White Castle Slider Recipe Clone - With Hellthy Junkfood

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be sure to check out JP's channel, he makes some bomb ass gloriousness.
You can see it here
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Julian Smith
Julian Smith 10 个月 前
The white Castle sliders are the perfect game day food for watching college or pro football with a cold beverage and I made those same sliders for a Superbowl party my guests loved them
Hawaiian Buns work great also.
Works great on a George Foreman Grill in your Kitchen etc
Chris Moreno
Chris Moreno 年 前
Jim gafagain is his favorite comedian. No
El Prof
El Prof 年 前
I started off looking for a nice homemade hot sauce recipe and I somehow manage to stumble upon someone doing a collab with JP. He's EVERYWHERE
Johnny-B Racer
the 5 holes in the patty are for fast & even cooking, it allows for the patty to completely cook without flipping. The holes also gets the onion flavor throughout the meat & bun
Johnny-B Racer
good recipe clone and thanks for posting. thumbs up!
Nightwing Josh
Nightwing Josh 2 年 前
Nice! Gonna combine this recipe w/ the one from ballistic BBQ. You guys made the right descion of making the holes before freezing and he did it with a metal pole he had to make. The only he did better than you guys is using Sara Lee slider buns as opposed to cut up hot dog buns
Guap Green
Guap Green 2 年 前
Jp hella stoned
netdog713 2 年 前
Colin Kaepernick called- he wants his bed head hair back
Julian Smith
Julian Smith 2 年 前
My inspiration for making those sliders with italtian sausage and will make them again for the Super Bowl
Michael Lechner
Michael Lechner 2 年 前
No ketchup
Gaius Caligula
Gaius Caligula 2 年 前
No ketchup on a white castle...
Oğuz Işık
Oğuz Işık 2 年 前
i knew that fast food guy would be cringy
Pavel Klean
Pavel Klean 2 年 前
When you stack the buns like that they look like a CASTLE :O :O
J Mellenen
J Mellenen 2 年 前
How about Popeye's Chicken? Have you cracked that one yet?
MalyRasta 420
MalyRasta 420 2 年 前
Nice I subbed 👍🏽
rgoidel 2 年 前
Two guys cooking and building burgers along with a nice lady as videographer
Joe DeMatteo
Joe DeMatteo 3 年 前
the water should be cold when u put the onions in
My Safeway has actual White Castle burgers in the freezer section....which is nice because we don't have actual White Castle locations here in WA. The frozen ones are actually pretty good..if just deconstruct the frozen burger and prepare meat and bun separately they come out great and are pretty affordable.
Mr10usdad 3 年 前
no ketchup at the restaurant
larkuciel87 3 年 前
Is it just me or does it seem like Josh and JP don't have a lot of chemistry
Furk You
Furk You 3 年 前
WHAT a shame to white castle. I have them here and they would roll in there grave lol. the mini white castle burger is cooked all the way thru and that mean's fully cooked no fkn pick. fail.
riffers 3 年 前
Furk You not even sure what language this is...
Alice Etkin-Bell
I love the wine apothic red!
FireCracker3240 3 年 前
Ummm... why did that pickle look like a cucumber?
FireCracker3240 3 年 前
I'd never seen their channel before so I didn't know. That's impressive, actually. Thanks for the information.
Clinical Depression
I think brothers green makes everything homemade, so i think the pickles are. Pretty sure the tomato sauce is too.
FireCracker3240 3 年 前
@Oliver Marks Yeah, I know... but that one didn't look like it had been pickled yet.
Oliver Marks
Oliver Marks 3 年 前
because pickles are cucumbers................................
Alon Tako
Alon Tako 3 年 前
Don't fear cross contamination with beef meat. Unless you're buying garbage.
E Rico
E Rico 3 年 前
but store-bought buns doesnt feel like the fast food buns, if you know what i mean...
peekaboots01 3 年 前
That looks like a cucumber not a pickle. What are you doing?
riffers 3 年 前
peekaboots01 I'll give you 3 guesses as to what pickles are made from.
B. W. Starkey
B. W. Starkey 3 年 前
Hey Josh , They Use FRESH sliced Onions , cooked on the grill with the small burger patties !! Undercover Boss once did a show on White Castle and it showed exactly how they are made !!! DON"T be a STUPID Jerk and open thy Stupid Mouth before knowing the FACTS thus one ends up putting thy foot in thy Mouth and showing the World How STUPID you really are !!!
riffers 3 年 前
BearStar1 Yes Josh, I believe Jesus did say "Thou shalt not be a stupid jerk and open thy stupid mouth" somewhere in the Bible. They were very concerned about fresh vs rehydrated slider onions in Biblical times.
nateman79 3 年 前
Funny thing about White Castle (or Krystal's) is if ya hit up one in the south they'll look at ya like you're fuckin crazy if ya want ketchup on em. In the south it's mustard only. Always found that interesting. Personally I say put mustard on em and dip in ketchup
Funtick 3 年 前
do i need to use onions?i hate cooked onion
lucio demicco
lucio demicco 3 年 前
funtiCk sorry but yes that make the whole flavor of White Castle. I guess you could try without though.
