WoWcraft Battle for Azeroth (opening cinematic parody) [Ep 40]

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Joseph Aronow
Joseph Aronow 3 小时 前
OMFG I am laughing so hard at this I am crying. Especially at 1:27 with the orc with both flags mooning everyone. =)
Battlestar Gaming Channel
That Panda in the middle :D
whosplayingyou29 11 天 前
I lost it when all the 'old wow sub's got up XD
Oleg Shtepa
Oleg Shtepa 12 天 前
Luck in
Luck in 13 天 前
Lord Cabarello
Lord Cabarello 13 天 前
2:37 hey ! That Orc is holding an alliance flag XD
Nikita Petukhow
Nikita Petukhow 15 天 前
Carbot you for aliance or ord
You know nothing
You know nothing 17 天 前
2:00 king Mufasa??
Massmagician1 19 天 前
i lost it when saurfang took the alliance flag and pushed forward on the wrong side XD
CyberCat 20 天 前
haha I lost it at 1:27 when the orc shows his butt cheeks and right after that the happy Draenei wanders through the scene like he was going for a nice picknick :-D
jamesryan099 22 天 前
Out if this entire series you forgot to show how a player has to be point blank to hit melee yet enemy ai can hit you from a mile away in melee while you run by them.
Patrick M.
Patrick M. 22 天 前
Was really hoping mjolnir would come down when Anduin lifts his hand up to the sky, then he has a wtf moment and tosses it away.
Klony 22 天 前
So... You did not read the "Stand as one should be the new Alliance warcry"-post on Reddit before making this video... (as it was released before the redditpost). It's a good warcry... I think...
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
So much better that the game, they should you hire to make the game
Boogie Sam
Boogie Sam 25 天 前
its a dog shit
Vindrael 25 天 前
oh my fking gawdddddddddddd so fking hilariousssssssss. you missed the troll warrior though
personal jesus
personal jesus 27 天 前
i love those draneis
Adam Hiriak
Adam Hiriak 个月 前
pls do more from wowcraft, its so awesome !
FUmarc 个月 前
1:15 sucker punch and Flag Grab for the win!
Сергей Ким
1:58 I think they should have implemented this in real trailer! That houlder armor turn was so cool!
Nicholas Frenken
Nicholas Frenken 个月 前
Beautiful! But the sad part is, instead of awakening world pvp again, it shattered even more. The alliance on my pretty evenly based server has warmode off, while the horde has warmode on. So basically, it's like a one sided server.
Elian Lox
Elian Lox 个月 前
EL David
EL David 个月 前
with mensual pay
Snack Pack
Snack Pack 个月 前
Can you make more wowcraft please...
BullDog Cookie
BullDog Cookie 个月 前
WoW BfA is good. Vanilla suck.
Juan Posada
Juan Posada 个月 前
Lmao i totally lostd at 1:34 "push forward!" 2 secs later get pushed back lololol
TJChaos 个月 前
That bit with the Mufasa head rolling to Varian and then parting to reveal Classic... pure masterpiece. You never fail to amaze.
Cheryl Wisniewski
The male draenei are naked and smiling....too funny.
Callum Lyall
Callum Lyall 个月 前
please show this at blizzcon
Goran Vla
Goran Vla 2 个月 前
nother one?
The Xeno Gamer
The Xeno Gamer 2 个月 前
The moment the guy said "i will always watch over you." my avast antivirus blocked my screen and said you're protected.
FriendlyPal DeathCraft
Vanilla warcraft
Maethen Dias
Maethen Dias 2 个月 前
that forsaken running out of arrows lmao
Lapahn 2 个月 前
LOL all the vanilla players suddenly come back
lukediddle 2 个月 前
I rarely laugh at videos, like, it'd be a quick blow of air out of my nose when I find something funny. But this... this made me genuinely laugh. The damage numbers got me good lol
Brenda Frederick
Brenda Frederick 2 个月 前
Potato Braus
Potato Braus 2 个月 前
Would be great if WoW replaced all their shitty graphics with this.
Yesica Nueva
Yesica Nueva 2 个月 前
Blaze 2 个月 前
This was so perfect! LoL'ed at World of Warcraft Vanilla, and "Old WoW Sub".
Artma 2 个月 前
They should show this video on the Blizzcon of this year... as they did with the opening of LOV for Starcraft 2.
Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer 2 个月 前
Too bad this xpac has not given me the same feelings as the past :(
Ayato 2 个月 前
Anduin is so cute xD
Song at the end?
DanteMG91 2 个月 前
what program yoy use for this animations? I suscribe! amazing!
