What is Happening to One Punch Man?

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One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
Watch the Season 2 Trailer: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-NezvLw2gRAY.html
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评论 6 874
Wat do u mean it’s awful that means u are not a true one punch man fan
Nifty Nea
Nifty Nea 2 小时 前
Ha ur wrong opm season 2 is 🔥
santiago hernandez
santiago hernandez 2 小时 前
Who would win in a fight One punch man-like Goku reply
Kenichi Shirahama
Kenichi Shirahama 2 小时 前
this is pretty true to the webcomic and manga....your asking them to change the original story
ben wood
ben wood 3 小时 前
Oh how wrong they were 😂
Mobile Player
Mobile Player 3 小时 前
One of the dumbast youtuber who doesn't know that season 2 would never be better when 1. Trailer was off but don't insult thing because of it's cover. And now I am freaking eyoing the anime. I think it's great. So this review makes me preaty angry.
kitito_0 Gaming
kitito_0 Gaming 4 小时 前
So guys dont put expectations coz it will lead to disappointed.. I actually like one punch man season 2..ep 3 out
Tim de Klerk
Tim de Klerk 4 小时 前
It was just a REALLY bad trailer, I dont think the episodes are bad at all! They aren't as good as they used to be, but they are quite good
f2p forever
f2p forever 4 小时 前
its better to read the manga
CaleSpen 4 小时 前
Well the ep 1 of s2 wasn't great........ep 2 & 3 r dope though......they added a lot of animation & sound fx in the anime
caleb ripple
caleb ripple 5 小时 前
The newest episode looked way better
uncle_tai x
uncle_tai x 6 小时 前
I couldn't even finish the first episode. It looks and sounds awful.
1sovepose 7 小时 前
you guys sure whining a lot. We all came for the story right, And not for the animation. i think j.c. Staff is doing a good job
Arries David
Arries David 7 小时 前
It's good for me. I bet you even watched the whole low budgeted crappy Naruto series
ReaperCussion 8 小时 前
I mean episode 3 of season 2 came out, and theres a shimmer of hope for OPM. They did our boy garo justice
PhilfreezeCH 8 小时 前
People would wait another one or two years, who really cares. I would wait for sure.
Zovr 8 小时 前
the 3 season 2 episodes aren't even bad
Tola Kompany
Tola Kompany 8 小时 前
whoever made money on the first season and didnt invest into the second is a total little bitch. we need to get to the bottom of this shit that happens in anime and punish the assholes somehow. also, screw hulu. why the hell did they choose hulu?
Tola Kompany
Tola Kompany 8 小时 前
now that i actually finished watching, i see that you say that they probs had same budget... idk, you mean that shitty animation but rushed demands same amount of money? theyre being inefficient with their money...My point remains, theyre butts.
championofgods 8 小时 前
I was also worried, but the first 2 episodes are actually pretty cool. Not the same level of the animation of season 1, but still pretty good.
rigimonoki over
rigimonoki over 9 小时 前
the artsyle looks like if you took season 1 and dipped it in oil
AB SinTeta
AB SinTeta 10 小时 前
The event. Though the animation isn't as good as it was before it's still fun to watch and I'm already interested in the story.
O Taco
O Taco 10 小时 前
id rather read the manga than watch the season 2
lyrics are life
lyrics are life 9 小时 前
yout dumb its great
O Taco
O Taco 10 小时 前
its abit like AAA games
O Taco
O Taco 10 小时 前
not more but quality
Jay X Animations
Jay X Animations 11 小时 前
I feel like you're giving it more shit than it deserves. Especially considering what they have to work with. The visuals still feel great and the humor through exaggeration is still there. They still know what they're doing
ts25679 11 小时 前
It would be nice to think that they could have studios alternate so we can get Madhouse back in the saddle for season 3, but also give some of the up and coming studios a chance to shine. That way we get more OPM, the creators get to try new things and the execs get the $$$.
ts25679 9 小时 前
+YeahOk dsa Fair enough, care to elaborate?
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Thats a horrible idea in the buisness and animation industry
Cat and Six Gaming!
Cat and Six Gaming! 13 小时 前
Wow it was just a trailer.
Maria Pagan
Maria Pagan 17 小时 前
They should've made MadHouse sign a 5 year contract and give them all the money they needed,its the producers fault.
