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2018年10月 6日

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Big Bergoglio
I think the outro is about Tyler being so busy with writing music and living his life he hasn’t had time to talk to god as much as he used to do he needs to catch him up to speed
Rayna Eshelman
Rayna Eshelman 3 天 前
Maybe he was like bluryface and that what he said is where I kept my rebel red and he decided he did not want to be bluryface and he chose to be a rebel
Nathanimations _
Chlorine was the first song I listened to when trench was fully released. (after the original 4 my blood,Nico and the niners, jumpsuit and levitate) Chlorine is my 2nd fav song after Nico and the niners
Galactic _Galaxy
Tbh when I first heard the first couple lines of the song I thought it was about drugs
Liz Eff
Liz Eff 7 天 前
By the end of the video this dude started sounding like a muppet to me
EchoD2 '
EchoD2 ' 9 天 前
EchoD2 '
EchoD2 ' 9 天 前
Listen to levatation then chlorine you will get that its linked
Goldey 13 天 前
Let's go hair
charlie mould
charlie mould 15 天 前
I think the double as a paper maker bit somehow relates to him making money from the music somehow
Lauren Daniels
Lauren Daniels 16 天 前
is the line 'the lead is terrible in flavour' maybe him talking about chewing on the back of a pencil while writing songs ?
Hailey Berlynn
Hailey Berlynn 16 天 前
I think this song is about taking medication, like anti depressants
Cierra Gellatly
Cierra Gellatly 17 天 前
Is he trying to sanitize his mind with the chlorine? 🤔
Phantom Parks
Phantom Parks 17 天 前
When it says this beat is chemical does the beat sound like the anxiety attack beat
Madisyn Payne
Madisyn Payne 18 天 前
OKay so i might be the crazy one but you gotta think, little kids are listening to this song and if he says sippin on straight chlorine wouldnt tyler think that then people are going to be curious and go hey i wonder what chlorine actaully tastes like, next think you know you die of chlorine poisoning. my god this is scaryyyyy one like =1 life saved 1 dislike=a person that just died a relpy = friendship
Anush Antony
Anush Antony 18 天 前
coz a wise man once said "You dont know what that means, coz a kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me."
The Obey King
The Obey King 21 天 前
i think the lyric im running form my life is a reference to him running away from dema
Allison Shoaf
Allison Shoaf 22 天 前
Ugh, I hate that guy who asked what a blurryface is. It disrespects Tyler on a whole different level. Blurryface is the humanized version of his fear, anxiety, and insecurities he has. He basically asked him “What’s a fear” or “What’s a anxiety” and ANOTHER “What’s a insecurity.” I understand he made a mistake or he understand but Tyler has to KEEP correcting him even though he had already done that!
Masked Marvel
Masked Marvel 23 天 前
Chlorine should be a Venom song for the movie
Cesar Challenger
Cesar Challenger 24 天 前
I’m not a twenty one pilots awesome song lyricist by I think when he said “ you in my life is like sipping on straight chlorine” he mean Jenna in his life is cleansing his mind and soul Idk just a theory
SNIPER LD 72 25 天 前
Anyone else think the line “the last two lines may read incorrect until said” mean that you have to interpret either “now different lives I lead, my body lives on lead” as in the last two lines before that bead to be understood differently or the last two lines of “but now you double as a papermaker” should be read in a different way so that they make sense with the lore? Just a thought but maybe the word play is off and you just have to read it in a different way than it’s actually sang in the song ?
Ayla Cem
Ayla Cem 26 天 前
i hated Chlorine at first.. i heard the first sentence "Sippin' on straight chlorine" and thought that this song must be so bad. but i gave the song i second chance, and I'm so glad i did. note to my future self: NEVER JUDGE A SONG BY THE FIRST LINE.
Straight Chlorine
I like this song
Kati S.
