What is "Chlorine" by Twenty One Pilots about? | Lyrics Explained

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Anialator 2 个月 前
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rancid team
rancid team 7 天 前
Let me give you a suggestion. Why don’t you make an interview with 21pilots directly and ask the meanings of their songs. Upload in your channel must be more reliable rather than 'maybe this or maybe that' Peace.
Bluedog2828 19 天 前
Ned= fans Chlorine= music it’s saying that the fans want more from Tyler and Jospeh because they became popular and he sips on chlorine to “clean” his mind so he can right the songs. His body lives on lead and he doubles as a paper maker talking about writing and making the songs which can be very stressful and pressuring that’s why he’s running for his life
Daniel cesler
Daniel cesler 20 天 前
what does the rebel red (or the bishops) represent in real life though?
seraf3.0 catgirl
seraf3.0 catgirl 22 天 前
When people get high (or cut or do other forms of self harm) they get a vibe thats what its called, it's a high to people. the vibe or beat is a literal chemical, when I leave don't save my seat cause the seat is not worth it to a dead man or a high one at that. the moment is medical, is not a 'healing' but when someone is in deep depression and cuts (or other self harm techniques) the brain lets off endorphins which gives you a sense of it will all be okay its fine this is good for me a high feeling if you will. loving what i'm tasting, no one loves self harming at first but after time it is a real addiction (and begin to live it) and the hardest one to break it never actually goes away so dependent at times , some people can't physically help themselves from hurting themselves, they believe that they need to have this to get through the day but in fact it is slowly killing them thus poisonous vibrations. running for my life, many self harmers harm themselves so that they do NOT commit suicide they are misinterpreted to being suicidal most of the time thus he is sipping on chlorine so that he does not commit suicide. fall out of formation, stopping his usual self harm routine and thus it drives him to plan his escape or suicide. rebel red carnation, Carnations are a symbol of death, grows while i decay, his want to die grows as his mental and maybe physical state decays or declines. hide you in my coat pocket, could be a self-harming tool or a metaphor for keeping his want to die hidden and out of mind , where i kept my rebel red, the carnation could be a symbol of his growing self hate. felt i was invincible could have been getting better or just hurt himself so he is still in his moment of euphoria, you wrapped around my head, now the comma is very important in this text cause this could mean the gripp of his depression and or self-harming suddenly broke him and his invincible feeling. Now different lives I lead, many suicidal people put up fronts and feel like they are living two lives, my body lives on lead, depressed people feel like they are made of rock it is hard for many for them to get out of bed in the mornings it could also mean that his life is on the line every day because he could have a weapon or something that which to take his life with it could also mean sense lead is a poison and so is chlorine that without it he could not live thus i live on it, the lead is terrible in flavor some chlorines contain lead and some water for that matter. but now you double as a paper maker, i think this also means his one life is song writing or it could be referring to the process of making paper which uses chlorine. I despise you sometimes, he wants to die but the chlorine is keeping him from it, loves to hate the fight, he is addicted to the self-harm which is the fight against suicide, you in my life is like sippin on straight chlorine, says it all having depression is like drinking poison depending on the person it will kill you. i'm sorry i forgot you, telling this to everyone in his life (suicide note?) let me catch you up to speed, telling them why he would do this (suicide note?) i've been tested like the end of of weathered flag by the sea, life has beaten me down i can’t take it anymore, can you build my house with pieces, house could be referring to his life or his mind can you build it even though it is so broken into pieces? i'm just a chemical, i'm nothing anymore just a depressed self-harming freak the only thing they would remember of him is the chlorine. So yeah there you go this is what I see in the song and depression gives insight to every sentence and phrase in this song unlike yours where you had trouble at the end discerning what the lyrics meant. this was totally not meant to bash you at all I just thought ,you, totally not looking into the thought that it might be about depression or suicide was kind of naive . sincerely, my royal Aggressiveness Seraf Seasons.
