Wearing Fashion Nova Outfits For A Week

Safiya Nygaard
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I've been seeing this mysterious hashtag #NovaBabe all over instagram, so I decided to investigate and see what all the fuss was about. So I bought seven full outfits from Fashion Nova and wore them for a week to see if they were as good IRL as they looked on instagram. What do you think of my Fashion Nova clothing haul? Did I achieve #NovaBabe status?
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 3 个月 前
HELLO FRIENDS!!! so sorry for the short hiatus, i was in new york last week for creator summit and then was taking a bit of time to do some business & operations stuff... but i'm BACK! what did you think of these outfits?? am i a #novababe yet? and stick around to the end for an update on the ~frankenphora~ lipstick!
Kawaii Unicorn
Kawaii Unicorn 2 天 前
Safiya Nygaard 100%!
Abby Messer
Abby Messer 4 天 前
2:06 Beyyyn
Randy Gillett
Randy Gillett 6 天 前
Safiya Nygaard online I thought the jumpsuit was hideous, but you made it look pretty darn good!! you are a wizard of accessorizing and makeup matching! You totally rocked that Ikea
Oisìn Berry
Oisìn Berry 6 天 前
Nice hair
Samantha Mattson
Samantha Mattson 43 分钟 前
1:04 she was on the 4
Katalin 小时 前
the last 5th one thooo 😍😍
Pugicorns 123
Pugicorns 123 2 小时 前
I loved the bratz looking outfit it was so cute xxx
Shahy Ali
Shahy Ali 2 小时 前
did anyone else see bens face lmao
Defne Colakoglu
Defne Colakoglu 3 小时 前
Day four's outfit looks like a dress that Kim K wore to some award show😂
KatiePlays :3
KatiePlays :3 4 小时 前
The day number 6 outfit is my favorite!💖😱
Trëèñå Lîttlëçrøw
I want a relationship like this 👏
Liv 4 小时 前
I really like the rooftop bar jumpsuit! I'm planning 2 get it but idk how the sizes run.. are they small or should I get what I usually get
Isabella Dunagan
Isabella Dunagan 4 小时 前
17:08 she looks gorgeous in both of those photos wow especially the 90s baby one she looks AMAZING
Elspeth7677 8 小时 前
8:23 she’s got a hair going down to her neck?
Julia Colantuoni Vids
Imagine hue Jackson watching this, lol
Jem Jem
Jem Jem 8 小时 前
The goose part😂😂😂😂😂
Kamalpreet Singhania
Wig •
Wig • 9 小时 前
I bought some stuff from fashion nova, I'd say their clothes are for plus sized/hour glass shaped women, the only problem I had was they sent me jeans that were too small, I gave them to my mom in the end so...
I neeeeeeeeeed the 90's baby outfit
BriAnne Jones
BriAnne Jones 9 小时 前
How was zhavia
Amira A
Amira A 10 小时 前
At 3:55 isn’t that the same skirt Jazzmyne and Lyndsey (excuse me) bought from forever 21 in the Las Vegas vid hmmmmmmm ☕️
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores 12 小时 前
In the jumpsuit you look like my Bosnian friend's mom. In a good way!
The Mushroom Queen
The Mushroom Queen 12 小时 前
Y does no one who buys these kinds of things think about the difference in body types?
jerr cooke
jerr cooke 13 小时 前
She could rock all these outfits if she just stops being so awkward and take it seriously. Js. Cause she is beautiful. Loved how she looked it the white dress 😍😍
jerr cooke
jerr cooke 13 小时 前
All I can say is their jeans is really good quality, can’t really say anything for any other clothing. Their prices are really over priced. I only buy from them when they have codes to get discount.
Frida Zuñiga
Frida Zuñiga 13 小时 前
You’re so awkward it makes me uncomfortable
Laura Jean
Laura Jean 14 小时 前
Zia Mansilla
Zia Mansilla 14 小时 前
Safiya is soo me when trying out new potential outfits...but way prettier :)
ilanasart 15 小时 前
the french outfit lady was at santee court in dtla
MultiplesofNico 16 小时 前
Can you post the link to the shades??
linda navidad
linda navidad 21 小时 前
14:25 best by far! Def. Novababe
Rachel Kania
Rachel Kania 21 小时 前
You need to buy there jeans they make you look amazing
seren uysal
seren uysal 23 小时 前
the sixth one looks so good!
Treebz 天 前
Put a little stitch or two in the legs of the jumpsuit. You’ll be sorted.
Alex 天 前
Those jeans look just like an outfit in one of the Parasite Eve games.
Shallow Stream
Yr the same age as my cousin lol
leyna lever
leyna lever 天 前
"each buttock must be exposed with maximum capacity" BAHAHAHA life quote
Just a girl
Just a girl 天 前
Definetly a #NovaBabe
Kristie Taylor
You’re amazing lol
Soha 天 前
15:16 IM DYING
Soha 天 前
You and Adrienne are the funniest couple ever 😂
Laura Thrifty & Frugal
I love the 90s baby outfit. You are killing that skirt!
Sophia Robertson
Day two looks the best on you.But still they all look stunning
Patrice Robinson
Fashion nova is focused on girls who are bustier, and has big butts. Or super curvy women. Not really regular everyday people like me. I have no butt nor do i have boobs. 😂
Queen Popsicle
Why do I feel like she always try’s to make the pretty outfit on her ugly but she can’t cuz she’s soooo pretty
alli b
alli b 天 前
12:51 BEAUTY
Nikuji Smith
Nikuji Smith 天 前
you're a nova babe to me
Its_Tori 天 前
the last outfit is like what a slitherin would were to the club
Myriam Lopez
Myriam Lopez 天 前
So funny
Xitlali Hernández
Love this
Eila Huskey
Eila Huskey 天 前
Please review soaesthetic shop . Com plzzz
Random Thing650
The clothe don’t match u Bc your so ducking weird
Billie Love
Billie Love 天 前
'92 babies unite :D
Mélissa Arnolin
You don't have the sme body than the model so it's normal that the clothes are not the same on u... it's logic... I thnik fashion nova clothes is only for people with the same body than the model, the "8" body type... It's not cool for the others body type but It's life ...