Maria Pagan
Maria Pagan 17 小时 前
S2 is an atrocity,MadHouse dropping it is a tragedy since the anime deserved to give justice to Yusuke Murata's godlike art and manga adaptation of ONE's OPM.
JuanmaRailgun 18 小时 前
OPM fans: *complaining about a drop in animation, even if it's still decently good.* Dragon Ball fans: *The proverbial fire is charring their skin, they keep walking like nothing was wrong*
jelaninoel 19 小时 前
I can not BELIEVE what they did to this show. Holy fuck! Its complete ass! Animation, pacing, audio, editing, everything. How does this happen?? Mob Psycho 100 was even better this season in terms of quality and this show went the complete opposite. I couldn’t even finish the second ep. guess ill stop torturing myself and read the manga now. I just hope the old studio comes back for the next season (if it even gets another). I’m so disappointed😢
kay oss
kay oss 20 小时 前
Kind of jumping to conclusion dont you think? WHen i first saw the trailer to One Punch Man season 1, i wasnt impressed either. It took a year for my friend to convince me to give it a go. I saw the first episode and thought the animation was horrible for a main character until i realized that that was what they were going for. Now that Season 2 have arrive, the animation is actually a lot better than season 1's but at the same time they kept some of the funny animation of Saitama in it. Thats the beauty of this show, it doesnt take itself too seriously.
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Did u just say that season 2’s animation is better than season 1
sparks1dallas 20 小时 前
It’s actually not bad! That third episode was dope!!!
Low Distortion
Low Distortion 20 小时 前
Tell em!!
WrathfulHabanero 21 小时 前
Oh no, the show doesent have visuals as good as the 1st season, that makes it much worse (stop! You piss me off) why do you care, just enjoy the story ffs
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
I just read the manga rather than watching season 2 and it was the best decision i made
Sensual Armpit
Sensual Armpit 20 小时 前
The story ive already read in manga. Right, thats why we want ANIMATED TV SERIES right.
ArmedDreams 21 小时 前
No one appreciates animators enough. It makes me sad.
Kirby Joe
Kirby Joe 21 小时 前
What happened to season 2 of One Punch Man is unfortunate, but what happened to the creators of Kemono Friends season 1 is an outrage and a tragedy. One Punch Man was a great intellectual property that got the royal treatment by a great animation team and was as amazing a show as you would expect given its pedigree. Kemono Friends was a trash IP for a dead mobile game with a budget that consisted of a five dollar bill, some pocket change, and a stick of gum which a tiny crew of dedicated creators brought to life and turned into a surprise hit with their inventive story telling and charming characters in spite of everything. The producers then literally turned around and fired the people responsible for turning their pile of shit dead mobile game into a gold mine and then smeared their names in the industry. At least with One Punch Man it's not like they went and fired the geniuses that made it after it was successful. Those folks who did season 1 are just too busy working on their own projects.
MycroSparks 22 小时 前
Watched the first 3 episodes. Not gonna lie, i might like the new animation style way more. Everythings more fluent, and the story's already better then s1, even though it was already my fav anime. I was skeptical as fuck after watching the trailer, but oh boy have they pulled it off.
Timothy Okun
Timothy Okun 22 小时 前
For those who don't know, ONE has started working on the original webcomic again.
BenCat07 15 小时 前
mindscapejem 22 小时 前
*Murata:* So I'm catching up to where you left off in your comic, but I'm not sure I'll have enough material to make another volume unless you finish the stuff after Garou. So, no rush, but when are you going to start updating again? *ONE:* Uhh, I'm kind of burnt out after finishing Mob Psycho 100, maybe you could do a filler arc in the meantime, maybe flesh out the Garou arc a bit more? *Murata:* Oh, yeah, that's cool, I can probably do that. ~AN ENTIRE WEIRD TOURNAMENT ARC LATER~ *Murata:* So they're making Season 2 of the anime with all that filler content from my manga series. *ONE:* Shit! Shit! Shit!
Team K Driving
Team K Driving 23 小时 前
This video is so depressing. Your so negative. WHY?
Kyle Blanchard
The quality isn't madhouse but it's still really good still actually. I didn't expect that.
MycroSparks 22 小时 前
Indeed, i actually feel like it has more frames, it looks way more fluent. Genos and some characters are slightly uglier, but overall im in love with it.
