Vocal Coach Reaction to Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Live on Ellen)

Tristan Paredes
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande's performance on the Ellen Degeneres show of "thank u, next"
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Lewis Blissett
Lewis Blissett 个月 前
Yaasssss tristan
Isabella Zuluaga
i love you marry me pls and thank you.
Melanie Lopez
Melanie Lopez 17 天 前
Lewis Blissett shut up dumb I fh
Candice Gonzales
Candice Gonzales 24 天 前
+Hi lol
Hi 24 天 前
so ur saying if i say yasss, i can get likes. Earth is amazing!
Candice Gonzales
Candice Gonzales 25 天 前
+Tristan Paredes that was just gay
Abi 18
Abi 18 7 小时 前
I don’t think the backing singers really did anything besides dance
dan phil
dan phil 小时 前
Lmao that's the point
Cyn Shi
Cyn Shi 7 小时 前
they're her frans so they were supporting her beautifully
Angy D
Angy D 天 前
That was the perfect live performance
Michaela Lenae
She sounded like she was holding back a cry when she talked about her dad omg but she still did a really good job you can tell this song is very personal for her
Gloria Alonzo
i think she's more breathy now bc she's either trying not to cry or shes just feeling a lot of emotions
Wilma Lindström
React to Alaina Castillo please she's amazing
Daniel D.
Daniel D. 4 天 前
Oh my god
Mều Bé
Mều Bé 4 天 前
Fuck you
Abigail H
Abigail H 4 天 前
teach me how to sing DX
Marc Christian Borja
'he is a bit breathy on her past performances' stream breathin
Subit TV
Subit TV 5 天 前
Agnez mo ft chris brown please
Graceymay74 6 天 前
Bacon eggs, bacon eggs. Bacon eggs.
TS 7 天 前
Please react to TINI
Lexi C
Lexi C 7 天 前
ariana grande is super talented to be honest, and i think she's breathy simply because of what the song means to her... it IS about her exes, and it's very emotional and personal for her. it must be hard to live through heartbreak all over again with certain songs. the part where she tripped though has me laughing. she's so talented, she just gets back up. love her.
Its Official Laura
Oh my gosh i love your mother fucking perfect smile!! 😍😍 you're so amazing!
Jackie Murphy
Jackie Murphy 8 天 前
everybody lies but tøp is perfect
Yes Tristan this video was very helftifit to me 10/10 would recommend
Luna Linde
Luna Linde 8 天 前
all her songs are like the same lol
Kp 8 天 前
*that highlight is popping though* SUBSCRIBED✨
Edgar Navarro
Edgar Navarro 8 天 前
This video got me so mad but I'm still a big fan Tristan it's just that I love Ariana grande so much
talia841951 9 天 前
what happened from 5:08? was she crying?
Kayla 9 天 前
I wasnt sure if he was hating on her, criticizing her, or something idk sorry
alesto11 9 天 前
hey tristan, i understand that you aren't taking new students at the moment, but could you maybe intruduce a waiting list ? so that people like me get an e-mail or something like that when there are new capacitys? :) Thank you :)
Fandom Girl
Fandom Girl 9 天 前
It was very helftifit for me
Spencer Orton
Spencer Orton 9 天 前
Tilian Pearson
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 9 天 前
You and Ariana would be a perfect match ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ariana shishter
ariana shishter 9 天 前
Okay, I am not trying to be rude in anyway, but I’m allowed to have an opinion.. right? Anyway, personally I think what right did you have in this world to judge Ariana motherfricking Grande and be like ‘oh, she kinda cried that note, and yada yada’ like well she’s been through a lot and she’s done all these incredible things and you’re just sitting watching her sing with her heart, like your just a vocal coach, this isn’t AGT. If there’s someone who disagrees, I respect that, and I think we’re all allowed to have an opinion.
matthew guidotti
Please react to this music video
David Moses
David Moses 9 天 前
is he gay lolololol
Haile Hertz
Haile Hertz 10 天 前
at the end when she is walking away up to the stairs she's mimicking the ending scene from the movie "First Wives Club" @Tristan Paredes
Mnsa 3002
Mnsa 3002 10 天 前
Oh my God ... I am crying I am cry
MAKE OUT HILL sfsvideos
You can do a video where you teach us how to sing like Ari?
