World of Warcraft - All Expansion Ending Cinematics!

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All expansion ending cinematics from raids in World of Warcraft! Starting from the Lich King's defeat all the way up to the Legion Ending Cinematic featuring Sargeras!
00:00 - Fall of the Lich King (Wrath of the Lich King / Icecrown Citadel)
03:56 - Deathwing's Defeat (Cataclysm / Dragon Soul)
05:33 - Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh's Defeat (Horde) / Siege of Orgimmar)
08:20 - Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh's Defeat (Alliance) / Siege of Orgimmar
10:41 - Warlords of Draenor (Archimonde Intro / Hellfire Citadel)
11:18 - Warlords of Draenor (Archimonde's Defeat / Hellfire Citadel)
13:17 - Legion (Argus, the Unmaker Intro / Antorus the Burning Throne)
14:15 - Legion (Argus, the Unmaker Defeat / Sargeras Stabbing Azeroth / Antorus the Burning Throne)
Note: Classic WoW and The Burning Crusade did not have ending cinematics.
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2017年12月 2日

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Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 天 前
Wow is the end of good warcraft lore....
Kreanon 3 天 前
Blizz should remaster the old Cinematics! for The Glory of The Lich King!
ApeMusic 3 天 前
i miss Arthas the Lich King! The best Addon for me!
Carl Lazarraga
Carl Lazarraga 4 天 前
I am.. the Warchief. - Thrall
Zyx_WoW de Azeroth
This Jaina is a bitch :v
sevgi sila karabacak
Sylvanas will never be a real leader of the horde. Like garrosh thrall and voljin etc
Luleh 14 天 前
Garrosh is the true warchief
Jet Tdm
Jet Tdm 15 天 前
Warcraft Age Of Ultron
i wil never get tired of watching Lich king's fallen
Torga Warflame
Torga Warflame 个月 前
The entire Algalon fight during Ulduar was pointless, the Reply Code would've gone straight to voice mail.
Jason Doucette
Jason Doucette 2 天 前
lol. Good thing there was also nobody alive to push the reset button then.
Osiworld 个月 前
For the Alliance!!! For Mystic in PoGo and the colour of the Victory!!!!!
Mohammed Qassim
Mohammed Qassim 个月 前
BigDirtyUncle 个月 前
Haures89 个月 前
Tell them Arthas is dead.. and World of Warcraft died with him.
Bernhardina Hörnstein
The end of Legion though.... so satisfying!
Sszarkk Theburning
Sszarkk Theburning 2 个月 前
the different in Wow and Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne is You dont play Heroes in WoW Like Arthas iLidan Sylvana and many others !! in wrc3 you can play 120 Heroes thats why Wrc3 is Better game and much fun than wow !
LilRomeo615videos Lilromeo615videos
I liked varian... he was a good king, he did what a kiing had to do, now, anduin did not pay attention and probably is called " boy king" to sylvanas cus hes not that smart.. just sayin'
Heavy rayne
Heavy rayne 2 个月 前
One and only lich king best ecpansion
Joaco Nicolau
Joaco Nicolau 2 个月 前
And battle for azeroth??
Kato756 2 个月 前
Illidan and Velens bromance is something I like
Dip Flup
Dip Flup 2 个月 前
"Father, is it over?" "I mean I don't know what blizzard will do for a future expansion, so in the mean time get killed over and over until someone steals your horse" "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"
Cody Faulks
Cody Faulks 2 个月 前
10:23 He still means that in death motherfuckers.
faizal norazwar
faizal norazwar 3 个月 前
there's nvr ending for the Hatred and Wrath of lich king..my death knight still alive somewhere
Liskenstein 3 个月 前
C S 3 个月 前
mini illidan stabbing at the toes and kankles of sargeras
Shendu LordOfDragons
Arthas widow detected
BestShadow 3 个月 前
I wonder what changed Jaina from Warcraft 3 to WoW. I know she lost her father, didn't stopped Arthas... so that's maybe why she got so, how to say it, "cold"?. At least I always thought like that. The best example is the end of MoP. They could just stop fighting, but Jaina wants to destroy them. Now in BfA, she is so different. She really changed, but what happend?
Asanjawa 3 个月 前
+BestShadow She's not nice, she's kill on sight against the horde after years of forgiveness she was put in the trash by the horde over and over
BestShadow 3 个月 前
oooh ok. But still, why is she now so , let's say, "nice" after legion?
Sefuhotman3 3 个月 前
before the end of MOP, Theramore (and consequently her mate Ronin) basically got hit by a massive mana-bomb (nuke) by Garrosh. Plus drama within the Kirin Torr regarding the horde using Dalaran to move Horde troops IIRC
RICKDAD 3 个月 前
Why did the WotLK one have delayed audio?