Jesse's list Jesse's list
Illuminati laughs in our faces lol predictive programming (TV) to letting truths out in your face. Xxtentat did this by studying vibrations. Dive in dude fuck the surface waters
Jesse's list Jesse's list
Hey dumb ass the water we drink is poisoned stop drinking it period. Look up Wormwood. A beat being a chemical go look up what vibrations do when active , they make perfect almost snowflake geometrical shape depending on the vibration. Positive e makes beautiful pics bad vibes they shapes get chaotic. Your country has been music against your soul your energy conjuring up hate,anger,demonic spirits. Look up Demonic CERN
W Pegram
W Pegram 个月 前
My theory is that rebel red carnation is his idol (as in idolatry), a red carnation being love & affection and possibly admiration, the rebel referring both to the shade of color, but also to the concept of being in rebellion (idolatry is rebellion in Christian theology). Fame is likely the idol, or if not fame, success. Even good things can become negative. In other words, he got what he desired and worked to gain, but even as he did, it did not heal, but caused decay.
Elias Valerio
Elias Valerio 个月 前
Hi, I have just uploaded a piano & drum cover for this amazing song. If you want, you can check it out on my channel, it's one of my first videos so if you have any suggestions please tell me, it'd be very helpful. Thank you! ||-//
Danyal Danish
Danyal Danish 个月 前
Autumn Bonsai
Autumn Bonsai 个月 前
Chlorine = song writing. It makes sense now!!!
XxTrooperYTxX 个月 前
It’s about WW1 listen to the lyrics and a trench was in WW1 and that is the name of there album
Good better best
Good better best 个月 前
The way Tyler writes song is a true genius
Randal Smith
Randal Smith 个月 前
Move your face away from the screen my dude
Omgits mrtoot
Omgits mrtoot 个月 前
Sipping on straight chlorine Scientific name of chlorine ~*cl* Hence SOS~CL~ CLANCY NEEDS OUR HELP!
Cory 个月 前
i saw another break down of songs and this song stood out to me becasue he not singing just about the bad things (ie bad things in life, suicide etc) hes also singing about the good things (the beat, the music) "this beat is a chemical" due to chlorines good and bad traits themselves (cleaning and poison) as for the rebel red, im pretty sure that ties into a bandana idk i read about that b4
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 个月 前
How do you sip a gas. Chlorine is a gas at room temperature. Stupid lyrics.
Tyler’s scolding us.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 个月 前
Chlorine plays key role in manufacture of drugs- song talks about using it
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 个月 前
chlroine is used for doing drugs thats all the song meaning
Kees Mac
Kees Mac 个月 前
Chlorine is a gas at room temperature, it becomes a liquid at -34 degress C. Either he is in a fvckin cold room or a very low pressure room. Hold thing makes no chemical sense.
bostonmike617 2 个月 前
Cool but I don't think the dude is smart with his lyrics. Great for kids. Now we got bleach to worry about. Tide pods and bleach.
Nice Try
Nice Try 2 个月 前
Chlorine = Music
amandchris 2 个月 前
I think the chlorine is some sort of depression meds. Emotions, they're literally just different chemicals in your brain. That's why all this is medical.
Chopped Artisan
Chopped Artisan 2 个月 前
it's all about the singer dude on acid. Like, i believe he was adding Chlorine to Water to make a suitable environment for the little 'gremlin'. It's all metaphorical for trying to help self. Well, I need weed.
Fierce Fatties
Fierce Fatties 2 个月 前
This is why I painted to this song. Drawing on the darkness to create, its cleansing but toxic.
Hunter Davidson
Hunter Davidson 2 个月 前
l-/ ll-// FEP TØP Twenty One Pilots Trench Blurryface Vessel Regional At Best Self Titled Skeleton Clique Tyler Joseph Joshua Dun Nick Tomas Cris Salih
Parker Craig
Parker Craig 2 个月 前
After watching the video I can see similarities between the lyrics of Kitchen sink and Chlorine.....maybe he is saying that being a kitchen sink is toxic and the things he does to cope with it isn’t the best solutions, so he sips on that chlorine which is that of writing music as a method of coping once he is done with that venomous process, he feels so vulnerable so he asks his jumpsuit to cover him, and once he feels secure he feels as if he is levitating 👌🏼🤷🏽‍♂️ idk my best guess
Ali 2 个月 前
Nice video man but just a humble suggestion, you are staying very close to the camera I guess a little zoom out could be better.
Lucky People
Lucky People 2 个月 前
Trench is a hole story. Think of the story to it.
