"White Castle" Sliders & Stacks

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What do you do when the closest White Castle is 5 hours away and you have a massive craving...well, I have a temporary solution and its all in this slider heaven of a video that I hope all of you burger maniacs enjoy thoroughly. Plus the potato stacks are always a nice edition to just about anything.
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Hawaiian Rolls
1lb 80/20 ground beef
1 white onion
sliced American cheese
2 large russet potatoes
1qt canola oil
salt and pepper to taste

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Bustedsan 2 天 前
Too thick sorry
Kori Skene
Kori Skene 个月 前
I dont know what white castle is but this looks incredible! Im loving the square burger and stacked potatoes 🤩
Bir Azerbaycanli
Bir Azerbaycanli 3 个月 前
Heather Dean
Heather Dean 4 个月 前
I have two recipe requests. One I had before this video, and one is inspired by this video. First one is a really good fall time recipe for either just comfort food or for the holidays preferably featuring fall time vegetables. I’m a sucker for roasted veggies. My second request inspired by this video is your take on an In N Out Burger! Just because I’m from California and I miss them.
Kendra G
Kendra G 4 个月 前
Looks so delicious 😋
DiggOlive 4 个月 前
Btw this is at least the 5th time that you've made the potato stacks
ckrtom2 5 个月 前
Mouth watering!! Love you make like happy/frowny faces at the same time when eating your creations.
Little Cooking Tips - Blog
We don't have white castle here in Greece, but we can definitely try out those awesome sliders with homemade buns! Thanx so much for sharing them!
A madani
A madani 5 个月 前
Vegan recipes please.
You forgot the single pickle
Rabah 5 个月 前
Isn't Canola Oil supposed to be really bad for Health??
Giacomo Carnevale
Giacomo Carnevale 5 个月 前
Such a daddyyyyy
Chop Happy
Chop Happy 5 个月 前
White castle is so yummy! I was going to do this on my channel but you beat me to it lol. Great video!
COOK GOOD-Hindi 5 个月 前
Rikku !!
Rikku !! 5 个月 前
Marco Perez
Marco Perez 5 个月 前
Should've given us an aioli dip with the stackers
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 5 个月 前
Somebody burned his buns.
감귤타르트 5 个月 前
I've thought your name was Bryan so far. Last time I watched your videos was a few years ago and now I know your name correctly Byron! Oops😂
소소한한끼 5 个月 前
Hello ~ friend Cooking is simple but looks very delicious ~! Introducing easy cooking on my channel ~ Let's communicate ~
The Cooking Corner
The Cooking Corner 5 个月 前
We did this vid a bit ago, not as easy as you would think.. Lol making the patties was the hardest part. Awesome job Byron!
Benedick Rivera
Benedick Rivera 5 个月 前
Love the recipe! Will try this! ❤❤❤
Angela Marcinkevich
Angela Marcinkevich 5 个月 前
They look good now I'm hungry , u want some those potatoes look yummy
Gabbi Green
Gabbi Green 5 个月 前
I really enjoy your videos! Being from the Midwest, I've been eating these sliders for more than 40 years. There's a reason we call them "sliders." Do you know what it is? If I could, a few corrections to your cooking method. The texture you're looking for is a steamed burger - it's almost soggy - and somewhat greasy - it really isn't grilled or fried. You need to put down a full bed of onions on your griddle (not just under each burger). The onions should cover the entire griddle and they can be fairly deep (about 1/2 inch). Don't worry about caramelizing them, these are just for steaming/cooking. Burger patties should be thinner (no more than a 1/4 inch thick - they'll cook faster.) The holes are important - good call! When the onions are on the griddle, add a little oil to them then place all the prepared patties on top of the onions. Now, here's the secret: cover all the patties with a upside down cookie sheet. It will only take a couple of minutes. This will steam your burgers and the onion flavor will completely permeate the meat. After a few minutes, remove the cover, flip burgers and then put on the top part of the bun. Replace the cover. At this point, you can either put a weight on the sheet to press the burgers flat or just leave them the way they are. You won't need more time than a minute or two to finish them. Remove the sheet and place the burgers (without the onions) on the bottom half of the bun (garnished with sauteed dice onions and a sour pickle). Byron, that should get you even closer to that unique White Castle taste. WC has been around almost 100 years and many consider them the first burger franchise. I bought their cookbook a few years back. It's entitled "By the Sackful" that contains recipes and anecdotes from the chain. While you won't find THE RECIPE for the burger, you will find recipes that contain their burgers as an ingredient. You can get it on Amazon. Keep up the good work! 🤗👍🏽
Darren Gir
Darren Gir 5 个月 前
Why does he look like Paul walker so much
Kaoten küche
Kaoten küche 6 个月 前
Nice burger yum yum 😋
Kaoten küche
Kaoten küche 6 个月 前
Nice burger yum yum 😋
Zesty! 6 个月 前
The bite shot...um yes
Veronica.M Кулинарные рецепты
Friends Hello everyone ! Please help to garner views .We cook very well . I live in the hinterland and there is no other way of earning.One hope for YOU and CNvid
Kronik360 6 个月 前
That will take me the whole week to cook. White Castle is a cheap place. Just get your sliders.