Kati S. 29 天 前
Awesome! Thanks for explaining the lyrics, twentyone pilots has kind of hard lyrics to understand. You've got one more follower! :)
Kellen Coke
Kellen Coke 个月 前
okay are we just gonna ignore the fact that he was like “i’m not gonna ask you who clancy is or what a blurryface is” because HA
Bailo1209_playz 个月 前
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 个月 前
Can you mark part 2 for this song?
Randi 个月 前
Last thing I gotta say is that red bull and chlorine share similar elemental components but chlorine is also in our drinking water
Randi 个月 前
Chlorine ITS RED BULL REBEL RED CARNATION sorry didn't mean to yell but .... I just want you not to overthink this one. You are brilliant but i gotta speak up on this one. It's a song about Red Bull. "Helps my body Run" Terrible in Flavor, um....yeah red bull
Randi 个月 前
It's about Red Bull I'm pretty sure.
Karma Trevino
Karma Trevino 个月 前
Sipping on straight chlorine Which translates into S.o.s- CL (Idek I saw this on Instagram)
Our Way
Our Way 个月 前
I think Chlorine is about self harm and getting into a routine of ‘self destructing’ ,gradually committing suicide.
Marnie Hutchison
Marnie Hutchison 个月 前
Ohio State = red
Mia Rivera
Mia Rivera 个月 前
I saw i theory that the rebel red was supposed to be blurry face (altar ego) cuz he can’t let go but idk
Holly Verret
Holly Verret 个月 前
Yes. Music is what soothes his soul and cleanses him.
marsgirl675 个月 前
okaY PLEBS LETS GO First, the "rebel red" and "rebel red carnation" are references to Dema, Tyler said so in an interview. Second, I always thought "lead" meant like pencil lead for drafting music. I could be wrong but that's my thoughts. And lastly, when he's talking to someone ("don't save my seat", "I'm so sorry I forgot you", etc.), I figured he was talking to fellow conspirators in Dema, like "I will be leaving on a mission and when you all are done with your jobs I'll be back" or "I haven't seen you in a while, so sorry I forgot you, here's what's been happening". Anyways this world Tyler imagines, Dema, is so cool y'all should look up some interviews. That's all, thank you all for coming to my TED Talk, good bye
use your glutes
use your glutes 个月 前
ok well i thought it was about drugs
Ethan Beach
Ethan Beach 个月 前
In the music video niko and the ninershe puts his rebel red Beenie in his backpack or jacket
Jade Louise
Jade Louise 个月 前
Considering Tyler has stated his over-all purpose of why he and Josh use or create such art I thought this instantly..... They are so certain that music helps with your inner demons which I 100% agree it does and so many people share that with one another so for Tyler, he has to go through the storm (by the sea the wind is stronger) The lead came across to me as a poison but he needs that lead that poison in order to create to write... Straight chlorine is yellow but also he points out wrapping his head in red along with the whole flag thing. To me as he is literally torn between the two...... as he creates "purpose" he goes through being wrapped in his demons but they also help him. Red (negativity) everywhere yet living with that is like sipping on straight chlorine; yellow (positivity) because both coincide with the other. Music is art and art to so many individuals is help, it is medicine, it is an escape.... ||-// STAY ALIVE FRENS
Harmony LaGory
Harmony LaGory 个月 前
As someone who tried drinking bleach let me tell you it does not kill you it's simply burns your esophagus and makes you throw up.
Adi’s Great World
I think he's going to lose it. Yup. He's lost it.
I just randomly had this thought about the 3rd verse. People have probably thought of it before, but what if what he means by the stuff about it living on his head, he is talking about blurryface? Maybe blurryface was just kida like Voldemort on Quirll in the first Harry Potter, or even just inside his head, then in the Trench era, he takes on his own body??
Møøɖ ֆաɨռɢֆ
Federico Conterno
Hey, I really believe Chlorine is about that songs that really hurt you, but in the end make you feel better, make you feel clean, in spite they are poisonous. And when he talks about being a chemical is because he writes that songs that really hurts but heal us.