Rohan Hutchison
Rohan Hutchison 3 个月 前
I chose this song as my song to explain the meaning of for my english project and this helped heaps, thanks edit: maybe, it mostly just made me more confused though
ej ej
ej ej 3 个月 前
S O S Cl(ancy)
Devi Bear
Devi Bear 3 个月 前
Rebel red clearly means red bull
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 3 个月 前
You are a big fat phoney
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 3 个月 前
This might be the worst intellectual analysis for a song I have ever read, aside from the early Kurt Cobain lyrics analysis. Whatever your name is, you are only a surface scratcher and a person who does not understand sarcasm and metaphors, and thus, your analysis ends up empty and devoid of meaning, which robs all of the 21 Pilot followers of what they really want. To understand what the band is talking about you need to actually listen to the song as opposed to you listening to 10 seconds of the song and making a judgment ....or even worse, line by line analyzing their lyrics as if you could decipher what they mean by breaking down each word. Think about it like translating Spanish to English ....things get lost in translation. You have an empty analysis, devoid of meaning because you are only translating the surface layer of the song.
Gawdzirra93 _
Gawdzirra93 _ 3 个月 前
I thought it was "Can you break my heart to pieces? I'm just a chemical."
kurazaybo 3 个月 前
Drugs, it is about drugs
834rknuckle Martinez
A love song of two people clash but chemistry..... (I love you, I cant live without you.) There confusions cleared
Little Assasian
Little Assasian 3 个月 前
Sippin on straight my urine 😂😂
Lucidrequiem 3 个月 前
You claim to "explain" the lyrics by admitting repeatedly that you have no fucking clue what they mean.
Public Enemy
Public Enemy 3 个月 前
I think what he meant by red is blurry face he feels like he can’t make something better than blurry face which is false
mason papotte
mason papotte 3 个月 前
at 5:28 he sounds like Kermit
ChanceYMCMB 3 个月 前
B eat
JLAndersonMusic 3 个月 前
OK SO MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, The last part of the song is about his mom. "Can you build my house" for me is a call back to House of Gold, except he is building a house and not buying. "I'm just a chemical" fits in the theme with the songwriting process because he wrote a song for his mom. She is a(n awesome person, but also a) chemical. The part right before "I'm so sorry..." could be an apology to his mom for not talking to her a lot or seeing her because he is busy doing his life.
Prima Murdock
Prima Murdock 3 个月 前
It seems like you going through an existential crisis dissecting this song.
Keowyn Brown
Keowyn Brown 3 个月 前
Other people: Oh LoOK, it'z ThE Pop sONg PrOFessOr! Me: Hol-E sHoOt! he gOt an UkULelE!!!!
chrisreuber 3 个月 前
In the outro... “I’m so sorry I forgot you...” I feel is a reference to God or his Christianity, later seeming to reference the parable of building your house by the sea. My first reaction to the song lyrics were in relation to the depression/anxiety subject that’s a common theme in their songs and how it’s physically based in chemicals in the brain causing the feelings and how the management of these issues is largely using pills to level the chemical balance in the brain. “Beat is a chemical... “ to me refers to how a good beat/song/creative drive produces a higher level of the chemical dopamine which makes a person feel happier. I was struggling with the idea of the chlorine representing the pill management vs the beat being the natural chemical change but the video made not sense... til your explanations! I agree that the little guy represents the “creative self” which any musically inclined creative knows sometimes is hard to being put on call! I’m a new 21 Pilots fan and I’ve just been eating up all the interesting story lines and theories about their music, and totally enjoyed your videos on this song!
chrisreuber 3 个月 前
Add to: watch the video for "Tear In My Heart" again after the "Chlorine" video, and you can see references in the video to Ned! - in the way the people's eyes adjust when the camera focuses in and also the Chinese street dragon; notice the girl who represents his wife does not have that happen when she's focused in on. In an interview, Tyler talks about writing hat love song to her and how he fell in love with her essentially because she didn't care that he was in a band, and it didn't change or affect how she viewed him or reacted/treated him.