Cactus Plushie
Honestly I dont understand why people complain so much. The story is so good it carries the anime by far
Zero to Korean fluent
well after the first episode from season 2 i discover that all you said dose not matter one punch man is a god
Joy Roy
Joy Roy 天 前
jc studio ruined it.
Gendalf Gray
Gendalf Gray 天 前
Manga frames slideshow will look better that second season
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 3 小时 前
three episodes are out, you should watch them they are actually quite good in my opinion. not as good as the first season but the animation is still better than most anime out there if you ask me
Nguyen Bao
Nguyen Bao 天 前
After saw the first 2 eps of OP S2. The quality just.. horrible. I can't believed i've waited 4 years for this..
Shadow Makes Music And Plays Games
Dragon ball super?
Vicky Puls
Vicky Puls 天 前
Anime-onlys: UGHHH THE ANIMATIONS SO UGLYYYY I CANT WATCH IT!!!1 Webcomics fans: *ok*
Tola Kompany
Tola Kompany 8 小时 前
im anime only of this and idc, ill watch whatever as long as story is good and i know what happens. i dont pay much attention to details anyways. wasted too much money on lite novels of another future show, im satisfied with skimming, but dont know a single characters name rn. lol
Horny Ogre
Horny Ogre 天 前
It looks good
contown731 天 前
OPM is losing its humor and trying to put a serious face on. Which is fucking stupid.
Garrett W.
Garrett W. 天 前
this honestly broke my heart. and now i realize that its all mediocre now and that its all about corporate profit and us fans insatiable immediate needs
Jared P
Jared P 21 小时 前
It's very disappointing
Ice green
Ice green 天 前
Hopefully now that the first two episodes have dropped people realize that this season is just as good the first. The trailer was shit, but the actual show, is amazing still.
hero mask388
hero mask388 天 前
Where did everyone's Common Sense go? Like it least you got a season 2 to watch. Like literally this got views?? Of all things that don't deserve attention an of all rants that deserves attention this gets views? Shut your trap an be great full that there is a season 2 of one punch man. The graphics?? Nobody gives a shit look at the manga, the Creator of one punch man had the worse graphics but people didn't care about graphics like this is so sad to see so called fans of one punch man bitch about graphics my bro. No more words needed to describe how sick I am of this petty rant about one punch man. (Edit: an btw I don't see nothing wrong, all I see is one punch man season 2 an that's what really matters)
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Did u just say “graphics” U know those only apply to video games u fucking dumbass.
Tiffian Ruler
Tiffian Ruler 2 天 前
Mad House never tend to do sequels anyway. So it's not really a big thing.
Rishabh Raj
Rishabh Raj 2 天 前
First season was awesome but second season has an annoying episode opening theme its like 25% of the show. No one would notice if they just remove it.
Daniel L
Daniel L 2 天 前
Animation is pricy
Ben Santos
Ben Santos 2 天 前
It would really suck if the fight scenes are full of cuts. It should be like the first season or kinda like the Naruto choreography. Not Dragon ball shit😂😂😂
NathanRomml 2 天 前
John Fred
John Fred 2 天 前
Then *_CAN YOU DO BETTER?_* _bitch please_
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
R u fucking dumb, thats the worst arguement. Thats like telling a movie critic if they can do better at making a movie.
MartyFartyPants 2 天 前
I enjoyed the first 2 episodes of season 2. Season 1 was god-tier, so season 2 would always disappoint. Be glad it went to JC Staff - they could have sent it to a much less capable studio, the list is long. I just hope they pull up their socks and turn up the heat on the quality & energy though.
Derpy Drey
Derpy Drey 2 天 前
i honnestly dont care about the animation the animation is still good i just want to see one of my fav manga get animated
Gray Gilbert
Gray Gilbert 2 天 前
I’m still going to watch it
Amir Campbell
Amir Campbell 2 天 前
In defiance, I will watch season 1 of OPM everyday until this monstrosity runs its course. The complete season. Everyday.
mradtat3133 2 天 前
After episode 1 i am still enjoying the series
lee 2 天 前
Honestly just let madhouse animate everything
Mark Wonder
Mark Wonder 2 天 前
After watching first two episodes, I regrettably need to say, that the overall feel and the animation in the S2 is at best mediocre and shit if compared to S1. I was hoping to see awesome fights from manga being animated with the same quality as they were in the S1. What a waste...
monkeytown 2 天 前
nothing happened. it looks as intended as the meme / parody it always was.