Shivranjana Rathore
Such a rip-off Fashion Nova!
*Emily Sage*
*Emily Sage* 天 前
i saw zhavia😍
luv ur planet
the nineties baby outfit looked SO good on you
Tori :D
Tori :D 天 前
when safiya was a bratz doll, it looked like there was bread on her head.
Dantdm_playz Forever
Your weird, but good weird.
Pedro Carrazana
She’s great, would be even better if she didn’t seem so scripted
Sheryl Ozmun
Sheryl Ozmun 天 前
#Chesticles ........love it!
Laura Sorto
Laura Sorto 2 天 前
You look so good with the second outfit on 😍😍😍
Kawaii Unicorn
Kawaii Unicorn 2 天 前
Tyler beated up so many guys for sure lol
AceOfHearts LPS
AceOfHearts LPS 2 天 前
That site is so sexist XD but okay you do you if you like that stuff
Royal True
Royal True 2 天 前
I loooveee the red and white jumpsuit on you! It looks amazing!
lame seli
lame seli 2 天 前
you look so cute with those outfits but honestly what was that top knot on first day 😂
EyesOfTruth 1011
12:01 is Angela from Bad Girls Club and The Challenge. That's Crazy
Zeboug_ Gaming
Zeboug_ Gaming 2 天 前
Tbh:you look good with anything on
Vi c
Vi c 2 天 前
in the first outfit she reminds me of Shania Twain in Man I feel Like a Woman
Gianna Nyangoro
Gianna Nyangoro 2 天 前
14:24 yesssssaa quueeeennn
MPLoura 2 天 前
That jumpsuit is a Chun Li alt costume.
You don't need to know
Anyone else get the feeling she's bi
Brieanne DelRio
Brieanne DelRio 2 天 前
You look SO good in outfit 1 ! Damn girl!
Leena .k
Leena .k 2 天 前
Day six's outfit is so cute!
Janey Red Brick
Janey Red Brick 2 天 前
I actually laughed out loud when you said "Its basically just a fancy loin cloth."
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 2 天 前
YOU SHOULD’VE BOUGHT A PAIR OF JEANS🤣 I’m sorry for all caps, Buh the jeans are really good. #NoSpons
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 2 天 前
Everything else is just shady and stupid. I feel really bad that you paid that much for shipping and It didn’t come and that they never resent the glasses.
Appendicitis Dolan
Your analogy kill me😂😂
Gwyn E.
Gwyn E. 2 天 前
17:26 Like Spiderman...
sherlyn martinez
2:08 BEN
Madion Lol
Madion Lol 2 天 前
Seth Cool
Seth Cool 2 天 前
Safiya so pretty she can wear litterally anything
jke387 2 天 前
90s Baby outfit looked the best
Seva Ch.
Seva Ch. 2 天 前
No clothes can look like the pictures you see on the internet, because they are worn by women with great body. You cannot complain about them not flattering you.
White Wolf Studios
SAF looks so good in the Rooftop Jumpsuit😍
Sofia Portela
Sofia Portela 3 天 前
this shows that they make clothes for people with instagram bodies (cuz it only looks good on them ) and not for women with average body sizes
Dayanara Espino
Dayanara Espino 3 天 前
Molly eskam
April_10th_1998 3 天 前
I wanna know the total!💵😂
Alf P
Alf P 3 天 前
Totally big bush
Sara H
Sara H 3 天 前
Outfit 5 winsss
Victoria Whitlock
Yasss size 10 feet
Erika Agustin
Erika Agustin 3 天 前
Oh my god you are hilarious !! And freaking beautiful I am sorry that I haven’t seen your videos earlier
nevaeh arvayo
nevaeh arvayo 3 天 前
"You know what I'm saying to the world" "what?" "My parents had *Sex* 25 years ago" #Meme
Leela ThePrincess
Leela ThePrincess 6 小时 前
BriAnne Jones Saf said it not her
BriAnne Jones
BriAnne Jones 9 小时 前
No one wants to know what your parents did
AceOfHearts LPS
AceOfHearts LPS 2 天 前
nevaeh arvayo the scary truth
Amelia2465 1
Amelia2465 1 3 天 前
Tokyo 3 天 前
that jumpsuit looks so good on you ❤️
Queen Dede
Queen Dede 3 天 前
Promo code 6 mil
Nova 3 天 前
My name is Nova😂
Alicia - Grace
Alicia - Grace 3 天 前
Omg the second outfit on you 😍 (all of them looked beautiful but ahhh)
SisterScandal 3 天 前
2:09 BEYN
QueenPhoenix 3 天 前
SAF! you look amazing in that jumpsuit!
Jen Shaw
Jen Shaw 4 天 前
The 90's baby outfit looks wonderful on you. This is the outfit that suites you the most. I think fashion nova clothes are designed for slimmer girls with big boobs and a big perky butt, but really tiny waist. The 90's baby outfit flattered your figure the most
yahtzeefilms 4 天 前
thanks for trying this site out! i was hoping if you could try out yesstyle?
Person Person
Person Person 4 天 前
i saw the pencil skirt you were looking for in the vid on the site when you were looking at them
Anoud Ali
Anoud Ali 4 天 前
I love how you dress