bhaynkar 3 个月 前
bro here is my interpretation about song taylor described this song with multidimensional aspects first verse he actually talking about how we human sipping straight chlorine in water as chlorine uses to clean up the water . the beat is a chemical means the time we going through is a chemical like situation. don't save my seat reference to human life ends and come back with more awareness when my growing up process completes second verse loving when i tasting ... (he is talking about water because it looks clean ) venom because its not pure as its was . and poisonous vibration (because everything is sound). help my body run and i running for my life(water is the main ingredient to life and now we running for life sake. fall out of formation ...(means these day the plastic labelled bottle companies used to serve water to us and spreading cancer "red label carnation" and they growing up while mankind is decaying. rap verse he is talking about how we kept it and red lable here means the money.thinking i am invincible as we human destroyed resources.and how money wrapped around each and every aspects of the life. "last two lines are reads incorrect" there is lead also we added to our system and "it is terrible in flavour"lead grew up more in our daily use and this industry grew more and double trouble maker than paper makers who cuts trees "but now you.." and now i love to hate the fight because you are in my life like sipping straight chlorine not water. also to every aspects of life also i am sorry i forgot you means asking sorry to god what we human does to the gifts of the nature .how we destroyed it by our endless desire. can you build my house with pieces that left behind after much destruction. and last he addresses us human "i m just a chemical" human are chemical being if we deeply see it. the song has depths it quite straight also in the the video they used chlorine to clean water so the white dude swim in it but he not until the water reaches a certain level of purification. and in the end he swim but not drinks it as he offered because as far as his level of awareness concern of the being. song is all about nature demise and asking sorry to the god so he could build our house with pieces. i never come up with that kind of deeper meaning lyrics these day hats off to 21 . and last what a great lyrics and music it touches my soul. god bless twenty one pilots.
Lillian Patton
Lillian Patton 3 个月 前
N-never E-ending D-depression ??????
Crispy Coffee
Crispy Coffee 3 个月 前
||-// Oh yeah yeah
Alainna Mulvihill
Alainna Mulvihill 3 个月 前
I think he’s talking about his depression. & how it’s always there. He over came his depression, but it’s always going to be there, but “sipping chlorine” is his healing process. He doesn’t drink it fully because he can’t cure his depression right away. But sipping on it is a slow healing process. Like I said, he knows it’s not going to fully go away. That’s why he has it “in his pocket”. & him saying “catching you up to speed”, it’s him saying he left the depression holding him down, & now he’s looking at himself depressed now saying ha, I’m getting better now.
Vania Armstrong
Vania Armstrong 3 个月 前
For me, in the bridge or outro he's talking to God.
Vien  Dela Calzada
Vien Dela Calzada 3 个月 前
There is still one we missed NED means No Evidence of Disease
Pandabearmadness 3 个月 前
I thought it was them experimenting with drugs maybe smoking pot
Tyler LaFave
Tyler LaFave 3 个月 前
Soul thought frequency vibrations when applied too the vessel creates a chemical reaction of human characteristics....((chemical:dopamine,andrenaline,serotonin (all frequency vibrations) ect),morality:love,joy,happiness ect. Immorality:anger,hate,depression,anxiety,guilt,fear ect. Everything has a frequency vibration. When it's dark energy,poisonous it manifests in the body's energy ect doing harm lowering electric magnetic field of the body Aka Aura of the body. Turning the page. Demons dwell in negative/dark energy lower frequency vibrations(ill auras from negative thoughts, channeled dark energy,playing with things you shouldn't,opening portals,prone to spiritual attacks). The demon in the video wouldnt jump in until it was poisonous. The beat is a chemical(effects energy manifests spirits,channeling energy, opens portals, effects chakras of the body.... build my house. House of God, temple of God, rebel red carnation(God made flesh) red flower meaning( respect and warm approval, deep red deep love and affection)rebel:rises against/opposes ruler, ...His fight is spiritual as for us all God Bless
Katherine Griffin
Katherine Griffin 3 个月 前
What about the gremlin tho
52 Blue
52 Blue 3 个月 前
Maybe the lyric: “My body lives on lead..” (continuing with the songwriting process as stated in the video) means he’s addicted to writing music? Because a pencil has lead..?
GhettoYu-gi-oh! !
GhettoYu-gi-oh! ! 3 个月 前
Sippin on Sprite and lean!
Baroque Faolchu
Baroque Faolchu 3 个月 前
I have a theory on the cup. Its a bit of a twist but follow me. When i first heard the song i thought the lyric was"sipping on straight glory" thinking back on that its obvious chlorine now. But what if he is sipping on is glory? Kinda like what you said about the fame of it. Hes not the kinda person to bask in glory taking in the fame. So he sips on it. At the end when he is handed another cup he doesn't drink but offers it to ned who turns their nose up at it. If ned is his muse/creativity it makes sense ned wouldn't like the glory. The fame isn't what they are here for. But regardless of his wants he has it in hand at all times and gets more in his cup once his muse has drank all the beat in. So like a alcoholic drink hes just sippin on it to not let it go to his head too.
