YouTube Sandwich: White Castle Burgers

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When only the very best will do!!! They're the perfect size to eat while YouTubing. The restaurant variety is the best, but the frozen burgers readily available at U.S. grocery stores are an acceptable alternative when microwaved.

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Joe Masters
Joe Masters 2 个月 前
Just had some earlier today. Still farting up a storm but I have no regrets. Farting w/ pride
Microwaved Bubblegum
They slap the meat on the table and then put the bun on top WTF
MLB THE SHOW19.Broadcast
I know they sell the boxed one in many supermarket stores like walmart. But i wish if they had restaurants here in Florida. Is weird that such a delicious burger that would sell anywhere. Does not have restaurants acrossed the U.S. I imagine a Restaurant close the Coquina Beach in Florida or other places. Such as Tampa, Ybor city Jam pack everyday. Sun City is a retired communities area, And i bet they would be a success down there. I am curious about why this company has such a little expansion. If that crave can work fine down here. Florida is tropical, peopple would go at anytime
MLB THE SHOW19.Broadcast
I cant believe they scraped the onions from the burger. They should leave them to be consummed
Bill Randolph
Great video. Thanks for sharing!
OriginalPai 年 前
At least I know why there's still onions on there when I ask for no onions.
Whenever I need a colonoscopy I eat a few of these to get cleaned out first.
The cat in the hat
Anyone know the song name?
Ray Williamson
I remember buying White Castle Burgers as a kid, 25 cents each. I am from the South they were everywhere. If you didn't live it you just don'r know. If they had Burger hops today they would drive all the rest out of business. You can buy in the stores, but not the same. If you lived it no further explanation necessary, just that simple. Oh by the way I am 77 from Virginia three of us guys would get a case of beer Four dollars each worth of these and head to Carolina Beach. Don't get any better than that.
Steve Logan
Steve Logan 年 前
Some idiot ordered no onions, screws up the whole assembly line.
Louie 6 个月 前
What an asshole
MLB THE SHOW19.Broadcast
I notice, every restaurant do this. I thought they would leave those steamed onions on the burger. Even though the burger absorbed its flavor. I wonder why the company scrapes them off
Veronica Bolanos
I dont feel like making love,i feel like eatin one of them white castle. Why in the world is she scraping the onions off?
Jack 年 前
The onion Juice is still there...secret of the flavor...want more onions..ask them.. 1
Truth 年 前
Are the onions fresh and what is the liquid?
some dude
some dude 2 年 前
What's with the prick that ordered it without onions?
macman3175 2 年 前
That's terrible! Leave those onions on there!
imari2305 2 年 前
I'm a craver yes I am lol :-)
Jack 年 前
The onion Juice is still there...secret of the flavor...want more onions..ask them..
scottydu81 2 年 前
so, the burgers steam on top of the onions with the buns on top, and the pickles and other accouterments are added after they come off of the grill? im trying to learn the technique
Truth 年 前
Try it with a big pan with a lid. so when they're cooking with buns on top and you cover it for a few minutes you get the steamed effect. I noticed in the crystal burger video they cover it and I did try it myself.
Soulful Moment, LLC
scottydu81 At White Castle, the condiments come last, while at McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King the condiments are added first.
bkstacker 247
bkstacker 247 2 年 前
so holes are normal
Jack 年 前
Holes makes onion juice flavor soak in
meltman818 ruiz
meltman818 ruiz 2 年 前
cheap video
nismo armada
nismo armada 3 年 前
the cow boy song. howdy
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong 3 年 前
somebody please tell me why that gal is scraping off all the onions. ..??
Steve Logan
Steve Logan 年 前
Some idiot ordered no onions, it screws up the whoe flow of things, makes everybody have to wait longer because they ordered 2 or 3 sliiders. They should make them pull their car over to the waiting area where people are waiting for a crave case or two, because they didn't call ahead.
JordansMom769 3 年 前
+Neil Armstrong Somebody probably ordered them "no onions." That's how they serve them if you order it that way, unless you ask them to cook it fresh. Same at Krystal. I worked at both :)
GoodDay 4 年 前
Why scraped onions !!!
Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins 4 年 前
Doesn't anyone see whats wrong with this picture? the worker just touched raw meat, touched the tools, and then finally touched the finished product without changing their gloves and/or washing their hands! This is a critical control point FAILURE. this store should be shut down for violation of public safety. i am no longer eating at such a sick establishment and no wonder why i always feel sick from this place. AND NO IT IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE TO TOUCH RAW MEAT THEN TOUCH FINISHED PRODUCT. try taking SERV SAFE
Why do you think you get sick after eating em
Boolossus 3 年 前
+Rob robbins White Castle is the worst food establishment in the whole world.
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 4 年 前
They are the only fast food resturant that makes my heartburn feel like it's on fire, crap like a buffalo then it smells horrid, and fart where it smells bad. I hate fast food rarely eat it in general but White Castle takes the cherry when I get them every few years. Good god!
GamerZero 4 年 前
I'll have the chicken rings, instead. I hate onions, and don't care if the whole world has a problem with that.
GamerZero 2 年 前
Because unlike him, my opinion doesn't directly attack anyone. As for what you said, that is hardly hypocrisy. If someone insults me, I'm not gonna give them a, "YES, SIR!!!" because this isn't the military, and shit doesn't roll downhill on CNvid.
DeshFyre 2 年 前
oh the hypocricy, you want him to respect or ignore your opinion, yet you wont do the same to his opinion of you.
aptwo 2 年 前
What a little bitch.
GamerZero 3 年 前
@uidph33r I'm done dealing with you, and you're done fucking with me!
GamerZero 3 年 前
@uidph33r Picking on someone with cancer. Don't you feel like a big man? You could've been the bigger man and let it go, but you had to be a big baby about it and make yourself look very foolish, indeed. You're not funny, you're not cool, and your opinions of me, which are 100% false and biased, mean two things to me: Jack and Shit, and Jack left town.
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez 5 年 前
WTH the cook touched raw meat then the buns without changing gloves. Yuck cross contamination.
who cares
Vendzor 3 年 前
Boo fucking hoo
jpntjp1 4 年 前
The meat is steamed and the high temperature kills all the bacteria it's not a problem
carlos .c
carlos .c 6 年 前
my question is why are the patties not flipped? how does this crap cook all the way with the buns on top, is that the reason why the patty looks grey and somewhat white pinkish in color?? so whit that said now i think this is why it gives me the shits raw meat..
Jack 年 前
They are so thin...and cooked through...
Truth 年 前
I think you get the shits from all the onions and grease. lol belly bombers
Ybn Woke
Ybn Woke 3 年 前
Because the patties have holes which makes em cook faster
Adam Bue
Adam Bue 6 年 前
im so stoned.. and i want some whities!!!
rb arbee
rb arbee 6 年 前
I hope the person in this video changed gloves after handling the raw meat and then assembling the burgers. I also hope the stainless steel counter was cleaned after the raw meat was set on it and then hamburgers assembled on the same counter. Can you say food poisoning?
Guateflav 6 年 前
Ok white castle should have gave more money out $5, 000 only?
chronomax1 6 年 前
I love steamed buns.
Ken Streck
Ken Streck 7 年 前
actually its frozen and steam cooked thoroughly
Greg Brosh
Greg Brosh 7 年 前
WC is also the first fast food chain to stock their burgers in grocery stores. It's really not that bad. You "steam" the burger right in the package and it's pretty close to what they serve in the restaurant.
MLB THE SHOW19.Broadcast
I know. I bought a 24 pack and almost ate the whole damn box in one sit. Those fuckers are good lol
eDiggyy 7 年 前
Thumbs down for no onions!
Jack 年 前
The onion Juice is still there...secret of the flavor...want more onions..ask them..
Derek Stoeckmann
pretty disgusting food violation that nobody noticed...shes placing buns on raw meat wtf
G Man
G Man 6 个月 前
Don’t eat then then clown boy
Chris Linhares
Chris Linhares 2 年 前
Nobody noticed???? It is done intentionally to both steam the bun and also to infuse beef and onion flavor into the bun. Remember that the beef patties have 5 holes built-in. It is actually pretty clever and the reason for their huge success.
Njae2000 2 年 前
I noticed that right away!
