• Sylvanas
Warbringers: Sylvanas
4 个月 前
In war, nothing is certain. In just one moment, a single action can determine victory or defeat. For Sylvanas Windrunner, warchief of the Horde, war has led her to ...
Sylvanas Gameplay Update
15 天 前
With improved teamfighting capabilities, a higher skill-cap, and a whole new set of powerful and engaging talents, the Banshee Queen is back and better than ...
Sylvanas Rework Gameplay (2 replays with commentary)
3 天 前
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The Story of Sylvanas Windrunner - Full Version [Lore]
4 年 前
The full story of Sylvanas Windrunner from ranger general of Silvermoon all the way to Banshee queen of the Forsaken. I already did the story in 3 parts, this one ...
The MASSIVE Blizzcon Reveal: Sylvanas, Champion of Death, Jailer of N’zoth | Xal'atath
个月 前
Blizzard have teased a massive new direction in Sylvanas's arc, likely in Patch 8.2.
Sylvanas REWORK - first impressions // Heroes of the Storm PTR
10 天 前
Sylvanas rework gameplay on the Heroes of the Storm PTR! Biggest ever rework in HotS? SOCIAL LINKS HERE!: Streams ▻ www.twitch.tv/nubkeks ...
It's NOT A Retcon! Sylvanas Ordered The Wrathgate And Here's Why...
27 天 前
Sylvanas Windrunner has become even more of a controversial character in World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth, and now an apparent RETCON from Blizzard ...
♥ New Sylvanas First Impressions & Theorycrafting - Heroes of the Storm (HotS Gameplay)
4 天 前
In today's stream of the Heroes of the Storm, I am discussing my first impressions of Sylvanas and theorycrafting different builds. Current Heroes of the Storm ...
Sylvanas Voice actor Patty Mattson, Blizzcon 2017
年 前
GRAYMANE's FORCES HOLD THIS WARDEN TOWER xd her voice is so amazing.
[Spoiler] Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation - Horde
4 个月 前
A confrontation between the leadership of the Alliance and the Horde was inevitable, and history is once again made in the throne room of Lordaeron. Witness ...
Sylvanas, Jaina And Why We Should All Be Very Afraid: Siege Of Lordaeron Cinematic Analysis
4 个月 前
The World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth pre-patch reaches it's climax with the Siege of Lordaeron scenario and TWO (or really THREE) new cinematics! Let's do ...
4 年 前
Hi guys today I'll be sharing my take on Silvanas this is my firs time making this so its more of trial and error but the result is good and delicious, crunch and ...
How to make Sylvanas/Silvanas!
年 前
Let's make Sylvanas/Silvanas! This recipe needs only 6 basic ingredients. Sylvanas or Silvanas is a frozen cookie sandwich made of cashew-meringue filled ...
Sylvanas ordered the Wrathgate?! Lore]
个月 前
Recent interview has people wonder if Sylvanas gave the order for the 'Wrathgate" In this video I give my take on it. I hope you'll enjoy ^_^ Interview: ...
Histoire de Sylvanas
年 前
"Histoire sans faim" sur Sylvanas Coursevent (Windrunner), reine des réprouvés et chef de guerre de la Horde. Émission du mercredi 29 novembre 2017 ...
[HotS] Patch Orphéa 2.41.0 (Rework XP / Rework Sylvanas, Balafré / Fenix)
天 前
Voici l'analyse du patch 2.41.0 du 12 Décembre 2018 Patch d'équilibrage d'Orphéa avec rework Balafré / Stitches 2:25 Volskaya 4:25 Rework Armure 6:30 ...
La Razón Por La Que Sylvanas es Jefa de Guerra: El Futuro de World of Warcraft
2 个月 前
Así es. Dónde está N'zoth? cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-2zSvnIqQhTM.html ➤ Sígueme en Twitter!! twitter.com/TodoWarcraftYT ➤ Directos (casi) Diarios!
Sylvanas - Historia #1 | General Forestal
4 年 前
Sylvanas Brisaveloz, una elfa noble de Quel'thalas afrontará en este vídeo una batalla contra los orcos en la segunda guerra junto con su hermana Alleria, ...
Sylvanas Rework Revealed (All talents and Abilities)
10 天 前
Why Sylvanas is a Benevolent Ruler
8 个月 前
Sylvanas is quite the contrarian character. Ask 2 different people how they feel about her, and you'll most likely get 2 different answers. Shes either the best ...
Warcraft 3 Story ► Arthas Turns Sylvanas into a Banshee - Undead Campaign
2 年 前
Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos - Arthas Turns Sylvans into a Banshee ➲ Buy Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos: ...
[Histoire Warcraft] Histoire complète de Sylvanas Coursevent
年 前
Voici l'histoire d'un personnage incontournable de la Horde : Sylvanas Coursevent. Chef des réprouvés, chef de guerre, générale des forestiers... tant de ...
Music from Warbringers:  Sylvanas
4 个月 前
Watch the animated short- cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-TVp7yLfnmrE.html WorldofWarcraft.com Subscribe!
5 小时 前
Suscribete Mahonie , soy Oli , aqui tienes un gameplay español con Sylvanas en torres de fatalidad , si te gusta el heroes of the storm heroes de la tormenta o ...
