UG Studios session "Addict With A Pen" by Twenty One Pilots

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A UG Studios session with Twenty One Pilots. This is an acoustic version of their song "Addict With A Pen".











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Selmaa 13 小时 前
0:56 he hurts so much, I'm dying please someone make him smile
Michelle Vera
Michelle Vera 2 天 前
I just can’t believe that something as incredible as this exists
Alice :3
Alice :3 3 天 前
This song makes me feel sad, for two things: for the suffering of Tyler and ... well ... that's the way I am, all these songs make me feel sad
KÄSE LP 3 天 前
So gopd
Caroline Reeves
Caroline Reeves 4 天 前
7 years later and this is still my favorite song by them
Kaitlyn Fraser
Kaitlyn Fraser 5 天 前
hopefully I aint the only one watching this in 2018.
Destiny Lastly
Destiny Lastly 5 天 前
3:22, his eyes are filled with tears.
papermachebombshelter _
It’s not possible for me to stop loving, appreciating and respecting Tyler for this song and this performance particularly.
Deryl Leon
Deryl Leon 9 天 前
Their best song, and that's saying A LOT.
Aya Elhalawany
Aya Elhalawany 9 天 前
Is it just me or do these two angels seem to find their way into our lives when we need it most. Some how, some way, we end up back with them again. Its amazing. I find myself listening to a certain song of theirs and no matter what song, everytime, it speaks to me. The clique is like a family to me. I'm so glad I wandered into it because I dont know what I would do without it. Without you guys. Without Tyler and Josh. Thank you. So much. ||-// Stay alive frens ♡♡♡
Nicole Narvaez
Nicole Narvaez 9 天 前
I can't hear this song without cry 😩😟😔😭😭😭😭😭.....Twenty One Pilot 💖,Forever..../-/
Sukie Sholar
Sukie Sholar 9 天 前
Pure Perfection!!
Faith Perkins
Faith Perkins 9 天 前
From a musical standpoint this performance is a mess. From an emotional one, it’s the best.
abben cass
abben cass 10 天 前
1:33 How I play Piano
abben cass
abben cass 10 天 前
i want to give this smol man a hug so bad ahh
Macc attacc
Macc attacc 11 天 前
Anytime I'm feeling down this always helps. I love them so much. I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for them. I'm so proud to say that
Regan Krist
Regan Krist 11 天 前
cryin bc josh still to this very day sits and listens to tyler like that while he's waiting for the drum sections to come on rip
Emma Joy
Emma Joy 12 天 前
*why have I never seen this*
matennme 12 天 前
redskeletonart2 12 天 前
Wow back then Tyler looked like a scared baby that needed a hug and now he just looks like a concerned dad Also anyone gonna say anything about Josh without hair dye... like when he actually still had hair left to dye?
Sarah Bruno
Sarah Bruno 12 天 前
Stay Alive Frens ||-// 🌼
Nursat Sempai
Nursat Sempai 13 天 前
trench ||-//
Jerry Doyle
Jerry Doyle 13 天 前
MaxceloZX 14 天 前
4:15 the fucking piano... amazing final
Mandy G
Mandy G 14 天 前
Every single time... I keep coming back to this and it gets me more every single time.
Mtndew Technology
De waves of de wader
Shirley 15 天 前
It's absolutely beautiful to see how much Tyler and Josh have grown. absolutely beautiful.
Allina Yea
Allina Yea 15 天 前
i've heard people say that it sounds horrible and ruins the song when he "smash's" his hand on the keyboard but this is just another example of him doing it because the emotions are so overpowering.
Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard 16 天 前
I cry every time I hear this song, but it is still, in my opinion, one of the best songs in the world. Stay alive frens |-\
TWDRickGrimes 16 天 前
Between the sound of Joshes drumming and Tylers emotional singing this will always be one of my favorite videos ever
Don Jones
Don Jones 16 天 前
I swear i have watched this over a 100 times, its just so damn powerful and under appreciated in my opinion. I went to their Trench concert (first time) earlier this month and really hoped to hear this but unfortunately didnt but maybe some day in the future :) but for now i have this...
going with nico
going with nico 17 天 前
Its 2k18 but still there is so much feels 😭😭
kyleigh klaws
kyleigh klaws 17 天 前
Saw them for the first time live a little over a week ago and it took every ounce of me to not cry. From when i started listening to them to now is a whole journey itself. Ive always struggled with depression and ending an abusive relationship took every piece of me. These two individuals' music has no doubt taught me what its like to finally grasp life and feel like its gonna be okay. So many times ive wanted to just end it all. And to know that a band makes music about things like this is beyond beautiful and truly life saving. always will be a fan❤
Fatihah Arif
Fatihah Arif 天 前
I'm proud youre here with us love
Nicky Cinnamon
Nicky Cinnamon 17 天 前
I don't have words for this...only tears hehe :,)
Zezorak 18 天 前
Why was this not in my recommended 7 years ago
갤 갤
갤 갤 19 天 前
탈러가 예예 하는 것도 좋고 치다가 피아노 실수해서 나는 소리도 너무 좋아
Michael Oporta
Michael Oporta 21 天 前
Deme su numero para que me enseñe a tocar piano
Veltri__ 22 天 前
Dorian Arcia
Dorian Arcia 23 天 前
0:55 you can literally see a tear forming in Tyler's eye that he has to just shake back.