Tristan Congson
Tristan Congson 2 天 前
I think they won't top the anime in the first season cause what I heard is the madhouse company hired freelancers that really loves to draw one punch man so it was to detailed.
Ryuichi Nawa
Ryuichi Nawa 2 天 前
This isn't One Punch Man Season 2, this is One Shit Man Season Crap Animation and Messed over his voice. Season 2 is so horrible! 0/10
Koro 2 天 前
I can't wait for season 2 to end so that mad house would animate season 3 or the ones who are animating it would literally just animate it even better or closely enough to the season 1 animation
Not Joe
Not Joe 2 天 前
Season 2 is basically a slide show. If I wanted to just look at pictures and read subtitles I’d read the manga.
Julian Gampe
Julian Gampe 2 天 前
i still like it and gonna watch it anyway
M8gazine 3 天 前
I personally think it's not _awful_ but it's definitely not as great either. Nothing against JC Staff, they've made good shit too but the S2 is a downgrade. I wouldn't have minded waiting for Madhouse to do S2, since I feel like this is just making weebs rise up in arms tbh... they're an alright studio, but yeah. I'll still watch probably though.
SharRawr 3 天 前
Do I have to buy the $50 subscription to hulu just to watch this new season? I have the cheapest but I still cant find season 2
Usman Chughtai
Usman Chughtai 3 天 前
One frame one
Karren Kuddlesberg
After Saitama destroyed Carnage Kabuto, what if Dr. Genus became inspired by him? He does his 3 year training, plus he's a scientist, so he has the luxury or knowledge build a gravity and time chamber? What if he did the training combined with the chamber?
Jayr WalkingstickShinyknife
im fine with it, its not 'tHe aNiMe oF tHe cEntUrY' for me so i dont really care. i hope it gets cancelled so you can all enjoy the manga forever :)
Juss_ Jay7
Juss_ Jay7 3 天 前
No...oh gawd nooo
Bec 3 天 前
I haven't watched any of season 2 yet and, frankly, I think I'll keep it that way. OPM holds a very special place in my heart not because it was my third anime ever, but because it was the first anime I could enjoy with other people. Not everyone gets the appeal of Jojo, BNHA and a shitload of old classics that I think I'd struggle to mention all of. One Punch Man, however, is much easier to get into because it doesn't take itself very seriously and has plenty of great gags. I remember watching it on Netflix at home when my mum sat down and watched it with me, and I remember how much we both laughed. I even roped my brother into watching it, who avoids anime like the plague. Even though I'm sure the new animation team will be able to do the story justice, I just can't see them doing what made One Punch Man fantastic for me: the plethora of fantastic *visual* gags. If the animation I saw in the trailer was anything to go by, I just can't imagine the team hitting the nail on the head with this season, and that makes me genuinely sad.
oppaidaisuki2409 OTAKU
Top anime trademarks are now shitty...Is this the anime's downfall?
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado 3 天 前
I really dont get all this fuzz regarding animation. Maybe you are right, maybe the animation got downgraded and im not weeb enough to see it, but as long as the history remains as good as it is now there is no reason to complain about the animation. At some point you compared season 2 with Zombie Simpsons. Is not that bad, come on.
Owen Walker
Owen Walker 3 天 前
Why be disappointed? Just read the manga. The quality of the book has not suffered.
Owen Walker
Owen Walker 8 小时 前
+MCHLJHN BNG Shonen Jump has an app in the play store. Its 2 bucks a month and you can read all the way through to what's currently translated. They also have Assassination Classroom, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, ect ect. It's an excellent app!
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Theres a website and a app for ur phone called mangarock
Owen Walker link?
Davidoo -_-
Davidoo -_- 3 天 前
I would rather have them delay the anime than have it look like shit.
fufu dude
fufu dude 3 天 前
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Nah its a downgrade to the first season and I already read the manga so I wont even touch season 2
dz powell
dz powell 3 天 前
damn happy there's a season two buuut....................not happy how it's coming out animation wise it's funny but damn
Thepotatolord 3 天 前
ask mad house why it terrible wait nvm mad house isn't with us anymore
Hello 3 天 前
i didnt get it 4 weeks ago and i dont get now why people hated the trailer so much i guess it looks worse compared to the 1st trailer but when did people start giving a shit about trailers the season is out and whatever people were making a drama about for no reason is cleared up, frankly i didnt even notice too much of a change when watching the anime after rewatching the 1st season before looking at s2
random guy
random guy 3 天 前
Idk, i feel like the new season is just as good as the original, i mean they do cut the scenes in some awkward places. like i get that they want to build suspense but not this much. Other then that i think it's good, The new villain Garos seems like he would be weaker then season 1's final villain, but who knows maybe he will be depicted in some other way later on. As of now i like the series and hope they don't ruin it later.