Ben McMillan
Ben McMillan 个月 前
bet i was there on october 31 like if you were too
827mejones 个月 前
Chlorine is cleansing...its his metaphor for being washed in the blood of the lamb
827mejones 个月 前
What if he is singing the entire song to Jesus. Papermaker is all the Bibles out there. Hide a pocket bible in his coat pocket with his red beanie. And now i realize his rebel red is fighting against the normal crowd/status quo...and following Jesus. This is the new march to the sea.
Kyndal Dunn
Kyndal Dunn 个月 前
drinking on gay bleach
Jessica Gilkes
Jessica Gilkes 个月 前
I think wrapped around my head means the bandanas
S. Lee
S. Lee 个月 前
YOUR BACKGROUND MUSIC WAY TOO LOUD. Does anyone know of any better CNvid channels that break down tøp songs? This guys seems to be the only one I can ever find
Rayenna Sutton
Rayenna Sutton 个月 前
Okay, so my interpretations are often out there and quite wrong, but I'm still going to share it. At least in the rap portion of the song, I saw the meaning to be about someone who Tyler feels oppressed by in retrospect. When he says "I hide you in my coat pocket where I kept my rebel red", I thought he was reflecting on how close and how brainwashed he was by said person, yet he still kept them close to him. In the next line, "I felt I was invincible, you wrapped around my head", he felt indestructible when he was with the person and saw no way that the person could be hurting or manipulating him. Therefore, they were wrapped around his head, preventing him from realizing this may be true. Having said this, I thought of the overall theme of the song was overcoming and detoxing yourself of people who oppress and stress. The only way to detox would be to hurt, but grow in the proccess. Like how you said chlorine was a cleaning agent, but also toxic. I thought I would just share what I thought.😀 However, you did bring up some very interesting points with the songwriting process that I can get behind, too. Awesome job on the video! I love your channel!
L.W.F Live Wrestling Figures
I felt verse three is like you feel free but you still have those “bishops” in the back of your head
L.W.F Live Wrestling Figures
To me “Chlorine” is like having a person in your life but you feel that person is somewhat poisonous
skinneejoe 个月 前
I think this is way over thought. To me it seems clear it's about taking medication. Probably something like Xanax that is taken as needed, "dependent at times". It's common for people to have a love hate with their medications because they don't want to take them and yet they are needed to function. "Had you in my coat pocket" = pills in his pocket. "Two lives I lead" life on and off meds. He frequently compares the meds to poison that he needs to survive. And often people try to go off the meds, but end up coming back, "So where are you? Been a little while" His ability to make music is sometimes dependent on the meds, hence a chenical beat. If you view it through this lens suddenly all the lyrics can be explained in a way that makes some sense.
Nuhamin Tekie
Nuhamin Tekie 个月 前
You know what’s worn in a coat pocket? Flowers!!! So I googled “carnation flower” and tada!!! Carnation could refer to dianthus caryophyllus (a flower that comes in multiple colors but in the color red is a symbol of Socialism/labor movement. It is historically linked to May-day or international labors day and the Portuguese ‘Carnation Revolution’)All of these hint towards REBELion (Suddenly verse 3 makes more sense now) or the rise of the people (as mass) and I just thought it went with the whole rising up against dema theme. So now we just need to figure out what he’s hiding in his pocket where he had once put a red carnation flower as a sign of rebellion...simple😢 What do you think?
christina m
christina m 个月 前
Music cleanses his soul
Megan McDevitt
Megan McDevitt 个月 前
i'll be at the concert tomorrow too!
GamingByJZ 个月 前
I think the " I thought I was invincible " ... I think the wife/ the girl is the CHLORINE.... helping him.... she penetrated his head...and is helping him, at the end.... tthey are building their lives together.... with pieces..... LOL xoxoxo LIZZ Sipping on CHLORiNE.... is " the wife, the girl " who helps him..... clears his head...... etc...... think about it.... lol Songs....are they not mostly about L O V E .... lol
JackAttack2010 Keeling
a think every song is related to dema in some way.