Henry Chapin
Henry Chapin 3 年 前
What do you think the workers at white castle would say if I asked for the burgers without onions.
Dave Feiker
Dave Feiker 3 年 前
Close, but the real secret is 25% liver in the ground beef.
Kim Pedersen
Kim Pedersen 3 年 前
Looked really tasty, right up until the point with the cheese, thats just depressing, that you use that crap :/
traingp7 3 年 前
Is it possible to buy the white castle buns and meat and then just cook them yourself at home? I don't want the cheap microwave shit from the store I want the REAL ones from the store that I can cook my self at home.
Cristina Araque
Cristina Araque 3 年 前
That Asian dude is so irritating
iama Pinneaple
iama Pinneaple 3 年 前
Dude on his channel he is crazier and funnier lol...I kinda love him
Busnivore 3 年 前
i agree
BLProductions 3 年 前
Lmfaoooooo epic Mr.Bean shirt
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 3 年 前
Julia looks board out of her mind
Alysha Noelle
Alysha Noelle 3 年 前
WOOOOOOT< Thank you guys, worked for me too!
Marty_McFLY 3 年 前
brayan lopez
brayan lopez 3 年 前
I had no idea White Castle existed, this is so cool ! Ive never seen a White Castle in LA. Only in the Harold and Kumar movies
Sam Valentine
Sam Valentine 3 年 前
I can't stand food snobs
Love White Castles and I met Billy Ingram Jr. once
ABetterWeapon 4 年 前
ABetterWeapon 4 年 前
+ABetterWeapon, I would like to retract my previous statement. These guys did a fine job.
Joshua Gilbert
Joshua Gilbert 4 年 前
but but he didn't season the meat
Circle-H Kitchen
What kind of a communist puts ketchup on a White Castle? Are you like 5 years old?
Matthew Crespo
Matthew Crespo 4 年 前
Rip to that white castle, they closed down and built a condo. There are only 7 white castles left in New York :(
lakephall 3 年 前
Matthew Crespo the city or the state?
Michigan Mister
Michigan Mister 4 年 前
what is the ratio of ketchup to mustard? that's the real flavor secret!!! the ketchup only is not a true slider, they mix the ketchup and mustard in one bottle. when I make them, 2 parts mustard 1 part ketchup. but still not the same? when you order: 5 sliders. that means w/out condiments. 5 w/everything: means with ketchup/mustard. 5 w/everything and cheese, duh.
Troy DeLuca
Troy DeLuca 4 年 前
at 7:56 he starts scratching his arm with the spatula wtf
mylissas gsdpups
I am so happy never had whitecastle now I can try it w/o buying those crappy frozen in the box ones
munozricardo3 4 年 前
That girl is beautiful!
Eric W.
Eric W. 4 年 前
What kind of sauce do you use? Is it ketchup?
Kevin Jimenez
Kevin Jimenez 4 年 前
no I have never seen flaver. Nigga that high is jaajudbeavzvzcscxenso
Gabrielle Andres
lol i've def bought that wine from trader joe's before
MG Skarekrow
MG Skarekrow 4 年 前
Another method I've used is to mix your ground beef in a bowl with your desired seasonings and beef broth, giving you a think paste. Then, bake it and drain the pan, cut the burgers out, and voila! Very juicy, thin and flavorful. To take it a step further, pan fry after baking.
Tony404 4 年 前
Alperen Safi
Alperen Safi 4 年 前
Raw beef isn't poisonous so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination. Chicken is fuckin' dangerous though.
ucantkeepup583 4 年 前
Just made these, they actually turn out pretty damn good. My only dislike about your recipe was the amount of onions you used but then again I used fresh onion so that was more than likely why. Here's a little tip for the ground beef; When mixing/seasoning your .5lb - 1lb of ground beef use 1/4 cup of Buffalo sauce (I prefer BDUBS mild/medium sauce or Franks RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce best) along with 1/8 cup of water. Scale the sauce up or down to adjust for taste. Don't forget a cpl pinches of coarse salt & fresh cracked pepper! This will add a great depth to your burgers whether you make them slider style or a nice thick juicy burger on the grill (If you don't want to use Hot sauce you can also use BBQ or A1 as well! Just depends on what you like best!) Hope you an others try this & Enjoy!
james hartley
james hartley 4 年 前
sparcmac music :D
james hartley
james hartley 4 年 前
@ripppking ;D
ripppking 4 年 前
Lmaooooo as soon as I recognized the beat I had to scroll down and see if anyone else pointed it out
TheKruze88 4 年 前
3:05 its a knife, and its made of wata melone
Mutchima Tongjub
this video Josh look like pro!!
DrummerZero626 4 年 前
The Reason They Have The Holes Is So You Don't Flip Them
DrummerZero626 4 年 前
+ucantkeepup583 Exactly!
ucantkeepup583 4 年 前
and so the steam permeates throughout the patty evenly...