Matt Broere
Matt Broere 2 个月 前
dkstarcraft 2 个月 前
2:47 Tauren: This is my spoon, there are many more like it, but this ones mine.
포도우유 2 个月 前
호드를 위하여!
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 2 个月 前
Это блеять шедевр!!!
Alan Portilla
Alan Portilla 2 个月 前
I love this cartoon hahahaha
Dany_rulez 2 个月 前
lee frankie
lee frankie 2 个月 前
what a epic war with numbers
Петр Гонтарь
I love you! XDDD
Kratos Gamerization
Kratos Gamerization 2 个月 前
also did Varian say "I will always watch over you my son"...what line is that from
Kade Miranda
Kade Miranda 2 个月 前
Lion King
Kratos Gamerization
Kratos Gamerization 2 个月 前
Thats Classic Joke....Well played
Smurk 2 个月 前
This is great everyone is here!!! I wanna see the wow broken shore scenario next
Adam Hiriak
Adam Hiriak 2 个月 前
we really need animation for warbringers :D
EnzoCroft 2 个月 前
Why no undead at 2:47?
LeoShWoW jl
LeoShWoW jl 3 个月 前
i love the last song xDDD
Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson 3 个月 前
I love it! The damage numbers and Horde cheering "For the Alliance" was awesome!
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw 3 个月 前
And caught up on another. I'm going to run out on this binge soon.
Templar Varient
Templar Varient 3 个月 前
What's the music that plays in the outro. I'm interested in what the whole thing sounds like.
준영정 3 个月 前
For the alliance
Bisalissy 3 个月 前
2:35 Sylvanas is not a big fan of Vanilla WoW. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad are back, her Val'kyr and her title are gone and she looks like a dead Tyrande again.
Nawaf The FearBraker
Just saw your videos pop up in my feed ever since your first couple of WoWCraft videos...And it doesn't disappoint. Your vids are amazing man! Keep it up!
ภานุ ทําความชอบ
JMurphy 3 个月 前
Goran Vla
Goran Vla 3 个月 前
Goran Vla
Goran Vla 3 个月 前
Mário Cunha
Mário Cunha 3 个月 前
+ video of wow plz T.T
John Titor
John Titor 3 个月 前
겜오겜TV 3 个月 前
It's really beautiful ... fantasy.
Алексей Ананьев
Why does it so cool?))
Eppon6 3 个月 前
I'd really love to see you parody the warbringers. Or at least snippets of them.
Vysca 3 个月 前
that atomic wedgie
Mangaran WoW
Mangaran WoW 3 个月 前
Awesome vid! Can you also do "Old Soldier"?
Domingo Valenzuela
Domingo Valenzuela 3 个月 前
Soooo good keep them coming
James Chang
James Chang 3 个月 前
very clever Lion King reference at 2:00 ... I see what u did there, sneaky
Hamza Muhammed Al Zeın
The Draeneı wears underpants!
Oomal3xoO 3 个月 前
subtitle plis =)
Alysson Paladini
Alysson Paladini 3 个月 前
LOL that mass rez... vanilla :D The orc with both flags and shaking booty LOL
Matheus Froes
Matheus Froes 3 个月 前
Shanty Half Thick
Shanty Half Thick 3 个月 前
*I Cry*
WMV Gaming
WMV Gaming 3 个月 前
I see you hiding there Mr Pandaren 2:47
Марк Олонцов
Карбот ты красавчик!
Bagus Rizky
Bagus Rizky 3 个月 前
Dude when will the ep 41 come out?
Liao Spark
Liao Spark 3 个月 前
Your animation about Blizzard is really cute and fun, especially with this work on Wow
Zhongli Chen
Zhongli Chen 3 个月 前
pandaren: why did i join this war?_(:з」∠)_
Limulus77 3 个月 前
Wow. How long did it take to draw this? Another awesome work from Carbot
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes 3 个月 前
That Mufasa reference got me rofl! Haha!
김정헌 3 个月 前
Muradin Bronzebeard
Muradin Bronzebeard 3 个月 前
Nice :'v
Ana lIMA
Ana lIMA 3 个月 前
Antoni L
Antoni L 3 个月 前
Azaze1 3 个月 前
Ахуительно) Лучше оригинала)
Mark Willoughby
Mark Willoughby 3 个月 前
Everytime i hear her scream for the horde it gives me chills
S Guht
S Guht 3 个月 前
Einfach nur super!
Tony 3 个月 前
One year just for the cinematic :/
Delta Force A17
Delta Force A17 3 个月 前
christian ventez abadia
this is (not) a parody