L4D2_Ellis 5 个月 前
Kronik360 only terrible cooks prefer take out/fast food rather than even attempting to try any form of cooking.
drp31200051 6 个月 前
None of y’all have anything better to do than speculate his sponsorship? Clearly you don’t know the law, and I don’t see a company “suggesting” you make a burger, but cook it different (with the sliced onions, which were an awesome difference). Get a life, and thank him for his take on a classic! Great job Byron!
GamersAlmanac 6 个月 前
In north jersey we have this place called White Manna where they do the same thing except they use potato rolls and fresh beef, never frozen. In my opinion it blows White Castle out of the water
JJKorrae 6 个月 前
What is the music used in the video? It’s very calm and relaxing
I really think people read comments before posting and say the same thing in order to feel like part of a group. Great stuff man, the onion idea was a nice touch.
Javier Cuesta
Javier Cuesta 6 个月 前
Que receta mas simple y ridicula
Lady SaySo
Lady SaySo 6 个月 前
White Castle is everywhere in my state.
BeyoutifullSoul 6 个月 前
Can you please make an in n out one!!??? All your food is delicious! So easy to follow!
rinneco 6 个月 前
Luv it, looks great, delish😋😋😋! The closest one to Memphis is Nashville🍔🚘😫🤷🏽‍♀️
Nekiesha James
Nekiesha James 6 个月 前
Like for Hawaiian rolls
Nipplasia 6 个月 前
The onions make the difference and if you don’t use dehydrated onion the recipe is trashed. You and Babish fucked it up. It’s not the same
L4D2_Ellis 5 个月 前
Nipplasia Byron never said it was supposed to be an exact copy of White Castle burgers.
Di Hu
Di Hu 6 个月 前
perfect date nite recipe
Tahiri TV
Tahiri TV 6 个月 前
Wow... Love this recipe.. I must try to make it.....
reemty 6 个月 前
Yaiiiy! Glad to see this video!..I’ll definitely try making them for my Labor Day gathering .. kindly post more recipes & kitchen related videos 😁 Lots of support from Michigan!
sarah davis
sarah davis 6 个月 前
Wowwww I'd pay so much money to eat that
Chino Ireneo
Chino Ireneo 6 个月 前
If this was to be served, how much will this be in the menu?
ooonaughtykitty 6 个月 前
No pickle?
Random Ness
Random Ness 6 个月 前
No onion rings?!
UltimateChoji An
UltimateChoji An 6 个月 前
Out of many cooking channels I view, you currently hold the title of making the most interesting, unique and sophisticated dishes (in my personal experience), it’s good for the viewers, but not going to lie, if I was in your position right now, I would be extremely pressured, both from the comments and the thought of ways to satisfy the viewers with good content. Just letting you know, this can easily eat you away unconsciously just like how most entertainers lose sight of why they like to entertain in the first place. I’m just here to tell you this just in case you feel like the attention is too much. When the time comes, just keep it simple, and try not to lose sight of the creativity of your works.
ByronTalbott 6 个月 前
Wow, this was great for me to read. Thank you for the depth and realness of your comment. Noted 📝
Mayra Lopez
Mayra Lopez 6 个月 前
Make desserts!
ByronTalbott 6 个月 前
redcloud319 6 个月 前
@ByronTalbott pretty funny you guys did it the same day haha! I think i foresee a potential colab?
Kaylieeboo 6 个月 前
White Castle is my absolute favorite! Thanks for the recipe!
Indie Guy
Indie Guy 6 个月 前
everyone make the potato stacks theyre the best fries you'll ever eat.
ByronTalbott 6 个月 前
They really are a special kinda of “fry”. Definitely unique and extra crispy
skristenl 6 个月 前
I have never had White Castle before. Looks yummy!
MRSCOFFEE82 6 个月 前
White Castle, My family loves this place
Wilson Zhou
Wilson Zhou 6 个月 前
It would be awesome if u collab with babish Edit: also I think u have a chance on master chef lol
Arwa 6 个月 前
Delicious 😋
Just one random Chick
Yum Biggest question who ate the other burger? 😂
Jackie Harrison
Jackie Harrison 6 个月 前
Now I want White Castle burger homemade of course👍👍👍
50% Normal comments, 50% Babish comments
Imran Syafiq
Imran Syafiq 6 个月 前
Babish made a White Castle video? hmmmMMmmMmMmMmMm
Jeanette Becker
Jeanette Becker 6 个月 前
I need to make this! We don't have White Castle in Ireland but those look so good and I love the potato stacks!! Thanks for that :-)