souha haddad
souha haddad 10 天 前
cnvid.net/video/视频-_rTdrBzOmWA.html plz plz plz react to this :D
Cynthia 10 天 前
bacon egggs bacon egggs
LeShaun Jenkins
LeShaun Jenkins 11 天 前
Tristan Parades Please React to Lady Gaga Brought Tears to my eyes,,, Incredible Vocals .. cnvid.net/video/视频-52nfjRzIaj8.html
Rafael Milanese
Rafael Milanese 11 天 前
She sounds breathy because she's been promoting breathing all time long :)
unknown name
unknown name 11 天 前
u can not fucking sing
Guadalupe Belén Greco
you should listen to Jake Wells from the voice
Fagner Macedo
Fagner Macedo 11 天 前
I wish the millenials could get the reference of The First Wives Club
Fagner Macedo
Fagner Macedo 11 天 前
This is a coming out video, right?
I feel he’s scared that if he says something bad he’s gonna get killed and buried from the Ariananators.
PickaDillie 11 天 前
Is she trying not to cry at certain points?
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 11 天 前
I’m sorry to everyone that is peeded off at me but I just got annoyed by this guy sorry...
Blueberry Shep
Blueberry Shep 11 天 前
Thefashionguru 11 天 前
Obsessed with your videos !!
Yasmine chahlavi
Yasmine chahlavi 11 天 前
Love u tristannnnn❤️❤️ ur sooo funny honestly and I lovee that!! Love these vidsss
Nana Noms
Nana Noms 12 天 前
Please react to Sohyang or Hyolyn next!
Breanna Stoudt
Breanna Stoudt 12 天 前
you should review a lisa cimorelli video she just put out a song goodbye
Osnapitzjazzi36 12 天 前
I would love if you would react to her singing Only 1 live. Mostly the one where she sings at BBC
blackgirlmarvel 12 天 前
The background dancer in the middle as they are walking up the stairs couldn't get her jacket on lol
Kathryn Marie
Kathryn Marie 12 天 前
Ariana: *falls of chair* "oh my god" me: ... is a woman
Ayyoush sb
Ayyoush sb 12 天 前
Grow your hair backkk !!u look good!
Lara Jauregui
Lara Jauregui 12 天 前
I wish i saw ur underwear
Charis Leigh
Charis Leigh 12 天 前
Lupita Gomez
Lupita Gomez 13 天 前
Can you do a LP review? Lost on you acoustic. Please.
DeathtotheAshes 14 天 前
Why is this worth a vocal coach reviewing? Review something actually dynamic like Bleeding Love. There wasn’t anything relevant about this aside from the name Ariana Granda and some dead ex who did it to himself.
Natti 14 天 前
ok im glad i wasnt the only one whose immediate first thought when i saw this performance was that she wasn't singing like normal. i think that came from nerves, she's been through a lot and that song is BOLD
Madison Fontenot
Madison Fontenot 14 天 前
React to Greta Van Fleet, thank you❤️ (Really any of their live performances, but safari song is one of my favs along with edge of darkness) cnvid.net/video/视频-zXdM1rqSlSQ.html
Em Radford
Em Radford 15 天 前
I noticed she seemed very breathless in this performance when I first seen it!! (I’m just general public, not a good singer lol).
Domi Domii
Domi Domii 15 天 前
That performance was a mess
Rylee 15 天 前
Boo Bear
Boo Bear 15 天 前
I think that the fact she's being breathy kinda makes the song that much better I honestly used to not really care for her that much, but I am OBSESSED with this song❤️
Allie Cliff
Allie Cliff 16 天 前
StOp PaSiNg ThE ViDiO 😂😂😂 jkjkjk no hate
Raudhahtul Insyirah
please listen to ariana grande carpool karaokek
Hulia Bulia
Hulia Bulia 16 天 前
Who else doesn’t understand his “ singing “ like wtf
cairol ll
cairol ll 10 天 前
me 💆
kaur 16 天 前
unicorn queen
unicorn queen 16 天 前
Bro you can sing
Irina Pop
Irina Pop 16 天 前
react to ariana's bbc 1 performance of god is a woman. trustt meee
Medina :P
Medina :P 16 天 前
5:42 - yo that highlight is poppin , am i correct ?