Hazel Inch
Hazel Inch 3 个月 前
Can u make an updated one explaining Ned
kyla mambourg
kyla mambourg 3 个月 前
In French we call that « Catharsis » which is basically going through negative emotions as a purification system
Kennedy Huett
Kennedy Huett 3 个月 前
He’s saying sorry that he forgot God. Trench is about him falling away from God and then getting close w him again and how it helped him learn the different lives people lead. Some w God some with out God.
emo fish from spongebob
or maybe its about my *chemical* romance
AngeryLettuce 3 个月 前
Sippin' On Straight Chlorine = SOS Cl(ancy)
Konrad Sadek
Konrad Sadek 3 个月 前
"Rebel Red carnation, grows while I decay", could that be rust (or color of rust) which Chlorine can be used to clean?
Madi Conrad
Madi Conrad 3 个月 前
i like tyler
Madi Conrad
Madi Conrad 3 个月 前
i just love that tear i my heart was painful
Madi Conrad
Madi Conrad 3 个月 前
Larry ordaz
Larry ordaz 4 个月 前
Kermit the frog sounding ass
Rachel Guthrie
Rachel Guthrie 4 个月 前
Okokokkkk I’m here after the release of CHLORINES music video and I am rly confused. It’s sooo good lol
MixedChick 4 个月 前
I’m so sorry I forgot you: referencing the break he took from music Let me catch u up to speed: updating us on his current mental state I’ve been tested like the end of a weathered flags that’s by the sea: he’s been tested to see how long he can last with this chemical music Can you build my house with pieces: he’s asking if music can help him build himself up because he’s just a chemical that needs chlorine to be cleaned
Florence S.
Florence S. 4 个月 前
The music video is finally out 🥵🥵
Aiden Griffith
Aiden Griffith 4 个月 前
Their new video is out . And it doesn’t explain a thing .. cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-eJnQBXmZ7Ek.html
Peter Pro
Peter Pro 4 个月 前
What would I say if big chungus was in the chlorine video
mary sealy
mary sealy 4 个月 前
is the little demon baby thing named ned?
Jake Cline
Jake Cline 4 个月 前
You were right about the headphone reference in verses 3
Madelyn Rose Roberson
The music vid just came out.
NinJack 4 个月 前
Do the music video
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 4 个月 前
You're videos are so helpful. Thank you so much!
Emma Lily
Emma Lily 4 个月 前
As we know the "rebel red" is also a sign if embarassment, insecurity, depression, anxiety, etc. so when he says, "Hide you in my coat pocket wear I kept my rebel red" maybe he is referingntonthe fact that he is is hiding the music with his deppression because he is afraid of what mught come from the clique as he proceeds to write his music
Star Let
Star Let 4 个月 前
My theory is that this is about a toxic friendship/relationship or about a bad addiction
Kerri McDonald
Kerri McDonald 4 个月 前
I've been trying to figure this one out! About song writing maybe? Love your channel💗💗I think it's definitely his beanie. Headphones don't wrap around your head. Plus we see him packing his toboggan in Nico and the Niners🌻🌻
Melancholy Amber
Melancholy Amber 4 个月 前
“When I leave don’t save my seat” part I think it has to do with Tear in my Heart as he is driving in a car driving so when he says don’t save my seat, be back when it’s all complete he means I may not be myself sometimes but I’m still the same person and it’s just going to take sometime for me to figure out somethings(and be complete) and come back(to my seat) or too you but that’s just my theory
Vivid 4 个月 前
Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper 4 个月 前
Ha I always thought he was saying Sippin' On Straight Glory! lol thanks for clearing that up
Miller3492 4 个月 前
I think we are over thinking this Chorline I think refers to drugs. The singer is upset and is attempting to use music as an escape from drugs which is an escape from the sadness. The red in pocket I feel like plays a 2 for one. The red pill (drugs) and music as you mentioned. I feel like the song is basically about someone's life falling to peieces and is attempting to rebuild by using an outlet (music) instead of relying on drugs
Jessica Hegarty
Jessica Hegarty 4 个月 前
