US (2019) Ending Explained

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In US, the second film from Jordan Peele (Get Out) a family's vacation turns to chaos when a group of malevolent doppelgängers descends upon their home. Learn all about who The Tethered are, what they want, and looking at the film's bigger meaning and hidden messages.
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Hayz Studioz
Hayz Studioz 3 小时 前
Isn’t it Jason not Jordan
anonymous person
anonymous person 4 小时 前
what about the military the tether have a bunch of siccsors
joaxbeats !
joaxbeats ! 7 小时 前
M night shymalan and jordan peele should really collaborate
joaxbeats !
joaxbeats ! 7 小时 前
I like how he remembers that the police is going to be late for 14 mins waow just amazing memory hahahaha
Corey McManus
Corey McManus 23 小时 前
Jordan peele says he doesnt smoke weed anymore. I call bullshit! He had to smoke to come up with this movie. Its absolutely insane. The statement at the beginning is true also. There are thousands of miles of tunnels under the U.S. Some of them are big enough for an 18 wheeler to drive in either direction.
Jumrug 01
Jumrug 01 23 小时 前
jordan or jason???
Your so stupid Jesus Christ you see like no foreshadowing or anything that happend
Apathy Series
Rahnae LovesChocolate
I finally watched the movie and it was so stupid. I literally hate this movie
Gotta admit young Adelaide can't act
Amyia 天 前
Y'all know how the women (don't remember the character name but played by Elisabeth Moss) has Adelaide tied to the bed rail and threaten to cut her with the scissors? She doesn't do it because she already knew she was one of them.
Jay tee
Jay tee 天 前
the comic relief was perfectly timed so I wouldnt have a heart attack
Kara Bartley
Kara Bartley 2 天 前
When you know what happens, this movie is so much better. I loved it but i could see being disappointed
Dylan Kaylor
Dylan Kaylor 2 天 前
I thought this movie was such a disappointment
Dylan Kaylor
Dylan Kaylor 2 天 前
Everything was so predictable imo
Just A random cat
Wait so I’ve had people say I have no soul cuz of my dark humor Am I a clone?
Jay Welch
Jay Welch 2 天 前
Get out was great! Us made no sense
Virus. exe
Virus. exe 3 天 前
the thing that inspired so many memes
Germ Bedro
Germ Bedro 3 天 前
The more i listen to you explain this movie, the dumber it is. Modern horror really is trash, and the audiances are even worse.
Germ Bedro
Germ Bedro 3 天 前
Jordan peele is garbage. That's about all.
ıllıllı Grey Amigo ıllıllı
Other than the frisbee, the number 11, and the scissors as symbols of duality, anyone else remember in the movie when Adelaide was a kid and when she passed the Jeremiah 11:11 Guy, she also saw a couple that were playing rock paper scissors but kept picking the same choices and kept tying
Ed 3 天 前
"I got fiii-" *Subscribed*
Taylor Davison
Taylor Davison 4 天 前
I think the tethered use scissors as that is the only weapon that can detach the soul from someone’s body
ıllıllı Grey Amigo ıllıllı
Maybe but not necessarily. As he said in the video, the scissors are signature weapons that fit with the theme of duality
Can you please for the love of god explain the movie Red Lights 2012 featuring Robert de Niro and Cillian Murphy
Sammy Jones
Sammy Jones 4 天 前
I think the reason why the son had the better connection to his Tethered than other people even his own sister is because he wasn't born via normal birth, but instead a C-Section, and the same for his Tethered. It kind of mirrors the other Tethered in how they weren't properly 'born' so to speak and why they lack the souls of the originals, so maybe how he and Pluto were brought into the world this way is kind of how they are connected-its something to do with their souls being better connected via C-Section rather than birth
Borry Bc
Borry Bc 4 天 前
If she was a double did she kill the real one???
Muhax Plays
Muhax Plays 4 天 前
I didn't g st THAT the lady was thinking she was the other lady?...
Yourbaby Tee
Yourbaby Tee 4 天 前
One thing that never made sense was how comfortable they were discussing their kill count. Like I would be shook Tf. I killed my copy???
skin09588 4 天 前
Fucking shit movie
Jaisean Davis
Jaisean Davis 5 天 前
I thought the movie meaning at first was that within ourselves lays our true selves that seek to project themselves into the world and to replace the facade we show to the world.
Brigham 5 天 前
How is the tethered Adelaide able to speak and none of the others can???