GamerCat Gaming & more
tbh Varian Wrynn is a bit of a dick in Mists
Rocket Fire
Rocket Fire 3 个月 前
What about BC?
hy ch
hy ch 2 个月 前
There is no BC cinematic.
Maxenorer Max
Maxenorer Max 3 个月 前
i'm the only who think the "I speak for the horde" in MoP is epic?
porks 3 个月 前
definitely prefer waifus over real stupid fleshes
Sasha Drakovi
Sasha Drakovi 3 个月 前
Wasn't there a cinematic for completing the sunwell raid?
hy ch
hy ch 2 个月 前
Jojo Raafat
Jojo Raafat 3 个月 前
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Chris Daldy-Rowe
Chris Daldy-Rowe 3 个月 前
Anyone who's anyone knows Horde rules.In the end, the Alliance bones will pave the roads for the Horde on other planets. FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!
Goonter The Socially Awkward
I got an ad for WoW before this video started.
SpeckMaster9000 3 个月 前
was not ready for the outro music
S. M.
S. M. 3 个月 前
An Karanir Thanagor.
Manuel Bosch
Manuel Bosch 4 个月 前
not vanilla and tbc endings... not all expansion mate...
hy ch
hy ch 2 个月 前
...There is no ending cinematics for vanilla and bc.
#ProNoob# 4 个月 前
Fucking scourge arthas wouldnt be the lich king of those bitches can protect their own
Jamie Potter
Jamie Potter 4 个月 前
wheres illidan and vanilla?
DonutGuard 4 个月 前
Bolvar only wanted to be Lich King so he could encase himself in ice and give some much needed relief to those burns.
Radu Coroi
Radu Coroi 4 个月 前
I love how everything is so Lord of the Rings.
Broockle 4 个月 前
So who made Sylvanis Warchief?
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
Vol'jin did!
Fanda Kláda
Fanda Kláda 4 个月 前
I guess that Thrall kid should be born now.. its already 3 dlc gone and still nothing??..
Maxim Friesen
Maxim Friesen 6 天 前
The kid is born, I think his name is Durak(?). Which is weird considering Durak means dumbass/idiot in Russian.
adamlagues 4 个月 前
All expansions... starts on the third 🤦‍♂️
Oldjohn 4 个月 前
Voljin the most loyal, honorable and humble member of the horde. I wanted him as a warchief so bad... FOR DA HORDE!!!
Loris 2 个月 前
That‘s true though.
Oldjohn 2 个月 前
A warchief with zero action. Garrosh lasted for long... Sylvanas lasts for long... But Voljin lasted for nothing. I think it would have been a better lore if Voljin lasted for longer, managed some good a chievemnts for the Horde and at the end Sylvanas betray him and take the throne. His death was dissapointing
Loris 2 个月 前
Oldjohn he was warchief...
Oldjohn 4 个月 前
Tell them only that the Lich King is dead and that World of Warcraft died with him. Now go. Leave this game. And never return.
Eddie 4 个月 前
JSZ 4 个月 前
I love how most of these show us that united we can defeat anything But then there's Battle for Azeroth in which we fight each other agian like idiots
Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak 4 个月 前
Archimonde used his last bit of energy to ensure Guldan stayed on task for the glory of Sargeras and the Legion. Kiljaeden used his last bit of energy to have a heart to heart with Velen and betray Sargeras and the Legion. Archimonde was a far more loyal and evil than Kiljaeden, and frankly could probably whoop his candy apple red ass.
Extreme Gaming90
Extreme Gaming90 4 个月 前
Audio no in sync :(
BURBON 4 个月 前
*no king rules forever my son* MY GOD THE FEELS
Brayden M-H
Brayden M-H 4 个月 前
Usually I feel like the Alliance does a pretty solid job of the whole "upholding their honour" ordeal, but *man* do I feel like a d**k supporting them in Pandaria.
Dat Patta
Dat Patta 4 个月 前
0:18 An Karanir Thanagor Mor Ok Angalor Mor Ok Gorum Pala Uh'm Ravali Ah'm. After so many years, it still stunning me.
KnuxSD 4 个月 前
why tho does it have to be so awfully out of sync?
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
It's just the first part (Wrath). I have fixed the issue in future videos!
Buddy 455
Buddy 455 4 个月 前
What will happen if you would return to the lich king I don’t really know much about this game besides the lich king xpansion and Cataclysm
Kazik 4 个月 前
I remeber i dont make quest in dragonblight with Gate and don t have part of cinematic with bolvar in wotlk :/
daniel slater
daniel slater 4 个月 前
We need Varian in bfa
Evamarie Masini
Evamarie Masini 4 个月 前
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CreateWorlds 4 个月 前
fuck jaina proudmore
Mor MacFey
Mor MacFey 4 个月 前
I so hate videos where the audio is not synched! Learn to edit correctly.