Confronting Bwonsamdi About Sylvanas Cutscene
个月 前
Confronting Bwonsamdi About Sylvanas Cutscene In Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 ❤ Remember to subscribe and like the video! Tyrande's Ascension Cutscene: ...
Tol Dagor - Sylvanas' Prize Cutscene
个月 前
Tol Dagor Sylvanas' Prize Cutscene.
Kto stoi za Sylvanas w World of Warcraft?
20 天 前
Patch 8.1 tuż za rogiem (dokładnie 11 grudnia) więc to doskonały czas, by przyblizyć motywy i działania jednej z najważniejszych postaci dodatku Battle for ...
The EVOLUTION of Sylvanas Windrunner
2 年 前
NOTE: In the video I intended to say Sylvanas is the last vanilla HORDE leader still in command, but I phrased it badly and includes the alliance in that sentence ...
Wow - Příběh Sylvanas Windrunner
2 年 前
S lepším audiem vám přínáším epizodu o dívce jménem Sylvanas Windrunner jenž bránila svou domovinu Quel´thalas až do posledního dechu a jen díky silné ...
Sylvanas Windrunner - The Story
4 年 前
In this video, Sylvanas speak how she become the Banshee Queen and a pre-story of Lordaeron. Sylvanas Windrunner, Music (c) Blizzard Images (c) ...
A História do Warcraft / WoW - Sylvanas Windrunner - Parte 01
3 年 前
Fala ae seus lindos! Aqui tem mais um vídeo da série "A História do Warcraft", mas dessa vez vamos sair um pouco da linha temporal e falar sobre Sylvanas ...
How Powerful is Sylvanas Windrunner? - World of Warcraft Lore
3 个月 前
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WoW's TRUE Enemy Is NOT What We Think!? Sylvanas's Cruelest Plan Yet - The Windrunner Reunion
6 个月 前
Alleria, Sylvanas and Vereesa finally get together for the first time in many, many years. ...it goes about as well as you'd think... Posters available at ...
Battle for Lordaeron Cinematic: Horde, Alliance & Forsaken Sylvanas Banshee Mode
4 个月 前
Lordaeron Finale Cinematics (Alliance & Horde) in 8.0.1 Battle for Azeroth. In the throne room, King Anduin Wrynn and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner meet face ...
Sylvanas Windrunner with Lament of the Highborne Song lyrics
7 年 前
Pics of Sylvanas Windrunner with Song Lyrics.
La storia di Sylvanas Windrunner: tra battaglie, lacrime e speranza /WoW tutta la storia in italiano
4 年 前
Godetevi questo bellissimo racconto :) tutto quanto fino alla fine..
Unboxing Sylvanas Collectible Statue |  World of Warcraft Blizzard Gear
年 前
Dark Lady be with you. Follow me Snapchat - BrookieCookieMT Instagram - instagram.com/ladysurviva... Facebook ...
Hey There Sylvanas (World of Warcraft Parody) ♪
年 前
A WoW parody song of 'Hey There Delilah' - Plain White T's. Contains Legion SPOILERS. ▻Download ...
Heroes of the Storm - Sylvanas Trailer
3 年 前
Heroes of the Storm proudly presents Sylvanas. Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. Check out our ...
2 个月 前
Que esta pasando en el 8.1 ??? por que todo esta de esta forma, veamos lo que se viene y analicemos todo esto. No te olvides mi bro que puedes apoyarme ...
WARCRAFT : Histoire de Sylvanas Coursevent
7 个月 前
Histoire de Sylvanas Coursevent de WARCRAFT, reine banshee, dirigeante des réprouvés et actuelle chef de guerre de la Horde. Présenté par Yunatahel ...
Kriegsbringer: SYLVANAS - Analyse | Teldrassil | Tod ist Erlösung | Bolvar? - WoW BfA
4 个月 前
Die neue Videoreihe von World of Warcraft trägt den Namen Kriegsbringer und wird sich mit Jaina Prachtmeer, Königin Azshara und Sylvanas Windläufer ...
Saurfang Refuses to Return to Sylvanas' Horde (WOW BFA - The Stormwind Extraction)
4 个月 前
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: Varok Saurfang refuses to return to the Horde as long as Sylvanas is in power. He remains in the Stormwind stockade ...
The Story of Sylvanas Windrunner: Edge of Night - Part 2 of 2 [Lore]
3 个月 前
Last time we left the story at the Dark Lady throwing herself from the top of Icecrown. Her journey has only just begun... This project took a couple of months to ...
Czy Sylvanas to DEBIL?
4 个月 前
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L'interview Warcraft #1 : Sylvanas
2 个月 前
Ça aurait pu mieux se passer. Sketch audio ! Plein de choses utiles plus bas ! ▽ Facebook : facebook.com/Nalfeinnn Tweutèr ...
World of Warcraft NPC Lore #Teil 5.1 [REF.] - Sylvanas Windläufer (German) [HD]
2 年 前
Last Lore ~ Kael'thas Sonnenwanderer [Ref.] ~ cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-2AoOfGSp0m0.html Next Lore ~ Harrison Jones & Brann Bronzebart ...
¿Es Sylvanas una amenaza para el Vacío?
6 个月 前
G2A ·- www.g2a.com/r/princejaume (Código -3% "JAUME") El último cómic de Battle for Azeroth reveló un detalle muy interesante sobre el Vacío, y hoy ...