Dominic Gustafson
In nico and the niners in the begining the part where you can't understand is backwards and says " we are bandidos, you will leave dema at true east, we renounce vialism" ( I don't know if you acknowleged this in the nico break down but still)
Andrea Alvizures
Andrea Alvizures 个月 前
i’m very sure when Tyler says I'm so sorry I forgot you Let me catch you up to speed I've been tested like the end of A weathered flag that's by the sea he is talking about God and how he sorry if he forgot about him and if he can catch up with his faith, maybe being distracted with all the fame or fighting his demons, and that God is been testing him with that
H.D. Legion
H.D. Legion 个月 前
Just phew
Ryan McFadden
Ryan McFadden 个月 前
Red Bull
Le Martinó
Le Martinó 个月 前
To me this song is a reflection on addiction
angelus ve
angelus ve 个月 前
this song was written to me. reall, I undesrtand exactly what it says. spetialy the outro.
Jessie Foreman
Jessie Foreman 个月 前
I wonder if hes saying he's sorry he forgot his Clancey part. Like in Heathens he says they wont all get out and Clancey is left at the end all alone in the cell. Also in Polarize he says "Those stairs is were im hiding all my problems" he may be talking about his basement where he writes his music and where he can fully let his blurryface side roam
O_to _the_wen
O_to _the_wen 个月 前
Tear in my heart and chlorine are both the 5th track on each album
Javan Ireland
Javan Ireland 个月 前
"Rebel red" could be the color he associates with him tapping in to his attitude gained from Blurryface. He wears a red beanie in the music video for "Stressed Out" where he claims that his name is Blurryface. It seems like his beanies or head coverings of some sort help with his feelings from Blurryface (his feeling self-conscious). Which is why he encourages Josh to cover his face and head in the music video for "Guns For Hands". Further, I think he shaves his head so often because when his head is shaved it is the most uncovered it can be pointing to the fact that he is feeling confident or trying to become confident on his own. In the music video for "Levitate" other "Banditos" are shaving his head and symbolically building his confidence. That's just part of what I think.
Vale Rinaldi
Vale Rinaldi 个月 前
Ok here's my interpretation of the outro part. The moment I realized the song was about the writing process of his Music, I thought this... Music is his passion. It's a chemical, so it's something he uses to feel better - as someone could lean on drugs, for example. Imagine a 17-year-old Tyler, who finds out this "drug" that works so well for him, it purifies him, it saves him, so he starts asking himself if it could become a job. If it could make him earn money so that he could afford independency, a house of his own etc. The "drug" in respond tells him not to put on it too much pressure, it's just a chemical in the end. It's just something that switches a part of his brain that makes him feel better, but it's not a phisical thing that could "build a house with pieces". I associate it with the thoughts we have, when are younger probably, about our passions and what we could make of them. If we could make a living out of it, or if they will always be "just a chemichal", something we use to heal, that will always be a huge part of our life, but will also remain in our privacy amd only we will know. We are afraid it will not phisically help us to get through life - because as Tyler said in other songs, "we need to make money".
Mr. Please
Mr. Please 个月 前
3:40 maybe he ment a noose?