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
Only the Wrath cinematic has issues in this video, but I have fixed the issue in future videos. Thanks for the feedback!
Ísis R.
Ísis R. 4 个月 前
After Yseras death who's the new green flight aspect?
Irmandade Nerd
Irmandade Nerd 4 个月 前
Wow agora tá uma merda o pvp agora não posso bater na Horda fazendo missão jogo ficou gay
Rayia Hara
Rayia Hara 4 个月 前
missed burning crusade
Anaverageguy41 4 个月 前
Rayia Hara Doesn't have one
Muharrem Kazan
Muharrem Kazan 4 个月 前
where burning crusade and classic wow sc?
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
They don't have ending cinematics :(
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 4 个月 前
Jaina is a bitch she needs to die.
João Ribeiro
João Ribeiro 4 个月 前
Seriously I want Thrall to take his head out of his own ass for once. Motherfucker leaves, puts Grom's kid in his place, Grom's kid fucks up, he comes back, hands out justice, then goes "uuuuuuuuuuuuuh you! Yeah you Vol'jin, you haven't had any relevancy for a while and you're a Warcraft 3 veteran, you're warchief now", Vol'jin dies, Windrunner takes the mantle, shit goes down on the Broken Shore (and space), Windrunner kinda maybe sorta fucks up, now war... The fuck are you Thrall?
Maddraxin 4 个月 前
I miss Vol'jin :(
Limuney 4 个月 前
Wrath had the best everything, it was at the peak of WoW's popularity and even after 9 years I still have tears going down my eyes whenever i remember the wrath days..
Yotam Shohat
Yotam Shohat 4 个月 前
Varian is so savage
Tobias 4 个月 前
For me ending cutscene wise: Wrath > Legion > MoP > WoD > Cata
Apelele S
Apelele S 4 个月 前
0:18 who else just loves the music
Grumpy dinosaur!
Grumpy dinosaur! 4 个月 前
May I ask what's the soundtrack when Mist Pandaria played?
mikev190 4 个月 前
Illidan is the ultimate bad ass in wow. When sargeras came to him he was like "at last" lol
ARViuff 4 个月 前
what the hell is wrong with vol'jins leg at 6:57 ?
dandy 3 个月 前
Haywire Cheese
Haywire Cheese 4 个月 前
you forgot about burning crusade and vanilla!
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
Didn't have closing cinematics. :(
Darlaimerner 4 个月 前
Varian: we will END you. Everyone in the goddamn Horde: UHHHH I THINK THE FUCK NOT YOU TRICK ASS BITCH
A'm gnome
A'm gnome 5 个月 前
Blizzard really cant make an ending w/o fuck ups , like really. 1. There always must be a LK.That's total bullshit most of the LK army got slaughtered by us and it had no chances in surviving after the LK defeat. 2. Dragons loosing their powers after defeating deathwing. This is also a facepalm like really dragons had their powers from titans , i doubt their powers are not limitless. Like really dragons were involved in 1st war same as illidan , from that time illidans powers only evolved and he was fighting in almost all important wars but aspects fought in 2 wars and they lost their powers....... nice. 3.Why was not Garrosh insta killed after the corruption from old gods was gone ? Is not that suposed to work that way ? And btw thrall showing up at the end of the expantion and claiming the right to kill Garrosh really? 4.No Garrosh no this expantion , but really WTF Grommash being good guy at the end and no one will ask for his whole expantion deeds ?? 5. Illidan whole legion expantion saw horrors of the void , saw that even legion was afraid and trying to abuse void's power, saw that it's a greater threat than legion and still choosed to be a jailer in a unpenetrable prison like nope, deal with that alone .... waaat ?
A'm gnome
A'm gnome 4 个月 前
Maybe illidan saw something wrong about whole light vs void thing and he wants to ask sargeras about that. Rather than that i don't understand the point of light fighting sargeras when he is fighting the void. I still think that light and void are corruption as well as fel magic was just one is more patient and shows us hope and that there is a salvation ( witch is a lie, and btw like sargeras did to draenei ) and other is just pushing us with all the trurh and horrors and forcing us to submit .
OgreJoe 4 个月 前
1 - I'm guessing there were a lot more Undead lore wise than the game let on 2- I think it was because they dumped a lot of their power into the Dragon Soul 3 - I agree 4 - I think making him a "good guy" was fine, but the sudden way it happened was stupid 5 - Sargeras is still a massive deal and has to be watched
Omar Lozano
Omar Lozano 5 个月 前
Lol, wtf happened to Jaina? I haven't played since Cata, but did Thrall getting himself an orc bae piss her off to the extreme of wanting the Horde wiped out?
Igor Rovitsky
Igor Rovitsky 4 个月 前
Jaina established an outpost at Theramore island for building healthy relations with horde. Then Garrosh kinda nuked the place in MoP and Jaina turned into gray-haired horde hater.
