Zion Williamson CRAZY Full Highlights vs Utah Jazz (2019.10.11) - 26 Pts, 5 Reb!

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Zion Williamson 26 Pts, 5 Reb | New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz - Full Game Highlights | October 11, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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评论 2 859
Aly Mahmoud
Aly Mahmoud 2 天 前
we not gon talk about josh hart getting rejected at 2:18
Markavelli Medina
Markavelli Medina 2 天 前
Ima say it again.
John L.
John L. 6 天 前
Bruh how many times did the announcer say "imma say it again"?
Goldfish Crackers
Goldfish Crackers 21 天 前
*I'm gonna say it again Joe...*
Hanamal-market 29 天 前
0:51 wha"s!? amazing....信じられねぇ@@
Edgar R. Jaén
Edgar R. Jaén 个月 前
Zion will be in the Team USA for next olympics games.
Manuel Shaul
Manuel Shaul 个月 前
This dude good as the fuck you can see it easy.
陳小 个月 前
Left-hand guy
Emertolo Wilkerson Jr
Emertolo Wilkerson Jr 个月 前
I remember charles barkley on this kid.
Goddess Hylia
Goddess Hylia 个月 前
Next gen LeBron
112steinway 个月 前
I give Zion two good seasons before his knees give out.
112steinway 个月 前
@Cordell Erskine What can I say, I like to be optimistic.
Cordell Erskine
Cordell Erskine 个月 前
Ooooh looks like you went over by... Two seasons
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer 个月 前
IDK wtf people are talking about, saying Zion won't be able to bully grown men in the NBA. Zion is more "grown" than anyone else. He's 6'6" 285 solid muscle, who the f is more grown than that?
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 个月 前
Ben Mercer That means he’s overweight and will be injured 24/7. He’s already out for the first couple of weeks of the season.
raph chelly
raph chelly 个月 前
I heard he wouldn't finish like he did before once in the NBA. Seems like a 2x dpoy isn't too much of a problem
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 个月 前
raph chelly And that 6’7 285 lbs just caught up to him . He’s out for the first month
HermannTheGreat 个月 前
Like he's not even trying. Gonna be insane in 2 more years.
Hart still not getting high fives !
J K 个月 前
Zion = Rose + Lebron
musicsuxnowadays 个月 前
The day zion loses a step, he will no longer even be an average NBA player. his talent is his quickness and size. as you get older he will lose steps. He aint MJ. he aint kobe. and his shot sucks.
tydacres 个月 前
You have to ask yourself...What is it inside of you that doesn't want to see this young man succeed? Jealously, envy? I don't get it. You would think grown ass people would want to see our youth succeed.
I'm just saying
I'm just saying 个月 前
*TOTAL SILENCE* Announcer: I don't wanna hear it!
K Kyle
K Kyle 个月 前
Man Zion's 1st step is lightning! This kid is Amazing
Kerth Michael Yadao
Kerth Michael Yadao 个月 前
finally, not a bust.
Tony Wing
Tony Wing 个月 前
Lonzo: Spoiled, hesitant, fragile. Zion: Hungry, aggressive, strong. One dude tried to start his own shoe brand. The other could start his own league if he tried.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 个月 前
Hes bodying the reigning DPOY... my god.... I might leave the nets to join him and the Pels.
Michael Vu
Michael Vu 个月 前
2:16 Poor number 3, left hanging....
broadstreet21 个月 前
I'm going on record to say the Pelicans will outperform the Lakers this season. With a possible starting line of Ball, Holiday, Ingram, Williamson, and Favors, coupled with a deep bench, the sky is the limit - this season. The main challenge will be for Holiday to transition well into the 2-guard and be a dominant 3-and-D - he's already a first-rate playmaker. The sky will be the limit, this season.
broadstreet21 个月 前
@1994 The Pelicans, meanwhile can hit a sixth seed. They are overwhelmingly talented - the sum of their parts is already greater than the Lakers'. Alvin Gentry is a good fit for coach there too.
broadstreet21 个月 前
@1994 The Lakers, I think, only have 50% shot of making the playoffs. Beyond possible injury to James or Davis, I see chemistry issues all over this team. Too many strong personalities, questionable coaching (can Vogel handle everyone?), weak leadership from the front office. And the roster is shallow.