Brianw2261 3 天 前
she was mute and unresponsive when her parents found her in the mirror house. They assumed she had some kind of tramatic experience (rape or something) when they lost her for an hour and subsequently sent her to therapy, dance classes and the like for her to overcome what it was. But they could never have guessed the real truth: the their daughter - who could talk - was replaced all along and had to LEARN to become the "original" Adelaide....and the grandparents died, NEVER realizing the truth and probably blamed each other to the bitter end..
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 5 天 前
If the clone cannot control the real how does the real adelaide who is underground has the same life as the clone (red) who is in the real world? This also does not justify the ballet scene where the clone (red) is shown dancing on stage and the real adelaide is copying the moves underground. Also, if the real adelaide was down she could've controlled the clone (red) who is outside to come near the mirror at the same place and GET OUT.
CrazyIvchoo1 5 天 前
WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE POLICE Adelein called at the beginning and said 15 mins ... acab
I can't explain in detail, but this is real. It's a cry for understanding in which 99% of people won't understand. If you have the ability to do some math and see who must be able to understand, you got your answer, if you could even understand that is. Secret teachings aren't secret because they're kept secret, it has something to do with the universe at large, it's secret because even if I were to try to explain, you wouldn't believe it anyway unless you synchronistically found this comment and already have weird notions in which only you know. Like the difference between a red pill being painful and isolated freedom, and blue pill being a beautiful prison in which you don't even know that the warden will reveal themselves in the end. Anyways, looks like a good movie, U S 4 Eva ;)
Raul Philip Goco
So it’s basically “You might know everything I’m going to do, but that’s not going to help you because I know everything your going to do, *STRANGE ISN’T IT* “
BonusLife 5 天 前
You are bad guy but you are not bad guy
Slo Mo
Slo Mo 6 天 前
Peels has a dark mind even for someone on Comedy Central
Jayde STANNARD 6 天 前
Btw the police never come
Jayde STANNARD 6 天 前
Okay I legit just finished this movie, it was amazing but I couldn’t figure out the ending. So I’m so glad that you made a video explaining the ending.
Bernard Vixen
Bernard Vixen 6 天 前
Note that the government was trying to use the clones to control their human counterparts which goes back to the line at the beginning The government puts fluoride into our water to mind control us
Tom 6 天 前
I don’t get it. If the “real” adelaide lives “underground”, why does she have a funny voice and walks around like a maniac with scissors trying to kill her own “real” kids?
Krunchy k1tk4t
Krunchy k1tk4t 6 天 前
Tom her voice is messed up because "clone" Adelaide choked her out when they did the switch as children, and I'm guessing there were no doctors to help her fix her throat problems. As for why she tries to kill her kids, you have to remember that these are not "her" Kids, those kids we're created by the clone. Therefore, the "real" Adelaide's Kids are the ones from the facility. She doesn't care if the kids above ground die.
Odd Freaks
Odd Freaks 6 天 前
Dude I loved The Lost Boys!!!
Rosalind Davila
Rosalind Davila 7 天 前
Just a little heads up The handcuffs she gave to Adelaide to put on where the same handcuffs she tied her on the bed with
Ronald Hickson
Ronald Hickson 8 天 前
I knew the crazy clone was the real girl and they switched, you could tell by the hair
Vudnex 8 天 前
I don’t understand...the dake one is good or evil?
Aliki H-p
Aliki H-p 8 天 前
So Lupita Nyong'o can win best actor and best supporting actor?!
Eric .A
Eric .A 4 天 前
Aliki H-p best ACTRESS
Suzi Q Chav
Suzi Q Chav 8 天 前
you made get out interesting, don't think it'll work on this one
Thurman stevenson
Why didn’t red leave she knew how to get out
AmbyMT 8 天 前
“as to our own fear, we have become our worst enemy” very true words.
Jada Peters
Jada Peters 8 天 前
I hate being that one person who corrects everything plz Noone hate on me I'm sorry but he said Jordan Instead of Jason. Its fine tho I didn't know his name at first. Also anyone else notice Zora wearing a rabbit shirt in when the hear Gabes boat
Robert Montgomery
Am I the only one who thought it Strange there was all those rabbits and no rabbit shit in those tunnels?
Urban Entity TV
Urban Entity TV 8 天 前
Robert Montgomery I agree. I think the film didn’t need the symbolism. It’s a good concept by itself
Robert Montgomery
@Urban Entity TV glad I wasn't the only one. I also thought no I'm a little more confused after listening to the movie explained then when I watched it.
Urban Entity TV
Urban Entity TV 8 天 前
I wondered it as well