Dorian Arcia
Dorian Arcia 23 天 前
It's so so hard when you have a song that has everyone in the band on the verge of tears when you play it. Both Tyler AND Josh are just seconds away from breaking down throughout this entire song. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful. That's how you know it comes from a genuine place.
Jkila25 24 天 前
Why am I just now fully grasping this song. Thank you Tyler!
Lauren B
Lauren B 25 天 前
this was my fav thing ever to watch 4 years ago. i’d sit down when i got home from school and shut my eyes and listen to /this/. god. it’s so funny - i still will keep coming back to it because it still means something so powerful. that message will never change. and tyler nearly in tears at the beginning - WOAH. he just shook it off but you still see what he’s feeling. this song clearly means so much to him :((( the same w josh; throughout they both look so emotional. i’ll always adore them
Abbey Frank
Abbey Frank 25 天 前
Who the hell would thumb this down? This is freaking art.
Asylum Rain
Asylum Rain 28 天 前
I don’t know why I can’t cry even though how bad I want to just let it out. I just can’t seem to cry I never used to be like this but for some reason I just can’t cry anymore and I hate it
BB Gomez
BB Gomez 28 天 前
Absolutely amazing artists!! 🤩
Heather Dawn
Heather Dawn 28 天 前
..... Excuse me. I need to leave the room. I'm a sobbing snotty mess.
Jordan A
Jordan A 28 天 前
My minds a desert
Jordan A
Jordan A 28 天 前
I gotta not care of my problems like role then off your sleeves
nobody likes the opening band
why dont we talk about this more
RAV3N 个月 前
Everybody will always say things like, your young .. you don't understand real pain, wait till your an adult etc. I grew up around people who never exactly had issues in their younger periods and for them. I can understand why they never exactly thought much of my so called "issues", I remember vaguely screaming "YOU DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN MY HEAD" to my Nan, yes I live with my grandparents. I don't like admitting I felt that way, throughout my whole teenage years all I ever got was fuel to enrage my guilt. I was always told I had no reason to be sad. It wasn't even sadness, it was something.. but not sadness.. sadness was the result of it.. it was more of frustration, anger and hate. I sat in a meeting with my Nan and a CAMHS counselor. They started speaking about how my life had began and all the events of my life one by one. From birth till the current moment. Let's just say I never had my parents.. they were alive and well.. but they never cared. I lived with my grandparents for a reason. But as they continued to speak. My eyes went from dry and red to.. eyes.. filled with water, I honestly couldn't even see straight. My heart sank from my chest as my whole childhood spilled out into the open room. They both looked at me and briefly paused for a small moment and asked, "Are you okey?" and I just lost it. My Nan never believed I had issues.. I don't even think I did either.. but I felt something, feeling that way .. thinking those thoughts definitely wasn't normal. Sometime soon, a few months following.. I can still sit and think of suicide and embrace that fantasy with open arms. But until then, we all sit.. quietly. Waiting for the never. Waiting for the day when we get close but never close enough. Thoughts are real.. pain.. is even more real. If someone you know could quite possibly be feeling that way. Please for the love of fucking god. Say something.. no-one cares how personal things may get. You may just be giving something with no hope left.. a tiny bit more to survive the rest of their day.
haidy haidy
haidy haidy 个月 前
the emotions ...daymn
isobel 个月 前
wrong 2:55-3:00 sorry guys false alarm this is the best
Hi I'm Nobody
Hi I'm Nobody 29 天 前
nice save
isobel 个月 前
1:48-2:15 best bit help me
LeVinciii 个月 前
2018 pepz wer u at??
Gonzalo R
Gonzalo R 个月 前
Oh man! Tyler's face, imposible not wanna cry... just in my feelings 😪😪😪
Ivy Bauer
Ivy Bauer 个月 前
I don't know why, but when the video ends in my minds eye I see josh getting up and going over to tyler and hugging his best fren.
Skeletøn Ukulele
I'm here after reading the interview about what Leave the City is about. I don't know, a reason I love tøp is their faith. But that seems to be going away.
Violette Schnapp
Violette Schnapp 个月 前
the emotion in his voice is everything
jamie utitus
jamie utitus 个月 前
I just cried like a baby...