I definitely think the prof has the idea, here's what I think though...I do think Tyler is talking about his music and writing it. I think he at times has a love/hate relationship with his music, especially now since its how he makes money now. I think all true artists struggle with this at some point when they become famous. You started your art for expression of who you are, you put your feelings and self in your work, you're an artist. But when you are using your art to make money at times you have to maybe do somethings you might not normally do because it is what pleases "the industry". So I do think sipping on chlorine is his music. I think its a way he "gets clean" in a way. I personally think it is spiritually related. Often those who attend church sing worshipful songs before the sermon. Often these songs are a way to "get right before God" and prepare you for worship. I think Tyler's music was a way for him to "get clean" in a way. He put his his heart soul into songs he wrote- literally, he but his feelings in them, often his songs were about God, confessing things he's done, (ode to sleep), some songs are also a form of worship. I think there were times he was dependent on his music in order to keep him going, living. Maybe at times he absolutely needs to write his music, but other times he become a dependent it it, rather than God, it might become an idol of worship to him, instead of God. I think the moments are medical because he needs his music to keep going- its his antidepressant. I think the part about rebel red is times he wrote songs and depended on his music instead of God. He felt invincible. He led different lives, traveling, concerts, made money, he became a different person because of the fame and money...the lead is that, he lived on it, he thrived, he loved it and he despised it too. Maybe he despised it because it took him away from God or from his original reason for writing. But he also loved it! Then the I'm sorry I think is directed toward God. It is easy to get caught up in life, rely on yourself, think of money instead of God, etc. He's sorry about it. He's been tested unbelievably during this time of fame. I think can you build my house with pieces is also directed toward God. Either referring to his own body, or spiritual life. He forgets God, he makes his music his idol, he becomes kind of rebellious not always singing toward God anymore, enjoying his fame and money forgetting his original reasons for his music. We aren't perfect, we make mistakes or sometimes we are so busy God is not foremost on our mind, whatever it is, often we are just pieces, not whole. God is who makes us whole. Either way, he is asking God if he can still use him, build him, with just the pieces of him, and of course God can and Tyler knows that. Thats my take on the song.
danny rampling
danny rampling 4 个月 前
Dude... the ending of the song to me is the most powerful.. have spent hours thinking about it.. "Can u build my house with pieces I'm just a chemical" he is asking 4 help.. he needs his heart to be fixed.. my house is his heart.. like he is asking for some love but he is damaged from his past... keep up the good work. Dan
Euan Thomson
Euan Thomson 4 个月 前
I think it's about addiction in a way
Sofia Lembo
Sofia Lembo 5 个月 前
When he says the line " ... thought I was invincible you rapped around my head..." He could be saying how Blurryface was taking over his mind ( rapped around his head) making him think he was invincible?? It sounded better in my head - also you sound like kermit the frog..
odelia_ roav
odelia_ roav 5 个月 前
your sentences are so long that when you end a sentence i forget the beginning of it lol still love you though
Alexi Kolick
Alexi Kolick 5 个月 前
I think the whole "red around the head" is about the idea of rebellion. Red Is the color of rebellion and breaking free from "dema" or "blurryface" which provide those bad thoughts. Dema and blurryface are like culture and Tyler will rebel against culture and go beyond that and rely on God and his beliefs
Lets have fun And stuff
Sipping on straight chlorine chemical formula for chlorine is cl: s.o.s -Clancy
Daniel Caplan
Daniel Caplan 5 个月 前
I think this song is vague because it discusses a few themes, what makes him so vague.
Taylor Friday
Taylor Friday 5 个月 前
I thought the rebel red carnations was something to do with Ohio. That’s our state flower . Maybe meaning that he got out of Ohio somehow idk.
Jennifer Gilbert
Jennifer Gilbert 5 个月 前
Sounds to me like it's a type of drug lol just saying
Doretha Roy
Doretha Roy 5 个月 前
I think the the last part is about God. Cause he needs him in his life. Idk
Big Bergoglio
Big Bergoglio 5 个月 前
I think the outro is about Tyler being so busy with writing music and living his life he hasn’t had time to talk to god as much as he used to do he needs to catch him up to speed
rayna ø
rayna ø 5 个月 前
Maybe he was like bluryface and that what he said is where I kept my rebel red and he decided he did not want to be bluryface and he chose to be a rebel
Nathan Maher
Nathan Maher 5 个月 前
Chlorine was the first song I listened to when trench was fully released. (after the original 4 my blood,Nico and the niners, jumpsuit and levitate) Chlorine is my 2nd fav song after Nico and the niners
Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke
The Problem With 21 Pilots
A Journey Through Time - SNL