Fluffball Zoink
Fluffball Zoink 5 个月 前
I LOVED the Lich King Xpack waz my fav king in WoW i miss him soo much i got his costume for Halloween on WoW i miss him that much😭😭
Jared Bailey
Jared Bailey 5 个月 前
Wait, didn't arthas kill illidan and sylvanas take the throne of the Lich king? Or am I mistaken.
Assholian Bastard
Assholian Bastard 4 个月 前
Jared Bailey arthas mortally wounded Illidan not killing him also Bolvar has a questline for the deathknights in legion So basically Bolvar is the lich king not sylvanas
EL MB 5 个月 前
i miss alexstrazsa
Alex Rompen
Alex Rompen 5 个月 前
LK: "They must not know what happened here today" Tiron: *builds a giant golden statue that tells exactly what happened in the middle of Dalaran* LK: "..............ffs......."
Lupeh 5 个月 前
That's. Ot every wow, you forgot vanilla and tbc
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
They didn't have ending cinematics.
Rheanon Jasmyne
Rheanon Jasmyne 5 个月 前
So is Illidan gone??????????????
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
For now. I'm sure he'll be back in a future expansion!
Lhenyrham Eusebio
Lhenyrham Eusebio 5 个月 前
Thrall will be always be the Warchief
blackfalcon1324 5 个月 前
I will say, I dont understand why the ending cinimatic for wrath was so bad. It came 6 years after reign of chaos and the cinimatic in that was amazing.
blackfalcon1324 5 个月 前
yea, but the death of the main character of the past 10 years of warcraft shoulda been the one good animation they ever made.
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
Ah, gotya. Yeah, I wish they had more proper cinematics for WoW. It usually only gets one per expansion
blackfalcon1324 5 个月 前
sorry, I should have clarified. Blizzard has always done groundbreaking cinematic in terms of graphics and it just seems like the really clunky animations just seem a step down from earlier. IE, the ending cinimatics for wc3, the trailer for every expansion ever, etc... I just would have expected some kickass movie like graphics here but it looks like a cinimatic from 20 years ago.
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
Bad in what sense? I thought it was pretty good!
Jesus Barrios
Jesus Barrios 5 个月 前
I just realized the hoed are the Minority and the alliance is a bunch of pussyes Troll: how was your day Alliance war chief : there plotting against us
Chirimo Kaari
Chirimo Kaari 5 个月 前
Maybe the place where you're fighting is a comedy hall? And its name is: The seats of the pun-theon
Pokegod !!
Pokegod !! 5 个月 前
Your missing 2
Immagonko 5 个月 前
Titans are so useless lol
Dennis Karlsson
Dennis Karlsson 5 个月 前
Father! Is it.... over?
Atte Gröhn
Atte Gröhn 5 个月 前
Lich king was only real end boss.
Mykael Nyx
Mykael Nyx 5 个月 前
Is there the concept of Heaven and Hell in World of Warcraft lore? I don't claim to know everything about the game even though I played it for several years and I like the lore and stories, and I've just never heard about it
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
I don't think in general. The Vrykul do have a Valhalla equivalent (Skyhold) and Hel (Helheim) though which both actually exist in the lore.
Datafiend 5 个月 前
Blizzard did Vol’Jin dirty, he was the best option for Warchief not Sylvanas, it just feels like poorly done fan service. Also Garrosh was right, Thrall failed him and then cheated in their final battle. Plus, his (Garrosh) actions in MoP felt so out of character.
DrunkCrazyMonkey 3 个月 前
Datafiend uhh no he didnt. Garrosh fail himself. Thrall killing Garrosh was him correcting the mistake he done. Garrosh know what he was doing and he kept on doing until other push back him. When his back was against the wall time to play the victim card and say “you turn me into this”
Will Poynter
Will Poynter 5 个月 前
I know this is an old video, but to everyone commenting, "where's the BC cinematic" and/or, "where's the vanilla one?" THEY DIDN'T FUCKING HAVE CINEMATICS BACK THEN, DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH FIRST PEOPLE!!!
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
Thank you. I was surprised at the amount of people who commented that!
Lazs Sas
Lazs Sas 5 个月 前
No Burning Crusade?
Will Poynter
Will Poynter 5 个月 前
they didn't have one. Do research before commenting.
Grenmond 5 个月 前
Wotlk the best one!
bigmonu 5 个月 前
IoI'm gonna stop watching now. This is making me want to reactivate my account. Wow took years off of my life.
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
If you had fun, it was worth it!
PanCebulka 5 个月 前
9:20 Jaina dreadlord confirmed
Jason Doucette
Jason Doucette 2 天 前
Don't worry Jainas better now
OgreJoe 5 个月 前
Bottoms Up
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