Leonardo Lucio
Leonardo Lucio 个月 前
Idk but for me it's saying that he is using blurryface (the Poison) as a mean of inspiration to write, maybe in one moment he had embraced blurryface as some kind of armor so he could keep going without really caring about fears but then he felt the need to fell those fears to become more "normal" and now he know that this does no good to him but he uses it to write songs. (Bad english Sorry i am dyslexic)
LunaTuna 个月 前
Chlorine to me means to escape toxic friends or people. The first, "So where are you? It's been a little while." is what you may say to a friend. The chlorine is him cleansing himself from the toxic people. "When I leave, don't save my seat, I'll be back when it's all complete. The moment is medical." makes me think he's leaving these bad relationships to take care of his mental health. " Loving what I'm tasting, venom on my tongue dependent at times." These people may seem like you love them, but they're only dependable at times, not always. "I'm running for my life" may be that they want him back. But he can't keep getting beat up with fake friends. "Fall out of formation," is falling out of the group, little by little. Struggling, but steadily getting out. "I plan my escape from walls they confined" the friends are trapping him with their toxicity. "Now different lives I lead," one true to himself, and one stuck with the bad friends. I despise you sometimes "I love to hate the fight and you in my life is like Sippin' on straight chlorine," at first the chlorine was cleansing, but now the chlorine is talked about as the poison. He's pointing out that these people in his life are ruining his personality like chlorine to a body. " I'm so sorry, I forgot you Let me catch you up to speed I've been tested like the ends of A weathered flag that's by the sea" Kind of self explanatory with the theme. This may not even be what it means, but this is just an idea and opinion.
Sabyasachi Das
Sabyasachi Das 个月 前
I made out the meaning when I was high on weed maybe he expressing himself when he is high
Haley Holmes
Haley Holmes 个月 前
Idk. I personally think the whole thing has to do with how his song effect him. Not necessarily the writing process tho
Brandon Barksdale
Simple. He talking about music and how he breaking out of formats and rapping to beat as his first love. His music was more rebal moment on last album . This album is more revolution not lonely rebal. So this song takes him back to beginning. His love for rapping to a beat. This song reminds me of lane boy. So I think he basically going back ( addicted) to beats. And how it washes him .
Mandy 个月 前
I'm not so good with english and the translation that I found is not so good, so my interpretation is based on my poor english but I think this is Tyler talking about how he feels living with blurryface or living in Dema, this relationship between them.
chicken diddle #2
Siphoning straight chlorine
Peck Proctor
Peck Proctor 个月 前
“Had you in my coat pocket where I kept my rebel red”. Lead was used in a photo process I’d have to find the paper written about it but I think it’s a photograph
becky berret
becky berret 个月 前
Donovan Alejandro
I think that the chlorine is symbolizes aging because if you think about it if you put a strawberry in chlorine it turns white and all the red color goes away so if Tyler Joseph is sipping on straight chlorine he is ageing slowly but not by nature but by stress idk that's what I think ||-//
Kobi Spencer
Kobi Spencer 个月 前
OKAY GUYS THEORY- Sipping On Straight Chlorine Chlorine= Cl SOS Cl(ancy) Clancy is asking for help...
tard aina
tard aina 个月 前
um this sounds... Very wrong LOL
HML Pilot
HML Pilot 个月 前
Love the correlation between Chlorine being something to cleanse and kill, while at the same time vultures (theme in the songs and on Trench cover) are a symbol of cleansing, renewal, and transformation. It all weaves together. Love love love it all.
MrPie45678 个月 前
He turns into Kermit the frog at about 5:26
Hisham Ahmed
Hisham Ahmed 个月 前
radu alexe
radu alexe 个月 前
Tyler consumes himself by writing lycrics to free himself and the other people of Dema also I'm alomst sure the next music video will have him still not able to escape Trench cuz he still has his red beanie which represents his ties with Blurryface btw guys, do you think Blurryface is just Nico or is it refering to all the bishops?
Brain Farts!