S Smith
S Smith 2 年 前
Most of ur fast food chains are the safest places to eat. Policies, temps, cleanliness and sanitation procedures are in place and checked multiple times throughout the day
Larry Love
Larry Love 2 年 前
First time observing White Castle sliders being prepared. As disgusting as it seems, the employees are trained to place the buns on top of the raw meat. Supposedly the steam is hot enough to kill bacteria. Hopefully....
Brian Flincher
Brian Flincher 7 年 前
Well other than the obnoxious music that i had to delete neat video.
STER Gaming
STER Gaming 7 年 前
Here in the Philippines, we call them pandesal burgers... XD
Billy Kidwell
Billy Kidwell 7 年 前
The resurants are now run by a sleazy rich kid who has never works a day of his life. (Did you see the Undercover Boss White Castle Show?). The low life rips off America's Veterans and he STOLE $30 from me for RAW White Castles that were not fit to eat. How much money do the GREEDY Silver Spooned Rich need? As much as they can STEAL! Don't eat at White Castle! It's Anti-American!
falcondriver100 7 年 前
Dunno bout that. There's a video documentary here on youtube about fast food joints & it says WC was the first........So does wikipedia.......I know they're older but maybe A & W isn't considered a chain?? Who knows.
Summer Destynie
Summer Destynie 7 年 前
I'm fit and tone and healthy. I don't consider a body as, "hot, sexy or good looking" as I don't judge my own body or the body of others. I know for sure for myself that for me to be slim and get tone, you've to consum the right type of food and that are healthy. I also exercise to keep my muscles inact. Junk and oily fatty food is my worse enemy.
Monte Lee My P.O.V
Im in my forties,live in southern california,and never had a white castle BUT i did just buy the frozen kind at the market today,and im eager to try somethin a bit different. I cam here to get inspired before eating. Hope there good!. I got 16 sliders for 9 bucks, and FYI, if you've never had In N Out Burgers, your really missing out!!
Monte Lee My P.O.V
Very careful what you put in your mouth?? lololol....so are you hot or what?
erock81487 7 年 前
why would you scrape off the onions?!!! hello! its a big part of the slider.. cmon..
Austin S
Austin S 7 年 前
Chet demont they have the holes in the patties for the steam to cook them. They're steamed burgers instead of grilled
Austin S
Austin S 7 年 前
Scraping off the diced onions
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 7 年 前
I would give anything to try some of these bad boys but I live too far away.
gaae2000 7 年 前
its not pink slime right
chet demont
chet demont 7 年 前
the meat patties are already small enough bought a box of six at walmart open bun after heating to find five large holes is this away of selling you 25cents of meat for 4bucks there great but a rip off!
SeeburgMusic 2 年 前
The holes are there on purpose. It's part of the steam cooking process. Learn your fact before you open your retarded mouth.
Alex Morey
Alex Morey 7 年 前
Just as an fyi, I work at White Castle, and if you do what the cook did in this video, where you place the meat on the counter before the grill, you will get in trouble. Nothing is supposed to touch the counter besides completely cooked burgers. Plus, steam is so hot that it will kill anything on those buns from the previously touched meat. Those things are f-ing hot! And what makes you sick is most likely the onions. They get everyones stomach rolling. Just my two cents.
2indulgent 7 年 前
There are only White Castles in 12 states, basically stretching from New York City westward to Minneapolis. Until recently I assumed they were a national chain.
2indulgent 7 年 前
The thing about White Castle burgers is that it seems people either love them or hate them.
TJ Bubello
TJ Bubello 7 年 前
this is so disgusting
Superman 7 年 前
thumbs up if harold and kumar brought you here
sqwidink1 7 年 前
trident519 7 年 前
Hey everybody, you don't need to get high to eat White Castle burgers!
Thebus001 7 年 前
In miami? cause i have never heard of it...
RyogaXvX 7 年 前
No but we have Krystals. Same thing.
Craig Craig
Craig Craig 年 前
RyogaXvX dont ever say that again. No where near the same thing
Max P.
Max P. 8 年 前
is the meat of the burger "pink slime"?
Thebus001 8 年 前
we don't have white castle in florida...
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