1994 个月 前
Maybe in two years but not this year. Best I could see the Pels doing is sneaking into the Playoffs as an 8 seed. The Lakers will probably be playing in the WCF barring an injury.
king aries
king aries 个月 前
i think he good hes gonna be a good player at the end of the day but not as LBJ level LBJ has way more charisma too i dont even like LBJ juz sayin
chitty F
chitty F 个月 前
If he gets a right hand OMG
Eric Howard
Eric Howard 个月 前
That cross over blow by was Jordan & Kobe ish ..what a combination of speed footwork handles & power ( greatness )
Chen Rio
Chen Rio 个月 前
len bias was much much better !
MindfulAttraction.Org 个月 前
He's charles Barkley
WillTheHero 个月 前
you watch his games and realize whats puts him over the top is his first step. every thing else is amazing but his step makes him impossible to guard.
Hands down Zion is the truth
Dariaus Bowsher
Dariaus Bowsher 个月 前
I knew he would make it to the league from watching his first CNvid video, man he's impressive so fluid in the paint!
Christian Layne
Christian Layne 个月 前
Already better than lonzo
Davis 个月 前
This man is too bad... what a bluff!!
BV29 个月 前
I'm so pumped for the first game against Raptors. Gonna test him against a huge crowd
Boye Oerlemans
Boye Oerlemans 个月 前
When does his shoe get launched?
Boye Oerlemans
Boye Oerlemans 个月 前
@1994 about goddamn time!
1994 个月 前
Around All Star break/game
SS45 个月 前
That 3pt jumper looks strange
Ruei-Mao Jhuang
Ruei-Mao Jhuang 个月 前
Zion Williamson is unstoppable, he started dominating NBA now, and the media be like:
Tay Marshall
Tay Marshall 个月 前
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Dont give any minutes to ingram
DonkeyDoofus 个月 前
Left Joe Hart hanging on that last bucket. Feelsbadman
Cool guy
Cool guy 个月 前
People who know hoop realize this dude is way more than “just” an athlete. The way he utilizes his athleticism is insane. He changes speeds so quickly and he’s always in control while driving. His footwork and foot speed is insane for someone his size. His handle is also quick and he’s deceptive with his head movement and the way he shifts his shoulders. If he gets his shoulders into his defender it’s a bucket or foul. On anyone.
Allex Lee
Allex Lee 个月 前
He will average below 20 point 7 rebounds 2 assists and pelican still in lottery
popeyeisgood 个月 前
as a long time basketball fan i think williamson is definitely a special player from the get go. he also benefits big time by the soft rules of today's nba as well as the lack of physically imposing defensive big men in the middle like they were in the 90s. if jokic is a top 3 center in the league you know how watered down the center position is. play style wise antekokounmpo is more of a point forward but his physicality is similar to a young david robinson with better ball handle but less toughness as a defender. in terms of athleticism, length, and aggressiveness he is definitely the closest to the centers in the 90s. i can see his length and speed giving zion some trouble if he has to guard him, but otherwise who else? zion is an exciting addition to the nba reminiscent of the 90s basketball, due to his dominant paint presence and refined finishing touch around the rim. but his stats are going to be inflated due to the lack of physicality in the game today.
Taylor Esposito
Taylor Esposito 个月 前
Kid looks like he’s about to average 25 on 70% shooting
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 个月 前
This man live up to the hype!!! I love it
lgtwzrd 个月 前
I'm not a pelicans fan but that guy is enjoyable to watch. He sure has a Lebron vibe to him and seems like he will have a comparable rookie season.
Super Saiyan Kalen
Super Saiyan Kalen 个月 前
And to think he was in high school 2 years ago is crazy.
MJ The NBA Fan
MJ The NBA Fan 个月 前
2x Defensive Player of The Year getting worked by a rookie😂😂
Stephen R
Stephen R 个月 前
Reminds me a lot of The Cyborg maybe a little bit less athletic but with a bit more finesse
Ocee Bee
Ocee Bee 个月 前
Man... Zion is like Donovan Mitchell plus 3 inches and 50 lbs.
Leshley Pile
Leshley Pile 个月 前
This man is a finisher!!!! Strong asf lebron pt 2
Sofaking Raw
Sofaking Raw 个月 前
Playing like a point guard
522336miguel 个月 前
Bienyam Fiseha
Bienyam Fiseha 个月 前
Why are they only talking bout Zion I get it he’s good but the pelicans aren’t making the conference finals they’ll be luck to even make the playoffs
madatgravity187 个月 前
Watchout! pocket-size Shaq on da prowl!!!
madatgravity187 个月 前
did my guy ZW put back his own shot?? Yo this dude is legit
陳冠名 个月 前
oh my god he looks like a tank
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