Brain Farts! 个月 前
Love how when he gets frustrated he turns into Kermit
Arihant Kothari
Arihant Kothari 个月 前
Are you a _twentyonepilots_ fan? Then please checkout my cover of Truce as a tribute to twentyone pilots. cnvid.net/video/视频-Uq8qfJHyvAM.html
Valentine 个月 前
Valentine 个月 前
I love how annoyed and confused he is😂 this is perfect
Mon 个月 前
Idk but I interpret this song to be a metaphor about drug dependency, the lyrics just fit with it. Tyler has said that some of his songs don’t specifically have 1 meaning behind them and that they’re up for interpretation anyway
Stephen Pierson
Stephen Pierson 2 个月 前
Chlorine is medication(s). Anti-depressants, anxiolytics, what have you. The reference to “I’m just a chemical” is may refer to feeling like who you ARE is just the medication your on. Can you build my house with piece is referring to being married/having a family when you feel broken mentally and once again feeling nothing better the “chemicals” your taking. I despise you sometimes, I love to hate the fight. That’s dealing with depression. As a musician it is a double edged sword. Writing music but also writing music as a coping mechanism. Rebel red carnation grows while I decay. Demo represents a state of mind when fighting with depression. So red carnations grow (deepening depression) while I decay (feeling like who you are slips away).
FireFly 2 个月 前
Поперечный разлогинься
Liam Crandall
Liam Crandall 2 个月 前
I believe he's talking about his struggle with forgetting God and going through struggles with his faith the chorus doubles as talking about how he feels high when he's making music but the verses tie together how God has made him question so much hurting him and slowly killing him yet he still realizes he needs him his faith has been tested like a weathered flag by the Sea and he's asking God to rebuild him from pieces because he's broken to a chemical
Gwen Stacey
Gwen Stacey 2 个月 前
I feel like "sipping on straight chlorine" is a metaphor for self sabotage. (Ex: negative thoughts, depressive state of mind) At times being in a negative state of mind is hard to get out of (dema). And I think "Can you build my house with pieces, I'm just a chemical" means "God can you help me have qualities that help me be better for myself and others, I'm just negativity/toxic" That's what I get out of it. I'm sure Tyler wants us all to get our own interpretation (:
Andrew Stem
Andrew Stem 2 个月 前
If you're a fan of Chlorine, I made an orchestra instrumental of it on my channel! Great for studying and brings a new feel to it! Check it out and let me know what you think!!!
Carolina Gomes
Carolina Gomes 2 个月 前
omg I laughed so much during this video hahahaha I think that when he says "I'm so sorry I forgot you" he's talking about the blurryface side of him, the thoughts of fear and insecurity, since he says "let me catch you up to speed" like, he is trying to catch up with these thoughts in order to speed while dealing with them and escape them. He's running for his life, like said. That's why he say "I've been tested like the ends of a weathered flag that's by the sea" like, he's soaked in these thoughts while facing them. The line "can you build my house with pieces? I'm just a chemical" can be him refering to himself or someone else to help him. And that's my best shot (:
Hailiedailydares pending
Maybe the album cover of a vulture (feeds on things that fail) means building on bad thoughts,actions,or anything in general to make it better even after it has failed it might show having more than one chance. I’m only 11...I want to meet them sooo bad!☹️
Cinthia Flores
Cinthia Flores 2 个月 前
Could it be that he talking about weed? Weed is a great way to levitate your imagination 🤷🏽‍♀️
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 2 个月 前
In the establisment of Dma, and from Clany's letters, it states that they all go around doing their meaningless tasks, the Bishops take care of them so they don't have to have a care in the world. Basically, ignorance is bliss in Dma, at least that's the way I've interprited. Nico/Blurry face, could have a hold on Tylers character, he could have let Nico in. "I felt I was invincable, you wrapped around my hea." Nico could have givin him a confidence, but that's Nico, it's not Tyler. Tyler could have felt trapped by Nico and woke up in time to physically escape dma with the banditos, hence why he is in the Trench in the jumpsuit video, but not mentally.
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 2 个月 前
It could mean 'this beat is a chemical' that it's tough for him not to sing when the beat is present.(?)
Hey I'm M
Hey I'm M 2 个月 前
"You wrapped around my head", it sounds like the Guns for Hands video, when Ty and Josh use the tape.
2 个月 前