Medina :P
Medina :P 16 天 前
i hear the nasal thing too 😂
honey buns
honey buns 16 天 前
I hate you for making this video
Delanie Legrand
Delanie Legrand 16 天 前
She is literally adorable
Brian Benza
Brian Benza 16 天 前
Me- *Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cause he was an angel,* starts crying Me again- *People say I move on to fast gonna make this one last, and her name is ari,* smiles like the Cheshire Cat How can my emotions change just by a damn song?!? Ariana Grande is my idol omg! If anyone can change my emotions by a song than I’m so into them (pun intended)
Ava Griffin
Ava Griffin 16 天 前
I think we ALL wish we could say thank you to Malcolm.
Hannah Christian
Hannah Christian 16 天 前
What is a good free auto tune ish app
Nini James
Nini James 16 天 前
I think she sounds breathy bc her chest is so heavy from anxiety. Poor girl been through so much the past 2 years
Selah D'Ambra
Selah D'Ambra 16 天 前
3:24 made me legit BUST out laughing and half of my household is asleep soooo thats awkward.
•Mäÿä Mëdïñä•
2:53 Ariana: I know they say- **trips a little** Ariana: *ohmygod*
Aiyana Cole
Aiyana Cole 16 天 前
Stopped the video every 5 seconds
aj. 16 天 前
i thinks she breathy bc shes trying not to cry. i mean look at her eyes. you can tell
Swoopy Sadiess
Swoopy Sadiess 16 天 前
Why did the thumbnail look like Mickey Milkovich?!?! 💙💙 #Tristfan 💙💙
Brittany Whisenant
React to bbillie eleash!!!!
Paige Furey
Paige Furey 17 天 前
@ haaaaaaaay trying to get noticed ova hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Isabela G
Isabela G 17 天 前
does anyone know why did she cried??
sarah mclaren
sarah mclaren 16 天 前
Isabela G because it’s a sad song
Andrea Del pozo
Andrea Del pozo 17 天 前
Who else thinks tristian looks like the boyfriend from wizards of waverleys place
Melanie Lopez
Melanie Lopez 17 天 前
Are you gay?????
julie haroutounian
Hold up she sings better then you need to chill because she is famous for singing great. I understand that you are a vocalist and know how to sing but hate to say it she is better then you will ever be.
sarah mclaren
sarah mclaren 16 天 前
julie haroutounian not once did he say she was not talented or he was more talented than her. they simply have different professional experience when it comes to singing and he isn’t saying anything bad about her, he’s analysing her performance. dumb brat lol
That Weird Girl
That Weird Girl 17 天 前
I don't wanna hate but I do bc I hate this channel
That Weird Girl
That Weird Girl 16 天 前
Lol ikr
Bertha Herrera
Bertha Herrera 16 天 前
That Weird Girl wow you’re so quirky and different
Zai Belli
Zai Belli 17 天 前
She was not going to cry. She was laughing
Chantell King
Chantell King 16 天 前
Zai Belli she actually was going to cry thinking about her dad
I don't know anymore
wee need moree posts pleeeseee tristan pleasee
Cdiy1 17 天 前
Shes more breathy this year
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 17 天 前
alyssa ayala
alyssa ayala 天 前
don't be here so stop listening stop watching
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 12 天 前
CaramelFlan OfSecrets
Ava Rae You obviously woke up on the wrong side of the river. He wasn’t tying to sound like her, he was trying to understand what she trying to achieve when she was singing.
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 17 天 前
Amy Mendez
Amy Mendez 11 天 前
I’m sorry, but are you so naive that you don’t understand the purpose of a reaction video?
sarah mclaren
sarah mclaren 16 天 前
Ava Rae listen to the actual fucking song then if that’s what you want to hear
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 17 天 前
3:47 what that is not what she sounds like and you are a CNvid not an artist so stop judging her songs
sarah mclaren
sarah mclaren 16 天 前
Ava Rae are you fucking stupid? he’s not just a youtuber, he’s literally professionally trained in vocals. he isn’t trying to sound the same as her, bc they have different fucking voices, he is matching her pitch.
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 17 天 前
Love her!!!
Ava Rae
Ava Rae 17 天 前
Is he gay no hate just asking
li z
li z 17 天 前
4:19 she adds a what?
Angel Aviela
Angel Aviela 17 天 前
When her backup singers sing thank you, next thank you ,next it sounds like bacon eggs bacon eggs bacon eggs
Jesus Prieto
Jesus Prieto 17 天 前
Stop stoping The vid
AbbieLynetteG 17 天 前
Feel it with your face and with your body