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Hahaha “Garos weaker than season 1’s last villain”
rok blaž
rok blaž 3 天 前
I am so happy this video was wrong
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
It really isnt, season 2 is still a downgrade
tomas manolo
tomas manolo 3 天 前
mmm not agry
Jason Hong
Jason Hong 3 天 前
The reviews I read growing up isn't about crying technical stuffs but the story arc.. Seriously nobody care if u do not want to watch Season 02.. Finding proper directors and studio to produce people complain it takes too long. Rushed into Season 2 to be badly criticize on stupid stuffs instead of story arc.
Domenico Elio Bressanello
Honestly I gave this a chance, as long as they didn't fuck up the fights and they would still allow for saitama to be who he is, the animation could be trash I would watch it. Issue is, they fucked the fights and my favourite characters, so no thanks, ep. 2 is where I'll stop
Saitama 4 天 前
Genos looks like a witch
Flare 4 天 前
Ok these guys are criticizing too hard the show so far is pretty good, and I haven’t heard anything bad about the actual story so far, the only bad thing I heard so far is about the animation. If you guys can watch old ass anime for the story I think you can do the same with the new season of One Punch Man.
Ehh Hi, i guess
Ehh Hi, i guess 10 小时 前
Or just read the manga online for free...
Careless Thief
Careless Thief 4 天 前
Literally read the manga
Ethan Hero Uy
Ethan Hero Uy 4 天 前
Season 2 may be good
Mehdi Choukri
Mehdi Choukri 4 天 前
most of the comments are probably dumb asses who've never seen the second season, it is very normal, it's not as bad as the comments made it look, just give it a shot.
YeahOk dsa
YeahOk dsa 9 小时 前
Mehdi Choukri u just got fuked
Awesomekk 天 前
It is pretty bad. Most of the "fights" are just still frames with cuts, and a ton of the movement in the series comes with little to no weight. I'll give you an example. When Saitama defeats the giant crow in front of King, there is no animation that signifies what happened. All we see is "Oh, he defeated the bird" we never see exactly how. And another example is with our new villain wiping out the whole warehouse of criminals in order to show his dominance. We never fully see what he does in order to do this. All we get are still frames and shots that suggest a movement that leads to a cut where all the sudden everyone in the room is dead. It's uninteresting. In the first season, every move is dynamic, has tons of weight into it, and the impact of every hit is massive. One example I can give is the MASSIVE craters that Saitama leaves every time he leaps like when he destroys the meteor. Here, the only time we ever see Saitama's movement really affect the terrain is in ep2 where he takes a jump and it leaves a rather small footprint in the ground. Like what?! Or when Saitama leaps from King's apartment, it is as if he just floats off into space and there is hardly any lead-in, or weight put into the jump. These are FUNDAMENTALS of what makes good quality animation, and the new episodes don't really display much of it at all. The animation for this season would have been fine, but so much of OPM hinges on displaying the raw power of Saitama which requires fluid, dynamic and expressive combat. And the newest few episodes seem to almost entirely lack it minus the odd frame or two. Because of how much these characters rely on their animation to make them interesting (Especially Saitama, as his entire arc is based around being the strongest man to ever exist), there is less of a connection with these characters in terms of seeing how powerful they are when all we are mostly given is just cut frames with implied combat. OPM S2 could have been an absolute killer if they gave the new artists more time to work on the project, but it was instead rushed to the point where all animation aspects that made the first season such a joy to watch were practically stripped away.
Jackie 4 天 前
u gotta do it after the first few legit episodes
z NightOwl z
z NightOwl z 4 天 前
But it wasn't really that bad let alone disappointing
H_Steve_H 4 天 前
I made the decision midway through watching this that I’ll be boycotting Season 2. I encourage others to join me so we can send a clear message that when you mess with what we love, there are repercussions.
AWV INC 4 天 前
This video is stupid I'm sorry but season 2 is fire
Karolina Dean
Karolina Dean 4 天 前
I honestly dont think its that big a deal
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