Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes

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Tesla held an event for its investors called Autonomy Investor Day at its office in Palo Alto, CA. The event showcased software upgrades to the self-driving technology and new hardware called the Tesla FSD or Full-Self Driving computer.
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Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes





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A1blkman KAG
A1blkman KAG 16 小时 前
Elon Musk's Tesla monopoly within the auto industry soon to capitalize off Democratic party’s Green New Deal, Socialist state of California will be first to outlaw Gasoline engines and push for mandatory use of Tesla autonomous self-driving taxies and commercial vehicles. CEO Elon Musk clearly announces his plans to protect his control of intellectual technology and engineering patents, and of his personal intentions to benefit solely and independently. The question posed to Mr. Musk is, should this intovative advancement be allowed to remain personal patent that is supported by governmental backed agencies and lobbying organization? Based on the fact that Elon has publicly announced his intentions in advance, dose the government have regulatory obligations to protect consuming of monopolistic practices? Considering past history of California governmental, regulatory control over its citizenry, combined with Tesla’s geographic location of manifactoring, the likelihood of collaboration is extremely likely. Finally, this eventfal situation force on DEPENDENT public has great resemblance to pharmaceutical companies monopolizing life saving vaccines that would benefit the general public. I invite you to view the following Web stream of Elon Musk, Tesla announcements/intentions concerning intellectual property and patents (tps://cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91--b041NXGPZ8.html).
Scan End
Scan End 天 前
So basically a Tesla is now a streaming tv channel. Isn’t that just going to drain out the battery?
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 8 天 前
“According to Elon Musk” - THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! Who needs “facts” or “evidence?”
Mahmoud FiFteen
Mahmoud FiFteen 9 天 前
Well the CIA can hack right !? So No, thanks
Jack Beaverson
Jack Beaverson 9 天 前
Computers in cars whodathunkit Jesus f****** Christ bout finally f****** time thank you Elon your a hero.
Mario S.
Mario S. 10 天 前
Nice technology, but good luck to self driving computer dealing with some crazy driver who cuts you off suddenly going 70 mph on freeways.
Interested In
Interested In 13 天 前
I hate side seat driving...and scared to death of self driving. If given a choice, I would much rather take the train. The electric part of Tesla is great however.
sarat kumar
sarat kumar 15 天 前
You should have add that feature if someone try to steal your call and it'll take to police station
Badar Wildanie
Badar Wildanie 16 天 前
But, can it run crysis?
d dzerres
d dzerres 21 天 前
FSD wasn't the reason we bought a Tesla but we bought it to: 1. help keep pushing the technology, 2. backup "autopilot" in case we make a mistake in driving. I recently was switching lanes to get to a left turnoff when the guy in front of me on the turnoff suddenly slowed down while I was still watching the traffic ahead and to the right. The Model 3 alarmed and did an emergency slow/stop preventing me from rear ending that car. That one rear end collision prevention paid for the software upgrade all by itself - and probably more.
Archer Gothic
Archer Gothic 22 天 前
Tesla Plizz make a gaming Computer !!!
Bunty arts
Bunty arts 23 天 前
you are going to unemployed many people's 😅
Shogo 23 天 前
777 dislikes - make a wish.
Orko safin
Orko safin 27 天 前
I love Elon Musk
Tc Linn
Tc Linn 个月 前
Eye shades and a pillow
Sauxy Banana
Sauxy Banana 个月 前
hell yeah
Sandy 个月 前
Price is the only limiting factor now between me and Tesla
Luc Bos
Luc Bos 个月 前
I just want to drive my car I love to drive myself I never let my car drive me NEVER !!!!
Gurmeet Chahal
Gurmeet Chahal 个月 前
How many investors think that Tesla will bounce back after recent dip?
WulfCry 个月 前
Topnotch design and usage.
The Power of Zen
The Power of Zen 个月 前
Ok some scenarios: 1. There’s an accident and the car needs to re-route but it’s stuck in the queue of traffic. Police instruct they must turn around and all go back and exit through a guided route. 2. Drug cartels use self driving cars to transport drugs without any occupants in the car. The police stop the car and want to search it. 3. There’s heavy snow and ice, the road markings and surrounding areas are all covered. Could autonomous vehicles deal with these possible situations?
Jaq Hass
Jaq Hass 个月 前
Why is he not extending it to gaming pc's? The market is huge.
