
I might have commented this a few years ago already lol, but after first finding them and going through about 10 or so songs, I finally figured out he’s singing about god when I heard this one. Even though not all their lyrics are obvious, it’s like I could sense it, because I was so drawn to their music instantly (never happens). Maybe that’s one of many reasons why they’re so big. We can all sense this precious vibe... and, religious or not, I think we all crave the goodness of life again.
Mj W
Mj W 2 个月 前
What a musical wonder. Hits you me at sides
gracie barton
gracie barton 2 个月 前
me: this is a beautiful and deeply moving performance my brain: *wadur*
melissa 2 个月 前
here i am for the thousandth time i just love this music and these boys so much it hurts
john denis dunne
john denis dunne 2 个月 前
the struggle is real
Tyler Joseph is amazing
Why am I crying
Zohre Shj
Zohre Shj 2 个月 前
he is like he can't do the high notes cuz he is about to cry, my heart is shattering😭😭😭 (2019)
ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴᴅɪᴇ -Lᴏᴠᴇʀ
Im crying and thinking “everything is gonna be okay”
Johnathan Bruno
Johnathan Bruno 2 个月 前
Best version because it doesn’t have those horrible water sound effects
jonatan gomez
jonatan gomez 2 个月 前
2019. Still listen to this one at least once a day
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 2 个月 前
Kind Of Noodle
Kind Of Noodle 2 个月 前
About 2 or 3 years ago my cousin got me into TØP music, and I wish I had found them sooner, now we’re going to there concert in Columbus in June
Asylum Rain
Asylum Rain 2 个月 前
Kind Of Noodle yeah same I’m going in June 25th it’s basically right after my birthday too I’m so hype to go.
Frank SS
Frank SS 2 个月 前
I'm searching for a drop of water too, but i can't finding. Thank you twenty One pilots for this Song. At least i can cry.
Jacquelynn DeShazo
Jacquelynn DeShazo 2 个月 前
I'm so grateful beyond words he's made it. That everyone made it. Bless these amazing men that have saved lives all over the globe |-/ Stay alive. It's worth it. I promise frens.
He is fucking beautiful
iNREEk 3 个月 前
I never heard someone sing "water" with such passion and emotion :(
Valerie Melgarejo
Valerie Melgarejo 3 个月 前
this song always makes me so emo
"Taxi Cab" lyric video
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