Walker 个月 前
Talent. Thats the name. and I'd also like to add: What. A . Performance. im shaking.
Jordan McNish
Jordan McNish 个月 前
I’m at 4% and I’m just here in 2018 using my battery up for something great
lala1926 个月 前
Meesje 个月 前
I didnt like addict with A pen that much before this video. But this video completely flipped it around. Its such an emotional song. Its beautiful
Vicho Calisto
Vicho Calisto 个月 前
josh dun obsessed
He wants to stand up so badly
Caught Delusional
I never understood how special a song could be to a person. Now I get it.
Jacken Craftycraft
A film about TOP just to show people who they was, who they've become and who they saved
Michelle Coronel
Michelle Coronel 个月 前
I try desperately to run through the sand As I hold the water In the palm of my hand Cause it's all that I have It's all that I need and The waves of the water Mean nothing to me But I try my best And all that I can to Hold tightly onto What's left in my hand But no matter how How tightly I will strain The sand will slow me down And the water will drain I'm just being dramatic In fact, I'm only at it again As an addict with a pen Who's addicted to the wind As it blows me back and fourth Mindless, spineless, and pretend Of course I'll be here again See you tomorrow But it's the end of today End of my ways As a walking denial My trail was filed as a crazy Suicidal head case But you specialize in dying You hear me screaming Father And I'm lying here just crying So wash me with your water
갤 갤
갤 갤 个月 前
Michael Rodriguez
If humans disappear I hope that we'll leave behind music like this as a sign we existed.
SupaSmooth 个月 前
OOOOH Fucking Brilliant!!!
Jenel ll-//
Jenel ll-// 个月 前
Tyler is now the best of sons. Especially adding Awolnation to his tour for us.
IrisBlake 79
IrisBlake 79 个月 前
“Wwwaaaa dddduuuuurr”
Klay Rein
Klay Rein 个月 前
I cant wait until Dec.. i will finally watch them both perform infront of me.. and that will be a glorious night. ;,)
Yup Ok
Yup Ok 个月 前
I can't listen to or watch this without crying
Christopher perez
To watch his facial expressions just puts his emotions in me. I'm suffering through a lot myself and to hear his emotions puts me in a wreck. I want to be like this man someday and want to just see him and say thank you for helping me...thank you for being there when no one was. ||-//
Ludmi González
Ludmi González 个月 前
Transmite tanto sentimiento...
Cristy Maday
Cristy Maday 个月 前
Caesar Cipher
Caesar Cipher 个月 前
My ears hadnt dried up its 2k18
rachaellovestop 2 个月 前
jishwa at the start is so cute ahhhhhh i love him
demolitiontyler 2 个月 前
Orca 2 个月 前
Do ya like Twenty One Pilots? 1:29
Natália Santos
Natália Santos 2 个月 前
Hi, fren...2018!
blackheartedwolf 24
blackheartedwolf 24 2 个月 前
Dudes im playing this and playing the piano and singing alone with it i love this song so much
maria Pilar Raposo
maria Pilar Raposo 2 个月 前
Fatihah Arif
Fatihah Arif 2 个月 前
my heart hurts seeing tyler this way, stay strong everyone
Beverly MT
Beverly MT 2 个月 前
A NO! 🙄😂😂 3:17
Mitch Prieto
Mitch Prieto 2 个月 前
I miss Chester Bennington so bad, but you know what? Tyler Joseph has such an incredible talent and a deep feeling throughout music that is IMPOSSIBLE not to feel it along with him. Tyler, you have a special place in my heart. When Senses Fail wrote that song about "all the best cowboys have daddy issues", they weren't lying. Thank you for sharing that with us, with me. 👏🙏👏🙏👏🙏
Exploring the Forgotten
Lily Velasquez
Lily Velasquez 2 个月 前
well, I didn't need my heart anyway..
Patricio Vera
Patricio Vera 2 个月 前
I love this
Sukie Sholar
Sukie Sholar 2 个月 前
Gosh I freaking love this soooo much!!!
Vladia Lemonadia
Vladia Lemonadia 2 个月 前
Chop, job, jar of wateeeeer
A.J. 2 个月 前
I watched this while eating pizza and I never thought that pizza could be this salty... because it's soaked with my tears.
Kaitlyn! At The Disco
W a h d u r r
Kody Stott
Kody Stott 2 个月 前
The last key 😟
Kody Stott
Kody Stott 2 个月 前
3:40 you can really see and feel the emotion behind his eyes
LilaJANE::21 2 个月 前
got me through so much... thank u 21pilots
Lucas de Laer
Lucas de Laer 2 个月 前
Lluc Garcia
Lluc Garcia 2 个月 前
Josh realizes how important this song is to Tyler oh god