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings 个月 前
a "clean" "green" car made with 1,300lbs. of massive battery made from lithium that's strip mined from south america in a massive ecological holocaust -- just imagine what it will look like when 11 billion people all using batteries strip mined from 3 countries, there will be nothing left but holes where nations used to be --- battery cars are a stupid idea, this is a big hoax made up by an educated moron who's pissing away almost USD$250 million / month... i will NEVER buy one.
gilded 个月 前
Tien Doan
Tien Doan 个月 前
No demonstration of concepts = massive red flags
The Moeller
The Moeller 个月 前
Lol these death traps. Thanks elon, i've made a fortune buying PUTS on tesla. Elon isn't a genius. Tesla cars are about to become relics.
Lego Lord
Lego Lord 28 天 前
Jack Rodgers
Jack Rodgers 2 个月 前
Sounds as if Tesla’s system is more advanced than some of the military’s air planes...
William WAGENER 2 个月 前
I just picked a Tesla X, SUV, in April 2019, with $40,000 down, and My only REGRET was not getting it July 2018, when I would have had FREE Super-Charging for 8 years. Love it, LUV it, can stand to drive those old gasoline/ diesel guzzlers anymore. Screw the BIG OIL Companies, cause I got a solar system on my house and recharge for free, plus all the business deductions. I JUST LOVE IT. And no black for me, BLUE and I LOVE it. Did I mention I LOVE IT ?
Im unable to drive a vehicle because I’m too high on weed all of the time. This is gunna change my life - Snoop Doog
Do yourself a favour and watch the full 3 hour presentation!
José Silva
José Silva 2 个月 前
See this AMD and NVIDIA.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 个月 前
Elon is in the End Game now.
K S 2 个月 前
yes, but no money.
Egyptian Doctor
Egyptian Doctor 2 个月 前
767 dislikes from the german car manufacturers
Void 个月 前
Oil companies*
adi6183 2 个月 前
elon musk is such a crazy guy
Ezcaper 2 个月 前
But can this computer system run minecraft?
Raymond Bouldaire
Raymond Bouldaire 2 个月 前
2:40 Elon's swinging dick could power New Zealand
Hayan Imadi
Hayan Imadi 2 个月 前
Uber has KILLED someone using LIDAR Tech in a Volvo!!! It was in Arizona a 49 year old woman was run over while the car was going 40mph
Alan Xu
Alan Xu 2 个月 前
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell 2 个月 前
Good luck dickhead The liability lawsuits for intoxicated people and hacking as well as hardware breakdowns and accidents have only just begun. 😂😂😂😂
ilkercan Kaya
ilkercan Kaya 2 个月 前
Elon is a gift to the human kind. Very wise man! I'm buying a tesla when I have the money for a car. Full support for Mr. Musk!!
nickvj030 2 个月 前
Old tech for Chinese quantum pcs..... as always said, eeuu is 80 years behind china nowadays
Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar
1 bullshit 2 it is plagiarism 3 it is nvidia & intel tech combined.
Yad .A
Yad .A 2 个月 前
We have tesla autopilot And on the other hand is Cadillac super cruise which is just cheating the car cant actually scan the roads it can only drive itself on pre scanned roads
Keerthan Kumar
Keerthan Kumar 2 个月 前
Hes like a mentor to me, an inspiration,only problem hes getting fat and unhealthy.
Christoff Tobing
Christoff Tobing 2 个月 前
How to steal a car Then : connect several cables to start the car Now : hacking
Ninjacus NoVA
Ninjacus NoVA 2 个月 前
Side note: if I’m not mistaken Tesla model s doesn’t have a backup sensor to detect movement and distance, but it has a backup camera. Why don’t they somehow add a sensor into the T logo on the rear bumper. Also a model s/x makeover would be nice very few things have been done in the last 7 years other than the front bumper, software updates, and the new motors just now released.
Andretti 2 个月 前
Elon's billions at work - Genius.
Andretti 2 个月 前
Going to Mars By Elon is the reality. Tesla Cars are perfect, because of Elon
Dividend Income
Dividend Income 2 个月 前
Does anyone remember that Ford invented car dealerships because they wanted to take the inventory off their balance sheets and create a more positive quarterly report? Well guess what, Tesla is in its infancy and is going through similar growing pains to keep the company alive. Anyone that doesn’t believe Tesla will be the future is an absolute fool. Mark my words.
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